Chris Roebuck, Leadership for a new world

Chris Roebuck, Leadership for a new world, Human Resources Travels From:  London, England or New York City Fee Range: $8,000 – $10,000 USD + Biography The key challenge you face is to make your event memorable and an experience people talk positively about afterwards. But to be truly special and unforgettable you have to ensure the audience can take the great ideas they have heard and use them to make themselves more successful, to leave your event and  make a real difference for themselves, their team and organisation. That’s what I will deliver for you ‐ an  inspiring simple practical road map for success they can use back at work tailored to the key themes of your  event and the challenges your audience have. After 35 years unique experience as a leader in  business, government and military plus my role as  Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership I know what will deliver success and  what doesn’t ! As an example after my keynote  for his top 120 leaders the CEO of a global division  of a US pharma said : “This was an amazing presentation that  absolutely resonated really well with what we are  about at BD and with what I an trying to do with  the leadership team. Your message was so crisp,  so clear, so easy to understand, so relatable.  Your message resonated so much to be a true enabler to help us create value for the business going  forward using some of your great examples. It was fantastic. Thank you for your insights and message we  can use so well.” The content was tailored with the organizer to show, in an inspirational way, how the audience could go  and meet the specific challenges they faced after the event. This is proven to work for any event where  people are given great ideas which they want to go and make a reality afterwards, it works for any  individual, any team, any organization, anywhere. This inspiring call to action is a great way to end, or even  open, any event. There are virtually no other speakers globally who have this powerful combination of insights which allows  me to give audiences not theories, not models, not complex ideas but simple actions anyone can take every  …
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Patrick Leroux

Bilingual (French & English) Speaker, Sales, Customer Service, Personal & Professional Success, Business Growth Travels From: Blainville, Québec Fee Range: $5000 – $7500 Language:  French, English    Biography Successful entrepreneur and best selling author of eight books on sales and personal and professional development. Patrick Leroux helps his client to achieve superior RESULTS THROUGH ACTION. Patrick’s …
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Zunaira Munir

Blue Ocean Strategy, Tipping Point Leadership, Fair Process, Strategy & Innovation  Travels from:  San Diego, USA Fee Range: $10,000 – $15,000 Language: Arabic, English Biography Languages Spoken: Arabic, English Zunaira Munir is a seasoned blue ocean strategist with extensive experience helping prominent public and private organizations find innovative solutions to complex strategic challenges. Strategize Blue, a blue …
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Alan Hoffman

Alan Hoffman, Member of the Atlantic Speakers Bureau, Urban Planner/Developer