David Houle, Professional Dancer/Singer, Addiction Speaker



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David Houle



Magnificent Circus Aerialist/ Acrobat/ Dancer Paul Roberts
Viva Las Vegas Aerialist/ Acrobat/ Dancer On The Fly Productions
We Are One Aerialist/ Acrobat/ Dancer Keith Yang
Voodoo Man Aerialist/ Acrobat/ Dancer Jill Hillier
We Will Rock You Ensemble Royal Caribbean International/ Anthony


Sonore South Thief (Lead) Cirque du Soleil/ Susan Gaudreau
Viaggio Painter (Lead) Cirque du Soleil/ Susan Gaudreau
Kinky Boots (Original Canadian


Angel Mirvish Productions/ Jerry Mitchell
Starwater Aerialist/ Acrobat/ Dancer Moment Factory/ Sakchin Bessette
Sequins And Feathers Aerialist/ Acrobat/ Dancer Kevin and Marcel Wilson
Oasis Of Dreams Aerialist/ Acrobat/ Dancer Jeremy Plummer
Come Fly With Me Aerialist/ Acrobat/ Dancer Jeremy Plummer
The Children’s Crusade Lead Dancer Canadian Opera Company/ Tim Albery
Toronto Dance Theatre (2 Seasons) Company Dancer Christopher House
Aleatoria                                              Contemporary Dancer Peggy Baker
Older And Reckless                            Contemporary Dancer Claudia Moore
One Life                                              Aerialist/ Acrobat/ Dancer Massimo Agostinelli

* DORA Award WIN – Outstanding Production, DORA Award Nomination – Outstanding Performance –




Diploma – Toronto Dance Theatre – Ballet, Modern (Horton, Graham, Limon)

Johanna Bergfelt, Patricia Fraser, Susanna Hood, Christopher House, Sasha Ivanockho,

Helen Jones, Susan Macpherson, Sharon Moore, Ruth Cansfield, Margie Gillis, Risa Steinberg

The National Ballet of Canada – Ballet, Modern, Character, Musical Theatre

Shaun Amyot, Evelina Ganina, Alexander Gorbatsevich, Laurence

Lemieux Resmi Malko


Fluent French, Puppetry, Drag, PADI Certified Scuba Diver, Professional Golfer, Race Walking, Badminton,
Swimming, Stilt Walking, Stunts, Parkour, Rappelling, Tumbling: Handspring, Layout, Aerials – Front & Side

Keynote: Realize…every day you CAN start over!

Many people after addiction find it hard to find their voice and set clear boundaries. Trust me; I’ve been there. I’ve learned over the years that with courage, we can change our narrative. With love, we can find the strength to face our struggles and learn how to live with them. Not live trying to hide them. As a recovering addict, I remind myself that every day, we have the choice to start over, to move forward with patience and love for ourselves.  At the core of my speakng, I strive to help you gain a new perspective into the habit of listening while sharing my struggles and recovery discoveries. My goal is to inspire you to find joy and set realistic goals while healing as you start over. To help you see that you can do this now is the time for you to start breathing and living again.

Not everyone takes the chance and believes in themselves enough to start over each, and every day.

In fact, nearly, 21 million Americans have at least one addiction. And, yet only 10% receive treatment…or give themselves the opportunity to start over.  Not believing that every day’s a start-over day is contributing to drug overdose deaths that have more than tripled since 1990. And, the “not my issue so it doesn’t exist” attitude, means we turn a blind eye to the exorbitant number of people who have died from this epidemic in the past 32 years.

As humans caring for humans, it is a number that we should be concerned about…concerned enough to take action and eradicate the epidemic. I’m concerned. I’m ready to act. I’m making this my life’s mission…to do something about it. 

I’m inviting you and your audiences on the Six Steps to Starting Over journey.

I am one of 21 million. I am also grateful to be standing here alive. Amazed to be a miracle in the life after addiction world! All because I embraced the daily power and practice of starting over. Regardless of your addiction – drugs, alcohol, abusive relationships, food, sex, even social media – or even if you are addicted to your inner critic, I’m here to help you activate you’re starting over practice. I’m here to share my story, which is your story too – to prove, your story can change, just like mine did. I’m here to motivate you, but in reality, I’m simply here to help free your inner motivation hiding deep within, begging to come out.

I’m here to have a conversation, from the stage into your heart and soul that will inspire you to: 

1- Set realistic goals to heal, what you think can’t be healed

2- Shift your limiting mindset and muster up the confidence that seems elusive

3- Release yourself that has bullied you into submission that you are your addiction, showing you that you aren’t

4- Activate the art to reinvention, one positive moment at a time

It’s time to dream again. To capture the power of the daily start over. It’s never too late, ever. 

I want you to walk away from this conversation knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION…NOT TODAY…NOT TOMORROW…NOT EVER!

You are a magnet that draws people to depend on you. Your kids, your friends, family, co-workers, community, the world.

The world is waiting for you to own your worth beyond your addiction!  




Together, we start here to take the Six Steps to Starting Over, so that you can change your world, and the world one day at a time.