Dr. Eric Scott Kaplan

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When Dr. Eric Kaplan speaks, everyone listens! Best selling author of “Dr. Kaplan’s Lifestyles of the Fit and Famous“. Audiences flock to hear his profound, yet practical prescriptions for achieving health and wealth. And the word is spreading.

Dr. Kaplan’s insights have a profound impact, electrifying audiences and dramatically increasing the quality of their personal and professional lives.  His web site will offer you an overview of his philosophy and talents. From Donald Trump to Norman Vincent Peale to Mark Victor Hansen, the famous and not so famous, have unqualified praise for Eric Kaplan’s insights into the behaviors that activate success.

His ability to turn lives around and draw in readers and audiences inspires the Winner that lies within each of us.

As a nationally sought after personality whose credits include appearances on the ABC, CBS and FOX networks. He has been hailed by USA Today for his work with the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

Dr. Kaplan’s impact is profound. He has turned companies with million-dollar-a-month losses into profitable entities and has turned around the lives of tens of thousands of people who have flocked to hear him live and on radio and TV.

He is the past President and COO of Complete Wellness Centers a publicly traded company.

Presentations & Keynotes…

    • Prescription for Personal Power (Inspirational/Motivational)
    • Prescription for Peak Performance (Corporate)
    • Dr Kaplan’s Lifestyle of the Fit & Famous (Wellness)
    • Handbook to Success
    • The Game of Work