Carol Lesbirel

Communication, Team Dynamics and Divergent Thinking, Customer Service, Leadership & Coaching, CarolLesbirel
Managing Difficult Situations, Powerful People Skills, Staff Development & Training,
Stress/Time Management, Behavioural Interviewing, Interactive Selling and Service,
Meeting Management, the Dynamics of Change, The DISC Personal Assessment Tool

Travels From: Oakfield, Nova Scotia
Fee Range: $ 3500

Biography – motivational trainer

Carol’s Professional Background

Carol is an accomplished and versatile professional speaker, motivational trainer, facilitator and author who will help you unlock the invisible door that so often stands between people and their ultimate personal and professional goals.

Whether it’s leadership and coaching, communication dynamics, change management, behavioural profiling, stress and distress differentiation, or other workshops from her client-tailored repertoire, Carol’s training is fast-paced, information-packed and guaranteed to deliver the skills and techniques that will allow you to advance faster and further in your career and in your life.

You will leave Carol’s sessions feeling, motivated and optimistic, with concrete ideas you can press into action immediately. Carol’s use of real life examples makes her content easy to understand, easy to use and participants feel they can implement the new ideas and experience positive results.

Carol is consistently rated highly by course participants; in fact, she scores “very good” or “excellent” 98% of the time. Participants listen, laugh and learn; they leave Carol’s sessions feeling appreciated, encouraged and energized; more importantly, they leave empowered to act in their own best interests.

People who have participated in Carol’s sessions describe her as dynamic, energetic and infectiously enthusiastic. Her strong commitment and deep understanding of the subject matter is grounded in a solid experience of over 25 years as an entrepreneur, business owner, people motivator and team leader. This depth of experience, combined with strong personal leadership and communication skills, allows Carol to quickly develop a rapport with audiences that encourages a high level of participation and interaction. Carol has fresh ideas and solutions and is uniquely qualified to create customized programs.

In addition to training and facilitating, Carol is in demand as a keynote speaker and is currently represented by a number of Speaker’s Bureaus.

Carol resides in Oakfield, Nova Scotia with her husband Doug and their one son, Mitchell.

In many circles, Carol is known as the CEO…Chief Energizing Officer!

Carol has worked with the following organizations:

    • Aliant
    • Atlantic Call Centres
    • Atlantic Connection Realtor Convention
    • Atlantic Floor Covering Industry
    • Atlantic Wholesalers/SuperStores/Loblaws
    • Braemore Homes
    • Canadian Manufacturer’s & Exporters
    • Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board
    • Capital Health
    • CBDC Hants-Kings Development Center
    • City of Windsor
    • Clairca
    • Confederation Court Mall
    • CornerBrook Pulp & Paper Ltd.
    • Dairy Farmers of Ontario
    • Delta Sydney
    • Department of Community Services
    • Department of Environment & Labour
    • Department of Health
    • Department of Northern Affairs
    • Distican Agencies
    • DND Transportation Department
    • East Hants & District Chamber of Commerce
    • Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals
    • Employment Support Services
    • Exxon Mobil
    • Gateway Homes
    • Grand View Manor
    • Greenwood Mall
    • Halifax Regional School Board
    • Halifax Regional Municipality Finance Department
    • Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission
    • Home of the Guardian Angel
    • IAAP
    • Keltic Lodge
    • Material Management Institute
    • M-Cap Financial
    • Memorial Gardens
    • MicMacMall
    • National Manufacturing
    • Nova Scotia Agricultural College
    • Nova Scotia Dental Association
    • Nova Scotia Health Care Purchasing Ltd.
    • Nova Scotia Safety Council
    • Nova Scotia School Boards Association
    • NSCC Kingstex Campus
    • NSCNA Conference
    • Quadra Chemicals
    • Red Hat Convention
    • Serco Management Solutions
    • Sony Music
    • South-East Regional Health Authority
    • St. Francis Xavier University
    • The Berkeley Bedford
    • The Prince George Hotel
    • Truro Development Corporation  AND 100’S MORE !


    • Carol received certification as a trainer in “Accelerated Learning for Adults” from David Meier of the Accelerated Learning Centre in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA
    • Carol is a certified facilitator with Profiles Global Inc. which allows her to deliver the Personal Profile Assessment Tool.
    • Carol has recently attended a three-day training session with the Franklin Covey Foundation and successfully completed “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” program .


