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Tom Dutta – The Quiet Warrior

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$6000 – 9000

$10,000 CD Way of the Quiet Warrior® Premium Package


Tom DuttaTom Dutta



Tom is a senior business leader, Leadership speaker and International #1 Best Selling author with more than 30 years experience helping build and grow companies in Canada and the USA. Tom brings leadership experience from the Financial Services, IT, TELCO, Not-For-Profit, and Health sectors. His career includes senior roles in many of Canada’s prestigious companies including President and CEO, and Chairman of the Board.

As Founder and CEO of KRE-AT®, Tom is the world’s only motive-based leadership expert. In concert with his business expertise, Tom’s intense travel and study of the science behind success has enabled him to create a proven coaching and mentorship formula called The Way of the Quiet Warrior®. This dynamic program helps leaders manifest success by discovering purpose, taking action and living life their way. Tom mentors CEOs and Executives and has extensive experience participating in and facilitating masterminding.

Tom Dutta engages his audience with energy and enthusiasm. He combines decades of personal experiences in business and life with relevant stories based on actual events to immerse the audience in a real-world experience. Anyone seeking higher levels of success and happiness in business and life will find tremendous value in KRE-AT’s® events. Tom has spoken nationally and internationally and is well received wherever he goes. Follow Tom as he launches his radio program entitled The Way of the Quiet Warrior® with Tom Dutta to continue to gain from his vast experience.

Previously, Tom was General Manager with Ocean West Financial, Chief Operating Officer of the Annex Group, one of BC’s fastest growing IT Professional Service firms. He was CEO with CRI Canada, a Division of AEGON – a supplier of software and financial services globally. At TELUS, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies, Tom held a dual role of Director, Customer Excellence and Director, Enterprise Marketing. VanTel Credit Union was his first executive role as Vice President, Sales Marketing and Operations and previously he held Management roles with Toronto Dominion Bank.

Tom has served on a number of industry boards and served as Chairman of the Board for MDABC working to pioneer a change in the Mental Health model.

On November 19, 2017, Tom will be honoured with the prestigious Moving America Forward Entrepreneurship Award on BizTV.


Tom Dutta



How would it feel to create the BUSINESS and PERSONAL life you desire?

KRE-AT® is a Leadership Development firm that focuses on growth oriented business people and professionals looking to discover a path to clarity, happiness and unlimited success.

  • Avoiding the Life and Leadership Graveyard.

Explores the four motives of leadership. The WHY, not the BEHAVIOUR, of both successful and failed leaders.

  • Caterpillars to Butterflies.

Reveals the 6 Step pathway to developing Character and why most people never take the journey. The Charactered path is the only path to ultimate success in life and business.

  • The Way of the Quiet Warrior®—90 Days to the Life You Desire.

Explains the 6 Phases of the Science behind Achievement and Success. Success is incredible, happiness lasts a lifetime.

Other Services:

The  PLATINUM Mastermind Experience  

You are a leader, a success in your chosen field. You have the position, the money and the things you always believed would make you happy. And yet… there is something missing, isn’t there?

What would your life be like if you were able to move that missing piece into place? Designed with leaders in mind, this is an exclusive Mastermind Alliance for people working in harmony toward purpose, unlimited success and happiness—a revolutionary, hybrid community of leadership development, coaching and mentoring, and peer masterminding led by Founder & CEO of KRE-AT® Tom Dutta. An incomparable premium experience, it includes Mastermind days held quarterly at the prestigious Terminal City Club in downtown Vancouver to provide an environment that will elevate participant’s benefit from the live group experience.

The Discovery Lab Experience:

The Discovery Lab Experience is perfect for successful, busy people like you who are searching for higher levels of success, happiness and fulfillment in life. An intimate one-to-one exploration of your CORE MOTIVE and your natural talents The Discovery Lab Experience is the first step forward to understanding THE SELF.

The Immediate Success KRE-ATOR 

The Immediate Success KRE-ATOR is perfect for managers and executives integrating into new roles. This one-to-one coaching and mentoring program is designed to accelerate success for new leaders and increase ROI for the business. Research and experience has proven that new hires have 30 days to avoid the leadership graveyard, and building trust within a team and an organization is critical to accelerating success. There are additional advantages to fast tracking success too — the costs of employee turnover to an organization can be as high as a full year’s salary. This customized program is created in collaboration with the employer and can be added into the hiring offer creating significant value. Investing in people up front is a competitive advantage.

