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Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh, future trends & emerging markets
Mike Walsh, future trends & emerging markets

Growing Your Business / Consumer Behavior / Future Trends in the Workplace / Futurist / Organizational Development / Growing Your People / Change / Human Resources


Travels: Flat Rate in Canada & USA
Fee Range: $25,000 – $30,000 USD


Founder and CEO of Tomorrow, a consumer innovation research lab, Mike Walsh advises some of the world’s leading brands and corporations on what’s coming next in their industry. Author of the best seller FUTURETAINMENT, he is a leading authority on the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer behavior and fast growth markets. Constantly traveling the world for the best ideas, he distils the most relevant insights into tailored keynotes that allow any audience to not only understand, but also start to influence the future direction of their industry. Rather than focusing on the distant future, Mike focuses on the next five years – scanning the near horizon for disruptive technologies and consumer innovations on the verge of hitting critical mass – then translating these into usable business strategies.

Publisher of the ‘Disruptive Future’ blog read by thousands of professionals in the media and entertainment space, Mike’s unique insights and operating experience in emerging markets re breakthrough innovation and business transformation, makes him an expert on the growing influence of consumers in BRIC countries. His views have appeared in a wide range of international publications including Business Week, Forbes and Wallpaper Magazine.

Corporate Experience

Mike has been a pioneer in the digital space since the 1990s, running both successful start-up ventures as well as holding senior leadership positions in established media organizations. With a background in corporate law and management consulting, he began his career at XT3, a spin out from McKinsey and one of the first digital consulting firms created to help major companies embrace the embroynic Web. During the first dotcom boom, Mike launched the technology publishing group in Australia, which went on to become the leading local technology news and events platform in the country. He also founded and ran Jupiter Research in the Asia Pacific, one of the first research agencies to track the early adoption of e-commerce and digital business models by online consumers. During this period, he was recognized as one of Australia’s “Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30.”

After his experiences in the Web space, Mike spent five years in senior strategy roles at News Corporation where he helped shape the digital strategy for both their Australian newspaper and Asian TV divisions. Directly engaged by the CEO of Star TV to provide the company with a digital roadmap for their operations, he began his in-depth research into the fast growth markets of Asia.

While in Hong Kong and inspired by the dramatic changes taking place in China and India, Mike founded his latest venture, Tomorrow – an innovation research lab focused on emerging technology and disruptive consumer behavior. Always in demand for his fresh insights and practical future-focused strategies, Mike has advised the CEOs and senior management teams at multinational companies including: the BBC, Fujifilm, Richemont, MSN, Star TV, Televisa, Philips, and HSBC.

In addition to his corporate profile, Mike is a published photographer and supporter of the Arts. His photographic images from his travels around the world helped his book, FUTURETAINMENT, win an Art Director’s Club award in NYC. He has also served on the Director’s Circle at the Australian Museum of Contemporary Art.

As a global nomad and consumer trend scout, Mike does live research, in the trenches, with big corporations and entrepreneurs all over the world bringing a truly global perspective to every event.

Mike’s personal manifesto: “Everything is changing. How we live, how we work and how we play. But to understand the future you need to focus on anthropology (the study of human beings) not technology. After all, as interesting as it is when things change, the real magic happens when people do.”

Mike Walsh KeynotesMike Walsh helps prepare business leaders for what’s next. With an engaging blend of first hand stories, global case studies and cutting edge research into consumer and technology trends, Mike brings the future to life for you and your audience with these four core programs:

  • The Big Data Revolution
  • FUTURETAINMENT – what’s next for your customers?
  • FLEX – what’s next for your enterprise?
  • WORLD NEXT – what’s next for the world?

You can experience these topics as either a high impact 50 minute keynote or a half day workshop with interactive exercises and facilitated discussion.

Supported by a global network of analysts and researchers, Mike takes the time to work with you and your team to tailor his presentations to directly address the issues directly relevant to your company and industry.

The BIG DATA Revolution

There is a new war coming – over the future’s most valuable asset. Big Data, once just the domain of technology professionals, will soon be the number one issue for all business leaders. Consumers are producing more of it, marketers are starting to leverage it, and governments are seeking to control it – and most importantly, business leaders will be asked to make decisions based on it.

The real Big Data revolution is not just about the amount of data that has to be processed, but a mindset change about how data gets used in the enterprise.
With original research, practical evaluations of disruptive strategies and case studies from some of the world’s most innovative firms, Mike Walsh will give you the roadmap you need to set your Big Data strategy in place for 2014. He offers cutting-edge information that each type of audience member needs to hear.

For IT Leaders:

  • The new mindset required to integrate third party Cloud platforms and experiment with exotic Big Data technology platforms
  • Meeting the challenge of engaging business decision makers to commit to Big Data investments

For Marketing Leaders:

  • How to rethink your marketing based on real time data and emergent patterns in consumer behaviour
  • The convergent trends of mobilization, consumerization and Big Data and what they will mean to how you approach and personalize your customer experiences

For Senior Decision Makers:

  • Incorporating data into strategic decision making
  • Innovative approaches to data visualization as a tool for communicating trends and patterns
  • Relevant case studies of the “winners circle” of companies who, today, are making the big bets on tomorrow’s Big Data platforms

FUTURETAINMENT – Yesterday The World Changed – Now Its Your Turn

Based on Mike Walsh’s best selling book, FUTURETAINMENT is a fast paced tour of the latest technologies, global trends, and case studies that will forever change the way you think about your relationship with your customers.

In this session Mike shares:

  • The most disruptive trends specifically researched for your industry
  • Products and promotions that will engage the next generation of consumers
  • Consumer innovations from fast growth emerging markets
  • The value of big data, compelling content and next generation behavioral analytics
  • Global best practices in mobile applications and platforms
  • Original video interviews with the scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs whose ideas will drive the future of your business


FLEX – Business Re-Imagined

What does it take to lead a 21st century company? New technology is not only an opportunity to improve productivity, it invites us to ask a much bigger question – can we re-imagine the way we do business?

In this session Mike shares:

  • The new digital platforms and enterprise tools that can change the relationship you have with your customers and competitors
  • The worldview of your next generation of staff and the new management styles necessary to lead them through disruptive times
  • The new models of innovation suitable for the current, fast paced, uncertain global environment
  • How consumerization, enterprise mobility and the Cloud will change the way your teams colloborate and act on information
  • Relevant case studies of the ‘winners circle’ of companies who have survived disruptive change
  • A roadmap for your company’s future and identify the capabilities you will need to take it there


WORLD NEXT – Your Roadmap To The Global Future

Social unrest, economic turmoil, rapid technological change – we live in a world seemingly dominated by crisis. And yet if you look more closely, you may also see a different set of patterns giving rise to new markets, new consumers and new ways to do business.

The future is already here, you just need to know where to look. Disruptive mobile technology from China to India’s low cost business models, next generation mobile banking in Africa and social consumerism in South America – innovation is shifting to a new geography.

How we interact, transact and entertain ourselves in the future will be shaped by a billion new consumers from emerging markets. WORLD NEXT is your roadmap to understanding and accessing the growth potential of tomorrow’s world.

In this session Mike shares:

  • How the Web of tomorrow will be different from the one we use today
  • New markets, consumers and technology trends that will be essential for the global growth of your business
  • Case studies of international companies who have successfully leveraged cultural forces for local market success
  • The disruptive innovation models of your emerging market competitors
  • The new management styles necessary for leadership in fluid, hyper-competitive and uncertain global markets
  • The winners and losers in the new digital world order and your company’s readiness to survive or thrive

Mike Walsh’s Technical Requirements

Mike’s presentation uses a heavy amount of images and video, all embedded into his Keynote deck that he runs from his current generation Macbook Pro. Due to the custom nature of his presentation, it is not possible to run the slides from another machine or provide them prior to the presentation. He recommends allowing at least 30 minutes testing time prior to the event.
Our requirements are as follows:
• A digital data projector with either a VGA or DVI connection. Mike will supply the connecting dongle for his laptop. • 3.5mm sound lead to play audio from the laptop. • Mike will supply his own Logitech remote, but if the AV desk is far from the stage, we recommend you make available a USB range extender that provides line of sight coverage to the stage. • Mike’s presentation is anamorphic, and can display in either 4:3 or 16:9. If your display is widescreen, we recommend that the source image be stretched to fit. • A fold back screen (a monitor so Mike can see which slides are onscreen from anywhere on stage). • Mike doesn’t require a lectern, and we recommend you keep the stage as clear as possible for him to move around. • A wireless lapel or headset microphone (preferred). • A bottle of water on stage, and prior to the performance warm water/tea with honey and lemon. • Mike will bring an ATOMOS Ninja field recording device to take a copy of the live video feed of the presentation. He can connect to your vision desk via HDMI or HDSDI (assuming there is embedded audio).



Jonathan Edison

Performance, Motivation, Sales, Leadership, Change, Life Balance

Traveling From: Michigan
Fee Range: $5,001-$7,500


“Success Strategist” Jonathan Edison is one of the most compelling thought leaders and Motivational Business Speakers today. As an expert in human development he delivers strategies, methods and tools filled with insight and humor that consistently move people and organizations to their highest potential.

His personal Motto is ” Results don’t Lie, people do!” Growing up in an environment that was a prescription for failure, young John John—his grandmother’s affectionate nickname for him—faced many hardships. After exposing him to drugs and violence, his mother was removed from the household by the Department of Social Services when he was five years old. Two years later Jonathan’s father left to start a new family on another side of town. Then, his grandmother Cloraine that took on the challenge of raising him died of cancer when he was 14.

Now homeless, Jonathan was forced to take up residence in his aunt’s basement. To afford the $50.00 a month in rent and his portion of the electric bill, he worked a full-time job as a dishwasher/bus boy at Chili’s Grill and Bar in the evenings and on weekends. He graduated from high school with a 1.63 grade point average and completed his first year of college with a 0.62 GPA before dropping out completely.

Instead of becoming another statistic, Jonathan found the courage he needed within himself to rise above adversity. He enrolled in remedial classes at Wayne County Community College. In 1993, Jonathan graduated with an associate’s degree as a part of the Urban Teacher Program. In 1995 Jonathan continued his education at Wayne State University, earning a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in only. During college, Jonathan worked as a bus attendant, waiter, gas station attendant and often slept in his car so that he could hold down his jobs and attend classes.

After teaching for four years, at age 27 Jonathan became the youngest assistant principal in the history of Detroit Public Schools. In 2002, he was named Wayne County Spokesman for Success. Then, along with hundreds of other dedicated educators, Jonathan was fired. With no savings, clients or plan, in 2004 he launched Edison Speaks International, a motivational and training development company. Since then Jonathan has shared his “Strategies for Success” with over 500,000 people, authored four books and has spoken in over 40 States. Jonathan’s Fortune 500 clients include: CVS Pharmacy, Daimler Chrysler, FBI, Folgers Coffee, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, McDonald’s and State Farm Insurance.


Make Your Own Magic
Designed to motivate individuals, employees, leaders and managers.
Magicians don’t wait for magic – they create it. The same is true for successful people. Success is something that must be cultivated and created and that is exactly what business motivational speaker Jonathan Edison shares in this powerful, inspirational and much-requested keynote. Jonathan teaches audiences about the power of thought and the seven elements of internal energy—Belief, Imagination, Enthusiasm, Passion, Resourcefulness, Intuition and Service. The results? Improved achievement and performance throughout your company or organization. Now that is MAGIC.!

How To Stay Motivated in Challenging Times
How to Stay Motivated in Challenging Times…..
If you feel like you’ve run out of ways to stay positive in these tough economic times, this presentation is for you. Business motivational speaker Jonathan Edison will inspire you to make your own motivational magic and reinvent yourself to overcome any challenge. On a personal level, Jonathan will demonstrate how to leverage your personal strengths, creativity and resilience to successfully cope with change. On a professional level, he will show how techniques used in the workplace to manage the consequences of organizational decisions can be improved to help individuals remain motivated and connected.

Fueling Sales Success
Designed to skyrocket sales, productivity and profitability.
Sales in today’s ever-changing market culture can be frustrating – but where there is adversity – there is ALWAYS equal or greater OPPORTUNITY. Sales speaker and coach Jonathan Edison shares the tools, techniques and success strategies for finding and leveraging every opportunity to create REAL results, empowered productivity, engaged customers and increased company bottom line.

Legacy Empowered Leadership
Designed to develop inspired, creative, compelling leaders.
The leadership strategies of old are over. Today’s leaders, managers and top brass need fresh insights, empowered solutions and extraordinary communication skills to create the kind of cohesive, connected and emboldened teams necessary to compete in ever-shifting markets. Leadership speaker Jonathan Edison shares the tools, techniques and mindsets you need to create new leadership legacies, a culture of creativity and collaboration and bottom-line productivity that generates results from the person that answers your phone to the top corner office and everyone in between.

Leveraging CHANGE in Lightning-Paced World
How to Manage Change With Humor, Ease and Effective Communication
Let’s face it. In today’s mile-a-minute world – CHANGE is not only normal – it’s NECESSARY. How we manage that change, leverage it for all it’s worth and use it to create OPPORTUNITY where others see ADVERSITY can mean all the difference between success and failure both personally and professionally. Change management expert Jonathan Edison shares the secrets of effectively adapting to change without losing sight of your vision, integrity or connectivity with those around you.

Walking the Life and Business Tightrope
How to Find Life Balance in a Whirlwind World
Honestly? Balance in today’s world is more elusive than ever. With smart phones and tech tools keeping us connected 24/7 – finding the ways to effectively manage peace of mind, family fun, personal obligations with often over-demanding work schedules is almost impossible. ALMOST. Life balance expert and motivational speaker Jonathan Edison shares the powerful (and empowering) secrets top producers use to avoid burnout, produce at a higher level and still maintain a happy, healthy personal and family life.

Customize Your OWN Topic
Don’t see what you’re looking for? No Problem!
It’s sometimes hard to decide which Keynote topic to choose from especially when and you and your committee have already made the decision on a conference theme. No worries. As an experienced speaker and master of ceremonies, Jonathan Edison is thrilled to take your message of choice and fuel it with powerful content, energy, enthusiasm, skills and the kind of solutions you’re looking for from your next keynote speaker. With humor, honesty, excitement and the ability to connect with every member of your audience – you’ll know you chose the RIGHT speaker from the moment you get on the phone and share your vision with him. He’ll craft the on-point message that will not only inspire and motivate – but more importantly, give your group the how-to tools they need to succeed both in the now as well as long-term.


“Jonathan, you are one of the most electrifying speakers that I’ve seen in over 25 years. We are so looking forward to launching a National Public Broadcasting Special with you in 2014 that will be viewed by over 10 Million people”. Diane Bliss Vice President of Fundraising, PBS

“Jonathan, you we’re absolutely amazing!! Not only were we motivated, but your message on Diversity was intense and passionate. We are definitely going to have you speak to all of our resource groups across the country”. Tom Hempfield, VP, Federal Sales, Hewlett Packard

“Jonathan, the one word that continues to show up on your review is WOW!!. Our group is always so motivated and charged up after you leave we find it hard to let you go. Were looking forward to having you back again and again…..because we are as you say “UNSTOPPABLE”. Michelle McCrary, Community Affairs, Blue Cross Blue Shield

“On behalf of ORGPRO we would like to thank you again for speaking, we received an overwhelming positive response to your presentation. You provided a valuable contribution to our success. Our attendees agreed that you were highly energetic, humorous and informative. We look forward to definitely having you back!” Geralyn L. Root, Dir. of Prof. Development, Michigan Society of Association Executives

“Jonathan you were absolutely incredible. The way that you were able to connect with my managers using your own personal story was spell-binding. We’re looking forward to having you back again next year. Steven Wing, President of Governmental Affairs, CVS Corporation

Gary Summers


Stress, Awareness, Life Balance, Effective Communication, Goals, Change,
Team Building, Customer Service, Media Training, 
Magic, Hypnosis





Travels From: St. John’s, NL Canada

Fee Range: $2500 – $6000


Gary Summers is a professional speaker, Magician, Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist with a Masters Degree in Physiology and certifications in hypnotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. He conducts workshops on STRESS and WORKLIFE BALANCE as well as hypnosis seminars on stop smoking and weight loss. He is owner of training4success a company specializing in corporate training and employee evaluations. He has written a book called MIND BODY SOUL.

“When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.”

Gary’s presentation style is laid back and sincere. There is no RA RA RA, in your face motivation because as Gary says, “motivation comes from within”. Gary offers a number of ideas and suggestions that can truly change your life, if you let them. Gary’s philosophy is that anything is possible and shows people how to achieve incredible results by helping them understand the power of the human mind. It has been said that you only use 5% of your brain because that is the conscious mind. We actually use 100% of our brain yet many of us talk ourselves out of things instead of talking ourselves into things because of the other part of our mind. To truly change, it is important to work on the other area of your brain that accounts for 95% of your brain power – your subconscious mind. Focusing there gives you the biggest impact.

This is the essence of Gary’s message and how he helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary results because as he says “I am no one special, I have no magic powers, I just managed to figure out how life works and if it worked for me, it can work for you”.

As a certified hypnotherapist and cognitive behavior therapist, I understand how stress causes problems in both the workplace and at home. Everyday, I talk to people who are emotionally and physically drained due to the pressures that life brings.

Emotions like fear, anxiety, anger and resentment account for 80% of all stress. In fact, studies have shown that problems fall into three categories:

1.   TOXIC THINKING: A poor or negative attitude and chronic complaining cause anger and  frustration which in turn leads to a toxic work environment and increased stress.

2.  PERSONAL & BUSINESS PRESSURES: Deadlines, personal crises, time and money       problems cause anxiety and depression which in turn leads to increased mistakes,       absenteeism and ultimately stress.

3.  POOR COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS: Not listening and improper handling of employee situations cause resentment, anger, employee apathy, disgruntlement and yes, even more stress.

In my practice, I help people to cope with stress in the following ways: 1) showing them a different way to think about life including how to recognize and correct irrational thoughts; 2) providing them with the tools to set and achieve realistic goals; and 3) creating an atmosphere of well being by balancing their personal and business lives.

My presentations focus on the individual and how to create a well balanced life so you don’t end up at the bottom of a black hole now knowing how you got there or even how to get back out. They empower people with the tools and skills to create a wonderful and fulfilling life. You will leave revitalized and ready to tackle anything life throws your way.

The following presentations range from one to two hours or half and full day workshops and address the root of life’s problems. Each seminar can stand alone or combine with others depending on the time available and your individual goals for the session. The most requested and most popular sessions all deal with stress and life balance and include the first five. All of these can be customizable to fit your particular objectives.


The most requested and most popular sessions all deal with stress and life balance and include the first six. All of these can be customizable to fit your particular objectives. Here are the available seminars:


It has been known for a long time now that there is a connection between the mind and the body. Studies have shown that stress is a major cause of chronic illness. We have also heard about the fight flight syndrome and our innate ability to handle stress by either facing it head on or running from it. Although this response served us from the beginning of time it is no longer a valuable tool. Gary takes a deep look at the common causes of everyday stress and provides suggestions and strategies on how to cope. You will learn how to:

* Identify the various types of stress. * Become aware of problematic perceptions. * Identify your stress triggers. * Understand and reduce anxiety. * Respond effectively to stress. * Constructively express emotions.

2)   CONSCIOUS AWARENESS – (CHANGE YOUR THINKING – CHANGE YOUR LIFE) Ever had an A-HA moment. You know, when that little voice in your head says…WOW, I never thought about life like that. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it can change your life. From creating more happiness to eliminating problems, from understanding how our brains work to achieving our life goals, Gary takes his audience on an incredible journey of self discovery by examining the conscious mind and provides strategies that can make our lives better. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it. Gary’s message is about creating awareness of our thoughts as this is where it all begins. He says: “When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.” You will also discover:

* The most important question you could ever ask yourself. * The one question to avoid asking because it gets you an answer you do not want to hear. * The one question to ask yourself so you NEVER make an assumption ever again. * The greatest gift you can give yourself.

3) RATIONAL LIVING – (ELIMINATING DISTORTED THINKING) Ever found  yourself depressed or  anxious and  did not know  how you got there. This seminar takes the concepts in Conscious Awareness and builds on them by uncovering the most common mental mistakes we all make and then provides strategies to deal with them. You will also discover:

* The biggest mental mistake we all make. * How to change the way you feel about anything. * How we sabotage our success and end procrastination.

4)  SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING – (THE POWER WITHIN) Ever wonder why we sometimes manage to talk ourselves out of things. We don’t trust our judgment and therefore either procrastinate or ask for advice. We get five different opinions and we are confused and don’t know what to do so we do nothing. Our lives are a reflection of our beliefs. These beliefs, usually subconscious, are the cumulative effects of life-long “programming.” As a result of this past negative programming, we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways. This causes a conflict between our conscious desires and our subconscious beliefs. Imagine being able to change the beliefs that limit you into beliefs that support you quickly and easily. Learn how to reprogram the software of your mind so you can change the printout of your life. This presentation helps us understand and recognize conscious pushback and provides strategies that help us turn procrastination into action. You will also discover:

* The best time to create subconscious change. * How to harness the power of your subconscious mind. * The two most powerful words to use. * How to talk so your subconscious mind will listen.

5) WORK LIFE BALANCE (LIVING IN HARMONY) Living  in harmony  is  something we all  wish to achieve. Yet  sometimes  life can  throw  us  something unexpected and  we feel  out of  balance. Time  seems to stand  still and  problems become  insurmountable. Learn strategies that help you deal with the six areas of life balance (work, family, time, money, yourself and your community). Apply the six steps to life balance and create harmony in all areas of your life. Here are the benefits:

* Learn the difference between being effective and being efficient. * Achieve happiness and inner peace. * Create stronger relationships. * Get perspective, set priorities and take control. * Feel better and have more energy.

6)  YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU SAY (EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS) The ability to communicate at home or in the workplace is  a key  ingredient  for personal  and professional growth. EQ or Emotional Quotient has been shown to be more important than IQ or Intelligent Quotient. Having the ability to effectively deal with people is critical to individual success. Understand the most common types of communication mistakes and learn strategies to help you become a great communicator and team player. You will also discover:

* How we communicate non-verbally. * The one sure-fire way to diffuse an argument. * How to recognize deceit.

7) HEALTHY LIVING (ADDING YEARS ONTO YOUR LIFE) When Ponce de Leon set out to discover the “Fountain of Youth” he actually believed one existed. Today we know better yet most of us do not understand how to live healthy. We take better care of our cars and homes than we do our bodies. There are no miracle cures yet many people invest their money in products that just don’t work. There are a number of things we can do to create a healthier life style. This seminar provides strategies and suggestions about diet and exercise that can add years onto your life.