1. Connect Attitude and Behaviour

No other element will have more impact on your life than attitude. It is personal, unique and potentially, your most priceless possession.

  • Learn the 7 realities of behaviour that are influenced by attitude
  • Discover 5 ways to perk up your attitude
  • Recognize the 4 keys points to remember about attitude

Your attitude towards life will determine life’s attitude towards you.

2. De-Clutter Your Life

Want to get rid of those pesky piles and banish the mental clutter? This session will give you the 7 P’s that will move you from chaos to calm. You will learn how to employ Grandmas 1-hour solution, as well as, the ABC”s of defragging your mind. This session will deal with clutter in 3 main areas:

  • Physical … your surroundings at home and work
  • Personal .. your finances, career and lifestyle
  • Health……..your spirit, mind and soul

Reduce clutter …reclaim freedom.

3. Dig a Hole or Climb a Pole

We live in a world of constant change and most of us find change stressful. You have three choices when it comes to change…

  • be a victim of change and hope it all goes away
  • be a viewer of change and watch as everything passes by
  • be a victor and win with change

Winning with change requires getting involved. Learn the power of understanding that all change has an ending, incubation and transition period and a new beginning. Change is a voyage of self-discovery and opportunity…learn how to embrace change to move forward.

 4. Dodging Stressful Flying Saucers

You never know when or where a flying saucer will descend upon you and give you one more thing to do. We will show you how to make conscious decisions when accepting flying saucers.

Are you:

  • Always out of time?
  • Always in a crisis?
  • Always multi-tasking?
  • Feeling too challenged?
  • Have no time for fun or the unexpected?

Learn to:

  • Recognize a flying saucer
  • Assertively deflect a saucer
  • Ignore or avoid saucers
  • Deal with upward flying saucers
  • Identify how a flying saucer can transform into a rocket

Flying saucers zoom, whirl, spin and eventually land somewhere. It could be on you….watch out!!!

 5. Live Your Life Like You Really Mean It…Celebrate

Moments of greatness or happiness give us repeated pleasure when we might need it the most. It can give you strength to tackle life’s obstacles and remind you of your resourcefulness. This spirit of thinking will guide you to an optimistic life filled with celebrations. We will cover the 4 thinking patterns that can thwart celebration. Mapping out a life plan that will allow you to live your life like you really mean it, needs to be intentional…let us show you the way.

 6. One Hour To Sanity

A humorous and practical approach to stress management. When you explore a typical day in most people’s lives, you can begin to recognize that from early morning to late at night people are constantly multi-tasking, making a vast number of decisions and choices. No wonder we are stressed. Finding the right balance and what works for you is at the root of this keynote. Fun and information-packed with realistic solutions.

7. Professionalism and the Art of Self-Marketing

In this session, the following questions will be addressed:

  • What is professionalism?
  • What is the criterion required to be viewed as a professional?
  • Where are you positioned?
  • What is self-marketing?
  • What are the ways to make you memorable?
  • Do you know your 5 second infomercial?
  • Can you connect with conversation?
  • Do you follow through?
  • How are you packaging yourself?
  • Are you a snoozer, cruiser or beamer?


8. Swim With The Sharks And Survive

To explain this session best would be to say, in conflict and/or negotiation situations, be careful of the sharks. Sharks are more than just difficult. Sharks can be people or organizations with their own agendas, often determined to win at all costs. Sharks can take a nibble, bite, attack, circle, stalk and sometimes eat you. Learning to be an assertive communicator and a skilful negotiator will balance the power. This session will provide you with tips to swim to safety and come out alive.


9. Teachable Moments

Leadership involves getting others to willingly do the things you want them to do. A teachable moment is a 10 to 15 minute coaching opportunity that ultimately increases employee’s competencies, skills and accountability. The teachable moment’s concept employs a 3-step process which is quick, easy and effective. Take a moment to teach…everyone wins.



“Having known Carol since the late 1990’s, she is, in my opinion, one of the most talented trainers in the East Coast. She has been working with us to help educate and motivate our front line supervisors since 1998. With a population base of over 13,000 employees, in four provinces, I had expected to find a trainer, from within our ranks, similar to Carol, but that has not been the case. Carol is truly a unique person with a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of skill sets. Her ability to quickly adapt to various corporate cultures, as well as her skills, at setting each person that attends her class at ease, is nothing short of amazing. Carol creates a safe environment for people to learn in, where attendees can more easily experiment with new ideas. It has been my pleasure, on personal level, to have known Carol over these many years. Her professionalism, integrity and friendship are appreciated.”