The People Code Experience (Personality Assessment)

An insightful, innovative Leadership Development program, The People Code is the only motive based personal development course on the market today. Focusing on the “Why” behind behaviour instead of the “What” it breaks with existing paradigms around team building, corporate culture, and leadership development. Program participants will discover their given core motives, natural talents, strengths and limitations. They will learn how these components facilitate increased productivity through healthy relationships. The skills acquired will increase employee engagement and wellness, build next generation leadership skills, and lead to benefits both inside and outside the workplace. Companies will benefit by investing in the lives and skills of valued employees.

The Character Code Experience (Character Development)

The Character Code Experience solves the relationship puzzle about yourself and other people. It helps us maximize our performance by giving us very specific tools to develop character and improve our relationships with others. Only when we learn strengths that are not innate to our core personality can we live a highly successful and happy life.



Tom Dutta is much more than a motivational speaker for leaders. He is an inspirational and energizing leader himself who provides the tools and insights for business leaders. He brings a lot of realism and guides leaders on a path to true happiness and success throughout all facets of life.

Through sharing his own lived experiences, he encourages leaders to explore their vulnerabilities and highlights it as a strength rather than a weakness. Having recently been at a leadership retreat with Tom as a featured speaker on Lessons in Leadership, I was able to quickly apply his teachings into personal and business relationships.

I recommend Tom for any leader committed to personal growth to guide you on a path to inner exploration and unlimited happiness and success!

 Sunny Khangura

Director of Health

Freshslice Pizza completed the People Code and Character Code workshops. We chose these programs to build a culture in our Executive team needed to accelerate our business growth. Some of the benefits realized included increased effectiveness in our teams working together, a more engaged team that has awareness of their strengths and limitations and relationship skills that remarkably helped us all in our jobs and also in our relationships outside of the office. Tom Dutta’s masterful facilitation is unique as he tells stories based on his decades of experience as a leader, and helped leaders understand how past events in life can impact their leadership and life. After workshop one, people were excited to do workshop 2. We are looking to incorporate these skills across our company as we grow toward our vision of being the Starbucks of Pizza by 2020.

~ Ray Russell, Founder & CEO, Freshslice Pizza

I just completed the “People Code Workshop” given by Tom. Very insightful to understand not only your own style of leadership but those of the team that you work most closely with. It has provided me with strategies and ideas of how to work differently and smarter with team members that I already respect and admire. A fun and thought provoking afternoon!
~ Tru Freeman, Dean at Kwantlen University

Tom Dutta masterfully steered a group of highly independent academic administrators through a series of group exercises that removed obstacles, built bridges and energized individuals to engage positive personal attributes to the service of the collective. Part team-building, part myth-busting exercise, Tom Dutta’s high energy session brought my high-level academic leaders into a much deeper understanding of the why, the wisdom and the folly behind our daily choices. His authentic leadership opened up the room to genuine dialog, meaningful exchange and a common purpose.
~ Dr. Sal Fererras, Provo and Vice President at Kwantlen University

As an owner of a diverse portfolio of businesses, I have often hired different business consultants to help me navigate through growth and expansion over the past several years. As we all know, the success of any business primarily depends on its most valuable resource, the people. Compared to my previous experience with others, Tom’s business coaching has helped me understand my personal behavior and character as well as that of my key management and family members, through assessment tools such as 360 survey, color and character codes. This program has better equipped us to make intelligent decisions with conflict resolution, and has motivated individuals to reach their full potential. We are planning to incorporate it as an integral part of an ongoing professional and business development program to accompany our business expansion into different geographic areas of the world, each with its own personal and work culture.
~ Balraj S. Mann Chairman, BM Group International

Tom worked with the leadership team in Vancouver with an engaging workshop. Tom was a great facilitator, coach and speaker and created a fun, learning environment in a relatively short amount of time. What made his workshop even more engaging was his ability to bring in his own personal and professional stories alongside of the content of the program. I look forward to participating in Tom’s follow up session.
~ Chris Ho, Mid Market Sales Manager Qlik Technologies

Tom worked exclusively with my Management Team in facilitating and conducting a very successful People Code Workshop. Tom’s leadership and communication skills were key in making this workshop so effective. This workshop provided a significant benefit to my team as it brought new insights on how to better communicate with each member. We are now looking at bringing this program to everyone in our organization.
~ Dann Konkin, President Ampco Manufacturers

I have attended Tom’s People Code workshop while serving as a consultant to a mutual client. I was blown away. For years, I have relied upon Myers-Briggs Type Indicator heavily. The People Code system gives me a whole new perspective on understanding people’s core motives, instead of simply focusing on their behaviors. Tom is a seasoned business professional who understands how to foster solid relationships between team members, which lead to higher productivity and better synergy in the office environment. I am also able to apply what I have learned from his workshop to improve my personal relationships. Thank you Tom!
~ Timothy Yeung, CMA at Ocean West Financial Group

