Lawson Pilgrim


Travels From: Dallas Texas
Fee Range: $7500 – $25,000



Peak Performance Coach, Consultant, and Father, Lawson Pilgrim is a Motivational Speaker who firmly believes that Greatness Dwells in Everyone ! His mission is to help others realize their Maximum Potential through the power of having a Positive Attitude, deciding on a Definitive Goal, and pursing that Goal with Pinpoint Focus.

Lawson, with his “High Energy” presentations, knows how to motivate and inspire individuals helping them become… Dynamic and Absolutely Unstoppable!

This Former two-time All-American Athlete learned the value of teamwork while traveling the globe playing basketball. Lawson’s parents had always told him, “Success comes from hard Work”. After his basketball playing days ended he worked extremely hard in Sales and Service as an insurance agent for a major insurance company. Establishing himself as one of the top sales producers in the country, he was recruited into management. While in management, Lawson realized his passion…. “Inspiring people to give Peak Performance everyday!”

Now a successful entrepreneur, Lawson is very familiar with the challenges and changes people are faced with on a daily basis. His passion drives him to assist individuals of Companies, Colleges, Schools and Organizations reach their potential and redefine their excellence in the process.

A respected expert of Personal and Professional Development, Lawson’s Seminars are in high demand throughout the United States. He has delivered his dynamic seminars to a wide range of groups from University Forums to Fortune 500 Companies. Lawson seasons his presentations with real life examples taken from his personal experiences and extensive research. With humor and a practical approach, Lawson’s participants leave his seminars energized and equipped with Fundamentals and Tools that will “Positively impact” their everyday lives!



OVERCOMING ADVERSITY (the key to Your Success) .. is a high-impact, inspiring program about how to be successful in today’s diverse workplace and global market’s while overcoming everyday challenges. Overcoming Adversity..with a smile will assist your employees with the aspect of being human that can only be explained by the exceptional clarity that comes from the alchemical alignment of vision, passion and spirit

Enlightened organizations that encourage team members to discover their unique purpose and realize their greatness reap lasting benefits. Team members who are allowed to pursue their greatness are in control of their emotions and actions; unleash their imagination; are committed to excellence; and experience a deep sense of enjoyment from the knowledge that they are enhancing the value of the organization. Employees who discover their hidden potential become inspired, re-energized men and women who let their brilliance shine through their work, relationships and daily activities. The result is a rejuvenated organization where beliefs and behaviors are aligned to drive positive results.


PEAK PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP … is a leading-edge, paradigm shifting program that will dramatically change the way your organization views leadership. What is Peak Performance Leadership? It is about leading from the inside out. It is having engaged, connected leaders who manage their egos, release, get out of the way and allow employees to release their unique brilliance. It is about engaging the talented men and women already on your team in order to take the organization to the next level. By taking your team to next level will certainly increase your bottom line and increase profit.

No one can motivate your Leaders – inspiration must come from within. Once they understand how to release their own Peak Performance, your Leaders will be inspired to be authentic individuals who understand their purpose is to help their people to the best of their abilities. The results of your Leaders will be passionate, direct reports, that are more productive decisions that will benefit the Team while producing incredible results.


PEAK PERFORMANCE SELLING…with a SMILE! is a new , cutting-edge paradigm that will dramatically change the way your organization thinks about selling. At its core is the concept of developing Trusted Business Advisors (TBA’S) – individuals who consistently focus on creating value for the customer. TBAS are master communicators who utilize the power of authenticity and trust to establish and maintain lasting relationships with customers. Trusted Business Advisors realize that the key to winning is selling from the inside out. They understand that people do business with people they like and trust; they know they must engage and connect with the customer first, then provide solutions.

The result of releasing your organization’s sales brilliance will be highly confident and passionate “Brand Champions” who love what they do, are enthusiastic about what they sell, are more productive, and win more often.


World Class Customers Service – Creating “WOW” Customer Experiences

In this new “Experienced Economy,” It won’t be quality products or excellent customer service that propels companies to the top. It will be those companies that excel at creating memorable customer experiences that will build loyal, long-term customers and become the new rising stars. “World Class” Customer Service …with a SMILE is a fresh, innovative program that will transform your organization from one that merely provides customer service to one that consistently delivers “WOW” experiences for its customers.

Ultimately, when it comes to creating unique customer experiences, your front line is the bottom line. No one can make your team members treat customers the right way – the desire to create an exceptional experience comes from within. Once employees understand how to release their “World Class” Customer Service, they will be inspired to be the best they can be. The result will be employees who “do the right thing” with customers not because they have to, but because they want to.


“Our Administrators and Teachers who heard you speak were motivated, positively impacted, and inspired by your presence and invaluable customized content. Your delivery was engaging and extremely thought-provoking. Thank you for creating such an Outstanding Experience!”

Bobby Acklin, Asst. Superintendent, North Little Rock School District

“Lawson Pilgrim with his practical tools and humorous delivery was able to assist us in accomplishing our mission of inspiring our sales professionals, from all over the country and to focus on techniques which could be used immediately to increase sales.”
Randi C. Ballard , Sr. Vice President , Selected Life Insurance Company

“Lawson’s presentation was truly awesome!!! His knowledge and research about our company along with the highly motivated way he presented his material proved to us that he cares about our Success!.”
Clifton Avant, Energy Corporation

“Mr. Pilgrim’s presentation not only motivated us, but it inspired our team members to take action in reaching our company’s goals to embrace change. His presentation is still talked about to this very day!”
Terry Joe Ticey, Vice President, ELCA Board of Pensions – Minn.