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Change, Motivation, Inspiration, Everest Mountaineers

Travels From: Canmore, AB
Fee Range: $10,000 – $15,000


Peter C. Newman,
Best-selling Author & Award Winning Business Journalist says about John Amatt:

“John Amatt is a modern adventurer who can not only
spin a great yarn, but who possesses the rare knack of turning his journeys into
universal revelations that guide his readers and listeners on how to survive and
prosper in the global village.”  

“The Key to Success is Preparation”

“John Amatt knows about tough times and the value of struggle in bringing out the best in teams of people! After all, he was a leader of an Everest team, which suffered four tragic deaths in two unpredictable accidents before putting six climbers on top of the world. His experience on Everest taught him about the danger of falling into the trap of complacency and the importance of always questioning the status quo in seeking new ways of succeeding in a rapidly changing world. 

He is the perfect speaker to assist your team in navigating through the turmoil of today’s global economic crisis.”

Biogrpahy – Everest Mountaineers

John Amatt is unusual amongst Inspirational Speakers in that he did not reach the summit of Mt. Everest on his celebrated expedition. Instead, he was a leader of a dedicated team that suffered four tragic deaths in two unpredictable accidents before placing six climbers on the peak.

John’’s mission in going to Everest was to place the first Canadian on top of the world’’s highest peak. In his own words … “It didn’’t matter who reached the summit, because we believed when one person stood on the highest point, the whole team had climbed the mountain. I was totally fulfilled the day we reached the top and I would never go back to Everest, because I was proud to have played a crucial role in the achievement”.

This is a key business message in today’s challenging corporate environment.

  • A veteran professional speaker – one of the world’’s most experienced Everest speakers, having delivered over 1,750 keynote presentations and seminars to corporate and professional audiences in 44 countries on 6 continents since 1982.

  • A superb storyteller – who uses the metaphor of adventure to articulate the innovative business strategies required for achieving success in uncertain times.

  • Internationally recognized – called “The World’’s Best Adventure Speaker” by International Celebrity Management of Australia.


  • John’’s Everest story is the perfect metaphor for motivating your team to overcome the irrational
    fear of the unknown that limits our ability to move forward in the post 9-11-2001 environment.

  • Everest is an international symbol of success and John’’s stories resonate equally with
    audiences around the world. He is a popular speaker at professional conferences, company sales events,
    and worldwide meetings of multinational corporations. In September 2003, he spoke at a gathering of
    VIPs in Doha, Qatar, where the audience included members of Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-thani’s
    ruling family. And in 2004, he addressed business audiences in Chile, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya,
    Mauritius and Morocco, as well as in Canada and the United States.

  • John uses his leadership experiences on Everest (and during his first ever climb of Norway’s 5,
    000 foot “Vertical Mile” Troll Wall) as a vehicle to articulate the Adventure Attitude© philosophy
    required for success in today’’s rapidly changing world.

Strategic Challenges

In more than 1,750 keynotes presentations and seminars in 44 countries, John has worked with
clients who were addressing strategic challenges such as:

  • Mergers – Building a common corporate culture from two or more companies who have merged into

  • Meeting Sales Quotas – Challenging corporate sales personnel to attain higher quotas that may
    seem unattainable based upon their previous sales achievements.

  • Teamwork – Creating the understanding that you do not have to be the leading sales achiever to
    take pride in the overall achievement of the corporate team.

  • Globalization – Expanding corporate vision and objectives to embrace the new opportunities of
    an increasingly global business world.

  • Meeting Themes – Corporate events themed around the mountain metaphor.
    Examples include:
    “Reaching New Heights”; “Straight to the Top and Beyond”; “Mountains of Change”, and “Achieving Peak


Motivation – “Success in this generation will belong to those who are visionary enough to  predict the future and prepare for it – and adventurous enough to explore new ways of doing old  things.”

Teamwork – “You don’’t have to reach the summit to know you have climbed the mountain. Having  done your job at lower elevations, you can take pride in being a key member of the team.”

Trust – “No team can perform effectively unless you trust others in the team. And trust only  exists in teams who have struggled through difficult times together.”

Change – “Change is the one constant you should expect in life. Embrace change! Seek out change  by always questioning the ‘status quo’ of the past.”

Commitment – “The roots of your commitment to goals lies in our core values and basic beliefs,  both individually and corporately.”

Complacency & Risk – “The real danger in life is not in taking risks, because when you’re  taking risks your aware, you’re paying attention. The real danger is in allowing yourself to become  complacent, because that’s when mistakes occur.”

Positive Dissatisfaction – “You must always remain “ positively dissatisfied” with your  performance – dissatisfied, but in a positive way, always looking for improvement.”


“Our attendees walked away with renewed belief that they can push beyond their limitations and be more personally accountable for their own actions.” -USF&G Century Club

“Our guests were uniform in their high praise for your performance … Through the skillful use of powerful visual images and an eloquent description of your central theme, you instilled in all of us a sense of what is possible and what it takes to achieve great things. You were terrific!” -Balboa Life & Casualty

“The tone that you set was inspirational and pertinent. Many of our attendees commented that they could directly apply your message to their everyday operations.” -American Management Systems, Inc.

“John was an outstanding speaker – prompt, sharp, personable and highly accommodating. Combined with his stunning photos, John’s message riveted everyone’s attention to the stage. I can’t remember any previous audience following a speaker as intently as on this occasion.” -MetLife

“One veteran senior executive described your presentation was the best he had ever heard. Other senior executives have suggested that everyone in our organization should have had the opportunity to participate in your dynamic presentations.” -American Express Financial Advisors Inc.

“The dimension you brought was emphasizing that risk is an intrinsic part of life and should be transformed into business in order to progress. The way in which you brought out the effect of teamwork and employing cultural differences to best advantage was most impressive, particularly the way you emphasized that change is an essential part of life.” -Libbey Owens Ford

“Your message is clear and compelling. Your presentation is strong, yet compassionate. Most of all, your integrity shines…” -Famous 5 Foundation

“You were FANTASTIC, POSITIVE, and MOTIVATIONAL. You were everything we expected you to be. The audience loved you and admired you and received you with great pride as evidenced by the thunderous standing ovation.” -Million Dollar Round Table

“I particularly appreciated your insight into the important contribution a team member makes towards the accomplishment of a goal. Your enthusiasm and joy for being part of the process vs. needing to be the one (or two) who were to climb the final steps, was sincere and contagious . . . a lesson for us all. Sometimes in our personal pursuit of excellence and attainment of individual goals, we lose sight of the ‘bigger picture’ – that of the common goal. Thanks for reminding us. John, the demands of your travel must be great, and the compromises many, but you must know that your message touches lives. It reaches into places that some choose to ignore or are too hurried to consider. I am convinced that you, too, are touched each time you share it-you and Everest are of one spirit. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of it and of ourselves.” -Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas City

“Without qualification I can say that your presentation to the attendees at the American Optometric Association’s Meeting was the most dynamic even given to an AOA group. Your artful integration of the principles of leadership into your narration of your dramatic mountain climb was superb.” -American Optometric Association

“You have left us with a clear vision of what will be required of our managers, present and future: Commitment, resourcefulness, endurance, flexibility to meet the challenge of change, and above all, the courage to keep a clear perspective of the goals in spite of any adversities.” -Air Canada

“I’ve heard a lot of Everest speakers over the years  and your talk today was definitely the best.” -IB



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