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Reva Nelson, Change
Reva Nelson

Change, Consulting, Inspiration, Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Presentation Skills

Travels From: Toronto, ON
Fee Range: $5000+


“Improving the morale, confidence and capabilities of your organization”

An accomplished speaker, workshop leader and facilitator, Reva has inspired hundreds of people with her wit, insights, and research. Well-known author of “Risk It!” and “Bounce Back!” and co-author of the Masters’ Collection on Leadership, and two books on speaking, most recently Women Speaking Out, Reva walks her talk. Clients find her sessions both practical and stimulating, resulting in mostly repeat and referral business. Since originating her company, Words. Worth Keynotes & Seminars in 1985, Reva Nelson has presented dynamic keynotes across Canada, the USA, Israel, and Trinidad.

Clients include CIBC Mellon, AT&T, IBM, Microsoft, Greenshield, Sony and many associations and government agencies. Often in demand for media interviews, Reva is known for her facilitation and consulting capabilities, encouraging keynotes, informational workshops, humour and warmth. She encourages companies to believe in their people and people in themselves.

She is Past President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), Toronto and a former member of the Ontario Society for Training & Development (OSTD), and Accord. Reva is a current member of IAF.


Seminar and Conference Topics:


Bounce Back! Creating Resilience from Adversity Positive Risks & Initiatives

Speak.Plus: Beyond Presentation Skills

Living Leadership Intuition at Work

Courageous Conversations

Keynote Topics:

The Gift of You

Common Sense Isn’t Common Enough

Bounce Back! Resilience

Take Some Initiative

Spiritual Leadership – Creating Values and Meaning in the Organization

Reva Nelson is an experienced facilitator, speaker and trainer. She often leads whole group sessions for up to 60 senior managers or individual executive coaching sessions after a keynote in a conference or retreat setting.

Courageous Conversations

The people in business are people first, and workers second. Individuals now want more than a job; they are looking for authenticity and meaning. As leaders, whether we are speaking to one person, working with a team in trouble or facilitating a large group, there are always moments when the need to speak the truth can be difficult. How do we balance ‘workplace savvy’ with honesty? How do we take risks, in the moment, to say what needs saying?

With the right intention and focus, disparate groups can come together for a common cause. This keynote explores communication difficulties, positive risk-taking and the need for truth and kindness in the corporation.

Follow up team facilitation and coaching is available after this keynote.

Reva Nelson is a successful facilitator, speaker and author of Risk It! and Bounce Back! She was one of the select group of facilitators at CIBC’s Leadership Centre for five years and continues to work with all levels of international companies, mid-sized businesses, education and government. President of Words.Worth Keynotes & Seminars since 1985, Reva helps companies believe in their people, and people to believe in themselves.

The Gift of You

What do you ‘bring to the table’?

Whether that table is in the Boardroom or the dining room, we need to understand our own worth. Understanding our values helps us find meaning in our workplaces and lives. In a world of increased pressures and changing demands we must know how to remain centred, focused and enthusiastic. Leaders need to know how to inspire others and we all need to know how to inspire ourselves.

Also, it is critical to understand our own importance without inflicting self-importance on others.

What is your real net worth, in values, not dollars? How can you take the risks needed to bring the best of you to your family, friends, work and company? What matters most in your life and world at this time? People who feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated can know there is an opportunity to share at a deeper level and work with more awareness of each moment, Reva Nelson’s insights will encourage you to offer the very best of yourselves.

“This uplifting keynote speaks to your heart, your spirit and the true Gift of You.”

Reva Nelson is a successful speaker, facilitator and author of Risk It! and Bounce Back! She works with all levels of international companies, mid-sized businesses, education and government. President of Words.Worth Keynotes & Seminars since 1985, Reva helps companies believe in their people, and people to believe in themselves.


“Your keynote address dealing with risk-taking and change management was very targeted, and established the proper framework for the session. You skillfully facilitated our off-site session and pushed us right “through the finish line.”

President & CEO, CIBC Mellon

“You don’t just talk about what to do, you actually do it! You can add our Board of Governors to your list of satisfied customers of your Panic-free Presentations workshop.”
Director, Canadian Chiropractic Association

“Your presentation on Positive Risk-taking was superb – comprehensive, humorous and thoughtful.”
Royal Trust Real Estate

“Your presentation, like you, was warm, witty and REAL.”
Insurance Executive

“We appreciated your ability and flexibility to customize your Risk and Resilience topics for the Caribbean Service Managers event. Your experience helped us look at the human aspects of change.”
Manager, Customer Service Caribbean North District, IBM

“Thank you for your superb facilitation and guidance through this tricky business of trying to become a high performing team; our outcomes far exceeded our expectations.”
Director, Sales & Service, CIBC

“Our candidates were delighted to receive copies of ‘Risk It’. You were, as always, informative, enlightening and just plain fun.”
MPI Conference Chair

“Your enthusiastic presentation of Positive Risk-taking was stimulating and inspiring for the members of our women’s business network.”

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