You will also discover:

* How to read labels. * What portions of food to eat from each food group. * What are the most popular myths about diet and exercise. * What foods are the most harmful and should be avoided. * What supplements to consider. * What blood test can save your life.

8) ACHIEVING YOUR LIFE GOALS (DEVELOPING A LIFE PLAN) Most people plan their vacations better than their lives. They know where they will stay, what attractions they will visit and have a good idea of how much money they will spend. These same people would also like to retire at age 55 but have no idea of how they will do it. They would like to be mortgage free but have no plan to achieve it. This seminar looks at a simple six (6) step approach to life and how some simple adjustments can pay big dividends. You will also discover:

* My six immutable laws of life. * How to prioritize. * How to write a life plan. * The greatest gift you can give yourself. * How to stop procrastination.

9) LET’S CHANGE, NOW YOU GO FIRST (EFFECTIVELY DEALING WITH CHANGE) Change can be a very scary thing. Stepping outside your comfort zone and walking into the unknown. As the old cliché goes – The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know. The good news is that it does not have to be that way. Change will make life different but that does not mean it has to be bad or terrible.  It is all about getting used to your “New Normal.” It is not “change” that creates the issue but how you handle the transition period. You will discover:

* How to recognize the danger signals. * The 3 main elements of the change process. * How to empower yourself to move forward. * Simple strategies that will keep you on track. * How to plan your new future.


NLP is  a communications  protocol that allows you to  use your  brain and your 5 senses  to get you more from life. It builds on the concepts discovered in Effective Communications. It is powerful and very effective to help in many situations. NLP  can turn around  your life and  can provide  techniques for  total personal  transformation. These tools allow all of us to create the life we have always wanted. Here is what you can expect:

* Set the proper atmosphere for any communications. * Re-program your life to be more positive. * Understand how people process information differently. * Instantly develop rapport with people. * Create a high level of performance. * Quickly resolve conflicts.

11) MEDIA TRAINING Dealing with the Media can be a very trying and difficult experience but it does not have to be. There are many things to consider including: what to wear, how to prepare and how to deal with aggressive reporters. This session focuses on communications and the media and helps those who are regularly in front of the camera or microphone. Here are some things you will discover:

* How to formulate your message. * How to manage expectations. * The biggest mistakes made * What to avoid.

12) TEAM BUILDING  (CREATING THE IDEAL WORKING ENVIRONMENT) The single biggest asset organizations have is their people and their ability to be effective. Understand the key components of teamwork through team building exercises that engage people and help them to understand the important elements of good teamwork. Through a series of well crafted games and puzzles everyone becomes engaged to create a total team effort. Learn how to: * Manage expectations. * Recognize individual efforts. * Create synergy among everyone. * Maximize individual strengths. * Become an effective listener. * Draw on individual strengths.

This presentation works well with groups having an off-site and wanting to develop more camaraderie within their organization. Using time tested group exercises participants learn insight into their co-workers personalities and gain valuable knowledge that helps them become better team players.

13) CUSTOMERS ARE YOUR LIFELINE Good customer relations are critical to any successful business. Gary has applied his strategies and ideas from his other programs to create 2 dynamic presentations. If you are in the people business, you can benefit from these seminars because Gary says, “People never remember what you said or did but they will always remember how you made them feel.” This is his core message delivered in 2 dynamic keynotes.

A) KEEP THEM COMING BACK (Excellent Customer Service) Good customer service is the lifeblood of any organization. With today’s competitive landscape it is more important than ever to keep customers coming back. To do that, they have to leave your store happy. Learn how to: * Set your company apart. * The biggest reasons why customers go elsewhere. * Develop good customer relationships. * Effectively handle complaints. * Go that extra mile and then some. * Solve customer problems so everyone wins.

B) SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SELL (Insider secrets to winning in sales) With 30 years experience in sales, sales training and marketing Gary delivers a powerful presentation on strategies for sales excellence. With a blend of humorous anecdotes and solid selling principles, Gary introduces a number of creative concepts such as:

* The power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in sales and it is a very powerful influencer. (I use it in my hypnotherapy practice.) * Most popular sales myths (there are lots) * What they don’t teach you in sales training (because they don’t know) * The hands down best price objection ever created ( wow this is gold) * Strategies to handle every existing objection (and I mean everything) * Biggest sales mistakes (yes we all make them)

From Keynote to ½ and full day workshops, Gary can inspire and provide you with the tools and ideas to help you reshape your life and get you started on a new road to success and happiness.


● Excellent. The best course I have ever attended

● Unbelievable, Gary has some great ideas that can really change your life.

● Gary has shown me that anything is possible.

● This was, by far, the best seminar I have ever attended.

● Gary was absolutely inspiring and had my complete attention the whole way through.

● I found the presentation deep, a lot of soul searching and getting in touch with your inner self.

● I would recommend that not only my family and co workers do this course but every living creature.

● I strongly recommend this course to everyone. It’s very informative, interesting and realistic.

● Instructor is quite knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and extremely motivating. Found this course extremely interesting.

● Would highly recommend that all my work colleagues attend Gary’s seminar.

● I thought this course was the most interesting yet. The instructor was fabulous.

● It was an amazing seminar. I learned that stress can be controlled through empowerment.

● After this course, I feel I can actually have more control over my life.

● This course far surpassed my expectations. Fascinating! I will recommend this to everyone. Thank you Gary.

● Excellent content, very helpful for all life situations.

● Course was made very interesting by Gary. Lots of motivation and self-help techniques.

● One of the best courses I attended. Great handout. Very interesting.

● Great job by the instructor. Surpassed what I had expected to hear/learn today.

● The best stress management/self improvement/empowerment course I’ve taken. Went beyond my expectations.

● Instructor is quite knowledgeable, enthusiastic and extremely motivating.

● I found this course extremely interesting. Would highly recommend it to anyone.

Gary’s Past Clients

Revenue Canada Taxation
Memorial University
Municipal Assessment Agency
Association of Fire Chiefs
GJ Cahill
Government of Newfoundland
Bro. T. I. Murphy Center
Newfoundland & Labrador Housing
Eastern Health
Western Health
Labrador Grenfell Health

Dr Janet Lapp


Dr. Janet Lapp
Dr. Janet Lapp,

Global Expert in Leading People Through Fast Change



Thrive During Fast Change, Leading at the Edge.

Former professor, researcher, clinician, and registered nurse, Dr. Janet Lapp was born and raised in Québec, Canada; her PhD is from McGill University in Montreal. Over the past 25 years, she has inspired over 2,000 audiences around the world from Russia to Argentina to Hong Kong–with clients such as IBM, AT&T, Allstate, New York Life, Toyota, and Kawasaki – to adopt a ChangeFit™ leadership mindset skilled in leading others through disruptive change. She is a dual citizen, presents in three languages, and regularly consults throughout Europe and the Americas.

Now a licensed clinical psychologist and author of five books, she is founder of ChangeFit™ Leadership Boot Camps/ChangeFit™ Labs, has been admitted to the Speaker Hall of Fame, and one year was rated by Toastmasters as one of the top three speakers worldwide. She is the creator and host of the Emmy-nominated CBS series ‘Keep Well,’ and has appeared regularly on INN, ABC, CNN, and NBC affiliates.

The Ritz-Carlton team and IBM sales used her best-selling book Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air to help create their successful transformations. She is author of four other books: Dancing with Tigers, Positive Spin, Why Won’t They Listen to Me? (pack leadership), and the recent release on personal transformation The Four Elements of Transformation. Her forthcoming book (Wiley, 2017) highlights the disruptive leadership mindset needed to guide others through disruptive change.

Pilot and flight instructor, Janet has flown her airplane throughout South America and Africa on medical and rescue missions, and is a long time member of the Flying Doctors of Mercy volunteering in central México. She currently lives in southern California.



“CODE HOPE FOR HEALTHCARE” from direct caregivers to suppliers


We’re at the tipping point of the 4th Industrial Revolution. In most countries, healthcare reimbursement changes are disruptive and provocative. The greatest need is a sense of empowerment – to know that one can navigate safely through change without markers and to move beyond fear to courageous action using a new compass instead of an outdated map.

1 Trends in healthcare that make it urgent that we act now.

2 What forward-leaning health care systems and leaders are doing to get ahead.

3 Learn the new skills and mindsets healthcare leaders need.

4 Learn to use the key ingredient in reducing turnover and increasing engagement scores.

In this high-energy interactive session, people learn the skills, and can begin to apply them before they leave the meeting. Through video clips, case studies, high impact stories and humor, Dr Janet leads people to a mindset of optimism and courage. One result is a rekindling of passion, and a remembering of the reason why we entered the field.

After many years in the trenches of health care as a Registered Nurse and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Janet Lapp understands the health care culture and current reactions to change, and knows what needs to happen to lead health care into the future. Along with extensive experience in health care, Janet has over 25 years experience consulting with healthcare industries and organizations of all sizes around the world and has developed the performance expertise that engages and moves audiences.

Change Flourish!

A high-energy humor based program for employees and entrepreneurs at all levels.
Laugh! Have fun! Dance and sing. Flourish.

Don’t just thrive – flourish! There is a specific mindset that people have who improve after traumatic and disruptive change. This mindset is a buffer, a Change Airbag. Know that no matter what changes are on the horizon, you’ll be ready for them with flexibility, optimism and courage.

What are current trends that impact your world? Why is there is urgency to change now?

Examples and case studies of top performing organizations. Companies who have transformed themselves.

In the end, this is a results-focused program, holding attendees accountable for change within their organizations.

1 Discover opportunities … not just problems.

2 Keep morale high in oneself and one’s team.

3 Increase boldness and courage to act, innovate, take charge and act like an owner.

“Get Bold and Go! Are you leading the way?”

This is a future-focused high-energy program for leaders from the mid-level to the C-level.

Are you prepared to lead others into the future?

Do you know the new, must-have 2016 skills for the future of work?

Can you keep your feet firmly planted in mid-air? Despite uncertainty, can you guide with confidence and courage?

Do you like to laugh, be inspired and encouraged, have the courage to stretch?

1. The leadership mindset and behaviors to push edges in leadership, to act with courage and boldness.

2. How to reinvent oneself, “teach an old dog new tricks,” and get others to do the same.

3. Learn how to create a vision that works, and give people compasses to get there.

4. Find out why “Blocks, Triangles and Tangles” are the #1 killer of change and innovation.

5. Be able to teach their teams skills for growth: optimism, emotional flexibility and courage/mental toughness.

*This program includes and pre-post ChangeReadiness Assessment if requested!

“Change is a force to be feared, or an opportunity to be seized. The choice is ours.”
“Take action. The window of opportunity closes quickly.”



Carol Lesbirel

Communication, Team Dynamics and Divergent Thinking, Customer Service, Leadership & Coaching, CarolLesbirel
Managing Difficult Situations, Powerful People Skills, Staff Development & Training,
Stress/Time Management, Behavioural Interviewing, Interactive Selling and Service,
Meeting Management, the Dynamics of Change, The DISC Personal Assessment Tool

Travels From: Oakfield, Nova Scotia
Fee Range: $2000 – $3500

Biography – motivational trainer

Carol’s Professional Background

Carol is an accomplished and versatile professional speaker, motivational trainer, facilitator and author who will help you unlock the invisible door that so often stands between people and their ultimate personal and professional goals.

Whether it’s leadership and coaching, communication dynamics, change management, behavioural profiling, stress and distress differentiation, or other workshops from her client-tailored repertoire, Carol’s training is fast-paced, information-packed and guaranteed to deliver the skills and techniques that will allow you to advance faster and further in your career and in your life.

You will leave Carol’s sessions feeling, motivated and optimistic, with concrete ideas you can press into action immediately. Carol’s use of real life examples makes her content easy to understand, easy to use and participants feel they can implement the new ideas and experience positive results.

Carol is consistently rated highly by course participants; in fact, she scores “very good” or “excellent” 98% of the time. Participants listen, laugh and learn; they leave Carol’s sessions feeling appreciated, encouraged and energized; more importantly, they leave empowered to act in their own best interests.

People who have participated in Carol’s sessions describe her as dynamic, energetic and infectiously enthusiastic. Her strong commitment and deep understanding of the subject matter is grounded in a solid experience of over 25 years as an entrepreneur, business owner, people motivator and team leader. This depth of experience, combined with strong personal leadership and communication skills, allows Carol to quickly develop a rapport with audiences that encourages a high level of participation and interaction. Carol has fresh ideas and solutions and is uniquely qualified to create customized programs.

In addition to training and facilitating, Carol is in demand as a keynote speaker and is currently represented by a number of Speaker’s Bureaus.

Carol resides in Oakfield, Nova Scotia with her husband Doug and their one son, Mitchell.

In many circles, Carol is known as the CEO…Chief Energizing Officer!

Carol has worked with the following organizations:

    • Aliant
    • Atlantic Call Centres
    • Atlantic Connection Realtor Convention
    • Atlantic Floor Covering Industry
    • Atlantic Wholesalers/SuperStores/Loblaws
    • Braemore Homes
    • Canadian Manufacturer’s & Exporters
    • Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board
    • Capital Health
    • CBDC Hants-Kings Development Center
    • City of Windsor
    • Clairca
    • Confederation Court Mall
    • CornerBrook Pulp & Paper Ltd.
    • Dairy Farmers of Ontario
    • Delta Sydney
    • Department of Community Services
    • Department of Environment & Labour
    • Department of Health
    • Department of Northern Affairs
    • Distican Agencies
    • DND Transportation Department
    • East Hants & District Chamber of Commerce
    • Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals
    • Employment Support Services
    • Exxon Mobil
    • Gateway Homes
    • Grand View Manor
    • Greenwood Mall
    • Halifax Regional School Board
    • Halifax Regional Municipality Finance Department
    • Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission
    • Home of the Guardian Angel
    • IAAP
    • Keltic Lodge
    • Material Management Institute
    • M-Cap Financial
    • Memorial Gardens
    • MicMacMall
    • National Manufacturing
    • Nova Scotia Agricultural College
    • Nova Scotia Dental Association
    • Nova Scotia Health Care Purchasing Ltd.
    • Nova Scotia Safety Council
    • Nova Scotia School Boards Association
    • NSCC Kingstex Campus
    • NSCNA Conference
    • Quadra Chemicals
    • Red Hat Convention
    • Serco Management Solutions
    • Sony Music
    • South-East Regional Health Authority
    • St. Francis Xavier University
    • The Berkeley Bedford
    • The Prince George Hotel
    • Truro Development Corporation  AND 100’S MORE !


    • Carol received certification as a trainer in “Accelerated Learning for Adults” from David Meier of the Accelerated Learning Centre in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA
    • Carol is a certified facilitator with Profiles Global Inc. which allows her to deliver the Personal Profile Assessment Tool.
    • Carol has recently attended a three-day training session with the Franklin Covey Foundation and successfully completed “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” program .


1. Connect Attitude and Behaviour

No other element will have more impact on your life than attitude. It is personal, unique and potentially, your most priceless possession.

  • Learn the 7 realities of behaviour that are influenced by attitude
  • Discover 5 ways to perk up your attitude
  • Recognize the 4 keys points to remember about attitude

Your attitude towards life will determine life’s attitude towards you.

2. De-Clutter Your Life

Want to get rid of those pesky piles and banish the mental clutter? This session will give you the 7 P’s that will move you from chaos to calm. You will learn how to employ Grandmas 1-hour solution, as well as, the ABC”s of defragging your mind. This session will deal with clutter in 3 main areas:

  • Physical … your surroundings at home and work
  • Personal .. your finances, career and lifestyle
  • Health……..your spirit, mind and soul

Reduce clutter …reclaim freedom.

3. Dig a Hole or Climb a Pole

We live in a world of constant change and most of us find change stressful. You have three choices when it comes to change…

  • be a victim of change and hope it all goes away
  • be a viewer of change and watch as everything passes by
  • be a victor and win with change

Winning with change requires getting involved. Learn the power of understanding that all change has an ending, incubation and transition period and a new beginning. Change is a voyage of self-discovery and opportunity…learn how to embrace change to move forward.

 4. Dodging Stressful Flying Saucers

You never know when or where a flying saucer will descend upon you and give you one more thing to do. We will show you how to make conscious decisions when accepting flying saucers.

Are you:

  • Always out of time?
  • Always in a crisis?
  • Always multi-tasking?
  • Feeling too challenged?
  • Have no time for fun or the unexpected?

Learn to:

  • Recognize a flying saucer
  • Assertively deflect a saucer
  • Ignore or avoid saucers
  • Deal with upward flying saucers
  • Identify how a flying saucer can transform into a rocket

Flying saucers zoom, whirl, spin and eventually land somewhere. It could be on you….watch out!!!

 5. Live Your Life Like You Really Mean It…Celebrate

Moments of greatness or happiness give us repeated pleasure when we might need it the most. It can give you strength to tackle life’s obstacles and remind you of your resourcefulness. This spirit of thinking will guide you to an optimistic life filled with celebrations. We will cover the 4 thinking patterns that can thwart celebration. Mapping out a life plan that will allow you to live your life like you really mean it, needs to be intentional…let us show you the way.

 6. One Hour To Sanity

A humorous and practical approach to stress management. When you explore a typical day in most people’s lives, you can begin to recognize that from early morning to late at night people are constantly multi-tasking, making a vast number of decisions and choices. No wonder we are stressed. Finding the right balance and what works for you is at the root of this keynote. Fun and information-packed with realistic solutions.

7. Professionalism and the Art of Self-Marketing

In this session, the following questions will be addressed:

  • What is professionalism?
  • What is the criterion required to be viewed as a professional?
  • Where are you positioned?
  • What is self-marketing?
  • What are the ways to make you memorable?
  • Do you know your 5 second infomercial?
  • Can you connect with conversation?
  • Do you follow through?
  • How are you packaging yourself?
  • Are you a snoozer, cruiser or beamer?


8. Swim With The Sharks And Survive

To explain this session best would be to say, in conflict and/or negotiation situations, be careful of the sharks. Sharks are more than just difficult. Sharks can be people or organizations with their own agendas, often determined to win at all costs. Sharks can take a nibble, bite, attack, circle, stalk and sometimes eat you. Learning to be an assertive communicator and a skilful negotiator will balance the power. This session will provide you with tips to swim to safety and come out alive.


9. Teachable Moments

Leadership involves getting others to willingly do the things you want them to do. A teachable moment is a 10 to 15 minute coaching opportunity that ultimately increases employee’s competencies, skills and accountability. The teachable moment’s concept employs a 3-step process which is quick, easy and effective. Take a moment to teach…everyone wins.



“Having known Carol since the late 1990’s, she is, in my opinion, one of the most talented trainers in the East Coast. She has been working with us to help educate and motivate our front line supervisors since 1998. With a population base of over 13,000 employees, in four provinces, I had expected to find a trainer, from within our ranks, similar to Carol, but that has not been the case. Carol is truly a unique person with a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of skill sets. Her ability to quickly adapt to various corporate cultures, as well as her skills, at setting each person that attends her class at ease, is nothing short of amazing. Carol creates a safe environment for people to learn in, where attendees can more easily experiment with new ideas. It has been my pleasure, on personal level, to have known Carol over these many years. Her professionalism, integrity and friendship are appreciated.”

  • Phillip Tower
  • Senior Manager
  • Training and Development
  • Atlantic Wholesalers
  • Eastern Division of Loblaws


“I would strongly recommend Carol Lesbirel to any organization that is looking for a dynamic trainer or presenter.”

  • Graham Hardy
  • Administrator
  • Grand View Manor


“The workshops you have presented to our staff over the past few months have been excellent. You are so dynamic and enthusiastic. Your wealth of knowledge and experience makes your presentations interesting, as well as, beneficial to all participants. One of the comments from a participant ‘The best seminar, with the best instructor I’ve ever attended in my many years of nursing’ was truly reflective of the many comments on the evaluation sheets. Thank you, Carol, for wonderful workshops!”

  • Beth Hakkert, RN
  • Director of Nursing
  • Grand View Manor


“Most importantly, the participants said what they found most valuable to be was learning about the importance of attitude, what assertive speaking and listening are, goal setting, time management and especially learning more about how to market themselves in today’s highly competitive workplace. An excellent session.”

  • Roxanne Higgins
  • Organization Development and HR Planning Consultant
  • Ontario Training and Adjustment Board


“Through your presentation, we were able to stop and reflect on how we, individually, manage stress in our lives, while enjoying the opportunity to laugh at our shortcomings. The objectives of the day were clearly achieved with many staff expressing a thorough enjoyment of your presentation. We sincerely appreciated the high degree of energy and enthusiasm you transmitted to us during the training session.”

  • Sherry Keen
  • Administrator
  • Windsor Elms


“What a GREAT day the team had at the Prince George Hotel. It was non-stop learning, fun and high energy from the moment you started and it is continuing here in the workplace. We all came away feeling very motivated which will only make our team stronger. I hope we have the opportunity to have you back with us again in the future.”

  • Carol Logan
  • Human Resources Manager
  • The Prince George Hotel


“I would like to thank you for presenting “Dig a Hole or Climb a Pole” at our recent conference. The comments we received from those that attended were very positive, as were the evaluations, of which I have included a summary copy for you. Thank you for an excellent presentation.”

  • Robyn Dean
  • Learning Services
  • River Valley Health


“Your treatment of the subject “Focus on the Future” was dead-on. Those who have heard you speak, over the last few years at this conference, are still amazed at your ability to bring a room to life, make the time enjoyable and yet get your message across in a non-threatening manner. Thank you for truly filling the bill of a ‘Keynote Presenter’ once again.”

  • Charlie MacLean
  • Co-ordinator- Food & Nutrition Program
  • Nova Scotia Health Care Purchasing


“On behalf of the Delightfully Dashing Debutants and the Valley Bloomers Red Hat Chapters, please accept our appreciation and thanks for your role in making our Red Hatter Week, held in conjunction with the Greenwood Mall, a special and memorable event. You did an excellent presentation, which was totally enjoyed by all present.”

  • Queen Daisy
  • Delightfully Dashing Debutants
  • Queen Lois
  • Valley Bloomers


“Thank you for your fantastic keynote presentation for the East Hants and District Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards dinner. Judging from the responses from the audience, your positive message and attitude was most favorably received. I have been to many events featuring a keynote speaker and I have to admit yours provided the most information and fun. It was great evening.”

  • Steve Jordan
  • Chair of the Small Business Week Committee
  • East Hants and District Chamber of Commerce


“I am writing on behalf of all the Serco Team at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, to thank you for your excellent Customer Service and Dimensions of Leadership Training sessions for our Management Team. The training was very beneficial and motivating. You have so much energy which makes the learning exciting and fun. I would highly recommend you as a presenter.”