I was introduced to Color Code (The People Code) by Tom Dutta. His expertise with facilitating this workshop for our company gave me and all the members of our team a comprehensive understanding of each of our core motivations. It has allowed me to communicate more effectively in both my personal and professional life by knowing what motivates me and others I interact with. It’s a tool that identifies certain attributes innate in each of us which ultimately allows for better communication and builds healthier relationships. The results of this training have been profound and impactful!
~ Dave Gillard, President Maven Wealth , formerly Partner Ocean West Financial Group

At OWFG, we like to be as smart as we can. Color Code was introduced to us by Tom Dutta and we have incorporated it into our corporate culture and for me, my personal life. It’s value has allowed me more capacity with interpersonal relationships with a basis for understanding that allows me to navigate both in business and my own life more effectively.
~G. Kim Hinkson, Founder and CEO Ocean West Financial Group

I have had the privilege of being guided by Tom as both the leader of my McKay CEO Forum and as a facilitator in delivering the People Code system to my senior management team. In both cases Tom brought professionalism, dedication and experience to a high level learning environment. His ability to use his professional and personal experience in these learning environments made for a rich experience.
~ Michael McKnight, President and CEO United Way of Lower Mainland

Chris Carmichael

Performance for Life, Coaching & Mentoring, Mind/Body/Spirit, Motivation,
Inspiration, Health & Wellness, Team Building, Nutrition, Cancer Expert

Travels From: Colorado Springs – CO
Fee Range: $15,000 – $30,000+

Chris Carmichael


Business today requires an agile and energetic workforce, and Fortune 500 companies like Google and AMD rely on Chris Carmichael’s techniques for recruiting, developing, and leading teams to championship performances. Chris Carmichael has the experience and expertise to offer onsite and remote programming that helps all employees achieve greater fitness, diminish work-related stress, and reduce health care costs. Chris has also been very active in television, with appearances on the NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, CNN, 60 Minutes, The Discovery Channel, ABC’s World News Tonight, and other venues.

Chris Carmichael Speech Topics

Performance for Life

Chris Carmichael is the founder and CEO of Carmichael Training Systems, Inc. (CTS) and personal coach to cancer survivor and seven-time Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong. Named the US Olympic Committee’s Coach of the Year in 1999, Chris formed CTS in 2000 after spending more than two decades in the sport of cycling. Through Chris’s leadership, CTS immediately established itself as the premier destination for personal fitness, nutrition, and performance coaching. To ensure that his message and coaching philosophy continue to be delivered at the highest level of quality, Chris created an unsurpassed education program that develops the highest-trained coaches in the industry. With a network of more than 100 coaches located throughout North American and beyond, the thousands of athletes working with CTS have full access to an unmatched base of knowledge and experience.



Afterburner, Inc 

Afterburner, Inc Leadership Team Building, Motivation
Afterburner, Inc Leadership Team Building, Motivation

Leadership Team Building, Motivation

  • Elite team of military and business leaders
  • Flawless Execution Model training
  • Trainers to 100 of Fortune 500 companies

Author/Writer, Business (motivation, excellence),
Sales (training, motivation, management),
Coaching/Mentoring,Communication, Strategy, Military,
Diversity, Change Management, Terrorism/Homeland Security, Women’s Issues

Travels From:  Atlanta, Georgia USA and requires Coach Class Air Fare, ground transportation, lodging and $80 per diem, per pilot.
Fee Range: $16,500 – $100,000

Afterburner Inc is a team of elite military professionals that are experts in helping your team pursue Flawless Execution. Using Afterburner’’s Flawless Execution methodologies we can help take your team to the next level in performance. The combination of sound organizational development and combat-proven methodologies has made Afterburner Inc one of the fastest growing training and consulting organizations in the country. The Flawless Execution Model is a proven process used by elite military professionals around the world to execute missions when the stakes are high and failure is not an option. Corporate success, like success in combat, depends on execution.

Afterburner’’s team of men and women elite former military professionals has a powerful mix of combat experience combined with extensive business skills. Many members are graduates of top business schools and academies. Afterburner uses the combat proven methodologies of elite military professionals working with your team to achieve victory in a rapidly changing business environment. Flawless Execution works! It is dynamic and powerful because it is simple to use, yet the effects are lasting. The results are disciplined, coordinated and predictable. Afterburner has an unwavering focus on improving your team’s ability to execute.

