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Mike Randal as Mark Twain
Mike Randal as Mark Twain

Mark Twain, America’s Greatest Author And Humorist is brought to life through the considerable talents of actor Mike Randall.  This Nationally Acclaimed one-man Mark Twain Stage Production has charmed audiences throughout the United States and Canada since 1972!.  Appearing Off-Broadway at New York City’s ONLY Dinner-Theatre and on college campuses, at Corporate gatherings, Dinner Theatres, Opera Houses, Churches, Schools and in Regional Theatres, the show bursts forth with all the wit and wisdom that was the trade-mark of the “Great Man Himself”.  From the moment Mike Randall walks on stage there is no doubt that the “Celebrated Humorist” Mark Twain was and continues to be, one of America’s greatest natural resources! “Against the assault of Laughter nothing can stand…”


 Mark Twain & Mike Randall  Biographies

Mark Twain
Mark Twain


He was born Samuel Langhorn Clemens in the tiny town of Florida, Missouri and went on to become the World’s best known and loved author, Mark Twain.  In between he tried a little of everything.  Eventually Mark Twain became a steamboat pilot-“I loved that profession far better than any I’ve followed since”. He spent time as a newspaper reporter though he “hated to do it”.  He went west to seek his fortune during the Gold Rush–“oh, the dreams of our youth-how beautiful they are and yet how perishable.”

When he finally put pen to paper and created such classic stories as “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, “Huckleberry Finn”, “Innocents Abroad” and “The Prince And The Pauper”,  Mark Twain changed the face of American Literature forever.  One place that he truly shined was on stage.  Mark Twain  was considered one of the funniest and most sought after speakers of his day.  National and International lecture tours helped to hone his “acting skills”. His hundreds of speaking engagements  refined his story-telling skills to an art form.  Mark Twain “In-Person” a rare treat indeed. Born in 1835, he “came in with Haley’s Comet” and went out with it 75 years later in 1910 just as he had predicted. No doubt that today’s stand-up comics owe a debt to the man who first made America laugh-Mark Twain Live!  Mike Randall recreates the Mark Twain magic In his one-man show, “Mark Twain Live!” The Nationally Acclaimed Portrayal Of America’s Greatest Humorist!


Mike Randal
Mike Randal


Mike Randall…began impersonating America’s greatest author at the age of seventeen!  Two years later he was winning rave reviews at “The Buffalo Showboat”.  At age 20 he had given a command performance at the State Department in Washington, D.C., and one year later he brought his rendition of the “Celebrated Humorist” to New York City’s only Dinner-Theatre, “The Little Hippodrome”.

Twenty-eight years and more than two thousand performances later,  Mike Randall continues to enjoy his close encounter with Mark Twain.  Mike Randall has brought “Mark Twain Live!” to dinner theaters, regional theaters, opera houses, schools, colleges, churches and private clubs around the country, delivering a “Breathtaking performance of remarkable subtlety and depth”.
Three hours of make-up combined with the actor’s mannerisms, speech and Twain’s actual words create a startling realistic portrait of “America’s original stand-up comic-Mark Twain!”




“From the moment you made your grand entrance you captivated the audience.  Our guests thoroughly enjoyed your humorous and energetic performance.  You have perfected it well and we continue to hear positive comments about the evening.  Thanks for being such an easy keeper. As Director of Public Programs for the museum, I deal with many performers, actors, musicians, etc. and I have to say you are one of the easiest performers to deal with.  Thank you for making my job a little easier.  I hope I get the pleasure of working with you again in the near future.”
Michelle Worden
Director Of Public Programs
Genesee Country Village & Museum
“Thank you for your great presentation at The Fox!  Your Mark Twain Live! was enjoyed by all!  Mark Twain was an amazing character and you made him come to life for our audience.  Thank you also for being a professional who was delight to work with.  You made scheduling and all of our arrangements so easy.  And you were very accessible to our local media, which always helps with the success of any performance.  We’d love to have you back again.”
Marcia Mortensson
Executive Director Visalia Fox Theatre

“Dear Michael, as you know, I,  at one time held the dramatic rights to the life of Mark Twain and wrote the screen play,  “The Adventures of  Mark Twain”, produced by Warner Brothers with Frederick March in the role of Twain.  Imagine my delight at seeing your remarkable performance in your one-man presentation at the Ike Murry Dinner Theatre in Little Rock!  I couldn’t help but wish that you had played Twain instead of March in the big feature picture.  Your interpretation of America’s Great Humorist was all that I visualized Twain to be in real life.  Your every gesture, your intonations, your timing, your facial expressions, your changes of pace, your sensitive handling of the wide range of Twain’s humorous and philosophic commentaries made it seem as though Twain himself, had returned to life.  I am sure that every member of the audience was as moved as I was by your performance.”
Harold Sherman
Author Of  “The Adventures Of Mark Twain”
Mountain View,  Arkansas

“Thank you one more time for the outstanding performance in Chautauqua.  You would have enjoyed the afterglow of the evening as many of the conference guests sat on the porch in the moonlight  recounting the stories and presentation Mark Twain delivered so delightfully.  It was fulfilling for me as again I felt pride sharing one of our “hometown celebrities” with colleagues from across the state.  As a first attendee of “Mark Twain Live!” I will not hesitate to take advantage of a repeat performance.”
Phyllis Gentner
Director of Volunteer Services At DeGraff Hospital Of  Kaleida Health
Co-Chair Of Developement Conference At The Athenaeum Hotel, Chautauqua Institution, NY

“Terrific performance!  It was great to have you here at Fredonia Opera House, and I hope the experience was as enjoyable for you as it was for us.  I have had several calls since Saturday with people just effusing praise for your performance…thanks for being part of our opening season.”
David Munnel
Executive Director
The 1891 Fredonia Opera House

“We consider your performance an overwhelming success.  LJSL had a wonderful time presenting this event to the city of Lockport and it was well received.  We calculate that there were upwards of 800 in attendance.  We are still collecting the revenues from the outlets.  The city is still talking about it
today and will probably continue to do so for some time to come.”
Kim Hurd
Lockport Junior Service League

“Mike proved to be a true professional.  He visited the club in advance and worked with me on all the details including sound, lighting and timing.  As a result, our audience enjoyed a perfect evening…Everyone was well pleased.  I enthusiastically recommend his show as a special treat”
Sue Iudice
Lancaster Country Club

“Mike Randall’s performance of Mark Twain was not only witty and humorous, in true Twain style, but was superb entertainment suitable for all ages.  Randall’s poignant portrayal captured the timeless, yet captivating mannerisms of an American milestone figure.  The performance was definitely a recreation done  in a skillful charming way.  MARK TWAIN LIVE: a must see!!!
Richard S. Adle
Assistant Vice President Of Student Life
Hilbert College

“I would like to thank you for your presentation at the 5th Annual Mark Twain Birthday Party and Symposium.   I had heard your portrayal of Twain was very good, but I was not prepared for the absolutely perfect and tremendously humorous performance… please know that the faculty and staff of Niagara University appreciate your contributions to the education and the entertainment of our students.”
Nancy E. McGlen
Acting Dean/ Niagara University
College of Arts and Sciences

“Dear Mike, or should I say  ‘Mr. Twain’?  What a great job you did at the opening of the Mark Twain Exhibit at the Library.  Your performance was superb.”
Nancy A. Naples
Erie County Comptroller

“Your performance was fantastic!  It was a very successful event for Lockport Junior Service League and a wonderful event for the community. You are a delight to work with and maybe we’ll have an opportunity to work together again.  On behalf of Lockport Junior Service League and myself –
thank you!”
Sue Cassidy
Lockport Junior Service League

“You were terrific!  Anyone who missed your presentation at the Central Library on May 12th, missed the best Mark Twain to visit Buffalo in a century.  When we have another special event that lends itself to another appearance by America’s first stand-up comic, you’ll be the man I call.   Everyone would love to have you visit us again.”
Michael Mahaney
Assistant Deputy Director Community Relations
Buffalo & Erie County Library

“Mike Randall’s presentation of “Mark Twain Live!” was a delight and played to a packed house at Chautauqua Institution.  Twain once stated that the reports of his death were greatly exaggerated.  Let it be known that the quality of Mike Randall’s  portrayal is not greatly exaggerated.  He is terrific!”
Marty Merkley
Director Of Entertainment/ Chautauqua Institution



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