  • Julie Nelson
  • Interim General Manager
  • Hopewell Rocks


“The New Glasgow Public Library hosted a workshop with Carol Lesbirel on “How to Reduce Stress” based on a chapter from her book “Who Says You Can’t” and Carol’s talk was entertaining, educational and fast-paced. The Management Team, who attended, said that it was one of the best workshops that the Library has hosted. Shortly after her presentation, I suggested her name to the program committee as a possible speaker for the 2007 Nova Scotia Library Association Conference and she has been contracted to speak at that upcoming event. I found my experience with this speaker/author to be both professional and enjoyable.”

  • Steven MacLean
  • Community Outreach Assistant
  • Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library



Linda Edgecombe

Change, Humorists, Stress Management, Team Building, Life Balance, Accountability

Linda Edgecombe
Linda Edgecombe is a Re-invention Strategist, motivational coach and engagement expert

Travels From: British Columbia, Canada
Fee Range: $7,500-$10,000

“Life Perspective Specialist”


Linda Edgecombe is a Re-invention Strategist, motivational coach and engagement expert.
She offers insightful, amusing, and practical advice on building a creative, energetic, and engaged team in these challenging times. Linda is an internationally renowned, award-winning speaker that creates massive impact wherever she goes.

Just inducted into the Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame, she is a mother of 2 and wife of one. Featured in the Wall Street Journal as an Expert in Shifting Peoples Perspectives on their work and home life to stop living in the “when this, then that” paradigm.

She is a bestselling author and has been invited to speak across Canada and the US and has spoken in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland and Nepal. She’s brought a few of her books and scarves that she uses to fund raise to get young girls in Nepal into school. You can see her after the presentation if you are interested in getting one.

Linda’s message is as welcome as a good belly laugh and as profound as an honest look in the mirror.

Get ready to BE Energized!


Changing our Culture from Chaos to Calm

Linda will reveal her research and data collected from dozens of organizations on how Chaos and “Busy” has become the new norm and wound us into the most unproductive and basically unhappy demographic in the past 30 years. Her No BS and very humorous approach, stacked up with relevant and easy solutions will get your organization and teams, back on track with clear vision and tools to take back their work day and their personal lives again.
1. Change, what’s really getting in the way of you moving forward? Change has never been this painless!

2. Clutter, how we sabotage our success with terminal piles!

3. Fatigue, tools to re-energize and re-engage.

4. Clarity, get down to what you really want, and become more accountable.

5. Laughter, this may be the best laugh you have had in a long time.

Note: this can be an Entertaining Keynote, Interactive Workshop or Coaching Program

Simple Truths about Getting a Life.

From Linda’s newly released book, she will share ideas and solutions for “Getting a Life”. She’ll get you thinking about three simple but life changing questions: Are you doing the best you can, considering?
 Are you on a Deferred Life Plan? 
When was the last time you did something for the first time? Through her humorous stories and honest questions, Linda works with the audience to come up with strategies and goals for living a life more happily and satisfied. Her uncanny delivery will not only inspire, it will literally move you to make changes and become more accountable for the results you are producing for your work and home life.

Remembering what you already know and the accountability tools to take action! This is Linda’s highest rated program. You will be laughing in the aisles and moved to make changes. You don’t want to miss this rollercoaster ride! This program is available as a workshop as well as an Entertaining keynote.

Lessons to Energize and Balance Your Life.

Take your organization on an Energy Boost. Linda will lead your group through an educational, hands-on and highly humorous ride that will re-focus, re-energize and re-invent how you see your life and your work. This program is available as a workshop as well as an Entertaining Keynote.
After the presentation participants will come away with:

1. An honest snapshot of themselves and how their energy affects their work and home life.

2. Ideas about how to change negative drainers in their lives and produce more positive outcomes.

3. An understanding of the motivation behind the perfectionist, unattainable so many of us are striving for.

4. 5 Keys to increase your personal, family and co-workers Energy Levels.

5. An honest look at the Balance in your Life.

6. Steps to get you moving towards a more balanced, energized work and home life.

7. Clear vision of their own “Personal Recipe for Happiness” in their life.

Building Change Resilient and Energized Teams in Crazy Times

With Linda’s humorous life experiences and approaches, you will laugh out loud while you move “accountable thinking”. In this upbeat, highly interactive session, Linda will explore a variety of aspects of what it means to be a leader today, the realities of our times and how we can become change resilient not matter what the challenges are. Here’s your chance to not only find but unleash your leadership potential. Leading Change ready cultures has never been this painless.

1. The key steps to move towards accountable attitudes

2. Change, why we love it and dread it.

3. Three Keys to creating a healthy ‘change resilience’ personality.

4. Develop a plan for ‘shifting perspectives’, ‘facing your fears’ and dumping excuses’ in the face of change, while acknowledging the internal turmoil being experienced by the team. All of which can hold you back.

5. Strategize a Just Do It! vs. a Perfection Plan.

6. Strategies to Re-Energize Yourself, Your Team, Your Family.

7. How accountability is a simple solution to a truly balanced life.


I just attended your conference on Monday in Foggy NL and as a professional, have never attended such an energizing, humorous and just gratifying session. You see, we are usually, too long dragged out days receiving information about some new treatment, research pertaining to practice, dreaded new policies ,etc….all good stuff for sure. But never have I LEARNED more that will , I believe , help me that better nurse. As we say here on the rock, you were wicked!

Atlantic Healthcare Association

Linda succeeded at motivating a large group (300) highly educated business consultants/coaches along with their spouses. Her approach was refreshing and fun, especially for a group used to facilitating and leading their own client session. Linda engaged everyone with her enthusiasm, quick wit, great storytelling skills and ability to make us all laugh and think about our own work/life balance acts. She captured our interests then left us to reflect upon our own circumstances. Linda’s session was inspiring, very professionally delivered and well done! If you want to re-energize your group at your next conference call Linda!
RLG International Inc.

Your speech was dynamic and energizing and even though you were near the end of a busy three days, you got everyone listening and actively involved in what you were saying. It was fantastic and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you helping us finish our Conference on such a high note. After hearing you speak it is obvious why you are in such high demand as a keynote speaker. Thanks so much for helping us make our conference a huge success.
McDonald’s Restaurant Owners

The audience was engaged in Linda’s presentation immediately. Following the presentation, this is what some of the attendees had to say. ‘Absolutely awesome speaker. What a positive attitude and view of the world. Thank-you. I laughed until I cried, then laughed again! Excellent speaker.’ We recommend Linda and she was a delight to work with.
Pharmacists Association

You had come highly recommended to us by a member of our team who had seen you at a previous conference. I am thrilled to report that we were not disappointed with the recommendation. Unanimously, our staff tells me that your session was one of the best things we have done as a division in awhile. You kept us laughing almost non-stop for most of the morning, and then had us in a reflective mood as we contemplated your message. By the end, we were in tears, not of laughter this time, but due to thoughtful introspection. More than one person said to me that you had missed your calling as a stand-up comedian, but had your presentation only been about the funny parts, then we would have missed the deeper message.
George Brown University

Linda, I just wanted to let you know how AMAZING your presentation was delivered. Soooo many of us were talking about you afterwards. That is exactly what we needed to end the conference. I will definitely be emailing you on Monday in hopes I have completed that ONE thing. I can just imagine how busy you are so I’ll keep this short. You are the BEST speaker I have ever listened to…and the shapes you explained were so very accurate! Keep doing what you’re doing, and I wish you great success and hope you continue to motivate and touch as many people as possible. Thank you for giving me that….BOOST!
Scotia Bank- Toronto

One of my biggest accomplishments in life was to learn to laugh and laugh with others. The humour in your presentation reinforces my belief in laughter!
Chrysalis Staff Development Day

Following the workshop I received nothing but positive feedback and our staff left truly inspired and ready to take charge. We all felt we had learned important life lessons.
Community Hospitals and Health Centers

The Edgecombe County School year is now well underway with great enthusiasm. It was great to have you kick off our Teachers Convention this year. Everyone is still talking and laughing about the things you shared. Your presentation provided us with a fresh perspective on some challenging issues teachers are facing. Thanks.
Edgecombe County Schools, North Carolina

Linda took the time to survey all our participants prior to our event. Her understanding of the group was excellent. If you are looking for a speaker to either kick off or wrap up an event with energy, humor and great perspective, Linda Edgecombe is a great choice.
Insurance National Search 

Resources (Books)

BOOST, Powerful Tools to Re-energize and Re-engage You and Your Team in Crazy Times!

Do you need to give yourself and your organization an energy boost? What do you need to help you re-focus, re-energize, and re-invent how you and your team see life and work? Do you want to see your team? Increase efficiency and creativity? Increase endurance with energy to spare? Feel revitalized and positive? Be extraordinary with your clients? Be driven to be outstanding in the field? BOOST! offers a six-step plan to improve engagement, and it will be the best cleanse your team has ever experienced. Re-energizing and re-engaging your team is something you need to act on. Energy is a question of physics: what you put out you will get back.

Shift… or Get Off the Pot, 26 Simple Truths About Getting a Life

Are you shaking your head that another year is rolling along and you haven’t done what you really want to do with your life? Does the word spontaneous in your life only apply to the latest hot flash or hair loss? If this is hitting home for you, Shift Or Get Off The Pot is the book for you! Throughout this book Linda Edgecombe encourages and humours you while she has you reflecting on yourself and your life.




Marc Andre Morel

Leadership, sales, personal and career success, change,
teamwork, customer service, Bilingual: French & English

Marc Andre Morel
Marc Andre Morel

Travels From: St-Sauveur, Québec
Fee Range: $3750 – $6000
Language: French, English


Audiences love Marc André’s content-rich but accessible material filled with stories, analogies, humour and energy. His charismatic delivery and style inspire participants to immediately take action and use it at work and in their personal lives, making the total experience even more enriching!

Whether you want to: motivate your team members, help improve employee morale or teamwork and communication, increase sales and profits, reduce stress and embrace change, Marc André Morel’s programs are the solution!

He will raise the conscious level of your group, open their hearts and lift their spirits. Part of what makes Marc André so compelling is the strength of his message, delivered with passion, creativity and authenticity.

The Montréal Chapter (2000-2001) Past President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers is one of North America’s top rising star speakers, as he has delivered over one thousand of inspiring, educating and entertaining programs to both English and French corporate audiences in 4 countries, 9 provinces and 16 states.

He earned his Commerce degree from Concordia University before gaining over 10 years of corporate marketing and training experience. He has several coveted corporate sales and leadership awards to his credit, including the Multiple Sclerosis Leadership 2002 Award for his professional excellence and outstanding community contribution. Always in demand, he has been interviewed and has appeared in various National television and print Medias for his expertise on Personal Leadership.

Dedicated to making a difference for adults and Youth, he is the Founder of The Morel Leadership Centre for Youth. His own personal and inspiring story as to how he became a speaker is featured in the new Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul. It was at the age of 15 that he delivered his first motivational keynote in front of an audience of 1200 people! His first book, ‘La Cinquième Saison: réaliser sa destinée avec simplicité’, was published in November 2002 as it has now reached th best-seller status in Québec.

Premiere International Expert on the subject of Personal and Professional Leadership; Author of the best-seller ‘La Cinquième Saison: réaliser sa destinée avec simplicité’, a unique and complete guide to Personal and Career Success; Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) – National Speaker’s Association highest earned designation; Recipient of the 2002 Multiple Sclerosis Leadership Award for his professional excellence and outstanding contribution to the community; Chosen September 2003 Leader of the Month by Transcontinental Publishing for the Lower Laurentians; Contributing Author of the acclaimed ‘Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul’ featuring his personal story; President and Founder of Morel Leadership Inc.; International Professional Speaker since 1995 – Award Winning Speaker since the age of 14; Marketing Major from Concordia University in Montréal; Strong of over ten years of an Award-Winning Sales career and Leader with Xerox, NCR and Dale Carnegie Training; Certified Sales Professional (CSP) by the Canadian Professional Sales Association; Certified trainer on international programs from Wilson Learning, Dale Carnegie Training, Brian Tracy International, Career Track, Fred Pryor Seminars and CPSA; Published Author of articles on the subject of personal and professional leadership; Interviewed and featured in various publications, radio and television medias (TVA, Vox, Radio Cité Rock Détente, FM 93, Coup de pouce and Journal Les Affaires); Montréal Chapter Past President of the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers; Founder of the Morel Leadership Centre for Youth; Founder of the Winners Circle of Montréal;

Topics – Success


One For All and All For One

It is part of the Human Nature to interact with others. But why is it so challenging to be so effective in doing so? I believe we are destined to succeed as teams. But what if we have also been programmed for failure at this level too? Our sense of survival, security, ego and motivation for recognition are all great personal success motivators but can be alarming barriers to our success as a team. Create durable synergy, improve communications, morale, attitude and help retain your best employees. With his trademark humorous style, Marc Andre Morel shares inspiring and unforgettable metaphors and ideas. Memorable event and lasting impact guaranteed !

DESTINED TO SUCCEED® in a Changing World

Everything changes and that’s a good thing. Human beings have survived over the millenniums thanks to their innate ability to adapt. The business world and our work environment is no exception. This program presents the advantages – and the necessities – of change. Using convincing analogies, help your employees get rid of their fear of losing the known – the real challenge – to put their ego aside and build their confidence to become comfortable with the uncomfortable! Memorable event and lasting impact guaranteed !


Keeping Clients For Life

Created for a clientele or an audience working in sales or customer service, entrepreneurs and independent workers, this program offers you more ideas than you can use in a year, preparing your organization and people for the new way of doing business. Customers pay more attention to the way your product is sold than to the product itself. The number of salespeople is decreasing dramatically but they should be making more money. What kind of experience are you offering your clients? Why are they leaving you? Find answers and solutions. Memorable event and lasting impact guaranteed !


How to Breakthrough Without Breaking Down

Did you know that 54% of workers will suffer from professional exhaustion once in their life-time? And that numbers are increasing? Based on his own personal experience and enriched with his research on the matter, this high energy session of a serious subject is delivered on a light and humoristic note. Help your employees rediscover the sense of success and garner ideas of how to do achieve their best without burning out. Memorable event and lasting impact guaranteed !!


The premise of this unique and thought provoking keynote is that we are destined to succeed, that we all possess what is required to succeed in our personal and professional lives, that we are also responsible for our success, through our attitude and behavior. Destined to succeed, yes, but maybe we have been programmed for failure! We all have been overwhelmed with messages such as:

“You must work hard to succeed.” “In life you’ve got to make sacrifices.” “You can’t have everything you want in life,” “Stop dreaming in color.” “Life is hard.” All kinds of destructive messages influence our actions and ultimately, the results in our personal and professional lives. In order to answer how we can get rid of such barriers to our success and realize our full potential, here is what I propose for this keynote:

1- Do things differently – As Aristotle said more than 2400 years ago, “if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got”. Using the striking analogy of a banana peeled from the right side, the message is that in order to have the best results, we must first and foremost look at things from a different angle. Get out of the comfort zone, dismantle our old habits and create new ones in order to bring together the realization of our full potential (business, career or personal).

2- Do what you are – A singer sings, a bird flies, a manager manages, a salesperson sells! Are you in the right place? This is the starting point. Not respecting your nature has a cost. Enormous costs for health and productivity. Not doing what you are is to swim against the current. It isn’t only draining, it’s also not enjoyable.

3- Do what you love and love what you do –Did you know that, according to a survey, two out of three workers hate their jobs? We can’t be truly happy unless we love what we are doing. And also, how can you achieve long-term excellence under these conditions? As well as being drained, it ends up affecting our self-esteem, health, teamwork and results.

4- Become comfortable with the uncomfortable – What often holds back today’s human being is the famous sense of security, this comfort zone we don’t want to leave. Whether it is to seek out bigger clients or take on new responsibilities, a new culture, etc., we don’t move, we don’t risk, we don’t dream. We try to do better while staying in the same sandbox. Impossible and draining! Therefore, instead of developing new skills, it is better to develop individual courage. Learn to be confident and experience fear while making the jump into the void. The price to pay for security is insecurity. The leader of today and tomorrow is comfortable with the uncomfortable.

5- Fish until there is water – This is a metaphor used by one of the greatest builders of Quebec, Édouard Simard of Sorel (Marine Industries) in the middle of the last century. He was answering a journalist who asked him to explain his success. Don’t stop fishing when there are no fishes, but when there is no water in the lake! Perseverance is not valued as much as it should be. We want everything now and we lose our sense of conquest and tenacity.

Other stories of courage, perseverance and success enrich this conference, making it a profound, humorous, inspirational, motivational and memorable experience!


Keeping Your Customers For Life

The way consumers buy evolves and the demands on sales and marketing teams call on us to be increasingly prepared if we want to stay in the game. We have been programmed to work hard or harder at picking at the same pie. But what if the solution for expanding and growing our business was to go where nowhere has gone before? Then, we could truly say that we are destined to succeed in business and can keep clients for life! Here’s what I suggest:

1- Changing The Way Of Doing Business – Customers change, as do their purchasing practices. They put more importance on the way the product or service is sold than on the product or service itself; the number of sales professionals is shrinking – an estimated decrease of 50 %. Those who will remain will earn more. What can you do to ensure your spot under the sun? I suggest creating value as well as an experience for your clients, to go smaller, closer, sharper and deeper.

2- Becoming Comfortable With The Uncomfortable – What often holds back today’s human being and business person is our sense of security, our comfort zone we don’t want to leave. Whether it is to seek out bigger clients or take on new responsibilities, we get immobilized, we do not risk and we have stopped dreaming big! We try to do better while staying in the same sandbox. Therefore, instead of adding to our already overloaded skill set, maybe it would be a better idea to develop individual courage, to relearn to be confident and experience fear while making the jump into the void. The price to pay for security is insecurity. The leader of today and tomorrow is comfortable with the uncomfortable.

3- Work On New Moves – Examples of Great Achievers like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan who have succeeded by constantly changing their game to keep at the head of the game and competitors behind. Learn what the Great ones do to keep on top!

4- Talent or Discipline – The best Sales Performers are NOT the ones with the best skills! What is the difference between a player with talent and one with a system or ritual? Anyone can be a top performer, learn from great examples!

5- You Decide! – Of all qualities required to succeed in Business, attitude (know to be) is the single most important. Why? Because it cannot be taught nor bought. The individual decides for himself or herself. With a simple to use and remember formula, learn how we have minimum 50% of control over ALL results in our personal and professional lives! Thought-provoking and life changing!

6- Why Our Customers Leave Us – Some factors are beyond our control, but the majority are not. The main reason that we lose our customers: Indifference. We take them for granted, we head off in search of others instead of pursuing our relationship with the clients we have, who know and trust us.

7- Give And You Shall Receive – The best way to make a difference for your customers is to give, to offer, to serve. To succeed is to serve. Better yet, to do so in innovative ways. In this keynote I will propose enough good ideas that your sales team will not have the time to use all in one year!

Please note that Marc Andre Morel’s programs are available in both English and French and are perfectly adapted to your audience, needs and situations



Marcelle Lagacé, Canada Post

Very challenging, realistic and knows “wake up” the capacity that is within us.
Charles Pelletier, Service Canada

A sure thing!
Monic Caron, Louise Amelia Center

I enjoyed. You have captured my interest from beginning to end. Interesting and motivating to continue my work life and also on a personal level.
Christiane Lefebvre, Health Canada

Super! Very unique!
Yvan Dion, Caisse populaire de Victoriaville

Motivating and interesting, it feels good after this conference while realizing that introspection may follow to find the “x”
Nicole Levesque, SM Sherbrooke

Excellent! Uses very well gestural images to illustrate his message. Brilliantly captures attention. Visual scan just to get us, captivate us. Manie great humor.
Jim Belanger, Block Parents Quebec

Great, funny, interesting BUT not long enough!
France Lachance, House of SADP family

Super! Thank you – I’m ready for my first marathon! Thank you!
Denise Landry Nadeau RHA4

Wonderful, I enjoyed. It was incredible. Thank you!
Lang-Josée Plourde, Edmundston Regional Hospital

Super! I like the way he has, he is alive, full of energy.
Sylvie Lévesque NBED

Do not change! You are fantastic!
Dominique Jellett, Manor Grand Falls

Congratulations! Very energizing and exciting.
Nancy Landry Morin, NBCC

This is a committed and very energetic. It does not sell anything, he speaks from his heart. This is a REAL leader (it is animated by a passion!)
Danielle Gauthier St-Onge, Government of New Brunswick

Very good. Very motivating. Very interesting and we could listen to all day.
Theresa Rossignol, School District 3, New Brunswick

A person with a lot of experience, generosity and humor. Excellent presentation! Thank you!
Lise Michaud, School District 3, NB

Continues! Your authenticity, your simplicity, your humor.
Sylvie Charest UMCE

It is very exciting. The subject is topical and interesting. Mr. Morel knows what he’s talking about is obvious.
Diane Basque Albert, University of Moncton

The speaker makes us want to go ahead and enjoy life.
Lucie Gagnon Caron, HRE

Great motivator!
Louise Pelletier, Mental Health

Super. It is funny, and so mesmerizing, you do not want to waste a minute of what he says.
Suzanne Briand, NB

Very high quality. Very compelling content.
Irene Bourgoin, Public Health

A must see!
Daniel Bellehumeur, City of Berthierville

Wow! Good principles! Good pictures to understand!
Eric Terror, City of Montreal

Very interesting, surprising!
Lucie Bilodeau, Canada Post

To see 100% would it only once.
Manon Legrand, Multi-Mortgage Loans

A very turned on and very human speaker. Congratulations!
Henriette Harvey, Canada Post

Inspiring and a reminder to take charge!
Hélène Dion, Canada Post

Juliette Plourde, Canada Post

Take the time to listen!
Christian Renaud, CRA

Simple without being simplistic.
Tina Charlebois, Destination Success

Sometimes we need motivation face many obstacles and challenges … the speaker gives us the tools to become warriors and face!
Helene Rancourt, CSCNO

It made me think about the responsibility that I have to face my happiness / unhappiness
Caroline Roy, Louise Amelia Center

I wish all my staff to hear from you!
Suzanne Kearns, CSCNO

I leave with a smile and a lot to think and live daily. Wow!
Lise Duford, School Gisèle-Lalonde

Good presentation – clear and achievable message.
Sylvie Boucher, High School Bishop Bruyère

Is a must see!
Danielle Thiboutot, CMHC

It feels good!
Lucie Brosseau, PWGSC

Not only do you feel it is good, but you we prove it.
Jean Bellerive, Telus

Awareness with a new look at the world tinged with humor.
Chantal St-Amour, PWGSC

Contagious energy, highly relevant practical comments.
Guy Albert, Multi-Mortgage Loans

Bravo, excellent, recommended. You go out a winner – very rewarding!
Monique Labelle, PWGSC

It was a fantastic conference and I recommend you, it was perfect. You got to pick me up on several points! Thank you!
Yannik Package, Beaubois

Practical, engaging, real, usable, funny, serious, balanced.
Marius Bourgeoys CSDCEO

I saw it in 2000 and since it is my favorite speaker. It always brings a little something we did not know or had forgotten that.
Benoit Boudreault, Energie Cardio, 2006

Excellent presentation, really challenging for sale and for life.
John Mill Policard, Protectron

A message we need to hear again daily. Engaging, authentic and simple.
Nathalie Ladouceur, CSDCEO

It’s an hour of your life that may well influence the rest (of your life …) – it’s worth it.
Renée Najbor, CEPEO – ESP Louis Riel

Go see it, you can only remove the positive!
Nathalie Lafontaine Hospital Mountains

Gave us a taste of advance!
Nathalie Ross, Carrefour Resources

It is all go!
Sonia Milette, SADC

Very good and very positive. Helps us realize that we have more tools than we believe to motivate the customer!
Catherine Mirand, Energie Cardio

I highly recommend it to everyone both professionally and personally.
Sophie Bédard, Caisse populaire de Victoriaville

Captivating. We do not see the time passing.
François Lacombe, Beaubois


Dr. Mark DeVolder

Engagement, Change Specialist, Trust, Health and Safety

Dr. Mark Devolder
Dr. Mark Devolder


Vernon, BC Canada
Fees: $5000 – $10,000


The Change Specialist

All around the world and on four continents, Dr. Mark DeVolder prepares people for change:
• Helping Colombian business leaders get ready for the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement
• Offering guidance for the ending of the NASA space shuttle program
• Coaching world industry leaders in mergers and acquisitions

Mark DeVolder makes people “Change Ready!”