The company was founded in 1996 by former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot James D. Murphy, when “Murph” realized that the tools he learned in the zero-tolerance-for-error world of military aviation were applicable and imperative to business success. Since its creation, Afterburner has trained over 1.5 million managers and executives in the simple, scalable, continuous improvement processes of Flawless Execution℠ by delivering customized corporate training workshops, team building events and motivational seminars.

Afterburner’s accomplishments include being listed in Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies” twice, with regular features in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Financial Times, Newsweek, and Meetings and Conventions Magazine. Afterburner has also appeared on Fox News, CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg News. Murphy is also the author of Business Is Combat, now in its third printing, and his latest book, The Debrief Imperative.

Your team can improve execution and stay one step ahead of the competition in just four simple steps.

Leadership Team Building

The Flawless Execution Model:

Plan :  The plan starts with an objective that is clear, measurable and achievable and supports your company’s overall strategy.

Brief : You communicate the plan. It is essential that people on the front lines know exactly what is expected of them. Businesses ignore this — often at their peril.

Execute : Even with a solid plan and a good brief, a mission can still fail due to Task Saturation or task overload. Task Saturation is the reality or perception of having too much to do without the time or resources to accomplish it. Even with the resources people still have to manage conflicting priorities. We know that as Task Saturation increases, performance decreases; therefore, at Afterburner we help teams combat Task Saturation by identifying resources and managing priorities.

Debrief : The last step is the Debriefing. After each mission, Fighter Pilots hold a nameless, rankless Debrief. Each person, without fear of reprimand, rehashes what worked, what did not work and why both the good events and the bad events happened. We then take the key lessons learned from the Debrief and apply them to the next plan.
Debriefing speeds up learning. It lets us fine tune the processes that ensure success.

Win! : Our goal is to win by aligning your team around a disciplined, scalable process in order to achieve business

With offices in the United States, Australia and China, Afterburner has performed training events in 38 countries and has had their materials translated into more than 20 languages. With over 300 events per year, the Afterburner team has trained more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies on the Flawless Execution Model. At Afterburner,
“Leading the World’s Top Corporations to Flawless Execution” is more than just a slogan—it’s the foundation of our company. Afterburner has been on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies twice. The success of our clients has translated to our success as well.


Flawless Execution Keynote

A Fighter Pilot’s Secret to Business Success

In this session your group will learn how Fighter Pilots attack their missions in both training and combat. This keynote includes both a Main Speaker and a Wingman Fighter Pilot and is highly customized to meet the needs of your audience.

Plan: Learn how Fighter Pilots plan for a mission using the

“Six Steps to Effective Combat Mission Planning”.

Communicate the plan to maximize the quality of front-line execution.

Discover how Fighter Pilots ensure Flawless Execution in their missions by eliminating performance-draining Task Saturation.

Implement nameless/rankless feedback sessions in your 
squadron to guarantee maximum learning.


Flawless Execution from the Top with Jim Murphy

Afterburner’s leadership keynote speaker Jim Murphy has helped top business leaders transform strategy into action. Historically fewer than 20% of all initiatives actually get accomplished. This keynote will help align your team around your strategy and understand exactly what to do and how to do it. This 60-90 minute keynote is based on Jim Murphy’s ground breaking book ‘Flawless Execution’.

 Flawless Sales Execution

When the economy is great, you can tolerate sales teams that are less than flawless, but what happens when the tables are turned and the economy isn’t doing so great? You can’t afford to have your sales teams operate at only a fraction of their potential. Your sales teams should hit their numbers not 70%, not 80%, but 100% of the time. But how can sales teams really improve their performance overnight?

The answer…Afterburner brings you Flawless Sales Execution. Your sales teams are capable of success in any environment ­ hostile or calm. The power to lead your sales teams to victory can be found in this sales keynote presentation.  

The Afterburner Day

[Full or Half Day Event (5-6 hours) Group Sizes 12-1,000].

The Afterburner Day is an interactive, hands-on experience where your team will compare the similar situations faced in business and in air combat. During the Afterburner Day, your group will work side by side with some of America’s top Fighter Pilots and learn how they excel in the business of combat.

The day begins in the main briefing room where you will learn how Fighter Pilots adapt to change, assess risk, and prepare for their mission using the Six Steps to Combat Mission Planning. Suddenly, an urgent telegram will interrupt the briefing and alert your team that they have been attacked by a coalition of hostile competitors. Your Fighter Pilots will split into squadrons (breakout groups of 15) where, with the help of their Afterburner facilitator, they will have one hour to formulate a plan to regain your market share. Leadership, teamwork, and communication will allow each group to overcome the challenges of this dynamic Mission Planning exercise.

