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Bob Urichuck, Sales



Bob Urichuck is a globally sought after Sales Speaker and Velocity Selling Expert. Bob’s topics include sales, motivation, leadership, and team skills. He has spoken in over 1000 cities, in over 30 countries and to audiences from over 1,200 organizations worldwide.

Bob is engaging and dynamic. He not only rewards participants for their involvement, but he demonstrates appropriate work place behaviours and sets an example for all to follow. Bob, as a sales speaker, can and will fully customize his resources to encompass your unique objectives, themes, timelines and requirements.

Bob presents a series of great ideas and strategies. He portrays the facts with humour, personal insight and practicality. Bob’s effective concepts are notably a high-energy,interactive, self-discovery process that audiences can share and apply immediately to achieve their desired results.

Conference Keynotes

Bob’s keynotes are customized according to objectives, time allocation and conference theme. He will grab the audience’s attention immediately. Bob will engage the audience and set the underlying tone, provide pertinent heart felt content and/or summarize with a call-to-action. To close off the event, Bob will ensure the core message is outstanding.


Bob’s workshops are also customized according to objectives, time allocation and conference theme. Bob engages participants to share their experiences and to gain knowledge through the use of adult learning techniques. Workshops can be conducted alone or in combination with a keynote or another workshop. Any combination will be discounted. Subject materials, reward gifts, and prizes are also provided to stimulate the sharing of knowledge and interactive learning.



Sales Are Flat-Lined, Buyers are Slow to Buy, Sales Cycles Are Too Long, Lost Control of the Sale Process, Bottom Line is Behind Projections…

In today’s current economy, buyers are thinking differently; therefore to succeed in sales, you need to do the opposite of traditional selling. You must attract, engage and empower buyers to buy. Without buyers there are no sales. Bottom line: no sales, no revenue. Sales now revolve around buyers. Buyers are everywhere. What are you doing to help they buy?

Selling in this new economy is all about the buyers. By incorporating Bob’s “Buyers Focused” Velocity Selling™ customized sales training system, you and your sales team are engaged to take ownership. The result: You learn how to execute the Disciplines of Attracting, Engaging and Empowering the Velocity Selling Cycle, to Up Your Bottom Line, in weeks not months.

The “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System is a customized sales training process based on a “Return On Time Invested”(R.O.T.I.) formula – Learn how to maximize time and achieve measurable results such as buyer attraction and qualification. If the prospect is qualified, then it is time to empower the buyer to buy, increase the velocity of your selling cycle, increase your margins, improve revenues and ultimately up your bottom line.

This customized sales training program is also available for non selling professionals such as consultants, accountants, lawyers, engineers and entrepreneurs.

Motivation & Discipline

Do you know who you are? Do you love what you are doing? Do you have what you want out of life? Do you know what you want out of life? Do you wake up and jump out of bed every morning eager to face the challenges of a new day? If not, then this topic will inspire and guide you to take control of each day and move you towards leading the life of your dreams.

This program incorporates an interactive adult learning system with the objective to help you help yourself. It will lead you to understand what success, attitude, motivation and that most important person-YOU-are all about. You will commit first to yourself and then to your dreams.

This topic is designed to help you live your life first, to reduce stress, increase productivity, improve your work environment and lifestyle, and do what you love to do while moving towards living the life of your dreams.

Leadership and Team Motivation

Maintaining a motivated staff is not always the easiest of tasks, but it does get results for you, your customers and the employee. If you want to avoid losing your best employees, you must encourage all those around you to do better. Save yourself the time and money interviewing, hiring and re-training new staff.

This segment of the training is designed to help you understand leadership from within. You will discover what permanently motivates people and how to empower your team to become super stars. You will learn techniques to reduce stress, increase productivity and improve the work environment.

Team Effectiveness

Effective teams can generate more productivity and results in shorter time frames. With focus on team evaluation and discussion, participants recognize the degree of team effectiveness. They discover what is within their control and what is not.

They will realize the most significant step toward success is improving overall team effectiveness dramatically. The team will identify the most productive solutions, take ownership, and as a whole, make things happen.


Bob likes to partner with clients and customize his work accordingly. If Bob cannot help you with a specific topic, he will tell you. Act now, engage Bob Urichuck and reap the benefits of the “buyer focused” Velocity Selling System. There’s no where to go but UP Your Bottom Line! What topic is of interest to you?