Mark DeVolder distinguishes himself as a change specialist. In 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, DeVolder received the prestigious Top 5 Speaker award USA in Business Management. As an expert in the dynamics of organizational change and employee engagement, DeVolder reveals why many change initiatives fail to achieve their stated goals. With straight-forward strategies and convincing business examples, Mark shows leaders how to drive results to improve the bottom line.

Mark is the author of “Get Engaged! A Practical Guide for Improving Employee Engagement.” Dr. DeVolder brings depth to the field of management consulting. His doctoral studies focused on the issues of unity, diversity and synergy – clearly a field of study very applicable in the rapidly changing demographics of business today. Mark has over 19 years experience in education and research; He brings extensive knowledge and understanding about human characteristics to each highly customized presentation. Mark’s presentations are backed up by impressive business acumen; Dr. DeVolder has skilfully guided change management projects worth more than 500 million dollars.

Dr. DeVolder is known for cutting edge content, valuable take-aways, entertaining audience interaction, all illustrated by unstoppable humour and memorable stories. People leave with tools and a template to re-energize, re-engage and transform their workplace and life.

Dr. DeVolder has engaged and delighted audiences from Monaco to Dubai, from Singapore to Jamaica and from Istanbul to Kuala Lumpur. Mark is represented by over 80 top speaker’s bureaus on four continents.

DeVolder’s international client list is impressive: NASA, Coca-Cola FEMSA, Suncor, Siemens, Kuwait Finance House, Motion Industries, BP Oil, IBM, Konecranes, AIG Financial Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, to name a few. Mark DeVolder is represented by over 80 top international speaker’s bureaus on four continents.


Resilience: Unstoppable Success
We live in a VUCA world: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. It’s not surprising that leaders who survive, thrive and deliver in business today have one trait in common; they are resilient. But resilience is not just for a few; it can be learned. Mark shares how to rewire your brain to bounce back from adversity, overcome obstacles and adapt to constant change. Audiences will learn success strategies to create a winning mindset, increase tenacity and decision-making instinct.

During Mark’s presentation, you will learn how to:
create a winning mindset of self-belief and unlimited potential
increase innovation and engagement through constructive nonconformity
expand tenacity and decision-making instinct
repeat and sustain the cycle of success, again and again

Change – “Harness the Hurricane: Adapt to Extreme Change and Achieve New Heights”
Change is constant, unpredictable and accelerating. Extreme change can – much like a hurricane – leave you dizzy, disoriented and dazed, as though the earth is moving under your feet. Even if you survive the storm, you know more is coming.

Help is at hand. Change expert, Dr. Mark DeVolder, throws a lifeline to you, your C-level executive team, managers and employees with change strategies and tools he’s developed to clear away the fog. Mark equips audiences with cutting-edge principles that energize people in the midst of change.

Mark’s transition model enables people to Accept and Let Go of the past and discover opportunities buried in the rubble.

During Mark’s high-energy presentation, you will learn tools and techniques to:
overcome change-paralysis and get mobilized through transitions
develop change-ready thinking and behaviours
overcome decision-quicksand, making smart-decisions, faster
repeat the cycle of success with the unstoppable power of resilience
Key Take-Aways- You will learn to:
• Be mobilized rather than paralyzed by change
• Make decisions quickly with 5 minute model
• Enhance personal resilience through targeted change ready behaviours
• Rewire your neural pathways with daily happiness/engagement tips

Engagement – “On Fire! Energized Together”
When individuals lose their spark, organizations lose their fire. This predicament has a devastating effect on productivity, profitability and company reputation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Mark’s test-driven model of engagement equips people to identify the causes of “flame out” and recognize behaviours and leadership decisions that act as a fire extinguisher.

Mark kindles the process through the pillars of engagement: clarity, competence, influence and appreciation. As relationships strengthen, trust burns brightly.

Mark shows leaders how to:
• identify behaviors to increase engagement
• re-ignite employee’s passion for teamwork, communication and innovation
• build a culture of trust, loyalty and appreciation
• accelerate performance and productivity

Recharge your team with Mark DeVolder’s industry-tested program. Get your employees and organization on fire.

Trust – “Solid Gold: Create a Foundation of Trust”
Trust is the intangible asset in business today. Yet we live in an increasingly low trust world. Public trust has been eroded by high-profile scandals involving unethical behaviours, fraudulent investment schemes, covert data collection and phone hacking, to name a few. It is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain customer confidence and loyalty in a transparent world where a small mistake can become a big problem.

Mark DeVolder presents a compelling business case for the ways that trust affects the bottom line: a company’s reputation, its ability to collaborate and innovate, attract and engage employees and respond quickly.

At the heart of Mark’s presentation is this maxim: relationships are based on trust and business is based on relationships.

You will discover how to:
• master essential actions that build high levels of trust
• take the right action quickly to correct a misstep
• recover trust and regain a client
• maintain loyal relationships in business

Unlock the secret of high performing organizations by building sustainable high-trust relationships – no matter what. There’s nothing more important.

Safety – “Sixty to Zero in Your Workplace: Engage High-Performance Safety”
Hazards and obstacles abound in the fast and frenzied pace of business today. In the rush to stay competitive, people are increasingly tempted to take short cuts and sacrifice safety.

The most common barrier however is actually change itself. Some employees feel paralyzed by change, and when they feel paralyzed, they disengage. Without the ability or capacity to change, accidents can happen.

Mark DeVolder’s proven transition model enables people to accept new practices and let go of the unsafe past. As people become Change Ready their level of engagement rises. DeVolder supports this progression with his easy to apply strategy increase clarity, competence, influence and appreciation.

During Mark’s high-performance presentation, you will learn how to:
get change-right and change-ready
defy change paralysis through Mark’s mobilized for safety approach
significantly reduce risk of accidents and liability
identify behaviours that enhance engagement
implement strategies to increase productivity, motivation and safety
Empower your employees to achieve “target zero.”

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – “Shape-Shifting Your Way to Business Success”
Have you wondered why some people have the ability to change frequently, easily and quickly? Are you amazed at their creativity, tenacity and results? These people are masters of reinvention.

In Dr. Mark DeVolder’s ground-breaking presentation, you will learn:
about the heart and mind of an entrepreneur;
how to reinvent yourself, overcome obstacles and seize new opportunities;
the three keys of entrepreneurship: vulnerability, courage and synergistic partnerships.
Don’t settle for being the best. Learn how to be the only one who does what you do.



I was in attendance at the 2013 Alberta Health and Safety Conference yesterday and have to say that I was absolutely thrilled with your keynote presentation.  I took so much from that session and I have to say a HUGE thank you!!  Truly amazing.  Annette DeCaire, Client Services, Pacific Safety Center Ltd.

“Thank you again for an engaging, entertaining, empowering presentation. I believe we all left with a better grip on our own humanity and tools to soar higher. ”
NASA, Spaceport Operations, Space Florida

“Dr. DeVolder’s strategies for managing change are timeless, relevant, universal in appeal, and of practical value to anyone.”
Brad Elder, Health and Safety Coordinator, Suncor Energy

“Dr. DeVolder’s presentation was outstanding. ”
International Mergers and Acquisitions Professionals, Turkey

“Mark’s view on change were highly valued by all of us. ”
FEMSA Coca-Cola Mexico

“Many of our executives stated that you gave them more to think about than any speaker in the past regarding navigating change and transition. ”
Motion Industries

“Dr. DeVolder’s presentation was deep and important for our development in a daily changing world.”
Executive Director, BPO, Bogotá, Colombia

“Nearly a month after the conference, my colleagues are still talking about his presentations.”
California Dental Association

“Mark’s keynote was amazing, full of great information for our members. It was a huge success!”
Certified Management Accountants

“It’s rare that a professional speaker can hold the attention of a crowd and bring people to their feet and Mark you did just that! ”
Sales & Marketing Associated Grocers

“Thanks to Mark, I was the hero!”
Meeting planner who booked Mark DeVolder

“Our incredible success is due to Mark’s ability to connect with our membership. ”
Insurance Company

“Dr. DeVolder delivered an outstanding presentation and greatly impressed the audience of Presidents/Chief Marketing Officers/V.P.’s ”
Insurance Advisory Council in Jamaica

“Dr. DeVolder’s presentation was so timely, informative and well delivered. ”
AIG Financial Group

“Dr. Mark DeVolder…SPECTACULAR! ”
Manitoba Hydro

“Mark DeVolder receives my highest praise.”
Royal Mounted Canadian Police, E Division Headquarters

“Thought-provoking and dynamic. Moving and powerful. Remarkable energy. Mark was inspiring and kept the audience charged. ”

“Dr. DeVolder has been remarkable and now, six months later, we are enjoying the benefits of a productive and respectful work environment. ”
Regional Director General, Transport Canada

“Thought-provoking and dynamic. Moving and powerful. Remarkable energy. Mark was inspiring and kept the audience charged.”

“Your drive and high energy presentation certainly contributed to the success of our Executive Learning Event. I confidently recognize your solid and reliable expertise with regard to the management of change.”
Deputy Minister, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

“Dr DeVolder obviously did his homework! He displayed a very good understanding of our organization- to the point that he felt like he was “one of us. ”
Canada Revenue Agency

“Energetic, Energetic, Energetic! ”
Government of British Columbia


Video Layout

Intro one liners-  00-1:12

Descriptions on change-  1:13- 1:42

Riveting story of Mark’s accident–  1:43- 5:12

Hilarious anecdote and take-aways-  5:13- 8:43

Client reviews-  8:44- end

Mike Schlappi

Inspiration, Motivation, Change, Attitude, Healthcare, Overcoming Adversity, Sports/Olympics, Success,
Peak Performance, Diversity, Patriotism, Goal Setting,
Gold Medallist, MBA, Author


Keynote speaker Mike Schlappi has an inspiring message for every American, young or old: “Just because you can’t stand up, doesn’t mean you can’t stand out.” As president of Mike Schlappi Communications, and confined to a wheelchair, he is spreading that word to audiences ranging from students to chief executive officers, from rookies to Olympic champions, and from small gatherings to major conventions.

At the age of 14, Schlappi was student body president, had been awarded his Eagle Scout and had expectations of a career in sports as a top American athlete when he was involved in a tragic shooting accident. Doctors told him he would never walk again, but after months of rigorous therapy, he began playing basketball from his wheelchair and went on to become an athletic standout.

Schlappi is a four-time Paralympic Medallist and two-time World Champion in Wheelchair Basketball. The first wheelchair basketball player in the United States to be on four consecutive summer Paralympic teams, Schlappi was honored by the state of Utah in 2000 as one of its Top 50 athletes of the past century. He served on the board of trustees that managed the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake. He is the founder and director of the Wheelchair Sports Foundation, a non-profit organization that serves disabled athletes.

Hoping to inspire others through his experiences, Schlappi hung up his sneakers and transitioned from the sports arena to the speaking platform. His engaging presentations have entertained and inspired thousands of audiences worldwide. Schlappi’s thought-provoking story challenges individuals to succeed despite difficult circumstances by empowering themselves and accepting personal responsibility.

Off the basketball court, Schlappi graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration and Healthcare from Arizona State University, and on a leadership scholarship, earned an undergraduate degree in Finance from Brigham Young University. Schlappi is also a writer and author of two popular inspirational books which draw heavily on his own experiences and the challenges he’s overcome: Bulletproof Principles for Personal Success and Motivational Leaders.

He has won numerous honors including the American Medical Association’s Special People Award, The Sporting Goods Manufacturer of America’s Heroes Award and the Golden Key Athlete of the Year Award.

Mike and his wife, Tami, reside in Draper, Utah and are the stressed parents of five kids!


Mike Schlappi’s most popular presentation, “If You Can’t Stand Up, Stand Out”, helps his audience realize that the best way to predict their future is to create it. His message includes humor and motivation as he tells his personal story — A story that began with a tragic shooting accident has evolved into a lifetime of lessons and victories. Although Mike was paralyzed, his dreams were not. Mike uses a media presentation and his Paralympic medals to teach his “Bulletproof Principles for Success”.

Mike also has another presentation he calls, “Attitude Therapy!” Mike inspires his audiences with a powerful dose of his patented “Attitude Therapy”. He builds a strong case for getting started and taking personal responsibility for their successes and failures. Mike’s example and entertaining style will challenge everyone to relish adversity as an opportunity to change and improve. People will learn to love themselves from the inside out and walk away with the realization that if Mike can do it, so can they!

Mike will tailor his presentation to enhance the theme of your event and carry forward any message you would like to convey to your group.

Mike’s keynotes have been popular among the following:

Corporate Sales Meetings
Healthcare Organizations
National Associations
Colleges and Universities
Network Marketing
Sports Organizations
Religious Organizations
Youth Groups


“Mike Schlappi’s life teaches anyone who has ever thought that the mountain was too high, or the valley was too wide, that the will of the human heart can conquer all obstacles. Mike’s story, is a story of heart, commitment, and valiant perseverance. He is a role model to all, and a real hero.”

Orrin Hatch – United States Senator
“Mike’s life is a great accomplishment in an All-American way… He is an inspiration to people everywhere who want to succeed.”
Bill Clinton – Former President of the United States

“To offer a simple recommendation for Mike Schlappi is an understatement. Mike’s genuine, honest and professional approach is head and shoulders above many of the speakers that I’ve heard. Motivational speakers can sometimes be one dimensional in terms of their content and delivery. Mike’s ‘shoot for the stars’ message appeals to a multitude of issues that face an organization.”
Christopher S. Carlton, President 
Dräger Medical, Inc.

“In my 20 years of coordinating meetings, I am hard pressed to identify a speaker that I have worked with that is as cooperative and effective. Thanks for working with us to make the Descartes Global Sales Meeting successful. It was a compelling and heart-rendering performance that will be remembered for years to come.”
Lora Cecere 
Descartes Systems Group

“I think we’ve all heard motivational speakers before, but your message was so personal that we could all feel the power you generated. It’s easy to see why you received a standing ovation and such enthusiastic applause at the conclusion of your message. It all had to do with your unconquerable spirit and attitude. Your challenges left all of us with a desire to do more.”
Ray Rivers, Vice President 
E’OLA International

“Your keynote speech was extremely well received. In fact, on a majority of my overall conference evaluations, you were listed as ‘the best part of the conference.’ That, coupled with the standing ovation my clients gave you, speaks volumes about how well the program went. Thank YOU!”
Lori K. Bennett, Director of Marketing Communications

“By sharing the challenges that he had faced head-on in his life, Mike did a masterful job of instilling within each employee a determination to over-come business obstacles that pale in significance to those faced and conquered by Mike.”
Alan Rudd, President & CEO 
VINCA, the data protection company

Quotes from conference attendees:
•”Best lunch hour of my life!”
•”I turned in my overall (evaluation) too soon – this is my #1 favorite!!!
•”He was the best speaker I’ve ever had the privilege to hear.”
•”You made a very positive mark on many people, which I suppose is one of the best measures of a successful motivational speaker.”
•”Best speaker of the forum. Invite him back!”
•”Absolutely inspirational. A great way to end…and to begin.”
•”(He) was excellent – the best I ever heard – wish I could talk to him every day!”
•”#1 speaker of entire convention – thank you!, thank you!, thank you!!”
•”Out of this world! It doesn’t get any better.”



Paul Templer, The Hippo Guy

The Hippo Guy, Inspiration, Motivation, Adventure, Change, Overcoming Adversity, Survivor

Paul Templer
Paul Templer

Travels From: Detroit, MI
Fee Range: $5000+


Tell me something about this Bad Day at the Office chap.

Well, one thing that’s pretty unique about him is that one-day he found himself headfirst, up to his backside, down an enraged hippopotamus’s throat – now that’s a bad day at the office!

Born in Africa, he grew up amidst war and strife. Wanderlust struck and he traveled the globe, served with Her Majesty’s Forces (British Army), led extreme expeditions to some of the last uncharted places left on earth before settling down to lead safaris back in his native homeland.   Trying to save someone’s life, he ended up head first down a hippo’s throat. He got chewed up pretty badly… including getting his arm chopped off.

If you watch National Geographic, Discovery Channel or the BBC (to name a few) you’re likely to see or have seen him.   After being grumpy for a while he decided to get his act together. He led an historic three-month long expedition down the Zambezi River, which had never been paddled from its source to the sea before – he modified a paddle and kayaked it with one arm.

Then he fell in love, got married, started a family and a successful global consultancy; coauthored an anthology Success Simplified with Stephen Covey and a few others, just had his new book “What’s Left of Me” published; works on documentaries with National Geographic and Discovery; established a foundation focused on helping people to live more fully in their lives with dignity (including veterans and their families as they learn to navigate their lives living with PTSD) … oh, and he learned how to change a diaper with one hand.   He’s been busy.

When meeting planners are looking for a “wow-experience” that’s when they call Paul. He takes attendees on an emotional roller coaster ride… they laugh, cry, gasp, shake their heads in disbelief… they consistently report leaving motivated; inspired to scrap the grumpy victim shuffle we all occasionally adopt when life doesn’t work out the way we want it to – choosing instead to look for and to make the most out of whatever it is that life has to offer. After all, we might as well given that BS is optional.   BS?   Oh BS, being stressed. That book that he contributed to, Success Simplified – his chapter was entitled “Mood is everything” and not only does he show you how being stressed is optional, he shows you what you can do to stop being grumpy… if you want to.   He’s  funny, really down to earth and very easy to work with too.

Topics: The Hippo Guy

Tales that deftly deliver messages of vital importance.   Paul Templer is a gifted storyteller, weaving dramatic and often humorous tales that deftly deliver messages of vital importance: when life goes wrong – and it will, to some degree or another for everyone of us – we each have the power to correct our course, to manage the adversity and make the choices that, one at a time, enable us to create the life we feel we were meant to live.

It was in Paul’s words, a bad day at the office   While guiding an African river safari, he was attacked by an enraged hippopotamus that pulled him from his canoe and swallowed him headfirst up to his waist. Chances are a hippopotamus hasn’t swallowed anyone in your organization. But everyone has bad days at the office and no one gets through life without confronting adversity and change.

Being stressed (BS) is Optional (Breakout/Workshop).   Mood is everything, it’s just not the only thing. Even the most competent and committed amongst us allow our performance to suffer when we indulge in unproductive moods and let ourselves wallow in a state of overwhelm. Be entertained and inspired as you learn to apply simple and easily applicable practices that enable you to boldly and confidently claim that BS is Optional as you move successfully, navigating and making the most of these turbulent/challenging times.

Getting Work to Work.   Doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it and giving people a heads up when you can’t… and playing together nicely should be organizational norms, right? Research* claims “Not so.” This entertaining, interactive and pragmatic session brings together lessons learned via battlefields, bedrooms, boardrooms and playing fields around the world and introduces participants to some of the core practices and commitments that enable High Performing Teams to out perform their competitors.


“Paul’s story is captivating and he allows you to experience the drama first hand so you are on the edge of your seat… I was touched the same way as when I watched “Saving Private Ryan” for the first time, extremely moved and grateful for heroes. Paul is a hero. I recommend him strongly!”  – John Anderson YEO (Young Entreprenuers’ Organization)   “You changed my life in ways I can’t even comprehend as of yet!”  – Michael P. Kanan, President CEO Inacomp Technical Services   Words cannot express what a superb performance you delivered to our senior managent. You exceeded our expectations and were the highlight of our three-day event. Thank you so much for putting so much time and energy into the program you delivered.  – Bryan Millican, Executive V.P., Sales and Marketing, Con-Way

“The conference attendees were inspired by his story and people started the conference energized.”  – Carrie Klinglesmith, MRPA Vice President, Conference Chair

“We had over 300 people in attendance and you held everyone’s attention. We could have heard a pin drop during your presentation. Your story touched so many in our audience that we were still talking about it at the banquet that evening. I would be delighted to recommend you… to anyone who is looking for a dynamic and professional speaker.”  – Rae Malesh, Auxilary Activities Coordinator, NAMIC

“Paul Templer delivered an incredibly powerful and moving keynote presentation to our colleagues. Paul’s account of his “bad day at the office” mesmerized our entire group and kept them on the edge of their seats. Most importantly, our colleagues walked away from the experience inspired in every way.  – Michael D Fezzey, Regional President, Huntington Bank   “Paul’s personal story is truly inspirational, but his skills as a storyteller are what makes his story remarkable. Our conference attendees gave him great reviews. He’s also just great to work with. Paul is very personable and accommodating.”  – Tori Miller Liu, Director of Marketing and Communications at Global Cold Chain Alliance










Peter T. de Jager

Computers, Change Management , Creativity, Futurism

Computers, Change Management , Creativity, Futurism
Computers, Change Management , Creativity, Futurism



Peter de Jager is a speaker/writer/consultant on the issues relating to the Rational Assimilation of the Future. He has published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from Problem Solving, Creativity and Change to the impact of technology on areas such as privacy, security and business. His articles have appeared in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Futurist and Scientific American. His monthly schedule is hectic… In addition to presentations and seminars on the topics above, he writes about a dozen regular columns. These include;

Computer World Canada – an IDG publication, this IT management column is picked up on a regular basis by about a dozen other IDG publications worldwide. Total readership: ~300,000 Globe & Mail online Canada’s National Newspaper, this Column addresses the Impact of Technology on Society. Total readership: ~300,000 The ABA Banker’s Journal The voice of the American Bankers Association, the column focuses on IT in the Banking community. Total readership: ~35,000 Municipal World Distributed to Municipal Government offices across Canada, the column focuses on the intersection between technology and good management. Total readership: ~35,000 Galt Global Review Career, IT and Business Issues. Monthly readership: ~20,000 HR Gateway Human Resource Issues. Monthly Readership: ~20,000 The Voyageur A Science Fiction e-zine, this free ranging column addresses how we Build the Future.  Monthly readership: Numbers unknown, but we know it is out of this world! In total, slightly more than 1,000,000 readers have an opportunity to share Peter’s thoughts each month.

