Alison Hart

Alison Hart
Alison Hart, Spirituality

Inner Resources, Authentic Purpose,  Spirituality & Life

Travels from – Canada – New Brunswick
Fees:  $ 1500 – $3500


Born and educated in Wales, now living in New Brunswick, Canada, Alison Tapuana Hart has a rich international background in the performing arts, entrepreneurship, trade, commerce and industry, and with non-profit organizations in the U.K. and Canada.

For the past 15 years she has combined this background with research and experiential training in indigenous and non-traditional knowledge systems, to bring transformative workshops and retreats to individuals, small business, government agencies, corporate, educational and non-profit organizations. 

As an experienced speaker, teacher, student, and practitioner of Hawaiian wisdom teachings since 1993, and as a researcher of universal laws since 1978, Alison reacquaints seekers with profound and living systems of inner knowledge through workshops, retreats, and one-to-one personal and Professional coaching.

 ” What we hold in our mind, we empower. What we hold in our heart and intent, we commit into being. What we speak on our breath, we seed and disperse. When love for all life shows in our every action, we are spirit made visible.” (Alison Tapuana)

 Topics – Spirituality

 How to live and work authentically in a world of constant change, by rekindling the resources that remain constant: spirit, purpose, ideals, and intuition. All offerings are tailored to their intended audiences.

Living on Purpose: The power of being true to yourself. 

Working on Purpose: The power and rewards of working with a highest common purpose.

Living in the Na’au – Hawaiian wisdom teachings for times of drastic change.

Inner Resources: Tapping the wealth of who we are, individually and together.

It’s All One: Going beyond the Law of Attraction


“… I just wanted you to know that your tape really turned around a negative, depressed phase
for me….! Thank you. I thought you might enjoy knowing that you made a difference. I’m sure you know
that you always make a difference, but this was a great moment. Thanks again!”

-Rev. PD Maui

“Exuding innate warmth and humour, as well as a strong sense of personal purpose, she instantly
created an atmosphere of openness and relaxed sharing and experiencing among participants of varying
ages and backgrounds…to provide a fun, informative, and meaningful experience.”

-JD, Fredericton

“Alison communicates very clearly and powerfully, and teaches experientially. For me, the
experience…has been a very powerful one that has left enduring traces of courage, hope, and

-MN, Fredericton

“…infuses her work with a respect for the profound potential for healing in our world, coupled
with practical ways of bringing healing to bear on our lives; at work, at home, at play.”

-GK, Ottawa

Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada