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Coaching, Creativity, Leadership, Master of Ceremonies, Strategic PlanningMaggie Milne

Travels From: Thunder Bay, Ontario
Fee Range: $5,000 – $7,500


Maggie is known for her expertise as a seasoned speaker who relies on more than theory to get her point across. Her firm, MMI (1986) has a reputation for zealous, interactive high content programmes with a twist of ingenuity. Maggie has developed stimulating connections with audiences in the mudhuts of Ghana and executive boardrooms in Canada and Australia. Above all, she loves the North; her home base is Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Maggie has been the Atlantic Speakers Bureau’s “Consummate Speaker of the Year”. Northern Ontario Business magazine chose her as one of the north’s “Most Influential Women”: in May 2001, Maggie was honoured for “demonstrating phenomenal influence as an inspiration to others in Northern Ontario.” In April 2002, she received the “Outstanding Mentor” award from the Young Entrepreneurs of Canada. In 2004, she received the “Amplifying the Thunder Award” from the Thundering Women Festival. In 2005 she was awarded “Business of the Year” by PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise. In March 2006, the Thunder Bay Business Women’s Network awarded her their first Lifetime Membership Award. She is excited about her role as judge for the NOB Women of Influence Awards (June 2007).

She has studied Creativity at the Monroe Institute and with Dr. Betty Edwards at the Boston School of Fine Arts. She is certified with the Herrmann Brain Dominance Institute (Whole Brain Thinking and Facilitating), as well as training in Learning Organizations (Nevis, Dibella and Gould) at Harvard. She invests one month annually into her personal professional development, receiving her Masters in Coaching in San Diego California (2004). She was first certified as a coach in1989. She is a regular at the Maui Writers’ Conference. In the spring of 2007, she will study with Byron Katie for her certification in doing “The Work”.

Maggie is a founding Director of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and a member of the International Federation and NSA (1991). She holds membership in the International Coach Federation as well as the International Association of Facilitators, Chamber of Commerce, and a founding Champion of Leadership Thunder Bay.

Her claim to fame is her ability to jump in with both feet. She has a long list of “firsts”: first female to be hired on contract with the Canadian Grain Elevators; founding Executive Director of the Multicultural Association of Northwestern Ontario, and the Ontario Prevention Network. Editor of “Rural Connections”, and a wedding and funeral photographer with her parent’s family business. Maggie has never been traditional and she has never stood still!

Her work on leadership is included in the anthology, The Master’s Collection: Executive Insights for Global Leadership. Her column, Creative Confessions appears in MidWest Edge and Transforming Boundaries magazines. Her new book, “Creative Confessions, from Vulnerable to Valuable” highlights the paths of northern women entrepreneurs, and is due to be released in 2007.


Keynotes ~ Workshops ~ Coaching

1. Shift Is Possible – Creativity (Leadership, Team Building, Customer Service or Personal Motivation)

We live in a world where we are constantly connected, strategically isolated, and yearning for personal truth. There is a perplexing tension between our aspirations and the reality of our actions. Do we do what we say we will do? How consistently? What is our shift readiness factor?

During this lively and humorous Keynote, our presenter will explore the possibilities for shifting our plans, tuning up our relationships and expanding our personal horizons. Be prepared to use the questions, dialogue and hear the call to jump out of the rut.

2. The Strategy of Strategy (Executive Leadership, Prelude to Strategic Planning)

Maggie brings her stories, her sense of humour and thought-provoking theories about our understanding of “Strategy” around the board room table.

We will understand why the words “dialogue” , “flow” and “gusto” should be added to our organizational vocabulary. Maggie’s expertise in asking the right question at the right time, for the right reasons, will demonstrate how to analyze and strategize so that our organization experiences more flow. The added benefits? Clarity, competence and commitment (let’s remember laughter) between volunteers and staff.

3.  Another Day, Another Dilemma (All Levels, All Industries)

When your leaders and the team need to make strategic – and effective – decisions, they need the time and the tools to strengthen their personal styles. Stressful environments and fast-paced demands require flexible decision-making mindsets, which intertwine:

§ Analysis of data and factual information

§ Breakthroughs in creative thinking and conceptual pathways

§ Expressive dialogue, and

§ Versatile methodologies appropriate for each situation.

The truth is that determining the right approach is often derailed by personal assumptions, self-delusional practices, out-dated skills, closed conversations and organizational culture. Through a combination of theory, experimentation, role plays and strategic scenario planning, participants will build both their capacity and capability for making key decisions. Maggie delivers with panache and a twist!


Maggie Milne: Right On Track
Reprint from a column by Ann Douglas

Maggie Milne is crystal clear about her priorities. In fact, she’s got an itemized list in her head that she refers to time and time again.

“First there’s Maggie, then there’s my business, then there’s my writing, then there’s my parents, and then there’s everything else in my life.”

She’s certainly one to practice what she preaches. She starts her day by heading out for a walk the moment the sun gets up. Then she heads into her office to get a head start on her working day and to spend some time writing before the rest of the world gets up.

By 8:15 a.m., she’s made the morning check-in phone call to her Mom and she’s ready to tackle anything else that life throws her way. Maggie hasn’t always been this focused and on track. She remembers 1999 as being a really bad year when she had to stop and think about what she really wanted to accomplish in life.

“I took some advice from my mentor and went for a very long walk, taking a look at nature. I observed what the ants were doing, listened to the birds singing, and just let my feet feel the earth. By the time I got home, I had my answer. Maggie had to come first instead of last.”

“I’ve discovered that there is a lot of wisdom inside you, just waiting to be listened to. You just have to give yourself enough room to listen to your own spirit. It’s okay to allow yourself to get off track for a while, but you don’t want to let it go on too long.”

You also don’t want to get trapped in tired thinking – by doing the same old same old. Earlier this year, Maggie decided to celebrate her 50th birthday by doing something she’d never done before: “I took off my bikini top and tanned my boobs in public!”

It’s that kind of thinking and willingness to dare to do something for the first time that keeps her fresh and energized. “I believe you have to keep going and keep growing,” she explains.

Final thought: “My recipe for sanity consists of fresh air, fresh water, fresh greens, and fresh thinking.”
This article first appeared on August 7, 2000.

“Maggie, you were the magic ingredient that made it all work. From the Keynote address to the special touches like the earth prayer before dinner, things would not have been the same without you.”
Elaine Lynch,
Ministry of Culture & Citizenship

I am writing to tell you how impressed I was with your ability to MC the annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers…You brought energy, life and humour to that role. You were one of the best MC’s I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. You are Thunder Bay’s answer to Whoopi Goldberg.”
Dr. Brad McRae,
McRae and Associates

“We started the decade (1990) with your customized “Spirit of Service” seminars for our airline. We would like to begin the millennium with you again for a “Train the Trainer” program. We trust you implicitly with our staff training.”
Brad Martin,
VP Operations,
Bearskin Airlines

“It is really great, occasionally, to get feedback on the job that you are doing, and how effective of a boss you really are. The speech (by the staff) and the Best Boss Plaque were most appreciated, and your article* was the icing on the cake.”
*(“Inviting Innovation” Program for Renée’s and Intercorp Excelle, Words of Mouth Magazine Article: “Best Boss Awards”)
Renee Unger,
Renée’s and Excelle Foods Inc.

“Although I was unable to see your entire presentation at the Northern Networks Trade Conference (USA/CANADA), I was able to watch you on video. Now I have some additions to my vocabulary…ostrich heads, campfire fanatics et al. I am sure that the delegates appreciated your opening remarks as much as I did.”
John Thompson,


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