“I was most impressed with all of the positive evaluations. But mostly, with all of the time you spent prior to the event to identify the association’s objectives, specific needs and desired outcomes. I appreciated your suggestions, the resource material you distributed, and the follow up after the presentation. I can honestly say, that I’ve never worked with a speaker who cared so much about the success of our meeting.”Anne Babej, Director, Professional Development
Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA)
“From both the written and personal comments I have received, I can truly say that your talk was appreciated, enjoyed and valued from a learning prospective. The greatest evidence of this was the number of people that I noticed taking notes during the talk. I believe that your winning personality combined with solid content based on experience made the talk powerful and a success.”Chuck E. Schouwerwou, BA, CMP
Meeting Professionals International (MPI)
“The time you spent, prior to the meeting, identifying the attendees areas of concern proved to be most effective. As a result, the over 80 attendees arrived both comfort-able and eager to learn. Thank you for delivering a first class presentation.”Ottawa Kathryn Mahoney, Director Corporate Programs
Ottawa Centre For Research And Innovation (OCRI)
“Bob, you quickly earned the representatives’respect. You are credible and they could identify with you right away. Your enthusiasm & humbleness came through perfectly and ultimately it is you, the individual, who significantly contributed to an overall successful day.”Nathalie Charette, Manager,
London Life Insurance Company
“Despite the challenge of having to speak to an audience coming from diverse cultures and businesses, your candour and knowledge of sales made rapport and learning easy. The post conference evaluations were extremely positive with several singling you out for Kudos.”Michael Tan, Director
Reed Elsevier (S) Pte. Ltd, Singapore
“Bob was excellent – timing and delivery were spot on! He was very inspirational and motivational. The lunch was buzzing. Bob’s presentation was extremely professional and the fact that he condensed it down to 30 minutes shows his true expertise as a speaker.”Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
International Business Women’s Group
“Success Requires Discipline. Bob Urichuck sets the example and provides you with the step by step approach. Everything you need to live the life of your dreams is included in these 12 Disciplines. Don’t just read it, do it!”Richard Tan, Managing Director
Success Resources Pte Ltd
(Asia’s Largest Seminar Company)
“” lively and informative speaking style really got the message across. You certainly demonstrated the reality of the adage: The medium is the message!”Wendy McBride, Chair, Program Committee
Canadian Society Of Association Executives (CSAE)
“The participants rated the program 9.4 on a scale of 10. This reflects an outstanding performance. Congratulations. It is seldom a trainer receives such an excellent feedback unanimously from all the participants. I am highly impressed by your capacity to meet everybody’s need and even to get it acknowledged.”Mansoor Siddiqi, Manager – Business Development & Training Services
Emirates Bank Group Training Centre (Dubai, UAE)
“I wanted to thank you for contributing to the success of our sales meeting. I was impressed with the way you clarified our objectives and invested time and effort to understand both the audience and their issues. You made a difference. Thank you.”Terry Francis, executive VP & COO
Canadian Tourism Commission
“Thank you for the enlightening and motivating presentation. You helped us focus on the little things that matter most. You got the most skeptical to become believers by day’s end – a great achievement! We accomplished more in one day with you than we ever did in the past. A big contributing factor was your passion, your beliefs and your “do it now attitude.”Claude J. Joncas, Regional Sales Manager
Northeast US
Bombardier Motor Corp. Of America
“Well you did it again. Three years since our last Bob Urichuck program finds me even more satisfied and delighted that we scheduled you for an encore. You were able to draw out the experience from the veterans, as well as offer simple, common sense approaches to challenges that less “battle ready” representatives can utilize.”Claude Buckles, National Sales Manager
Tyco Healthcare
“You are so dynamic that I noticed you have no trouble holding people’s attention. You are knowledgeable, organized, articulate, and pace yourself to the learning level of the class. You make your audience very comfortable and that promotes good discussion. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious and I can’t wait to get out and sell, sell, sell!”Janie Burstein, Director, Government Sales
Canada Post Corporation
“Congratulations on your high ratings. The evaluations on your sales courses ranked Course Content 4.75 / 5 and Instructor Effectiveness at 4.89 / 5.”Corinne Lam (Mrs) Department Head,
HRD Programmes B3
Singapore Institute Of Management
“A very good seminar, up to the subject which we are facing challenges right now.”
Riaz Bottlers,
“Well organized, fun, and a great learning experience. Thanks!”AirBlue
“I am sure you must have heard this a zillion times, but you must hear it from me as well… Your positive approach, focus and determination is very very motivating. And I am glad that most of the points you took up during the short seminar in Dubai – was mostly what I have been practicing except for the discipline part – which I am working on.”Julie James, Marketing Manager
CEDARS – Jebel Ali International Hospital, Dubai, UAE
“The three days I spent attending Up Your Bottom Line has been extremely useful. I have to admit that this is the first training I attend and find myself to be benefiting from the trainer. Your style, the contents of the booklet are immaculate!”Wassim Bitar, Investor relation Executive
Dubai Properties
“I owe this opportunity to one man, and that is Bob Urichuck. I contacted Bob via Ecademy, a London based social and business organization, and has it ever been helpful!Bob was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule to answer my e-mails, give me referrals and help introduce me to decision makers in the speaking industry. Thank You Bob!”Alan Altmann “I am inspired by your books and your words. I just love the way you speak and write and would like to hear from you more. The more I read your writing in your mail, the more I feel inspired. Although I am 57 years, I feel like just being born into a new world and having new dreams. May you and family be blessed always.””Aziz
“Your book is helping me to organize my thoughts, set goals and prioritize as I go through a transformative period in my life. I can relate to the notion of being in touch with the bigger picture in order to overcome real and pressing obstacles as I have done so at different stages of my life.I have overcome the adversity of a very broken home and a prison sentence as a teenager, to changing my core value set, gaining a top notch education and some good work experience. Still, the struggles of my upbringing and adolescence have left deep scars which I am processing as I move forward in life. Your book is helping with this process.”James Taylor “I began noticing your work since the beginning of your Positive Business Minute radio segments on News Radio 93.8 (Singapore). The things you said hit me like a rock! Then I found out about your book launch appearance at the NationalAchievers Congress. I attended it and I found your segment the best of all.Listening to your talk was not enough so I bought your book “Up Your Bottom Line”, and a copy of your CD. I listened to it so much that I could split the topics discussed on the CD into tracks and seconds.Hearing your voice triggers off my mental anchors, which I have established during your NAC talk. I was so pumped up then, I really cannot forget that feeling. This e-mail is just my way of saying “thank you” and letting you know how much your book and CD changed my way of thinking and life too.In the past, I had very low self-esteem because I was a salesman, to survive I need to cheat, lie and swindle. After listening to your CD, I became proud to be a salesman, and loving every minute of it!”

Mark Loon, Business Owner

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