Having spoken in more than 34 countries he is recognized worldwide as an exciting and engaging speaker. His audiences have included the World Economic Forum, The World Bank and The Bank for International Settlements.

His presentations use humor to challenge the myths surrounding our understanding of the Change process and the benefits of technology. His talks are suitable to both staff and upper management. His single minded objective, despite the global nature of some of the issues, is always to provide actionable solutions and new avenues of approach to seemingly intractable problems.

His presentations and workshops are highly interactive, fun, irreverent to mistaken ideas and most distinctively – provocative. His work forces you to think differently about things you thought you were already sure you knew. In May, 2001 he was honored by CIPS for his work in Y2K and was recently appointed as an Associate Director of The Global Future Forum a Unisys Corporation initiative.


Change Management

All of Peter’s work focuses on the issue of how individuals, and therefore all organizations, assimilate Change.His keynote presentation is “Managing the Chaos brought about by Change”.  When consulting, presenting or giving seminars – he has a well deserved reputation for provoking thought, challenging assumptions and exposing the real causes behind otherwise perplexing problems.  He speaks from experience with passion, conviction and a sense of humor.  He believes his purpose is to entice his audience to think deeper about Change and how it affects us.  His goal is to challenge the myths surrounding Change that construct obstacles in front of successful implementations.

While his focus is on the Management issues surrounding Change, he also speaks on how we look to the Future and the technologies which bring Change into our lives.

His thoughts on the Management processes surrounding Change brought about by technology are published regularly in monthly columns in Computer World, The Globe and Mail, Municipal World, the ABA Bankers Journal, as well as his own syndicated column on Change Management.

He’s spoken for hundreds of clients ranging from the World Economic Forum to a Town Hall Meeting in Peoria, IL.

Profiled by many leading publications such as the FT of London and the NY Times which described him as having “A talent for simple metaphors and pithy pronouncements”.


“We have all done “change management” seminars in our business careers and they are often treated as “here we go again”, or “out with the old, in with the past” approach which can be very mundane. However I can honestly say that Peter offered a breath of fresh air and different angle which was delightful to see. The importance of 2 way communications, rewarding the effort for trying to change, necessity for support structure and consensus, are important factors. Finally, humour and having fun were important aspects of his delivery. Our Chapter members were very impressed with his style and approach, and I would not hesitate to recommend Peter as a great speaker for anyone involved in change management and indeed, his many other attributes. He’s a great ole chap indeed. We hope to see Peter again soon to take advantage of his talent.”
Colin Janes, President, PMI NL Chapter, March 2005

“Peter de Jager’s lunchtime keynote presentation at our Professional Development Day was the highlight of the event. Peter’s delightful sense of humor and approach to change management had the audience captivated for a full hour as he related every day personal experiences we all have to the management of change in the workplace. His common sense approach and ability to make it simple provided the audience with actionable knowledge in a brief, but very effective presentation. I look forward to having Peter back to present to the Southwest Ohio PMI Chapter.”
Pam Nintrup, PMP, President, Southwest Ohio Chapter, PMI. May 2005

“The power of Peter’s presentation is that the participants are able to persuade themselves of the value of these models. The appreciation at the end of the day was apparent and delegates seized the opportunity to further discuss the models with Peter. Both the chapter meeting and seminar received the highest accolades in the feedback.”
Gordon Bartlett, PMP, President, Sydney Chapter, NSW Australia, PMI, May 2005

“Our chapter was very fortunate to have Peter de Jager speak for a luncheon meeting. Peter is well known and a great friend to the PMI chapters. Our members found the presentation about change management very informative and thought-provoking. Peter pointed out our contradictions between our stated beliefs and our demonstrated behaviours. Everyone left the meeting with new ideas to put to work immediately. At this meeting, we had one of our highest attendance which I believe was because of Peter’s reputation as a knowledgeable speaker. We look forward to having Peter back to one of our events.”
JoAnne Neely, President, PMI Regina South Saskatchewan Chapter

“Peter de Jager’s presentation on the process of Change Management at our Chapter meeting was enlightening, entertaining and thought provoking. Peter takes the audience on a fascinating tour of managing change in the workplace. His hilarious account of every day personal experiences made us all reflect on our own past experiences, both good and bad. Peter left us all with an understanding of why we resist change and how we can more effectively implement and communicate change to minimize uncertainty. I look forward to having Peter back for another presentation to the Mid-Missouri PMI Chapter.”
Ron Parker, PMP, President, Mid-Missouri Chapter, PMI. May 2005

“In just one workshop, Peter de Jager taught our members more about Change Management than a whole library of books. Peter’s side-splitting humour captured our own misconceptions, while his thought provoking exercises demonstrated how to Manage Change, and Implement Change Management; two very different disciplines. Thanks to you Peter, our members view on Change Management has changed…for the better.”
Robert Shields, VP Professional Development, Southwest Ohio Chapter, PMI. May 2005

Sam Geist

Business Management, Customer Service, Motivation, Strategic Development, Change, MarketingSam Geist

Travels From: Markham, ON
Fee Range: $7500 – 10,000+


No idle armchair philosopher, Sam’s insights stem from years of front-line business experience. He grew his single sporting goods store into a 15-store $40 million dollar a year national chain before he sold it to his competitor.

He opened a marketing and consulting agency, based on the full-service customer approach he had honed in the retail arena, and then went on to learn an entirely new set of skills and experiences.

When his marketing clients began asking him to speak to their clients he discovered his true calling.


Sam’s early business roots taught him well about our volatile, ever-changing marketplace. His experiences provide him with an invaluable dual perspective—both as client and marketer—a perspective he has been sharing with audiences across North & South America and Europe for the last 15 years.

His business programs are not just theoretical speeches, they offer tangible ideas, and solutions. They provide a wealth of actionable information as well as the impetus to act on it. Sam questions. He challenges. He informs. He refocuses participants. He provides actionable strategies to address the obstacles faced by so many of today’s organizations.


During hands-on, interactive discussions and brainstorming workshops, Sam uses the Socratic method to encourage participants to question themselves, to think about their business in new ways in order to change, improve, and grow. He insists that asking tough questions—and answering them honestly—is crucial to the well being of your organization. He shows you how to capitalize on your resources, and how to use your knowledge more profitably than you ever did before.

As a consultant he also uses his extensive experience to assist companies involved in refocusing or restructuring, develop a unique road map to create their own future.


Sam has written “Why Should Someone Do Business With You… Rather Than Someone Else?” an interactive book on business strategy that has assisted thousands of marketers to review, renew and move ahead of the marketplace. His second book, “Would You Work for You?” is a thought-provoking touchstone to encourage leaders to better see themselves, their relationships and their skills to enable them to lead their organizations effectively. His third book, “Execute… or Be Executed” assists leaders to take their innovative ideas and move them forward to successfully execute them in every area of their organization. He has also written two short business guides—”Make It Happen: Twenty Ways to Execute Your Strategy Every Day” and “Why Should Someone Do Business With You… Rather Than Someone Else: Eighteen Strategies to Get and Keep Customers.”


“I focus on encouraging participants to search for new viewpoints, discover new possibilities and develop new strategies—so they can move themselves and their organization to the forefront today—and succeed tomorrow.”


Pre-Program Research
Sam conducts industry-related and company-specific research, including interviews with clients and participants, and sends emails containing pointed questions that are to be answered and returned before the presentation.

Utilizing his experience, his field trips and the data collected, Sam prepares and presents a specialized program that is customized in both content and length to the particular requirements of clients.

Sam invites clients and participants to continue learning by dialoguing via email—sharing their post-presentation experiences.



Why Should Someone Do Business With You…Rather Than Someone Else?

This fast paced program focuses on strategies to increase your effectiveness in vital business areas. It challenges participants by asking tough questions, since questioning inspires thought, answering motivates action. It provides the wherewithal to recognize and maximize… read more

Compete for Today. Build for Tomorrow

This program is a positive response to today’s fast-changing and ever-evolving marketplace conditions. It adopts the premise that during these challenging times, (created by accelerated competition and volatile change) you must make smart competitive decisions… read more

Execute… or Be Executed

This program addresses a vital issue in business today: the failure to execute. Recognizing the huge gap between talk and action, this program’s premise is that the engine that drives business today is execution. In order to survive you must execute… read more

Would You Work for You?

This program encourages you to blend together the art and science of leadership with its psychology— enabling you to motivate, to inspire and to ensure your staff take ownership of their roles by highlighting the difference between being a boss and a leader… read more

If I Hear Customer Service One More Time, I’ll…

This program provides you with invaluable insights to distinguish your staff and your organization from everyone else in the marketplace by outlining new perspectives and discussing innovative tools to turn your new found knowledge into action… read more

Differentiate… or Die

Transitional times negate the “business as usual” approach. This program enables you to discover your unique point of difference and how you can capitalize on it in a marketplace blinded by overexposure. Presented are viable options to create effective differentiation


“I have heard a number of other highly renowned speakers, and while they all have their value, I believe Sam is in a class by himself. He’s engaging, humorous and most important, able to get to the heart of what makes a difference within your business and helps it to innovate and grow.”

Dave Dufault, VP & GM 
Simplot Retail

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for attending our annual Infiniti Central Region Dealers Meeting. Your presentation was not only timely, but it impacted our dealers more than you can imagine. The question that you requested the audience to ask themselves, not only sparked thought, but also evoked action. Thank you again for your presentation and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.”
Al Castignetti, Vice President
Nissan North America, Inc.

“I am sure that it is quite common for you and bordering on redundant, however I feel I have to say once again, “THANK YOU.” The keynote message you shared with our agents was perfectly matched to them and our business. Your ability to connect with the agents right from the start kept them engaged for two hours and left them wanting more. In your ongoing effort to help State Farm and other businesses to “Execute… or Be Executed” I would welcome the opportunity to share our experience with them on how impactful and relevant you and your message are. Thanks for your commitment to success and sharing it with our group.”

Bill Thompson, Agency Field Executive
State Farm Insurance

“During this 25-city event series, your message truly hit home… your presentation opened our clients’ eyes to issues within their businesses and gave them ideas to find solutions. In addition, it encouraged attendees to implement strategic “doing” to support the success and development of their businesses.”

Janet M. Hawkins, Chief Marketing Officer
Chase Business Banking

“Collectively, we agreed that your keynote presentation was the most meaningful communication that we have encountered in our 18 years of conducting this event for our key customers and prospects. Thank you for your involvement and the significant content that you put forth. On behalf of all of us, please allow me to again extend a gracious thank you for your effort and contribution.”
Mark J. Shaw, CEO
Micro Beef Technologies

“I would like to thank you for the outstanding presentation you gave to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) employees. Your upbeat, creative, and informative presentation captured the attention of all the members of our diverse audience. The colorful slides and insightful commentary you incorporated into your delivery help bring home the realization that not only is change a necessary process in all successful organizations, it can be a positive process as well.”
Doris Meissner, Commissioner,
U.S. Department of Justice,
Immigration and Naturalization Services

“Our sales team and BioGuard Dealers were extremely pleased with the relevant, applicable and customized information that you provided…..There were many ‘takeaways’ from your talk that the dealers could put into practice immediately. It excited and energized them from the beginning of the conference to the end.
The excitement that you created had a direct effect on our sales goals for the conference which we exceeded by a considerable margin.”
Justine Romano, Educational Services Coordinator
BioLab Inc.

“The responses from our survey regarding your presentation were all top marks… Engaging, fun, energetic, thought-provoking and all those things one likes to hear. Someone said to me, ‘If we could just bottle Sam up so you could sip it from time to time…’ Great stuff!.”
Jeffrey Jones, Marketing
Yazaki North America

“Thanks for the tremendous job you did in addressing the NPCA Industry Outlook Conference in Toronto! As I think you could tell, your message and style of delivery was very compelling for our members. And although we are still compiling the evaluation results, I am sure we will find that yours was one of the most highly rated. Congratulations! I was particularly impressed with the way in which you used the audio visual materials to support your presentation. You were especially effective by including information specific to our industry. We could tell you had done your homework. This was very impressive. Sam, we certainly look forward to the next opportunity we can work together.”
Pete Tinsley, CAE, COO/Director of Education and Meetings
National Precast Concrete Association

“Everyone is still talking about the impact our meeting had. Sam, as the facilitator you surpassed our objectives—you probed, pushed, asked questions, offered up refreshing insights and stirred up the troops. You were thorough and meticulous in your preparations. Your visits to gather perspectives from all in order to make all participants feel comfortable, and challenged, was certainly noticed. Your ability to draw out constructive solutions by webbing your own observations and shared experiences—all the while maintaining your objectivity—was valuable to us as it would be to any organization. Sam, you are an ongoing asset to our organization, as we continue to draw on the perspective you facilitated.”
Larry Latowsky, President & CEO
Drug Trading Company Limited

“Thank you for taking the time to speak to the members of the National Association for Home Care. The reviews are still coming in, but by all reports the members were greatly moved by your words. Please accept my warm thanks for the generous gift of your presence at our meeting. Thank you for helping to lift the spirits of a wonderful group of people who have elected on a day-to-day basis to care for the sick and dying. You presentation was wonderful. You had the audience spellbound. Thanks again. You are a wonderful person and an inspiration to us all. You know you have my great respect and admiration now and always.”
Val J. Halamandaris, President
National Association for Home Care

“I always judge the success or failure of a business speaker on the chatter volume in the audience and the number of pens moving. During your talk, the chatter volume was low and the note taking was high. That could only mean one thing, the information was valuable. I look forward to working with you in the future and will highly recommend you to others within our industry.”
Richard A. Brown, Vice President
Urner Barry Publications

“We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm, professionalism and insight into the changing business environment. Your thought-provoking presentation on the topic Would You Work For You? made all of us search within ourselves for answers to some tough questions. You’ve certainly provided an array of questions to help each of us assess our individual leadership strengths and potential areas for improvement. Your material was right on target!”
Ken Knudten, Regional Agency, Administrative Assistant
State Farm Insurance

“I heard nothing but positive comments from our members about your terrific talk at our Nashville convention. People could really relate to your presentation and your mix of humor/content was perfect.”
Georgia H. Foley, Executive Director
Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association

“Here are the NRF Store Works! Conference Session Evaluations for your presentation. Thank you again for your participation.
Participants ratings:
79.5% rated Sam Geist as excellent in his quality of visuals
87.2% rated Sam Geist as excellent in his coverage of topic
92.3% rated Sam Geist as excellent in his public speaking ability

Liked best about the session:
• Best speaker yet! Thank you.
•Energetic and professional speaker
•Enjoyed your presentation! “All in the eyes of the beholder – look and execute!”
Donna Boal, Director of Education
National Retail Federation

“Your presentation was terrific and greatly appreciated by the group. You received comments such as ‘outstanding performance,’ ‘great subject matter and very enthusiastic,’ ‘interesting, dynamic & thought-provoking’ and ‘great energy.’ Again we thank you for sharing your views and expanding our perspective on how we conduct businesses. We appreciate your contribution.”
Elizabeth O’Connor, Executive Director
The Home Improvement Industry Presidents Council

“Your topic ‘ Why Should Someone Do Business With You…..Rather Than Someone Else ‘ fit really well into the overall theme of the seminar ‘ Are You Ready.’
Your message left our agents thinking about how effective their business plans and practices are. I heard many excellent comments from the attendees regarding your presentation, ranging from the best they have heard to Sam Geist was worth the price of the seminar.”
Joe Wade, Superintendent, Education and Development
State Farm Insurance

“Your seminar and workshop proved to be not only very interesting, but more importantly, very targeted to our needs. Both the content and delivery were a nice fit. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your knowledge is well rounded. TMPW Canada will be sure to include you again in appropriate training and coaching opportunities as they arise.”
Carole Nevills, President
TMPW Canada

“Your presentation was well organized, and right on target for your audience. In addition, the visuals you used were very effective-adding to the impact of your message. I hate to tell you this as you will raise your rates, but we received more positive feedback about your message than for a previous speaker we hired whose fee was twice as much. Your ideas and insight clearly challenged our dealers to take a fresh look at their approach to business. Sam, thanks for being thorough with your research, professional in your work, and cooperative in spirit. I’d welcome the chance to work with you again. You made me look good.”
Mark Allen, National Convention Manager
“We are still receiving glowing comments on the educational program. This year’s was one of our best ever, thanks to your presentation, Why Should Someone Do Business With You… Rather Than Someone Else?”
Cindy R. Nachman, Senior Director, Meetings & Conventions
National Food Processors Association

Sherry Knight

Inspiration, Motivation, Personal Success, Change, Leadership, Service ManagementSherry Knight

Travels From: Regina, SK
Fee Range: $5000 +


Sherry is the President of Dimension 11 Ltd. based in Saskatchewan, Canada. She specializes in assisting individuals and companies in recognizing and developing their own potential and effectiveness to achieve results.

A self-motivated entrepreneur, with sound management experience, she has worked with and for the media and within one of the largest Canadian insurance companies. She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and has in-depth practical knowledge of human resources, training, public relations and customer service functions. Sherry is a dynamic speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association. She has made presentations and led seminars for such diverse groups as Federal Express, Chrysler Canada, Mary Kay Cosmetics, The Institute of Canadian Banks, and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

Worldwide, she has addressed International business, civic, and social groups on such topics as Time Management, Making Presentations, Communications, Professional Image, Meeting the Media, Success, Marketing, and Customer Service. Each presentation is tailored to suit the client’s objectives and to achieve measurable bottom line results.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Active in a variety of community and professional groups, Sherry has served on the boards of The United Way, Family Service Bureau, Canadian Public Relations Society, and Saskatchewan Training and Development Association. She is Past President of Junior Achievement, the Canadian Association of Management Consultants, and the Regina Chamber of Commerce. Sherry also sat on the Saskatchewan Labor Force Development Board and the University of Regina Senate.


The Fire Within – Personal Success

Being successful in your professional or personal life is a choice you make. This dynamic presentation highlights a positive attitude as the key to success. It will motivate you to make the changes you need to be successful in all you do.

Customer Values Management – Service Management

Eighty percent of unhappy customers take their business elsewhere because of poor service. This motivating presentation will explore customer expectations and how quality service keeps them coming back.

Overcoming Stinkin’ Thinkin’ – Motivation

Things going wrong? Having a bad day? Believe it or not, there are occasions when we are the source of our own problems. This session motivates you to examine your own self-talk and see how easy it is to turn your life, your work, and your relationships into positive, fulfilling experiences.

Handling Change— Stand Still And You Are Finished – Change

Change occurs around us at an ever increasing pace. The impact is positive or negative, never neutral. Examine the great contradiction of change; it is inevitable, but many people fight it. Learn how to make change work for you.

The Spirit Of The Geese – Leadership

Some people appear to be born leaders. Everyone can be a leader and yet some of us choose a different path. Get in the spirit and learn the secrets of the world’s highly inspirational leaders.


“Your approach is fresh, poignant, and extremely relevant not only to the young people who heard you but to all of us, who from time to time, need a refresher course in how we deal with others.”

Paul D. Hartung,
Junior Achievement of South Saskatchewan

“Thank you for the wonderful motivational speech you presented at our banquet. I have heard only good comments from our conference participants. The bag lady was a memorable character and even the hotel staff liked her after they knew she was not going to create problems (ha ha). I will not hesitate to recommend you if the opportunity presents itself.”

Cristina Ruiu,
Conference Social Organizer,
52nd Canadian Geotechnical Conference

Career Transition:

“For certain I do not believe for a second that I would have received this job with Canadian Airlines International if it had not been for your guidance. … All the sessions I had with you were extremely helpful as well as enjoyable. … You advised me in an understanding, patient, and straightforward manner. … After our sessions, I felt I was prepared for my interview. … Not only that, I feel confident that I can compete for whatever job is out there.”
Keiko Yagi,
Flight Attendant,
Canadian Airlines International

“I cherish your personal and professional guidance throughout a very turbulent time in my life. Losing a job is something one cannot relate to unless it has happened to them – it is something I sure don’t want to go through anytime soon. … Thank you for your friendship and assistance in leading me down a brand new fork in the road.”
Tania Mollison,
Former Outplacement Client


“The delegates ranked your session excellent in terms of speaker, content, format and overall value. Need I say more! The session was applicable to our membership and we hope to have you back in the near future.”
Randy Durovick,
Recreation Consultant,
Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc.

