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Traveling From: Michigan
Fee Range: $5,001-$7,500

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“Success Strategist” Jonathan Edison is one of the most compelling thought leaders and Motivational Business Speakers today. As an expert in human development he delivers strategies, methods and tools filled with insight and humor that consistently move people and organizations to their highest potential.

His personal Motto is ” Results don’t Lie, people do!” Growing up in an environment that was a prescription for failure, young John John—his grandmother’s affectionate nickname for him—faced many hardships. After exposing him to drugs and violence, his mother was removed from the household by the Department of Social Services when he was five years old. Two years later Jonathan’s father left to start a new family on another side of town. Then, his grandmother Cloraine that took on the challenge of raising him died of cancer when he was 14.

Now homeless, Jonathan was forced to take up residence in his aunt’s basement. To afford the $50.00 a month in rent and his portion of the electric bill, he worked a full-time job as a dishwasher/bus boy at Chili’s Grill and Bar in the evenings and on weekends. He graduated from high school with a 1.63 grade point average and completed his first year of college with a 0.62 GPA before dropping out completely.

Instead of becoming another statistic, Jonathan found the courage he needed within himself to rise above adversity. He enrolled in remedial classes at Wayne County Community College. In 1993, Jonathan graduated with an associate’s degree as a part of the Urban Teacher Program. In 1995 Jonathan continued his education at Wayne State University, earning a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in only. During college, Jonathan worked as a bus attendant, waiter, gas station attendant and often slept in his car so that he could hold down his jobs and attend classes.

After teaching for four years, at age 27 Jonathan became the youngest assistant principal in the history of Detroit Public Schools. In 2002, he was named Wayne County Spokesman for Success. Then, along with hundreds of other dedicated educators, Jonathan was fired. With no savings, clients or plan, in 2004 he launched Edison Speaks International, a motivational and training development company. Since then Jonathan has shared his “Strategies for Success” with over 500,000 people, authored four books and has spoken in over 40 States. Jonathan’s Fortune 500 clients include: CVS Pharmacy, Daimler Chrysler, FBI, Folgers Coffee, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, McDonald’s and State Farm Insurance.


Make Your Own Magic
Designed to motivate individuals, employees, leaders and managers.
Magicians don’t wait for magic – they create it. The same is true for successful people. Success is something that must be cultivated and created and that is exactly what business motivational speaker Jonathan Edison shares in this powerful, inspirational and much-requested keynote. Jonathan teaches audiences about the power of thought and the seven elements of internal energy—Belief, Imagination, Enthusiasm, Passion, Resourcefulness, Intuition and Service. The results? Improved achievement and performance throughout your company or organization. Now that is MAGIC.!

How To Stay Motivated in Challenging Times
How to Stay Motivated in Challenging Times…..
If you feel like you’ve run out of ways to stay positive in these tough economic times, this presentation is for you. Business motivational speaker Jonathan Edison will inspire you to make your own motivational magic and reinvent yourself to overcome any challenge. On a personal level, Jonathan will demonstrate how to leverage your personal strengths, creativity and resilience to successfully cope with change. On a professional level, he will show how techniques used in the workplace to manage the consequences of organizational decisions can be improved to help individuals remain motivated and connected.

Fueling Sales Success
Designed to skyrocket sales, productivity and profitability.
Sales in today’s ever-changing market culture can be frustrating – but where there is adversity – there is ALWAYS equal or greater OPPORTUNITY. Sales speaker and coach Jonathan Edison shares the tools, techniques and success strategies for finding and leveraging every opportunity to create REAL results, empowered productivity, engaged customers and increased company bottom line.

Legacy Empowered Leadership
Designed to develop inspired, creative, compelling leaders.
The leadership strategies of old are over. Today’s leaders, managers and top brass need fresh insights, empowered solutions and extraordinary communication skills to create the kind of cohesive, connected and emboldened teams necessary to compete in ever-shifting markets. Leadership speaker Jonathan Edison shares the tools, techniques and mindsets you need to create new leadership legacies, a culture of creativity and collaboration and bottom-line productivity that generates results from the person that answers your phone to the top corner office and everyone in between.

Leveraging CHANGE in Lightning-Paced World
How to Manage Change With Humor, Ease and Effective Communication
Let’s face it. In today’s mile-a-minute world – CHANGE is not only normal – it’s NECESSARY. How we manage that change, leverage it for all it’s worth and use it to create OPPORTUNITY where others see ADVERSITY can mean all the difference between success and failure both personally and professionally. Change management expert Jonathan Edison shares the secrets of effectively adapting to change without losing sight of your vision, integrity or connectivity with those around you.

Walking the Life and Business Tightrope
How to Find Life Balance in a Whirlwind World
Honestly? Balance in today’s world is more elusive than ever. With smart phones and tech tools keeping us connected 24/7 – finding the ways to effectively manage peace of mind, family fun, personal obligations with often over-demanding work schedules is almost impossible. ALMOST. Life balance expert and motivational speaker Jonathan Edison shares the powerful (and empowering) secrets top producers use to avoid burnout, produce at a higher level and still maintain a happy, healthy personal and family life.

Customize Your OWN Topic
Don’t see what you’re looking for? No Problem!
It’s sometimes hard to decide which Keynote topic to choose from especially when and you and your committee have already made the decision on a conference theme. No worries. As an experienced speaker and master of ceremonies, Jonathan Edison is thrilled to take your message of choice and fuel it with powerful content, energy, enthusiasm, skills and the kind of solutions you’re looking for from your next keynote speaker. With humor, honesty, excitement and the ability to connect with every member of your audience – you’ll know you chose the RIGHT speaker from the moment you get on the phone and share your vision with him. He’ll craft the on-point message that will not only inspire and motivate – but more importantly, give your group the how-to tools they need to succeed both in the now as well as long-term.


“Jonathan, you are one of the most electrifying speakers that I’ve seen in over 25 years. We are so looking forward to launching a National Public Broadcasting Special with you in 2014 that will be viewed by over 10 Million people”. Diane Bliss Vice President of Fundraising, PBS

“Jonathan, you we’re absolutely amazing!! Not only were we motivated, but your message on Diversity was intense and passionate. We are definitely going to have you speak to all of our resource groups across the country”. Tom Hempfield, VP, Federal Sales, Hewlett Packard

“Jonathan, the one word that continues to show up on your review is WOW!!. Our group is always so motivated and charged up after you leave we find it hard to let you go. Were looking forward to having you back again and again…..because we are as you say “UNSTOPPABLE”. Michelle McCrary, Community Affairs, Blue Cross Blue Shield

“On behalf of ORGPRO we would like to thank you again for speaking, we received an overwhelming positive response to your presentation. You provided a valuable contribution to our success. Our attendees agreed that you were highly energetic, humorous and informative. We look forward to definitely having you back!” Geralyn L. Root, Dir. of Prof. Development, Michigan Society of Association Executives

“Jonathan you were absolutely incredible. The way that you were able to connect with my managers using your own personal story was spell-binding. We’re looking forward to having you back again next year. Steven Wing, President of Governmental Affairs, CVS Corporation

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  1. Jonathan it was a pleasure getting to see you in Lewisville during the employee appreciation week at Santander. You were really outgoing and down to earth, but you also gave us some very helpful information. Hopefully now we will all get our own personal JoJo’s and remember the 70/30 rule.

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