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Innovation & Creativity Programs, Thunderbolt Thinking® Coach, Author, Business Consultant


As founder and president of Thunderbolt Thinking, Inc. and author of the thinking management bookThunderbolt Thinking: Electrifying Ideas for Building an Innovative Workplace, Grace McGartland has used fresh, idea-sparking techniques to coach Fortune 500 companies and professional/ trade associations by rejuvenating corporate thinking and improving employee performance. Grace has helped organizations re-energize individuals and teams with the ability to harness their brain power, break through mental barriers, and maximize opportunities.

For nearly 20 years she has worked in this capacity with such organizations as Honeywell, American National Bank, AT&T, IBM, Motorola, Owens Corning, PNC Bank Corp., Royal Bank Financial Group, SmithKline Beecham Pharma, U.S. Steel, US WEST Communications, National Speakers Association, American Bankers Association, American Cancer Society, American Society of Association Executives, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Financial Executives Institute, National Association of Federal Credit Unions, and Wisconsin League of Financial Institutions.Click here to learn more.

Grace is author of two Thunderbolt Thinking books, and designer of the and developer of the Performance Improvement programs, Thunderbolt Thinking: Building an Innovative Workplace and Thunderbolt Thinking: Innovation Fundamentals, now both licensed worldwide through Development Dimensions International.

She developed her positive and fresh approach to life through a series of professional and personal experiences including a successful battle against cancer 15 years ago. She has since used her ever-abundant energy to create the FIT Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on erasing the fear of cancer reoccurrence for other survivors. The FIT Foundation provides seminars and resources to cultivate Fearless Imaginative Thinking. Grace donates 15 percent of profits from the sale of Thunderbolt Thinking products to the foundation.

As National President of the National Association of Women Business Owners (1992-1993), Grace advanced business ownership among women both nationally and internationally. She has a master’s degree in Communications and Technology from the University of Pittsburgh, and an undergraduate degree from Edinboro State College. Grace is a certified advanced facilitator in creative thinking, trained under Jerry McNellis of the McNellis Company. She is also a master trainer — certified by Development Dimensions International.


The Organic Innovator: Going Beyond the One-Hit Wonder In the new economy, one big hit in the marketplace is no longer enough to sustain a company over time. To move beyond the “one-hit-wonder” syndrome, leaders must become “Organic Innovators” who practice homegrown innovationrather than “innovation by best-seller. ” Innovation needs a deliberate, customized framework to become integrated across the enterprise. In this presentation, learn how organizations can move beyond hit-and-miss innovation to a systemic, sustained approach that is aligned with an organization’s strategy and goals.

Innovation: The New Leadership Imperative Forget everything you’ve heard about “walking the talk.” In the new economy, setting an example isn’t enough to make innovation happen. Sustainable innovation is a leadership function—not just something leaders “influence.” It is the new performance imperative against which all leaders should be measured. In this presentation, learn what actions leaders can implement to take innovation beyond the leadership retreat, to foster and nurture a workplace that sustains innovation and drives it throughout the organization.

Re-energizing Your Thinking for Market Dominance In a marketplace of extremes, innovative business solutions depend on the ability of an organization’s leaders and teams to think effectively and creatively. The road to market dominance lies in the process of how people think on a daily basis. In this presentation, learn how to re-energize the thinking process in five proven steps, and discover strategies–for shifting from what-to-think to how-to-think–that lead visionary organizations to success.


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