“A key element to the success was the hard work and wonderful attitude the volunteers exuded. People from across the country commented on the unprecedented hospitality they received. … The presentation you gave made the volunteers very aware of their role, and many reminded themselves of the elements of your presentation as we worked those long, long hours. … I would highly recommend this type of presentation for volunteers – it was a major factor in our success.”
M. Bernadette McIntyre,
1998 Scott Tournament of Hearts

“Your talk was most inspirational (the students particularly enjoyed your elephant story). It was indeed a pleasure to have someone so vibrant and dynamic as our keynote speaker.”
Jackie Churchill,
Executive Assistant,
University of Regina, Saskatchewan Centre for International Languages

“Great message. Great at making the group feel good about their achievements. Everyone thought you did your homework thoroughly and that your human touch of getting your point across through your life experiences really hit a positive note with your audience.”
Lionel Kambeitz,
President and CEO,

“If there is a scale for being “blown away”, what you did to me yesterday would have left the scale developers looking for a new set of numbers. I was impressed with the professional delivery, the ability to intertwine anecdotes into the presentation and the ability to hit people right where they were living.”
Dave Halstead,
Brain Power Learning Group

Customer Values Management:

“I wanted the staff to realize how important the customer is to the bottom line. You did that in a professional way! The feedback I get from staff is nothing short of fantastic. They use your advice over and over again in numerous situations. Your session has left a dramatic impact.”
Jack Shaw,
Acting General Manager,
Regina Exhibition Park

“You did an excellent job of really tailoring your presentation to our members and our industry. If someone is looking for an upbeat speaker and a real motivator, then you are the one…truly one of those speakers that “walk the talk” and you left everyone with that common sense approach to customer service that can be applied immediately. You can be sure of being invited back.”
Alice Russell,
Executive Officer,
Regina Home Builders’ Association

“Our objective was to get business and staff motivated for the Christmas season. A survey showed a 25% increase in business. I feel that our motivational luncheon was part of the 25% increase and helped the staff feel better about themselves. I thank you for your good attitude on life and passing it on to others.”
Richard Jones,
Kindersley Chamber of Commerce

Team Building:

“Thank you for the excellent workshop on Team Building. … The staff felt good about the program, substantially increased their knowledge of teamwork, and learned things that they can apply to their work situation. The working atmosphere in the office has improved since the workshop and continues at a higher level.”
Terry Craig Vice President,
Prairie Region Farm Credit Corporation


“When our team decided we needed to spend time in isolation discussing, brainstorming and developing an internal Communication Plan…we knew this could only be accomplished with the assistance of an excellent facilitator. You took great care and time to prepare for us as your knowledge of our organization, its structure and its strategic plan was most impressive. Your skill and leadership kept us on track and took us to where we wanted to go. I am so pleased with the results. Thank you, Ms. Knight, you were terrific.”
Carol Schaad,
General Manager,
Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association


“Excellent course. As someone just starting to establish my own business, I found the course material to be invaluable and most timely. You provided a thorough overview of the steps involved…and insights into the challenges and opportunities I can expect to encounter in the future. …Your teaching style and delivery combined to make the two days very enjoyable.”
Sandy Compton,
Compton Communications

“Your presentation was humorous, uplifting, informative and helped spark “The Fire Within”. Selling is and always will be an important topic for entrepreneurs. Your perspective was a good way to drive home the importance of selling to those who attended. Very entertaining.”
Brie Kalenith,
Business Services Prince Albert Regional Economic Development Authority Inc.,
Provincial Entrepreneurship Conference

Sales and Marketing:

“Marvelous presentation. Participants at our “Switched-On Selling” session now have a greater vision of what they need to do to be ore successful.”
Leena Saksa,
Office Manager,
Finnish Marketing Federation IDEA 96 Marketing Conference, Helsinki

“We spoke to thousands of people. You heard their praise and appreciation yourself. I wanted to share with you a different barometer to measure the success of this tour – Sales! We found that in the two months following the seminars, sales increased almost 30 percent over the same time period the previous year. You were part of that, Sherry.”
Glenn Butler,
Fifth Avenue Collection

“Thank you for your excellent speech. I found it very entertaining, yet educating. Every once in a while I feel tired and exhausted and negative thoughts somehow enter my mind. And then, I remember … to switch my brain to positivity.”
Risto Pakarinen,
Commercial Officer,
Canadian Embassy, Helsinki


“Special expertise in the training field.” “Extraordinary ability to work with people.” Sherry was hired to set up, audition and train the western team of 16 trainers and to launch this massive program (a customer service program to over 6,500 personnel) nationally. … She is truly a trainer’s trainer, a dedicated and enthusiastic individual and a professional.”
Jim Kennedy,
Director of Training and Development,
Ross Roy Communications Canada Ltd.



Sheryl Nicholson

Life Balance, Change, Communication, Sales, Goals, Inspiration, Stress Management.Sheryl Nicholson

Travels From: Palm Harbor, FL
Fee Range: $5000+


Sheryl Nicholson, CSP is an International renowned Motivational Speaker and People Productivity Expert working in many different industries where there are challenges in communication, sales, change management, leadership, and life balance.
Because Sheryl is “matter of fact” and “bottom-line oriented” she is a popular guest on television and radio and is nationally published in magazines and books.

CSP stands for Certified Speaking Professional and it is awarded to the top 8% in the speaking industry through the National Speakers Association. Sheryl is one of only 128 women in the world to hold this important designation. What benefit does a CSP bring to your Meeting? A proven track record of continuing speaking experience and expertise. CSP’s are committed to ongoing education, outstanding service and ethical behavior. She is known by meeting planners as “easy to work with.

“Diversity is in Sheryl Nicholson’s history and everyday life. As a plumber’s daughter, at 19 she married a foreign exchange student and moved to Sweden for 3 years. There, she creatively found employment while learning the language and culture. Returning to the State, she worked at UNC, she also seized the opportunity to learn about the in-home sales industry and within a year was top salesperson in three states. She became a recruiter, trainer, and manager. Risktaking skills were used when she lived in a tent with 4 children for 18 months while physically building the first double home on the east coast of the US; started her business as a divorced mom of 4 while working 3 jobs; and last year started a dot com business that focuses on customer service.

Sheryl Nicholson, CSP has built her business on RESULTS!

With a strong and multi year background in sales and management, she knows the importance of providing a good return on your investment of time and money for the program you select.

This is done in a number of ways that fit the needs of her clients. For example:

Her Sales Programs guarantee a minimum 10% increase in sales or the fee is returned.

Her unique approach “Don’t create the Great Sales Divide! Make EVERY member of the company a sales representative! After all, every one of your staff “sell” their ideas when they want a raise or time off! It’s just a matter of re-engineering their thinking to be Problem Solvers and Relationship Builders for clients, NOT salespeople writing contracts and collecting short-term money!

“Sales Managers book this seminar and…this class has been presented to nurses, engineers, IT professionals and other groups not formally known as “the Sales Division” of a company.

Get a Life Balanced! brings results that literally changes lives personally and professionally. The hundreds of emails from attendees confirm better time management skills, improved productivity through her techniques of overcoming procrastination, and enhanced family ties through her Legacy Living concepts. It is Sheryl’s Most Requested Program.



Here is a partial list of 60 minute modules that stand alone as keynotes or can be combined into a half or full day program. Customization of topic and title is also done to enhance your theme for a pre-determined event.


How To Get A Life . . . Balanced – Keynote Ya gotta eat, but you also gotta live. It’s JUST a job, not your life, and the smarteset companies teach their staff how to be the best and brightest at work, and then go home and make a difference in the lives of the people they love. Real life techniques on time and life management and Legacy Living ™ .

Building Your People Puzzle – Learn who (co-workers, committee members, in-laws, boss) drives you crazy, why, and what you can do about it to connect instead of reject. Fun and effective!

Stabilizing The Winds Of Change ™  – Thrive or die. Companies are rewarding Risktakers, people who embrace change and see it as an asset. Energizing program that raises the confidence of the employee in self and the organization they serve.

Speaking With Authenticity ™  – Move beyond the fear of speaking to learning the 12 Secrets of the Remembered and Exceptional Pros.


Our programs offer realistic tools that your audience will put to use immediately through:

Interactive participation
Personalized workbooks
Follow-through resource guide
One year toll free phone and email support are offered to every participant.
These programs can be created in various time modules and it’s suggested that all staff be allowed to rotate through these programs so that a “level playing field” is created.

While we will create Custom programs, the following have become the most popular training programs with our clients. Please click on any of these titles to get more details.

Chameleon Selling© – This program is guaranteed to increase sales for the novice and veteran salesperson but has also been taught in non-traditional industries like engineering and health care. It takes away the myth that you must have a title of salesperson to see yourself as one and includes a seven step road map that keeps your focused on the purpose of the meeting.

Transformational Leadership© – Are there still Management Dinosaurs© roaming your halls today using fear, intimidation, secrecy and politics to control others? Today we need to be Transformational Leaders, coaching and empowering with a No Excuses Management Style. We will take an investigative journey into the 5 old styles of management and dig deeper into the skills needed to be a Transformational Leader.

Building Your People Puzzle© – People are an organizations greatest asset. It costs $60,000 to replace an employee and retrain a new one. With those statistics, companies are looking for leaders who can put in place the right person the first time; get them up and running as effectively as possible; then coach, discipline, and empower so that they are committed and dedicated team players. This program gives specific tools for just that!

Strategic Communications – Label the 11 records in your Communication Jukebox© so that you know when you’re playing passive, aggressive, assertive records. Understand the communication rattlesnakes that hide in every organization and how to make them accountable for their “verbal bite”. The Sensational Seven questions are shared and the Criticism Graph empowers you to understand when to and not listen to criticism.

Strategic Living Choices – Are you a goal watcher, a goal avoider, a goal setter, or a GOAL ACHIEVER? Statistically, year after year, the numbers have remained the same….only 5-6% of us will attain our goals . This 8 hour program was created especially for YOU!

We will move from excuses and reasons to actions and commitments. You are guaranteed to see results after this program! With help, that first step will lead to another and another and this time next year you will be able to sit down and visually list your accomplishments. Get ready to start on this new path as the “Driver in Your Vehicle of Life.”

Additional Training Programs:

Say What? (Effective Communication Techniques)
Expressionate Selling (Learn 7 Steps in the Selling Process)
Success Strategies (Goal Setting in 7 Areas of Life)
Attitude’s the Key (Problem Solving and Attitude Re-Focusing Techniques)


“I would describe your style as a combination of Zig Ziglar, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and Dr. Laura Schlesinger! You deliver an enthusiastic message that touches the heart and holds the audience accountable to put to use what they hear”

Ray Pelletier, CSP,
Past NSA Director

“You captured the spirit of our clients’ convention theme and were right on the mark with their goals and objectives! I’ll be referring you to additional clients in the future!”
Paul Thomasson,
Extravaganza Productions

“Your American style was brilliant! You customized to our ways and gave us specific techniques I believe I will use here in the U.K.”
S. Jefferson,
British Aerospace, United Kingdom

“I became more balanced immediately after returning home.”
Jim Sanders,
American Advertising Federation

“I am using your suggestions and training almost on a daily basis”
Larry Bell,
Fire Chief, FL

“I’ve heard you speak before and enjoy you more everytime.”
Jean Ransom,

“What you teach and how you do it allows the supervisors to hit the ground running and actually accomplish some positive changes quickly”
Beth Stefek,
City of Kissimmee, FL

“It’s been 2 weeks since the conference and everyone is still talking and using it”
CIA Washington

“I use all your aids and they have bolstered my confidence at work and otherwise”
Melanie Batson,

“You certainly are service oriented, we are getting the maximum value from the time invested.”
Mary Helen Scott ,
ISD Dept. City of Sarasota, FL

“This class enlightened me to the different communication styles that will enhance my skills on the job and at home”
Carolyn Wilkins,
Dept. of Corrections, McCain, NC


W. Mitchell

Change, Motivation

W. Mitchell
W. Mitchell

It’s Not What Happens To You… It’s What You Do About It

“He could no longer walk, so he learned to fly.”
-Paul Harvey,  Radio Commentator,  “The Rest of the Story”

Travels From: Arvada, CO
Fee Range: $10,000 – $15,000

Biography, W. Mitchell

W. Mitchell once guided passengers up the famous hills of San Francisco, as a strong and entertaining cable-car gripman. Amazingly, the same scenario holds true today! As an award-winning keynote speaker, he now guides audiences uphill and empowers them to take responsibility for life’s inevitable challenges and to embrace the power of taking charge. As Mitchell so convincingly states, It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do about it.

Why Mitchell? Undefeated by a blazing motorcycle accident and a paralyzing plane crash four years later, he learned to take responsibility for the countless changes in his life. Whether coping with devastating burns over 65% of his body or being sentenced to life in a wheelchair, this once robust Marine firmly held on to his feisty nature and quick wit. It was “his” uphill journey and he was determined to maintain control, cope with the changes, and prosper. Without a doubt, Mitchell understands what it takes to rebuild and eventually reach the top. His life clearly illustrates his philosophy — that most limitations are self-imposed.

Step by step, Mitchell moved forward with his life. He became an internationally acclaimed mayor “who saved a mountain”, a successful businessman who put thousands of people to work, a congressional nominee from Colorado, and a respected environmentalist and conservationist who repeatedly testified before Congress. His accomplishments have received media recognition in North America on Good Morning America, The Today Show, NBC Nightly News and their counterparts around the world. He has been a radio and television host, a successful author, an award winning international keynote speaker and the subject of a recent television special.

Today, as an international keynote speaker, Mitchell captivates and stuns audiences with his story and then calmly empowers them to accept challenges, embrace change and take action – not only at work but in everyday life. His tenacity and credibility are indisputable as he so obviously lives his message. No one goes away unaffected as Mitchell proves that unexpected changes can become exciting new starting points. “Before I was paralyzed there were 10,000 things I could do. Now there are 9,000. I can either dwell on the 1,000 I’ve lost or focus on the 9,000 I have left.”

W Mitchell shares his unforgettable story and proven strategies with corporations and associations throughout the world…in North and South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Mitchell has met with presidents and prime ministers, CEOs, managers, and workers with a message filled with warmth, good humor and wisdom. People leave inspired and encouraged to take action regardless of the obstacles! Imagine the impact of these same words on your organization as he eloquently and compassionately guides each person “uphill” through their challenges. If Mitchell can soar to the top, so can you and your organization.


It’s Not What Happens to You, It’s What You Do About It

With warmth and wisdom, W Mitchell recaps the precise moments that instantly erased and rewrote the course of his life. From a fiery motorcycle accident that left him burned over 65% of his body, to the airplane crash that took away his ability to walk, Mitchell steadily rebuilt his life. He learned to work through the painful challenges and the devastating losses. He found new ways of facing everyday challenges with courage, determination, and good humor. This seemingly hopeless story evolved into an amazing life of achievement that has inspired audiences throughout the world.

Mitchell reveals the core beliefs and proven strategies that lead to his personal and professional successes. He proves to audiences that setbacks can be transformed into new starting points and that we all must take responsibility for the changes in our life. Not only will he demonstrate what it takes, but he will provide the necessary tools that can be used to improve the quality of your unique situation.

Put yourself and others back in charge.

Be empowered to take action based on Mitchell’s compelling examples.

Understand that most limitations are self-imposed and it’s time to
move past them.

Learn to take responsibility for change and master adversity.

Learn to think and act creatively.

Gain a new perspective on seemingly impossible situations.

Feel the joy of living at your best regardless of the challenges.

Experience a renewal of both mind and spirit and be inspired to
achieve greatness.

Leading With Courage
The willingness to take responsibility is the mark of a leader. The person who recognizes that how we respond and how we choose to respond to a situation, serves as a powerful example for the organization. Showing courage is what W Mitchell’s life is all about. By being someone who has not let life’s detours determine his course, Mitchell is highly regarded as a leader in business, government and in non-profits. He demonstrates by his life and through his conversations with audiences, the power of choosing your responses. People come away with new insights and tools to help lead others.


Here is what others say about W Mitchell and his work:

“W Mitchell has refused to be overcome by two life-threatening and life-changing accidents–disastrous events, which, if given the power, could have ruled his life to its end. Instead, he decided to make the tragedies that befell him a starting point.” When he says, “It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s what you do about it, “you can be sure that he is a living, breathing example of that message to us.” Anthony Robbins

“Mitchell is the soul of inspiration.” Og Mandino

“Mitchell is one of the most inspirational speakers we have ever met.” Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, authors of Chicken Soup For The Soul

“You kept our audience spellbound throughout your story and I know it touched each of us in different ways…I want to express our profound appreciation…for getting us to focus on what we can do.” IBM

“Mitchell shows you how to turn your defeats into challenges and your challenges into victories.” Patricia S. Schroeder, Former Congressman from Colorado

“Mitchell’s story is a moving tribute to the power of the human spirit.” Jack Kemp, Former Secretary of HUD

“Words seem inadequate when it comes to expressing the profound impact your remarks had on the attendees of our meeting. Motivating a sales force is hard work. We give them compensation, incentives, tools and programs, but sales people need so much more. You reminded us clearly that we can make choices even under tough circumstances, that we can overcome adversity by celebrating what we learn from diversity.” David Murray and Joanne Bauer, Kimberly Clark
“Your ability to connect with an audience, who quickly become your friends, is remarkable. Your presentation skills, timing and style are superb. NASA sees a lot of briefings, and yours ranks in the ‘best of the best’.” Kenneth J. Szalai, Director, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

“AWESOME! Mitchell wasn’t great…he was AWESOME!” Matt Freese, President of Envision International

“On a pragmatic note, I appreciate the fact that you make it so easy to work with you. Frankly, I just don’t do business with speakers who expect to be treated like rock stars. You not only have a lot to say, your personal character and conduct underscores your message. It was a pleasure working with you.” Jane S. Baker, LMSW Director of Education, Texas Health Care Association

“You had their attention all through the hour…right to the standing ovation at the end of your talk. Your presentation was the glue that held together all the other parts of the meeting. You received rave reviews from the management team and the pharmaceutical company guests invited to the meeting.” Robert McHugh, President, Rx Distributions Solutions, Inc.

“The audience was deeply impressed by your story of triumph over tragedy. Although they don’t know it, they were also impressed by the skill of a master speaker who knows an audience before he even meets them, then reads them perfectly so that even the silences have meaning.” Dana Saal, CMP, Director of Education, Illinois Health Care Association

“Two Thumbs Up.” “A Five-Star Presentation.” “Heartwarming, compassionate, enlightening.” “The wake up call we all needed.” These are among the comments received following your presentation in San Francisco this past Friday. From each and all of us at TV Fanfare, thank you for sharing your life with us. You have saved us years of self-education in the school of hard knocks.” Keith Sonne, Sr. Vice President, TV Fanfare

“Mitchell’s impact has been extraordinary. The following day we were all talking about his message and more importantly, NOW…over three months since his presentation, we are still responding. He helped remind us that attitude and great performance have a direct correlation, and his ability to relate is among the best of any I’ve ever seen.” Randy Lunch, Vice President Marketing, US West

“Thank you for the OUTSTANDING presentation to our group. As you know, PCMA can be a pretty tough crowd to impress. In my opinion, and in the opinion of many others, your presentation was the highlight of our conference.” Smith, Bucklin & Associates

“In the ‘seminar business’ we have to work with a lot of ‘egos’ and difficult people. Despite his considerable physical handicaps, Mitchell was one of the nicest people we’ve ever worked with.” William Oakes, DDS, CEO, Excellence in Dentistry, Inc.

“The response to your message was extremely positive! To this day, advisors who heard you speak still thank me for inviting you here.” David S. Kreager, CFP, Group Vice President, American Express Financial Advisors, Inc.

“I’ve been having these meetings three times a year for the last few years, and none of our previous meetings have received the kind of positive reaction this one did.” W. Donald Sullivan, State Farm Insurance

“I deeply appreciate your in-depth preparation and your ability to use information gathered to make a more effective, personalized presentation.” Ray W. Owen, State Farm Insurance

“It has been just over a month that you spoke to our Success Conference and our folks are still talking about the positive effects of the day. I’ve had numerous people tell me that the October 1 conference was one of the best we’ve ever had in the 12 years we’ve been sponsoring the conference. This is largely due to your warm, inspiring, challenging and authentic message.” Michael (Mike) Rooney, Ph.D., District Director of Student Development Services, Maricopa Community Colleges

“Your presentation….provided us a tremendous opportunity to stop, reflect upon our strengths, give thanks for our many blessings, and inspire us to more fully utilize the opportunity we are so fortunate to have before us.” State Farm Insurance Companies”

Bob Pritchard, BSc., CSP, AISMM

International Business Troubleshooter, Marketing ExpertBob Pritchard

Traveling From: California
Fee Range: $15,000-$20,000


Australian born and 17 year Los Angeles resident Bob Pritchard has enjoyed an extraordinary 30 year career. His unique sales, marketing, and motivational ability has taken Bob from sharing a two room apartment as a child with three generations of family to international success as a businessman, marketer and speaker. His outside the square philosophy has led to Marketforce One Inc. being represented in the United States, Europe and Australia working with corporations, sports and entertainment entities.

Bob Pritchard is a recipient of the highly prestigious ‘International Marketer of the Year’ Award, the OSCAR of the Marketing Industry! 

Bob was awarded the accreditation CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) by the Federation of Speaking Professionals, recognising his commitment to ongoing education, proven speaking experience and ethical behaviour. 

CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) CSP is the highest accreditation available to speakers internationally. Members holding this accreditation have demonstrated professional commitment and expertise with over 100 clients for at least five years.

It Was a Tough Beginning: Born in a dilapidated inner city suburb, Bob spent his first seven years in a small apartment with eight family members. Losing his father when he was young, a mother with cancer and a handicapped sister, times were pretty tough. 

To make ends meet, Bob began his morning delivering milk and after school he sold newspapers, while weekends were spent selling snacks at sports events and scavenging and selling scrap metal. He built his first bike from parts that he found over a period of many months at the local dump. Despite this schedule, Bob did well at school and once he reached his teens he began singing rock and roll at local dances.

From Local Halls to National Exposure: After ten years as a performer to pay for his tertiary education, and with over 400 singing and dramatic television appearances, and numerous successful recordings to his credit, Bob retired from performing to pursue his business and marketing career. 

His first endeavors were in the entertainment arena, staging events, including 38 presentations at the Sydney Opera House. During this period he created the Australian Pops Orchestra. 

For the next decade, Bob became involved in many business ventures, primarily involving the marketing of products, before joining Rupert Murdochs News Limited. Bob then became Marketing Director for Australia’s richest man, Kerry Packer’s PBL Marketing. At PBL, Bob’s responsibilities included marketing major Australian movies, the 7 nation World Series Cricket competition, Formula One motor racing, Skins Golf, health Clubs, and tours such as Opera legend Kiri Te Kanawa. 

In 1984, Pritchard conceived and engineered the first privatization and Stock Exchange listing of a sports team in Australia becoming CEO of the organization which owned both a professional football and basketball team. His achievement in increasing sponsorship, attendance and media exposure for the football team is the subject of a book and a television documentary.

Moving To America: Following this success, Bob moved to the United States where Marketforce One was established. 

Pritchard, and Marketforce One, Inc. have created; incentive programs for Japan’s giant Nissay Insurance; staff motivation video and intranet communications system for Citicorp; promotions for Ford; hospitality programs for Wilkinson Sword; global TV exposure for General Mills; retail shelf space for Southern Cross Snack Food; sampling programs for Dentsu; logos and brochures for Global Sports; 16 country, five continent multi-million dollar lifestyle project for The Coca-Cola Company; sponsorship programs for Anheuser Busch and unique positioning vehicles for Vons Grocery chain. His “Goosebumps” promotion for Frito Lay’s Smiths Snackfood Division resulted in a sales increase of 64.5 % ( $115 million).


Every presentation is carefully crafted only after a detailed ‘briefing sheet’ has been completed and a comprehensive phone discussion held with the client so that the client’s brief and objectives are understood. Then Bob conducts research and develops the presentation to address those specific objectives.