  • Phillip Tower
  • Senior Manager
  • Training and Development
  • Atlantic Wholesalers
  • Eastern Division of Loblaws


“I would strongly recommend Carol Lesbirel to any organization that is looking for a dynamic trainer or presenter.”

  • Graham Hardy
  • Administrator
  • Grand View Manor


“The workshops you have presented to our staff over the past few months have been excellent. You are so dynamic and enthusiastic. Your wealth of knowledge and experience makes your presentations interesting, as well as, beneficial to all participants. One of the comments from a participant ‘The best seminar, with the best instructor I’ve ever attended in my many years of nursing’ was truly reflective of the many comments on the evaluation sheets. Thank you, Carol, for wonderful workshops!”

  • Beth Hakkert, RN
  • Director of Nursing
  • Grand View Manor


“Most importantly, the participants said what they found most valuable to be was learning about the importance of attitude, what assertive speaking and listening are, goal setting, time management and especially learning more about how to market themselves in today’s highly competitive workplace. An excellent session.”

  • Roxanne Higgins
  • Organization Development and HR Planning Consultant
  • Ontario Training and Adjustment Board


“Through your presentation, we were able to stop and reflect on how we, individually, manage stress in our lives, while enjoying the opportunity to laugh at our shortcomings. The objectives of the day were clearly achieved with many staff expressing a thorough enjoyment of your presentation. We sincerely appreciated the high degree of energy and enthusiasm you transmitted to us during the training session.”

  • Sherry Keen
  • Administrator
  • Windsor Elms


“What a GREAT day the team had at the Prince George Hotel. It was non-stop learning, fun and high energy from the moment you started and it is continuing here in the workplace. We all came away feeling very motivated which will only make our team stronger. I hope we have the opportunity to have you back with us again in the future.”

  • Carol Logan
  • Human Resources Manager
  • The Prince George Hotel


“I would like to thank you for presenting “Dig a Hole or Climb a Pole” at our recent conference. The comments we received from those that attended were very positive, as were the evaluations, of which I have included a summary copy for you. Thank you for an excellent presentation.”

  • Robyn Dean
  • Learning Services
  • River Valley Health


“Your treatment of the subject “Focus on the Future” was dead-on. Those who have heard you speak, over the last few years at this conference, are still amazed at your ability to bring a room to life, make the time enjoyable and yet get your message across in a non-threatening manner. Thank you for truly filling the bill of a ‘Keynote Presenter’ once again.”

  • Charlie MacLean
  • Co-ordinator- Food & Nutrition Program
  • Nova Scotia Health Care Purchasing


“On behalf of the Delightfully Dashing Debutants and the Valley Bloomers Red Hat Chapters, please accept our appreciation and thanks for your role in making our Red Hatter Week, held in conjunction with the Greenwood Mall, a special and memorable event. You did an excellent presentation, which was totally enjoyed by all present.”

  • Queen Daisy
  • Delightfully Dashing Debutants
  • Queen Lois
  • Valley Bloomers


“Thank you for your fantastic keynote presentation for the East Hants and District Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards dinner. Judging from the responses from the audience, your positive message and attitude was most favorably received. I have been to many events featuring a keynote speaker and I have to admit yours provided the most information and fun. It was great evening.”

  • Steve Jordan
  • Chair of the Small Business Week Committee
  • East Hants and District Chamber of Commerce


“I am writing on behalf of all the Serco Team at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, to thank you for your excellent Customer Service and Dimensions of Leadership Training sessions for our Management Team. The training was very beneficial and motivating. You have so much energy which makes the learning exciting and fun. I would highly recommend you as a presenter.”

  • Julie Nelson
  • Interim General Manager
  • Hopewell Rocks


“The New Glasgow Public Library hosted a workshop with Carol Lesbirel on “How to Reduce Stress” based on a chapter from her book “Who Says You Can’t” and Carol’s talk was entertaining, educational and fast-paced. The Management Team, who attended, said that it was one of the best workshops that the Library has hosted. Shortly after her presentation, I suggested her name to the program committee as a possible speaker for the 2007 Nova Scotia Library Association Conference and she has been contracted to speak at that upcoming event. I found my experience with this speaker/author to be both professional and enjoyable.”

  • Steven MacLean
  • Community Outreach Assistant
  • Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library


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