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Administrative Professionals
Rhonda Scharf, Administrative Professionals

Author, Expert on Administrative Professionals, Communication & Conflict,  Motivation/Humour    

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Rhonda Scharf is a Professional Speaker, Trainer and Author, based in Ottawa, Ontario.  She has spoken to tens of thousands of people in ten different countries.  She conducts on-site training, keynote speeches, regular webinars and coaching to a variety of clients. She embraces the opportunity to customize programs to suit the needs of her client base.

Her enthusiasm and positive energy truly make her stand out in her profession. Rhonda has the ability to make training fun and interesting.   She is very active within the administrative community and its various associations.  She is known as the “go-to” person for Administrative Professionals and widely known and respected for her approach and solution based information

Rhonda has earned the highest speaking designation in the world, the “Certified Speaking Professional” designation (CSP). In 2004, Rhonda served as the National President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), has served on the Board of the Global Speaker Federation and is named in the current edition of “Who’s Who in Professional Speakers” (where she has been listed since 1998).   Rhonda has also received the “Spirit of CAPS” award in 2008 which is a true testament to her abilities as a professional speaker, since it is earned through peer nominations. This award is of special meaning to Rhonda.

Rhonda is a respected author and has recently published her fifth book entitled “Common Sense is NOT Common Practice”. She is also the creator of three CDs.   When Rhonda is in “mom-mode” she is mother to three young adults (yes, they still need their mom), enjoys being active in golf and skiing, and is reality television fanatic.  She and her husband Warren are looking forward to sharing the Canadian winters between the ski hills of Ottawa and the beaches of their Florida home.


I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
Do you feel like you are just putting in time when you come to work? Hopefully not. Do you feel appreciated, valued and like you are an important part of the team? Don’t fear if you don’t –  You’re not alone! Learn to get “satisfaction.”

Sometimes You’re The Windshield…Sometimes You’re The Bug
Sometimes life gets the better of us, and we ask “Whose life is it, anyway”? When you stop living for yourself, and live only for everyone else, something is missing! In this humorous keynote, Rhonda shares that not only do we all experience this feeling – it’s OK to be frustrated!

Charisma, Credibility & Confidence. The 1-2-3 Plan for Success!
Why is it that some people can walk into a room, and everyone will notice. Or with others, there is that immediate connection with (or the opposite – the immediate dislike!) Everyone wants to be the person that exudes Charisma, Credibility and Confidence.

Make the Leap to Remarkable   I get it, you’re good at what you do – but are you remarkable?
Do you really stand out as “one of the best”? And if you’ve been doing your job for a while now (lets say, over five years), how do you know if you are that good anymore?

Teambuilding – A Lesson in Leadership  
What is “Leadership” anyway?  Leadership in 2013 is very different than Leadership in 1985.  Do you know how to lead through your current role – regardless of your title?  Do you know how to lead so others will want to follow?


How To Manage Stress – Before It Manages You!
Learn how to balance the urgent demands of all areas of life, without having to sacrifice yourself! In this interactive workshop, Rhonda helps people define where their stress is coming from, how to identify it, and how to resist it – before its too late! A serious subject, with a lighthearted approach.

The Amazing Assistant  
This energetic, fun and fast paced program will show you how to master your critical role as an Administrative Assistant, Secretary or Support Professional.  Refine and expand the critical skills that make you better than good…they make you “AMAZING” !

Professional Effectiveness
Manage Time More Effectively and Increase Productivity in the Workplace.  Do you complain that you don’t have enough time? Do you seem to always get behind on your organizational work, but aren’t sure why?

Project Management for Administrative Professionals  

Face it, you didn’t study project management, yet you’re being asked to run small to medium sized projects while you learn on your feet. Save yourself the frustration and mistakes of learning while you go by attending this program designed specifically for administrative professionals running projects as part of their job description.

Dealing With Difficult People & Confrontation Skills
Never again fall victim to those who love to make life miserable for the rest of us! The ability to communicate effectively in the workplace has become a basic skill in today’s environment. As the workplace becomes more stressful there seems to be more difficult people to deal with. In this program you will learn.


Oh, also tomorrow we will be doing a presentation to staff about what we learned at the conference. Another coworker and I will be sharing your advice and your analogy of driving a car to setting yourself up for being positive and staying positive. I’m hoping to have some smiles on the stick for my staff as well. I will give you the credit for all your ideas. Brittany and I simply love them and really want the staff to embrace them as well. I bought your book “Common sense is not common practice” and I will encourage staff to borrow it from me and read it.


Hello Rhonda, I just wanted to let you know, that I thoroughly enjoyed taking your course on minute taking in Edmonton yesterday. It was fun and very informative. I will be implementing many of the tips and tricks I have learned. I am so glad that I took the course. Thank you so very much.
Tina Best, Executive Assistant The Alberta Library

Rhonda, truly, I’m not blowing smoke up your skirt here – I truly feel your course is one of the most significantly beneficial courses I’ve attended in 25+ years of being an administrative support person. I wish I knew about you 13 years ago!
Michelle Hawgood

It was fun and very informative. I will be implementing many of the tips and tricks I have learned.
Tina Best, Executive Assistant The Alberta Library





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