Topic areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Differentiate and Blow Away your Competition
  • A Champion Team will beat a team of Champions
  • Leadership…… Leaders Achieve Results
  • Marketing in Today’s Technological World
  • The Green Revolution …… Turn Green Into Gold
  • Unleash Power and Corporate Value through Change
  • The 15 Keys to Business Success
  • Winning Mindset …… Your Team can Achieve the Extraordinary
  • How to Blow Away Your Competition
  • It’s Not the Size of The Budget, it’s the Size of the Idea

Bob has major clients in the following sectors: Financial, Technology, Retail, Motor Vehicle, Education, Pharmaceutical, Government, Associations, Travel, Real Estate, Advertising and Public Relations Agencies, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Marketing, Insurance, Entertainment/Media, and Sport. See a list of some clients here.


Bob has literally a thousand testimonials.

Bob has literally a thousand testimonials. An alphabetical list of some of these are listed below.

2M Invest ( Denmark)
“First class lecture inspired by many years of invaluable experience in the America. Was a real eye opener and the provocation to address the new challenges.”

AFG (Australia)
“No nonsense, plenty of information, punchy and passionate delivery. So dynamic and motivational.”

Alcatel (France)
“What a unique contribution. A very entertaining and highly enlightening presentation to help us address the future“.

American Classifieds (USA)
“Of all the tremendous speakers over 20 years, you were the best. You “knocked their socks off”

American Marketing Association (USA)
“Pritchard transformed the meeting into a raucous, on-their-feet-applauding group of communication professionals.”

Astra Zeneca (UK)
“Dynamic and motivating to say the least.”

Axalto (France)
“You were the highlight of the conference, your presentation was powerful, enlightening and very entertaining. The team went away with a fresh attitude and great motivation”

BMW (Germany)
“Best speaker we have ever had at a conference”

Bestseller ( Sweden)
“A standing ovation from Scandinavias top 1100 business people speaks for itself, an exceptional presentation”

Beverly Hills Country Club (USA)
“The most successful business event ever held at the Beverly Hills Country Club. Dynamic, Incredibly energetic & motivating. Sound business advice”

Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany)
“You had a real impact and our business will now be in much better shape moving forward.”

“Your energy captivated the audience. Your standing ovation was well earned.”

Ceuta Healthcare (UK)
‘Exceptional content and highly motivational. We have been flooded with compliments!’

Clear Channel (USA)
“Pritchard makes a difference where it counts … the bottom line. Delivered with fire and passion.”

Coast Radio Network (USA)
“Fantastic presentation, we then broke every sales record in the history of the network.”

Confectionery Manufacturers Association (Australia)
“Bob’s business experience is rich and varied and it showed as he fired in rapid succession a treasure chest of revelations to his riveted audience.”

CRM Forum (France)
“Of 88 speakers … you were the best … fantastic!”

Deloitte Touche (UK)
“An amazing impression on all. An extraordinary presentation.”

Executive Knowledge Training Company (New Zealand)
“Fours hours of logical, easy to understand advice. Entertaining, powerful and challenging. Best speaker in 15 years.”

Expand (Sweden)
“One of the great speakers on earth. A battery of energy … a truly positive individual that is so inspiring!”

Gemalto (Netherlands)
“Our sales team went away with a fresh attitude and totally motivated.”

Gray Business Communications (UAE)
‘Knowledgable and passionate and really entertaining. Your contribution was perfect for our audience.’

Grocers Insurance Company of America (USA)
“If your audience is interested in marketing that works, hire Bob Pritchard”

Guardian Pharmacy Group ( Australia)
“You gave our team the ammunition to crucify our competitors. It was just tremendous”

Images Multimedia (India)
“Electrifying presentation.”

ING (Netherlands)
“A jolt of energy they will never forget.”

Intentia (Sweden)
“A powerful presentation. You supercharged our audience that has seen it all and really made them think about the way we approach our business”

International Cricket Council (UK)
“A stirring presentation. You made us sit up and think about how we address the future of this business. Very practical and humorous stories.”

Johnson &Johnson (USA)
“A fantastic presentation, powerful delivery with knowledge, experience, humor and a great deal of common sense”

Knight Frank (Ireland)
“Fabulously motivating. A standing ovation well deserved.”

Leading Real Estate Agents of the World (USA)
“Phenomenal, so motivating.”

Lucent Technologies (USA)
“Professional and highly motivating speech. You identified, discussed and reinforced all of the key points of the brief”

Marcon (Pakistan)
‘You were the highlight of the conference. Corporate Pakistan has gone crazy for you!!’

Mars Venus Institute (USA)
“Fantastic; dynamic, challenging and inspiring.”

Mercedes Benz (Germany)
“Inspiring and dynamic. Our top dealers were enthused.. “

Microsoft (USA)
“There is only one Bob Pritchard who can absolutely motivate and electrify the room.”
“Excellent, challenging, thought provoking, incisive, relevant”

Middle East Council Of Shopping Centers (UAE)
“Excellent, challenging, thought provoking, incisive, relevant”

Morgan Stanley (UK)
“A huge success, dynamic to say the least. You captured the mood of the group perfectly. Extremely beneficial, interesting, interactive and very entertaining”

‘Excellent solution approach to Customer Relationship Management. Our associates were euphoric!!’

“WOW, phenomenal.”

Ogilvy One (UK)
‘A brilliant and intelligent presentation. You really motivated the audience to do a better job when they went back to their desks’.

Rittal (Germany)
‘Highly motivating, nothing but fantastic comments’

Scottish Equitable (Scotland)
“Unanimous ‘Best Session’ score from all participants who were a very demanding audience.”

Shangri-La Hotels (Hong Kong)
“An excellent presentation, It’s a pity we only had one hour, everyone wanted to hear more from you”

Speak-Easy (Belgium)
“Gutsy, stimulating, funny and your innovative presentation had the audience literally jumping out of their seats!!”

Stena Line (Sweden)
“You have truly changed the way we do business and the way we look at customers, your presentation was enlightening, educational, motivational and we are ecstatic”

Sun Microsystems (USA)
“Better than excellent , Bob is the perfect speaker for a business audience, inspirational!”

Taywood Homes (UK)
“Bob totally enraptured the audience. An impossible speaker to have to follow.”

Tequila Payne Stracey (UK)
“Great feedback, fascinating, educational, inspiring and motivational’.

UniChem (UK)
“Our delegates left totally fired up.”

World Gaming Conference (Scotland)
“What a presentation. You were one of only two capacity sessions and it is not surprising. You really made everyone sit up and think. And tremendously entertaining”

World Internet Congress (Netherland)
“Educational, confronting, challenging, funny and educational. You were terrific”

It has been said that ‘Bob is the most value for money’ speaker in the world. Please contact us for a quote.

Bob has homes in Los Angeles, California and Sydney, Australia. Bob requires business class travel from nearest residence to the presentation, quality accommodation and ground transport.

For a Keynote, Bob requires projection for Powerpoints and video, a lecturn and a lapel microphone. For workshops Bob also requires a whiteboard.

“There are usually two types of speakers. One, the wonderful presenter who enchants an audience, and the other who is the expert. Unfortunately, almost never the twain shall meet. Bob Pritchard is one of the few exceptions.” W Mitchell, International Speaker & Author

Bill Crawford


Dr. Bill Crawford
Dr. Bill Crawford, Conflict Resolution

Dealing with Difficult People, Dealing with your Children, Communication,
Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Team Building,
Stress, Employee Retention, Diversity, Change, Beyond Customer Service

Travels From: Bellaire, TX
Fee Range:  $5000 – $25,000
Language: English


In addition to holding a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Houston, Dr. Crawford is a licensed psychologist, organizational consultant, executive coach, and professional speaker. In the past 20 years, he has created over 3000 successful presentations for organizations such as Shell, J.P. Morgan/Chase, Sprint, IBM, the Texas Medical Center, as well as many state and national professional associations. As a presenter, he shares his perspective on “Life from the Top of the Mind” with such humor and energy that he is constantly referred to as the “Steve Martin” of corporate America. In addition, his two PBS specials have been seen by over 15 million people nationwide and he has been quoted as an expert in such diverse publications as:
•The New York Times
•The Chicago Tribune
•Investor’s Business Daily
•The Dallas Morning News
•Self Magazine
•Working Mother Magazine
•Forbes Small Business
•CBS MarketWatch

Dr. Crawford’s services are available as keynotes, trainings, consulting, and coaching to organizations and individuals who want to learn to approach their challenges with the clarity, confidence, and creativity (The “Top of the Mind” perspective) necessary for success in today’s uncertain world.

Topics – Conflict Resolution

“Life from the Top of the Mind™”

Developed by Dr. Crawford from over twenty years of experience as a psychologist, organizational consultant and public speaker, Life from the Top of the Mind™ is both a philosophy for success, as well as a practical, step-by-step, comprehensive system for bringing one’s best to life.

Whether presented as a keynote, breakout session, or a series of in-depth trainings, this comprehensive system is designed for those individuals and organizations who are looking for a fresh, practical, and content-rich perspective that is free of psychobabble, but full of energy and humor.

The basic premise of this philosophy is that the reason we are less than effective in life is that we become trapped in the lower 20% of our brain which is ill-equipped to deal with today’s complex problems. This results in the release of certain stress-related chemicals that create our feelings of anger, frustration, and the desire to either lash out or escape. The “Top of the Mind” System™ therefore helps individuals and organizations shift to the upper 80% of our brain and access the type of purposefulness, skills, and higher-order thinking necessary for success in any endeavor. Then, this unique system demonstrates how to consistently bring this “Top of the Mind” perspective to life so that we don’t find ourselves continually falling back into the Cycle of Stress/Frustration and the “undermind.” Finally, this new perspective addresses the specific challenge of dealing with others who are themselves trapped in the lower part of their brains by helping them shift to the top of their minds, and access their higher-order thinking as well.

This unique philosophy for success can be applied to leadership, communication, motivating ourselves and others, creative problem-solving, team building, as well as issues such as productivity, customer service, training and keeping good employees, feedback skills for supervisors, and even dealing with stress versus stress dealing with you.

Life from the Top of the Mind™
or Unleashing Top Dog Potential in an Underdog World

Everyone has heard the statistics . . . 75% of Americans describe their job as “very stressful”. . .Absenteeism, burnout, conflict, turnover, low morale, worker’s comp, and medical insurance claims are costing corporate America over 200 BILLION dollars a year in lost productivity! Suffice it to say, things are not well in the land of opportunity, and almost everyone predicts it’s just going to get worse! Going way beyond “stress management,” Dr. Crawford demonstrates why so much of the advice about how to deal with these problems will never work. In fact, he not only explains why this “undermind” mentality is so prevalent, he then goes on to give his audiences information on how to access the most productive parts of their brain and bring more clarity, confidence, and creativity to life!

Learning Objectives:
This presentation is designed to help participants:
•Understand how and why we have learned to live a reactive life.
•Learn how to stop these reactions and escape from the world of the “Undermind” by shifting the way our brain processes information.
•Learn the “” Lifestyle and bring more Clarity, Confidence and Creativity to their lives.
•Learn how to move from being “the effect” to becoming “the cause,” or becoming more influential in their lives and in the lives of others.
•This presentation can be custom designed to fit the theme and/or goals of your event or organization. For example, “Communication from the Top of the Mind,” “Team-Building from the Top of the Mind,” etc.

Leadership from the Top of the Mind

For those in the positions of leadership who want to become more skilled at increasing the performance of, and/or bringing out the best in their subordinates, Dr. Crawford offers “Leadership from the Top of the Mind.” As the latest brain research demonstrates, when people feel threatened, they are thrown into a fight-or-flight reaction which actually blocks their ability to hear what is being said, as well as, the ability to access the most productive part of their brains. Therefore, this presentation is designed to give those in leadership positions the tools they need to motivate and communicate with those that they supervise in such a way that decreases resistance and increases receptiveness and cooperation.

Learning Objectives:
This presentation is designed to help participants:
•Tap into the internal motivation of those they supervise to accurately process directives and instruction.
•Increase the supervisees’ willingness to take more responsibility for the quality of their work.
•Put systems in place (which are supported by the supervisee) that allow for the tracking of performance.
•Make agreements with those they manage and supervise in such a way that both supports success and allows the supervisee to learn from his or her mistakes.

Dealing with Difficult People Vs. Them Dealing with You!

Rude, defensive, arrogant, obnoxious, have you ever noticed how disruptive difficult people can be in our lives? Further, when we try to correct them, or tell them how difficult they are being they rarely say “Thank you for sharing.” Whether the resistant person is a customer, coworker, or even a stranger, this presentation is designed to address this problem in a way that not only defuses conflict, but taps into the internal motivation of the “difficult person” to hear what you have to say as valuable.

Learning Objectives
This presentation is designed to help participants:
•Become aware of the Cycle of Resistance, how it is created and maintained.
•Understand why people resist hearing what we have to say.
•Understand how reactions in our brain and chemical changes in our body effect everyone’s behavior during conflict and what we can do to have more influence in these areas.
•Discover the “Key” to another’s cooperation & how to use this “Key” to frame your position so that they see you as an ally versus an enemy.

All Stressed Up & Nowhere To Go!

In a country where it’s hard to get two people to agree on anything, the one thing that we all recognize is how stress negatively affects our lives. The problem is that most of us react by trying to change the situation or the person that’s causing our stress, and this seldom works. In fact, this strategy often seems to make the stress seem worse! This lively, interactive presentation is designed to address this dilemma by giving participants a model of how to use their emotions and reactions as valuable signals, as well as how to create their lives in such a way that they find themselves in fewer stressful situations in the first place.

Learning Objectives
This presentation is designed to help participants:
•Become aware of how the “Cycle of Stress” is created and maintained.
•Discover the 5 components of stress that are common to all stressful situations and an antidote to each.
•Learn how to change the chemical make-up of one’s body when stressed.
•Change stress from the problem (or what someone is doing to us) to the solution, i.e., a series of chemical reactions in our brain and body that can be used as a valuable signal.

Working with Different Personality Types

Have you noticed how much time, energy, and productivity is wasted on miscommunication and misunderstandings? The problem, of course, is that people communicate, gather information, and make decisions in very different ways. In the past, this may have just been labeled a “personality conflict” and ignored, however, in today’s world of doing more with less, this is no longer an option.

Learning Objectives:
This presentation is designed to help participants:
•Understand how our type preferences affect our relationships and productivity.
•Learn how to relate to others who might communicate and/or make decisions in a way that is different from ours.
•Use their knowledge of personality types to enhance individual, and team problem-solving.
•Address conflicts in a way that depersonalizes differences, and maximizes understanding and cooperation.

Feedback Skills for Supervisors

One of the most important tasks of being a successful supervisor is the ability to give others feedback on their performance. The problem, of course, is that many people take any negative evaluation very personally, and react by either defending themselves or attacking the evaluatory process and/or the supervisor. This seminar is designed to give those in the position of giving feedback an understanding of why this is so common, and skills for not only avoiding becoming embroiled in an adversarial discussion, but ways to help the supervisee see the value of the feedback and the supervisor.

Learning Objectives:
This seminar is designed to help participants:
•Understand the nature of a supervisee’s resistance to evaluations, and how to deal with this problem from the beginning.
•Understand the supervisor’s resistance to evaluations as well, and how to avoid reacting in a defensive manner.
•Learn a model that engages the supervisee in the process of evaluating the evaluation so that the result is valuable information versus criticism.
•Learn how to use this valuable information to formulate a plan for improvement so that there is less resistance to future evaluations.

Tee Off or Tee’d Off: The Mental Edge of Enjoyable Golf
(Or “Golf from the Top of the Mind”)

We all know that golf is an exacting sport that can at times be somewhat stressful! What we may not know, however, is that this “stress” is actually a chemical reaction in our brain. These chemicals (adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol) are designed to move us into a heightened state of readiness and prepare us for an effective fight-or-flight response. Unfortunately, the tension produced as a result of this response is exactly opposite of what we need to play our best golf.

Learning Objectives:
This presentation is designed to help participants:
•Learning how our self-talk and worry about “the problem” can actually constrict our swing and increase the likelihood that we will continue to hit poor shots.
•Learning how to use stress as a valuable signal early enough in the round to avoid breaking clubs and/or continuing to make the same mistakes.
•Understanding the chemical nature of stress, how these chemicals affect our swing, and how to change the chemical make-up of one’s body on the golf course (naturally).
•Learning how to enjoy the experience even when the putts aren’t falling, but the market is.

How to Eat Anything You Want, Anytime You Want, & Never Gain Weight

Everyone knows the problem . . . the vast majority of Americans are uncomfortable with their weight, and even though we spend $33 BILLION a year on weight loss programs, the situation seems to be going from bad to worse. Therefore, what we don’t need is another fad diet or “magic” weight loss system. What we do need, however, is a new, common sense approach to how we deal with food and weight…one that allows us to return to our natural way of eating and find our natural weight without counting calories or carbohydrates.

Learning Objectives:
This presentation is designed to help participants learn:
•How to enjoy your favorite foods AND EVEN DESERTS without weight gain.
•How to use hunger versus hunger using you!
•How to shift from our body being the problem to making it part of the solution.

Other Presentations Available from Dr. Crawford

•Team Building from the Top of the Mind
•Training and Keeping Good Employees
•Creative Problem Solving
•Beyond Tolerance: Diversity for the 21st Century
•Top of the Mind Presentation Skills


“I have always been grateful when I have received a speaker recommendation from a colleague or professional who has worked with a presenter and seen him or her in action. Therefore, I wanted to let you know about an excellent speaker (Dr. Bill Crawford) that we have used at three of our national conferences. Dr. Crawford holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Houston and is a licensed psychologist, as well as the author of four books, which means he brings a high level of expertise and content to his topics. What makes him so effective as a speaker, however, is the way he translates this information into common language and presents it with energy and humor (in fact, our members keep telling us that his use of humor reminds them of Steve Martin!).
He brings a fresh, scientific perspective to the issues we all face on a daily basis (stress, communication, leadership, dealing with limited resources, diversity, bringing our best to our roles as professionals, etc.) which really seems to resonate with our members, and he has been able to apply this new information to a variety of formats including concurrent sessions, general sessions, and keynotes. This combination of unique content and engaging presentation style has resulted in our continuing to ask him back to speak at our national conferences, as well as his being booked to keynote at least ten of our state conferences. He will also be doing a workshop for our State Auxiliary Presidents at the American Hospital Association Annual meeting in Washington DC.
I can tell you from experience that he is a joy to work with, and has shown consistent flexibility with respect to fees and logistics, which I have greatly appreciated. If he sounds like someone you would be interested in, I encourage you to visit his website ( where you can learn more about his credentials, national press, track record, etc., and even view footage of his second nationally televised PBS special via YouTube! Please feel free to contact me or my assistant if you have further questions.”
– Audrey Harris, Executive Director, Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals  Director, AHA Member Relations, American Hospital Association
“Thank you! You need to be nationally syndicated on TV. I would watch your show daily.” – Randall Fryman Bowne of New York
“Dr. Bill Crawford, was our Keynote Speaker at the Global Compliance Solutions’ 6th Annual Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance & Financial Crimes Conference Oct 14th ? 15th, 2010 in Grand Cayman.
The conference, is the largest of its type in the Caribbean region, and is attended by top-level management both locally and internationally in the Financial Services industry. Dr. Crawford was able to tie his expertise to what was important for our delegates, and it was a brilliant way to start the GCS conference! He captivated everyone with his informative, entertaining, and above all, relevant presentation. They truly appreciated Bill’s take on “Getting Others to Get It: Convincing Others of the Importance of Compliance”, as can be seen by the comments below:
“Great presentation — very interesting!”
“Excellent speaker — wish I had heard him before now”
“A lively and practical presentation”
“Informative and entertaining”
“Bill gave real points for dealing with people both on the job and personally”
“He got the audience involved. It was a great presentation”
“I enjoyed this presentation so much and it was so relevant to me!”
“What an informative approach to a difficult situation”
“Thought provoking, and at the same time informative”
“Very, very useful topic. I can definitely use this information!”
“I really liked the practical advice given”
“Very interesting presentation”
“Great Speaker — very engaging”
“Informative topic — well presented”
“Very helpful and with good content”
“Very good topic”
“Excellent presentation and the information was very valuable”
While having a psychologist keynote a conference on compliance and anti-money laundering is not the norm, Dr. Crawford’s presentation was so well crafted, and presented in such an engaging manner that he turned out to be the perfect speaker to kick off our conference. I heartily recommend him to any conference planner looking for a dynamic opening or closing keynote speaker with a new perspective on dealing with others and bringing our best to life!”  – Karen O’Brien Managing Partner, Grand Cayman Global Compliance Solutions Grand Cayman, KY1-1209 Cayman Islands
“I am just taking the opportunity to let you know how pleased we were with your presentation of Dealing with Difficult People here at Fort Monmouth. The entire class, 100%, rated the course “Excellent” on our evaluation form. It simply does not get any better than that. Student comments are a virtual thesaurus of superlatives: knowledgeable, energetic, responsive, informative, articulate, motivational; and they wrote that they would “definitely” recommend the course to others.
On a personal level, I want you to know that I appreciate all of your efforts to accommodate our specific needs. Your tailoring of course content allowed our employees to apply sound interpersonal skills to their particular environments, personal and professional. Please feel free to share this letter as you deem appropriate. Also, if you would like to refer potential clients to me, I will be happy to provide my unhesitating recommendation.” – Paul Drew, Organization Development Specialist Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel U.S. Army
“I want to thank you for the excellent job you did for us in keynoting our annual convention. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from the over 800 communication specialists who were in attendance. You are able to deliver that rare combination of professionalism, humor and content that will live in the minds of the participants long after the convention has ended. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone looking for a dynamic, powerful speaker!”  – Ron Bender, President Texas Speech & Hearing Association
“It was awesome! All persons that attended, including myself, have given his training on stress extremely high marks. I have taught a lot of classes over the years in my field and I was totally captivated the entire day. No one was bored and no one wanted to go home but wanted more.” – Brad Burger, Director Smith County 9-1-1 Communications District
“I thought Dr. Crawford’s presentation was way off the charts! Although the entire conference was interesting, Dr. Crawford’s was by far the most useful! I look forward to buying his new book!”
– Jan Riley EEOC, Houston
“I think Dr. Crawford is a phenomenal speaker. I rarely get excited about speakers, instead I get excited about the topics. However, Dr. Crawford has changed that with his presentation at the EEOC conference. I never imagined that I would enjoy a topic, such as “Cultural Diversity” as I did that day. In fact, when I returned to my office I mentioned that I would like to pursue him as a speaker for any upcoming events that we may have in the future.” – Angela Yeager Town Center Improvement District
“Wonderful, enlightening, powerful speech! Thank you.”– Patricia Dinger, Washington, DC
“It was the highlight of the conference!” – Nancy Perovic, RN, BSN University Of Chicago Hospitals, Chicago, IL Pediatric Endocrinology Nurses Society 15th Annual International Conference
“Loved your vitality, enthusiasm, and animation!” – James Schiff, Los Angeles, CA
“As our keynote speaker you gave an outstanding presentation that touched even the most cynical in the audience. In the 10 years we have been holding our conference, your presentation has resulted in more positive reactions than any other. I was especially impressed with the number of people who indicated that they were going to make positive changes in their lives. Your audience was not an easy one, and you really, really touched their lives. Thank you!”  – Clare Dowdall, Director American Lung Assoc. Southwest Region
“You were great! High energy and practical. I was looking for ‘real life’ responses, and you delivered. Thanks!”
– Jim Crook, New York, NY
“You are an excellent speaker! You quickly involved your audience and won them over in the first minute. Everyone was extremely complimentary and we are looking forward to having you back next year.”
– Hazel Higgins, President, Wings Chapter American Business Women’s Assoc.
“Your presentation was the highlight of the conference! A great way to end the week!”
– Mel Yanos, Kona, Hawaii
“All of your presentations have been great successes. I have been consistently impressed with the degree of audience participation and the manner in which your style and subject matter sparked interest in even the most “reserved” participants!”
– M. Kathy Perry, Texaco
“You are fabulous! Thanks for a wonderful, empowering, and uplifting presentation!”
– Debbie Christopher, Memphis TN
“Great presentation! Stimulating, sensitive, powerful, humane.”
– Pat Ruzica, St. Louis, MO
“I really enjoyed Dr. Bill’s talk. His energy is contagious. I bought the 2 audio tapes and have listened to them in my vehicle numerous times since. I am very excited to receive his quotes via email also. I think he has found an approach to life in general that will help me cope with the multiple stressors of life!”
– Nicole Kirouac-Elke, NC Winnipeg Children’s Hospital Manitoba, CANADA
“You were great! Law enforcement professionals found your presentation riveting, insightful, eye-opening, and extremely valuable, and these people are hard to please!”
– Karen Williams, Resource Coordinator Greater Harris County 911 Emergency Network Houston, TX
“Witty & humorous presentation that made the learning experience worthwhile.”
– Holly Freeman, Orlando, FL
“Your fan club continues to grow! The participants in our Summer Camp for Executive Directors gave you rave reviews. Your ability to analyze life’s complex problems and offer practical, actionable solutions is truly remarkable and your commonsense approach to managing one’s life and one’s organization is an inspiration. Thanks again!”
– Ronnie Hagerty, Director, United Way of The Texas Gulf Coast


Notes to fee menu:

Integrity-Based Pricing

“If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” ~ Alan K. Simpson

Approximately eight years ago, I implemented a fee policy that I call, “Integrity-Based Pricing.” This policy is based upon the belief that those who are requesting my services are people of integrity who often have a specific budget to work with in terms of what they can spend for a speaker and/or trainer.

