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International Business Troubleshooter, Marketing ExpertBob Pritchard

Traveling From: California
Fee Range: $15,000-$20,000


Australian born and 17 year Los Angeles resident Bob Pritchard has enjoyed an extraordinary 30 year career. His unique sales, marketing, and motivational ability has taken Bob from sharing a two room apartment as a child with three generations of family to international success as a businessman, marketer and speaker. His outside the square philosophy has led to Marketforce One Inc. being represented in the United States, Europe and Australia working with corporations, sports and entertainment entities.

Bob Pritchard is a recipient of the highly prestigious ‘International Marketer of the Year’ Award, the OSCAR of the Marketing Industry! 

Bob was awarded the accreditation CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) by the Federation of Speaking Professionals, recognising his commitment to ongoing education, proven speaking experience and ethical behaviour. 

CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) CSP is the highest accreditation available to speakers internationally. Members holding this accreditation have demonstrated professional commitment and expertise with over 100 clients for at least five years.

It Was a Tough Beginning: Born in a dilapidated inner city suburb, Bob spent his first seven years in a small apartment with eight family members. Losing his father when he was young, a mother with cancer and a handicapped sister, times were pretty tough. 

To make ends meet, Bob began his morning delivering milk and after school he sold newspapers, while weekends were spent selling snacks at sports events and scavenging and selling scrap metal. He built his first bike from parts that he found over a period of many months at the local dump. Despite this schedule, Bob did well at school and once he reached his teens he began singing rock and roll at local dances.

From Local Halls to National Exposure: After ten years as a performer to pay for his tertiary education, and with over 400 singing and dramatic television appearances, and numerous successful recordings to his credit, Bob retired from performing to pursue his business and marketing career. 

His first endeavors were in the entertainment arena, staging events, including 38 presentations at the Sydney Opera House. During this period he created the Australian Pops Orchestra. 

For the next decade, Bob became involved in many business ventures, primarily involving the marketing of products, before joining Rupert Murdochs News Limited. Bob then became Marketing Director for Australia’s richest man, Kerry Packer’s PBL Marketing. At PBL, Bob’s responsibilities included marketing major Australian movies, the 7 nation World Series Cricket competition, Formula One motor racing, Skins Golf, health Clubs, and tours such as Opera legend Kiri Te Kanawa. 

In 1984, Pritchard conceived and engineered the first privatization and Stock Exchange listing of a sports team in Australia becoming CEO of the organization which owned both a professional football and basketball team. His achievement in increasing sponsorship, attendance and media exposure for the football team is the subject of a book and a television documentary.

Moving To America: Following this success, Bob moved to the United States where Marketforce One was established. 

Pritchard, and Marketforce One, Inc. have created; incentive programs for Japan’s giant Nissay Insurance; staff motivation video and intranet communications system for Citicorp; promotions for Ford; hospitality programs for Wilkinson Sword; global TV exposure for General Mills; retail shelf space for Southern Cross Snack Food; sampling programs for Dentsu; logos and brochures for Global Sports; 16 country, five continent multi-million dollar lifestyle project for The Coca-Cola Company; sponsorship programs for Anheuser Busch and unique positioning vehicles for Vons Grocery chain. His “Goosebumps” promotion for Frito Lay’s Smiths Snackfood Division resulted in a sales increase of 64.5 % ( $115 million).



Every presentation is carefully crafted only after a detailed ‘briefing sheet’ has been completed and a comprehensive phone discussion held with the client so that the client’s brief and objectives are understood. Then Bob conducts research and develops the presentation to address those specific objectives.

Topic areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Differentiate and Blow Away your Competition
  • A Champion Team will beat a team of Champions
  • Leadership…… Leaders Achieve Results
  • Marketing in Today’s Technological World
  • The Green Revolution …… Turn Green Into Gold
  • Unleash Power and Corporate Value through Change
  • The 15 Keys to Business Success
  • Winning Mindset …… Your Team can Achieve the Extraordinary
  • How to Blow Away Your Competition
  • It’s Not the Size of The Budget, it’s the Size of the Idea

Bob has major clients in the following sectors: Financial, Technology, Retail, Motor Vehicle, Education, Pharmaceutical, Government, Associations, Travel, Real Estate, Advertising and Public Relations Agencies, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Marketing, Insurance, Entertainment/Media, and Sport. See a list of some clients here.

Bob has literally a thousand testimonials.

Bob has literally a thousand testimonials. An alphabetical list of some of these are listed below.

2M Invest ( Denmark)
“First class lecture inspired by many years of invaluable experience in the America. Was a real eye opener and the provocation to address the new challenges.”

AFG (Australia)
“No nonsense, plenty of information, punchy and passionate delivery. So dynamic and motivational.”

Alcatel (France)
“What a unique contribution. A very entertaining and highly enlightening presentation to help us address the future“.

American Classifieds (USA)
“Of all the tremendous speakers over 20 years, you were the best. You “knocked their socks off”

American Marketing Association (USA)
“Pritchard transformed the meeting into a raucous, on-their-feet-applauding group of communication professionals.”

Astra Zeneca (UK)
“Dynamic and motivating to say the least.”

Axalto (France)
“You were the highlight of the conference, your presentation was powerful, enlightening and very entertaining. The team went away with a fresh attitude and great motivation”

BMW (Germany)
“Best speaker we have ever had at a conference”

Bestseller ( Sweden)
“A standing ovation from Scandinavias top 1100 business people speaks for itself, an exceptional presentation”

Beverly Hills Country Club (USA)
“The most successful business event ever held at the Beverly Hills Country Club. Dynamic, Incredibly energetic & motivating. Sound business advice”

Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany)
“You had a real impact and our business will now be in much better shape moving forward.”

