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Red Arrows over Niagra Falls Canada
Red Arrows over Niagra Falls Canada

British Red Arrows National display team


The pursuit of excellence, Leadership, High-Performance Teams, Teamwork in High Risk Environments, 
Delivering Operational Change, The art of effective debriefing

Travels From: London, England
Fees: £7000 – £8000

 British Red Arrows National display team. 

Jas Hawker has first-hand experience of high-performance teams, of delivering cross-functional projects in large complex organisations and of balancing the tension between performance outcomes and resources.  As former leader of the British Red Arrows National display team and distinguished Royal Air Force fighter pilot combined with experience of consulting to a range of corporate, public sector and professional sports clients he is able to inform, engage and inspire delegates and leave them with messages that will have impact far beyond the event itself.

Jas Hawker, Red Arrows Pilot
Jas Hawker, Red Arrows Pilot

His personal experience of leading the Red Arrows and as a senior military officer will challenge preconceptions on what it takes for constantly evolving teams and organisations to deliver consistent      outstanding results. Years of operating at the cutting edge of leadership, team work, high performance and risk management enable Jas to offer a fascinating insight into the pursuit of excellence, high performance teams, leadership and delivering world-class results in a highly dynamic and competitive environment.

Red Arrows over the Statue of Liberty
Red Arrows over the Statue of Liberty

He was the youngest ever pilot to fly the Tornado fighter aircraft on the front-line and went on to be able to lead any scale of combat mission in any part of the world.  Jas has also undertaken a number of high-level appointments within the Ministry of Defence, advising Ministers on strategic and operational matters; specifically developing national contingency and crisis plans.

He has practical experience of operational level campaign planning having deployed to Afghanistan as a Senior Air Advisor. He has led the Red Arrows across 4 continents (including North America) delivering over 500 public displays to tens of millions of spectators; this enables him to describe the inner-workings of the world’s premier formation aerobatic team. The Red Arrows are recognised as being world-class, yet they have to deliver this consistent output under continual change – each year the most experienced 3 pilots leave; there is a 33% turnover of key personnel. Consistent results are a function of culture, behaviour, process and leadership rather than individual stars.


Jas also offers the opportunity to deliver exciting ½ day seminars tailored to, and aligned with your corporate objectives, which involve a unique and highly engaging insight into high-performance organisations. Through a powerful blend of dramatic in-cockpit video footage, interactive group exercises and real-life case studies, the team development seminar is an execution-focused interactive event, which gives delegates a completely fresh perspective on team and organisational performance, based on the behaviours and processes used by fighter pilots when working in complex cross-functional teams. The aim of the event is to motivate and inspire delegates via a high-impact intervention, to concentrate their minds on your major execution issues from a unique perspective, introduce some tangible tools which can be applied the next day and act as a genuine catalyst for performance improvement.


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