Therefore, rather than charging a certain amount for a keynote, breakout session, corporate training, etc., I created two policies designed to allow me to work with a variety of budgets. They are my “Very Flexible Fee Policy” and my “Extremely Flexible Fee Policy.”

Very Flexible Fee Policy

The “Very Flexible Policy” is for organizations who have budgets in the $5,000 to $25,000 range. Again, because I believe that I am always working with people of integrity, if you will agree to pay me the maximum your budget will allow, I will agree to speak at your event for this amount.

Extremely Flexible Fee Policy

My “Extremely Flexible Policy” is for organizations whose budget is below $5000, and yet still want a quality speaker for your event. In this case, I just ask you to make up the difference with enthusiastic recommendations to your colleagues. This means that in exchange for my working with your budget of less than $5000, you:

  1. Pay me the maximum your budget will allow.
  2. Explore whether your organization might have a separate budget for materials that would allow you to purchase a copy of one of my books for each of the participants.
  3. Send an email out to your state and national professional association recommending that they consider me for future events.
  4. Post a review of his message and material on your Facebook page and/a send a short “tweet” out if you have a twitter account.
  5. Add me to your professional LinkedIn network (if you are a LinkedIn member) and post a recommendation there as well.
  6. Do anything else you can think of that might result in others learning of the value of my presentations.

While this policy was designed to make the process of hiring me easier, for some, this ambiguity has reportedly been somewhat stressful. Therefore if you would be more comfortable knowing the range of fees I have received for engagements in the past, I am happy to share that information with you.

Fee Range

  • Keynotes: $1,500 to $25,000
  • Full-day trainings/presentations: $1,500 to $10,000
  • Half-day trainings/presentations: $750 to $7,500
  • One hour to an hour and a half training/presentation: $500 to $5,000
  • Consulting: $1,000 to $3,000 per day
  • Individual Counseling: $60 to $160 per hour
  • Executive Coaching: $100 to $300 per hour

As you can see, the range is quite wide due to the variety of organizations that have requested my services. As mentioned, the goal of this philosophy is to make integrity the driving energy in terms of negotiating fees, and to deal with the issue of budget constraints in a creative way so that my message of clarity, confidence, and creativity is available to as many people and as many organizations as possible.

If this concept of Integrity-Based Pricing appeals to you, I look forward to creating a presentation for you and your organization.



Afterburner, Inc 

Afterburner, Inc Leadership Team Building, Motivation
Afterburner, Inc Leadership Team Building, Motivation

Leadership Team Building, Motivation

  • Elite team of military and business leaders
  • Flawless Execution Model training
  • Trainers to 100 of Fortune 500 companies

Author/Writer, Business (motivation, excellence),
Sales (training, motivation, management),
Coaching/Mentoring,Communication, Strategy, Military,
Diversity, Change Management, Terrorism/Homeland Security, Women’s Issues

Travels From:  Atlanta, Georgia USA and requires Coach Class Air Fare, ground transportation, lodging and $80 per diem, per pilot.
Fee Range: $16,500 – $100,000

Afterburner Inc is a team of elite military professionals that are experts in helping your team pursue Flawless Execution. Using Afterburner’’s Flawless Execution methodologies we can help take your team to the next level in performance. The combination of sound organizational development and combat-proven methodologies has made Afterburner Inc one of the fastest growing training and consulting organizations in the country. The Flawless Execution Model is a proven process used by elite military professionals around the world to execute missions when the stakes are high and failure is not an option. Corporate success, like success in combat, depends on execution.

Afterburner’’s team of men and women elite former military professionals has a powerful mix of combat experience combined with extensive business skills. Many members are graduates of top business schools and academies. Afterburner uses the combat proven methodologies of elite military professionals working with your team to achieve victory in a rapidly changing business environment. Flawless Execution works! It is dynamic and powerful because it is simple to use, yet the effects are lasting. The results are disciplined, coordinated and predictable. Afterburner has an unwavering focus on improving your team’s ability to execute.

The company was founded in 1996 by former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot James D. Murphy, when “Murph” realized that the tools he learned in the zero-tolerance-for-error world of military aviation were applicable and imperative to business success. Since its creation, Afterburner has trained over 1.5 million managers and executives in the simple, scalable, continuous improvement processes of Flawless Execution℠ by delivering customized corporate training workshops, team building events and motivational seminars.

Afterburner’s accomplishments include being listed in Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies” twice, with regular features in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Financial Times, Newsweek, and Meetings and Conventions Magazine. Afterburner has also appeared on Fox News, CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg News. Murphy is also the author of Business Is Combat, now in its third printing, and his latest book, The Debrief Imperative.

Your team can improve execution and stay one step ahead of the competition in just four simple steps.

Leadership Team Building

The Flawless Execution Model:

Plan :  The plan starts with an objective that is clear, measurable and achievable and supports your company’s overall strategy.

Brief : You communicate the plan. It is essential that people on the front lines know exactly what is expected of them. Businesses ignore this — often at their peril.

Execute : Even with a solid plan and a good brief, a mission can still fail due to Task Saturation or task overload. Task Saturation is the reality or perception of having too much to do without the time or resources to accomplish it. Even with the resources people still have to manage conflicting priorities. We know that as Task Saturation increases, performance decreases; therefore, at Afterburner we help teams combat Task Saturation by identifying resources and managing priorities.

Debrief : The last step is the Debriefing. After each mission, Fighter Pilots hold a nameless, rankless Debrief. Each person, without fear of reprimand, rehashes what worked, what did not work and why both the good events and the bad events happened. We then take the key lessons learned from the Debrief and apply them to the next plan.
Debriefing speeds up learning. It lets us fine tune the processes that ensure success.

Win! : Our goal is to win by aligning your team around a disciplined, scalable process in order to achieve business

With offices in the United States, Australia and China, Afterburner has performed training events in 38 countries and has had their materials translated into more than 20 languages. With over 300 events per year, the Afterburner team has trained more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies on the Flawless Execution Model. At Afterburner,
“Leading the World’s Top Corporations to Flawless Execution” is more than just a slogan—it’s the foundation of our company. Afterburner has been on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies twice. The success of our clients has translated to our success as well.


Flawless Execution Keynote

A Fighter Pilot’s Secret to Business Success

In this session your group will learn how Fighter Pilots attack their missions in both training and combat. This keynote includes both a Main Speaker and a Wingman Fighter Pilot and is highly customized to meet the needs of your audience.

Plan: Learn how Fighter Pilots plan for a mission using the

“Six Steps to Effective Combat Mission Planning”.

Communicate the plan to maximize the quality of front-line execution.

Discover how Fighter Pilots ensure Flawless Execution in their missions by eliminating performance-draining Task Saturation.

Implement nameless/rankless feedback sessions in your 
squadron to guarantee maximum learning.


Flawless Execution from the Top with Jim Murphy

Afterburner’s leadership keynote speaker Jim Murphy has helped top business leaders transform strategy into action. Historically fewer than 20% of all initiatives actually get accomplished. This keynote will help align your team around your strategy and understand exactly what to do and how to do it. This 60-90 minute keynote is based on Jim Murphy’s ground breaking book ‘Flawless Execution’.

 Flawless Sales Execution

When the economy is great, you can tolerate sales teams that are less than flawless, but what happens when the tables are turned and the economy isn’t doing so great? You can’t afford to have your sales teams operate at only a fraction of their potential. Your sales teams should hit their numbers not 70%, not 80%, but 100% of the time. But how can sales teams really improve their performance overnight?

The answer…Afterburner brings you Flawless Sales Execution. Your sales teams are capable of success in any environment ­ hostile or calm. The power to lead your sales teams to victory can be found in this sales keynote presentation.  

The Afterburner Day

[Full or Half Day Event (5-6 hours) Group Sizes 12-1,000].

The Afterburner Day is an interactive, hands-on experience where your team will compare the similar situations faced in business and in air combat. During the Afterburner Day, your group will work side by side with some of America’s top Fighter Pilots and learn how they excel in the business of combat.

The day begins in the main briefing room where you will learn how Fighter Pilots adapt to change, assess risk, and prepare for their mission using the Six Steps to Combat Mission Planning. Suddenly, an urgent telegram will interrupt the briefing and alert your team that they have been attacked by a coalition of hostile competitors. Your Fighter Pilots will split into squadrons (breakout groups of 15) where, with the help of their Afterburner facilitator, they will have one hour to formulate a plan to regain your market share. Leadership, teamwork, and communication will allow each group to overcome the challenges of this dynamic Mission Planning exercise.

The Afterburners use SCUD missile attacks, intruders, and information overload to closely parallel today’s task saturated work environment in a fun, new format that ensures a lasting impression. After utilizing these tools for planning and execution, your team will discover how Fighter Pilots learn from their mistakes through an effective debrief. The Afterburners nameless/rankless debriefs shed new light on how your associates can identify and learn from costly mistakes.

Leaning Forward

[Half Day Event (3-4 hours) Group sizes 12-1,000].
If you don’t have time for a full Afterburner Day, yet still want to lead your group through an awesome team-building event, then our high-energy, fast-paced Leaning Forward program is for you.

This event captures the essentials of the Afterburner Day in a compact format, focusing on planning and debriefing. Leaning Forward is an interactive, corporate event program where your team will learn, via lecture and experiential learning, how fighter pilots strive for flawless execution in every single mission. Your group will work side-by-side with some of America’s top fighter pilots and learn how they excel in the business of combat. Our Afterburner team brings these lessons to your own business environment, in living color, using a multimedia presentation, a role playing breakout session with experienced military fighter pilots as facilitators, and punctuated by an intensely climatic and motivational closing. The energy and skill training of this event will improve your group’s performance at every level.


 Black OpsSM

Black Ops is comprised of unique men that have served in the Joint Special Operations Command or JSOC.  JSOC is the joint command that coordinates each branch’s elite military forces such as the U.S. Navy SEAL’s; the U.S. Army’s Delta Force, Green Beret’s, Rangers and Task Force 160; and the U.S. Air Force’s Para-rescue.

 Each Black OpsSM team member has unique real world business experience enabling them to facilitate Flawless Execution, not just as soldiers, but as businessmen as well.  Each member of the Black OpsSM  team has a background in not just leading troops, but leading companies. 

Elite military commando units have an impressive record of near 100% mission success in high-risk and unpredictable operational environments.  Our 2 to 8 man team will lead your company through an exciting, cutting edge Black OpsSM event and instruct participants on how to incorporate the same “Flawless Execution” cycle in their business missions – the same cycle that America’s elite military forces use every day.

The Afterburner Black OpsSM group excels not just in Special Operations within the military, but also in some of America’s most notable corporations. This experience provides them the valuable insight into what it takes to assist your teams in accomplishing their missions on the modern business battlefield.

Black OpsSM Program description:

Every Black OpsSM event is centered around the Flawless Execution ModelSM– Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief, Win! This innovative team building event is under 3 hours in length and uses the latest in technologies including i-Touch communication devices and custom digital mapping software.  After the opening lecture, we will split your group into teams of 18-25 participants. These teams are then put through an energizing team building exercise.  This exercise stresses the Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief process that has made units like Delta Force and the U.S. Navy SEAL’s so successful.

Real business take-aways are obtained during two complete cycles of planning a hostage rescue mission that highlights the benefits of debriefing and the value of lessons learned.  On average, groups have yielded an improvement of over 70% when properly debriefed between the first and second missions.  These debriefing techniques and lessons learned are reinforced during the wrap up and connected to your team’s real world business execution rhythm. 

FLAWLESS SAFETY (60 Minute Multi-Media Keynote)

The atmosphere in a fighter jet is a “0-errors, 0-losses” environment. The men and women of Afterburner specialize in accelerating our clients’ safety performance through Flawless ExecutionThey have been trained and tested their entire career in the safe, zero-loss execution of their mission, with an unmatched level of importance on the safety of their equipment, their crew and everyone involved with operations.

Afterburner uses their battle proven process of Flawless Execution℠ to improve our clients’ safety records. By leading groups through a core process of Plan, Brief, Execute, and Debrief, the Afterburner trainers begin to induce a cultural change in the organization, evolving how teams plan for and execute safely on each and every mission.

 FLAWLESS HEALTHCARE (60 Minute Multi-Media Keynote)

A high-energy, multimedia keynote will explore the Flawless Execution Model℠ and how the model relates to the demanding and changing healthcare business. For the last 20 years, the World Healthcare Organization and other medical organizations have recognized that the improvements in teamwork, communication and collaboration that dramatically improved aviation safety since the 1980’s directly relate to many of the challenges facing the healthcare industry. Today, many medical units are using techniques from the aviation community and specifically the Flawless Execution Model℠ to dramatically improve the way their teams perform.





John Amatt

John Amatt, everest mountaineers

Change, Motivation, Inspiration, Everest Mountaineers

Travels From: Canmore, AB
Fee Range: $10,000 – $15,000


Peter C. Newman,
Best-selling Author & Award Winning Business Journalist says about John Amatt:

“John Amatt is a modern adventurer who can not only
spin a great yarn, but who possesses the rare knack of turning his journeys into
universal revelations that guide his readers and listeners on how to survive and
prosper in the global village.”  

“The Key to Success is Preparation”

“John Amatt knows about tough times and the value of struggle in bringing out the best in teams of people! After all, he was a leader of an Everest team, which suffered four tragic deaths in two unpredictable accidents before putting six climbers on top of the world. His experience on Everest taught him about the danger of falling into the trap of complacency and the importance of always questioning the status quo in seeking new ways of succeeding in a rapidly changing world. 

He is the perfect speaker to assist your team in navigating through the turmoil of today’s global economic crisis.”

Biogrpahy – Everest Mountaineers

John Amatt is unusual amongst Inspirational Speakers in that he did not reach the summit of Mt. Everest on his celebrated expedition. Instead, he was a leader of a dedicated team that suffered four tragic deaths in two unpredictable accidents before placing six climbers on the peak.

John’’s mission in going to Everest was to place the first Canadian on top of the world’’s highest peak. In his own words … “It didn’’t matter who reached the summit, because we believed when one person stood on the highest point, the whole team had climbed the mountain. I was totally fulfilled the day we reached the top and I would never go back to Everest, because I was proud to have played a crucial role in the achievement”.

This is a key business message in today’s challenging corporate environment.

  • A veteran professional speaker – one of the world’’s most experienced Everest speakers, having delivered over 1,750 keynote presentations and seminars to corporate and professional audiences in 44 countries on 6 continents since 1982.

  • A superb storyteller – who uses the metaphor of adventure to articulate the innovative business strategies required for achieving success in uncertain times.

  • Internationally recognized – called “The World’’s Best Adventure Speaker” by International Celebrity Management of Australia.


  • John’’s Everest story is the perfect metaphor for motivating your team to overcome the irrational
    fear of the unknown that limits our ability to move forward in the post 9-11-2001 environment.

  • Everest is an international symbol of success and John’’s stories resonate equally with
    audiences around the world. He is a popular speaker at professional conferences, company sales events,
    and worldwide meetings of multinational corporations. In September 2003, he spoke at a gathering of
    VIPs in Doha, Qatar, where the audience included members of Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-thani’s
    ruling family. And in 2004, he addressed business audiences in Chile, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya,
    Mauritius and Morocco, as well as in Canada and the United States.

  • John uses his leadership experiences on Everest (and during his first ever climb of Norway’s 5,
    000 foot “Vertical Mile” Troll Wall) as a vehicle to articulate the Adventure Attitude© philosophy
    required for success in today’’s rapidly changing world.

Strategic Challenges

In more than 1,750 keynotes presentations and seminars in 44 countries, John has worked with
clients who were addressing strategic challenges such as:

  • Mergers – Building a common corporate culture from two or more companies who have merged into

  • Meeting Sales Quotas – Challenging corporate sales personnel to attain higher quotas that may
    seem unattainable based upon their previous sales achievements.

  • Teamwork – Creating the understanding that you do not have to be the leading sales achiever to
    take pride in the overall achievement of the corporate team.

  • Globalization – Expanding corporate vision and objectives to embrace the new opportunities of
    an increasingly global business world.

  • Meeting Themes – Corporate events themed around the mountain metaphor.
    Examples include:
    “Reaching New Heights”; “Straight to the Top and Beyond”; “Mountains of Change”, and “Achieving Peak


Motivation – “Success in this generation will belong to those who are visionary enough to  predict the future and prepare for it – and adventurous enough to explore new ways of doing old  things.”

Teamwork – “You don’’t have to reach the summit to know you have climbed the mountain. Having  done your job at lower elevations, you can take pride in being a key member of the team.”

Trust – “No team can perform effectively unless you trust others in the team. And trust only  exists in teams who have struggled through difficult times together.”

Change – “Change is the one constant you should expect in life. Embrace change! Seek out change  by always questioning the ‘status quo’ of the past.”

Commitment – “The roots of your commitment to goals lies in our core values and basic beliefs,  both individually and corporately.”

Complacency & Risk – “The real danger in life is not in taking risks, because when you’re  taking risks your aware, you’re paying attention. The real danger is in allowing yourself to become  complacent, because that’s when mistakes occur.”

Positive Dissatisfaction – “You must always remain “ positively dissatisfied” with your  performance – dissatisfied, but in a positive way, always looking for improvement.”


“Our attendees walked away with renewed belief that they can push beyond their limitations and be more personally accountable for their own actions.” -USF&G Century Club

“Our guests were uniform in their high praise for your performance … Through the skillful use of powerful visual images and an eloquent description of your central theme, you instilled in all of us a sense of what is possible and what it takes to achieve great things. You were terrific!” -Balboa Life & Casualty

“The tone that you set was inspirational and pertinent. Many of our attendees commented that they could directly apply your message to their everyday operations.” -American Management Systems, Inc.

“John was an outstanding speaker – prompt, sharp, personable and highly accommodating. Combined with his stunning photos, John’s message riveted everyone’s attention to the stage. I can’t remember any previous audience following a speaker as intently as on this occasion.” -MetLife

“One veteran senior executive described your presentation was the best he had ever heard. Other senior executives have suggested that everyone in our organization should have had the opportunity to participate in your dynamic presentations.” -American Express Financial Advisors Inc.

“The dimension you brought was emphasizing that risk is an intrinsic part of life and should be transformed into business in order to progress. The way in which you brought out the effect of teamwork and employing cultural differences to best advantage was most impressive, particularly the way you emphasized that change is an essential part of life.” -Libbey Owens Ford

“Your message is clear and compelling. Your presentation is strong, yet compassionate. Most of all, your integrity shines…” -Famous 5 Foundation

“You were FANTASTIC, POSITIVE, and MOTIVATIONAL. You were everything we expected you to be. The audience loved you and admired you and received you with great pride as evidenced by the thunderous standing ovation.” -Million Dollar Round Table

“I particularly appreciated your insight into the important contribution a team member makes towards the accomplishment of a goal. Your enthusiasm and joy for being part of the process vs. needing to be the one (or two) who were to climb the final steps, was sincere and contagious . . . a lesson for us all. Sometimes in our personal pursuit of excellence and attainment of individual goals, we lose sight of the ‘bigger picture’ – that of the common goal. Thanks for reminding us. John, the demands of your travel must be great, and the compromises many, but you must know that your message touches lives. It reaches into places that some choose to ignore or are too hurried to consider. I am convinced that you, too, are touched each time you share it-you and Everest are of one spirit. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of it and of ourselves.” -Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas City

“Without qualification I can say that your presentation to the attendees at the American Optometric Association’s Meeting was the most dynamic even given to an AOA group. Your artful integration of the principles of leadership into your narration of your dramatic mountain climb was superb.” -American Optometric Association

“You have left us with a clear vision of what will be required of our managers, present and future: Commitment, resourcefulness, endurance, flexibility to meet the challenge of change, and above all, the courage to keep a clear perspective of the goals in spite of any adversities.” -Air Canada

“I’ve heard a lot of Everest speakers over the years  and your talk today was definitely the best.” -IB