“Your energy captivated the audience. Your standing ovation was well earned.”

Ceuta Healthcare (UK)
‘Exceptional content and highly motivational. We have been flooded with compliments!’

Clear Channel (USA)
“Pritchard makes a difference where it counts … the bottom line. Delivered with fire and passion.”

Coast Radio Network (USA)
“Fantastic presentation, we then broke every sales record in the history of the network.”

Confectionery Manufacturers Association (Australia)
“Bob’s business experience is rich and varied and it showed as he fired in rapid succession a treasure chest of revelations to his riveted audience.”

CRM Forum (France)
“Of 88 speakers … you were the best … fantastic!”

Deloitte Touche (UK)
“An amazing impression on all. An extraordinary presentation.”

Executive Knowledge Training Company (New Zealand)
“Fours hours of logical, easy to understand advice. Entertaining, powerful and challenging. Best speaker in 15 years.”

Expand (Sweden)
“One of the great speakers on earth. A battery of energy … a truly positive individual that is so inspiring!”

Gemalto (Netherlands)
“Our sales team went away with a fresh attitude and totally motivated.”

Gray Business Communications (UAE)
‘Knowledgable and passionate and really entertaining. Your contribution was perfect for our audience.’

Grocers Insurance Company of America (USA)
“If your audience is interested in marketing that works, hire Bob Pritchard”

Guardian Pharmacy Group ( Australia)
“You gave our team the ammunition to crucify our competitors. It was just tremendous”

Images Multimedia (India)
“Electrifying presentation.”

ING (Netherlands)
“A jolt of energy they will never forget.”

Intentia (Sweden)
“A powerful presentation. You supercharged our audience that has seen it all and really made them think about the way we approach our business”

International Cricket Council (UK)
“A stirring presentation. You made us sit up and think about how we address the future of this business. Very practical and humorous stories.”

Johnson &Johnson (USA)
“A fantastic presentation, powerful delivery with knowledge, experience, humor and a great deal of common sense”

Knight Frank (Ireland)
“Fabulously motivating. A standing ovation well deserved.”

Leading Real Estate Agents of the World (USA)
“Phenomenal, so motivating.”

Lucent Technologies (USA)
“Professional and highly motivating speech. You identified, discussed and reinforced all of the key points of the brief”

Marcon (Pakistan)
‘You were the highlight of the conference. Corporate Pakistan has gone crazy for you!!’

Mars Venus Institute (USA)
“Fantastic; dynamic, challenging and inspiring.”

Mercedes Benz (Germany)
“Inspiring and dynamic. Our top dealers were enthused.. “

Microsoft (USA)
“There is only one Bob Pritchard who can absolutely motivate and electrify the room.”
“Excellent, challenging, thought provoking, incisive, relevant”

Middle East Council Of Shopping Centers (UAE)
“Excellent, challenging, thought provoking, incisive, relevant”

Morgan Stanley (UK)
“A huge success, dynamic to say the least. You captured the mood of the group perfectly. Extremely beneficial, interesting, interactive and very entertaining”

‘Excellent solution approach to Customer Relationship Management. Our associates were euphoric!!’

“WOW, phenomenal.”

Ogilvy One (UK)
‘A brilliant and intelligent presentation. You really motivated the audience to do a better job when they went back to their desks’.

Rittal (Germany)
‘Highly motivating, nothing but fantastic comments’

Scottish Equitable (Scotland)
“Unanimous ‘Best Session’ score from all participants who were a very demanding audience.”

Shangri-La Hotels (Hong Kong)
“An excellent presentation, It’s a pity we only had one hour, everyone wanted to hear more from you”

Speak-Easy (Belgium)
“Gutsy, stimulating, funny and your innovative presentation had the audience literally jumping out of their seats!!”

Stena Line (Sweden)
“You have truly changed the way we do business and the way we look at customers, your presentation was enlightening, educational, motivational and we are ecstatic”

Sun Microsystems (USA)
“Better than excellent , Bob is the perfect speaker for a business audience, inspirational!”

Taywood Homes (UK)
“Bob totally enraptured the audience. An impossible speaker to have to follow.”

Tequila Payne Stracey (UK)
“Great feedback, fascinating, educational, inspiring and motivational’.

UniChem (UK)
“Our delegates left totally fired up.”

World Gaming Conference (Scotland)
“What a presentation. You were one of only two capacity sessions and it is not surprising. You really made everyone sit up and think. And tremendously entertaining”

World Internet Congress (Netherland)
“Educational, confronting, challenging, funny and educational. You were terrific”

It has been said that ‘Bob is the most value for money’ speaker in the world. Please contact us for a quote.

Bob has homes in Los Angeles, California and Sydney, Australia. Bob requires business class travel from nearest residence to the presentation, quality accommodation and ground transport.

For a Keynote, Bob requires projection for Powerpoints and video, a lecturn and a lapel microphone. For workshops Bob also requires a whiteboard.

“There are usually two types of speakers. One, the wonderful presenter who enchants an audience, and the other who is the expert. Unfortunately, almost never the twain shall meet. Bob Pritchard is one of the few exceptions.” W Mitchell, International Speaker & Author

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