The Afterburners use SCUD missile attacks, intruders, and information overload to closely parallel today’s task saturated work environment in a fun, new format that ensures a lasting impression. After utilizing these tools for planning and execution, your team will discover how Fighter Pilots learn from their mistakes through an effective debrief. The Afterburners nameless/rankless debriefs shed new light on how your associates can identify and learn from costly mistakes.

Leaning Forward

[Half Day Event (3-4 hours) Group sizes 12-1,000].
If you don’t have time for a full Afterburner Day, yet still want to lead your group through an awesome team-building event, then our high-energy, fast-paced Leaning Forward program is for you.

This event captures the essentials of the Afterburner Day in a compact format, focusing on planning and debriefing. Leaning Forward is an interactive, corporate event program where your team will learn, via lecture and experiential learning, how fighter pilots strive for flawless execution in every single mission. Your group will work side-by-side with some of America’s top fighter pilots and learn how they excel in the business of combat. Our Afterburner team brings these lessons to your own business environment, in living color, using a multimedia presentation, a role playing breakout session with experienced military fighter pilots as facilitators, and punctuated by an intensely climatic and motivational closing. The energy and skill training of this event will improve your group’s performance at every level.


 Black OpsSM

Black Ops is comprised of unique men that have served in the Joint Special Operations Command or JSOC.  JSOC is the joint command that coordinates each branch’s elite military forces such as the U.S. Navy SEAL’s; the U.S. Army’s Delta Force, Green Beret’s, Rangers and Task Force 160; and the U.S. Air Force’s Para-rescue.

 Each Black OpsSM team member has unique real world business experience enabling them to facilitate Flawless Execution, not just as soldiers, but as businessmen as well.  Each member of the Black OpsSM  team has a background in not just leading troops, but leading companies. 

Elite military commando units have an impressive record of near 100% mission success in high-risk and unpredictable operational environments.  Our 2 to 8 man team will lead your company through an exciting, cutting edge Black OpsSM event and instruct participants on how to incorporate the same “Flawless Execution” cycle in their business missions – the same cycle that America’s elite military forces use every day.

The Afterburner Black OpsSM group excels not just in Special Operations within the military, but also in some of America’s most notable corporations. This experience provides them the valuable insight into what it takes to assist your teams in accomplishing their missions on the modern business battlefield.

Black OpsSM Program description:

Every Black OpsSM event is centered around the Flawless Execution ModelSM– Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief, Win! This innovative team building event is under 3 hours in length and uses the latest in technologies including i-Touch communication devices and custom digital mapping software.  After the opening lecture, we will split your group into teams of 18-25 participants. These teams are then put through an energizing team building exercise.  This exercise stresses the Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief process that has made units like Delta Force and the U.S. Navy SEAL’s so successful.

Real business take-aways are obtained during two complete cycles of planning a hostage rescue mission that highlights the benefits of debriefing and the value of lessons learned.  On average, groups have yielded an improvement of over 70% when properly debriefed between the first and second missions.  These debriefing techniques and lessons learned are reinforced during the wrap up and connected to your team’s real world business execution rhythm. 

FLAWLESS SAFETY (60 Minute Multi-Media Keynote)

The atmosphere in a fighter jet is a “0-errors, 0-losses” environment. The men and women of Afterburner specialize in accelerating our clients’ safety performance through Flawless ExecutionThey have been trained and tested their entire career in the safe, zero-loss execution of their mission, with an unmatched level of importance on the safety of their equipment, their crew and everyone involved with operations.

Afterburner uses their battle proven process of Flawless Execution℠ to improve our clients’ safety records. By leading groups through a core process of Plan, Brief, Execute, and Debrief, the Afterburner trainers begin to induce a cultural change in the organization, evolving how teams plan for and execute safely on each and every mission.

 FLAWLESS HEALTHCARE (60 Minute Multi-Media Keynote)

A high-energy, multimedia keynote will explore the Flawless Execution Model℠ and how the model relates to the demanding and changing healthcare business. For the last 20 years, the World Healthcare Organization and other medical organizations have recognized that the improvements in teamwork, communication and collaboration that dramatically improved aviation safety since the 1980’s directly relate to many of the challenges facing the healthcare industry. Today, many medical units are using techniques from the aviation community and specifically the Flawless Execution Model℠ to dramatically improve the way their teams perform.