Marc Gordon, Customer Experience, Branding, Marketing

Marc Gordon, the Customer Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing

Marc Gordon, the Customer Service Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing
Marc Gordon, the Customer Service Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing

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Biography – Marc Gordon, the Customer Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing

Marc Gordon shows organizations how to create customer experiences that strengthen relationships and build loyalty.
Marc is the internationally recognized authority in the field of customer experience. He works with companies who understand the importance of creating exceptional experiences that cultivate relationships and build loyalty.

Marc Gordon has consulted and provided marketing services for some of the world’s most respected organizations and has also spoken on stages from Toronto to Tehran and from Montreal to Miami.

Regularly featured on television and radio for his opinions, Marc has shared his thoughts on topics that include the boycotting of brands, customer service in the airline industry, and companies such as Sears, Toys R Us, the NRA, and Starbucks.

Marc’s syndicated articles appear in over 200 business publications in four countries. He has also been listed as one of the Top 100 Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter. And his YouTube channel,, has been rated as one of the top 50 channels for small business.

As a speaker, Marc brings fresh insight and sensible ideas, delivered in his trademark high energy style. His presentations have been called “powerful”, “a game changer”, and “the best choice to start or finish any conference”.

Marc Gordon is also the founder of a marketing and consultancy firm that works directly with companies seeking a competitive edge. Working with both management and front-line workers, he helps implement marketing and customer service strategies the deliver exceptional customer experiences while making the most efficient use of resources. Past clients have included Bausch & Lomb, Toyota, Mondelez International, Johnson & Johnson, many non-profit associations, and dozens of small businesses.

Bringing a life’s worth of experience
Marc’s first steps into entrepreneurship began at the age of eleven as a victim of relentless bullying. By painting Dungeons and Dragons figurines for the students in his class, Marc learned how people’s behaviour and attitudes can change if they see value in what they purchase. This was a lesson he would remember throughout his career

At the age of 16, Marc Gordon was back in business for himself. Over the next 8 years he would be importing collectible model cars, have his own clothing line, and even sell lingerie to escorts and strippers. During that time he would see his businesses grow faster than he could handle, stumble due to economic conditions or get squeezed out by aggressive competitors.

In 1994, unemployed and with no job prospects, Marc invested $2,500 in a gold plating machine and started GoldPro Canada. In that first year, operating out of his parent’s basement, sales totalled just $4,000. However by 2000, the company had grown into a multi million dollar manufacturer and distributor of automotive equipment and accessories, servicing over 2,400 car dealerships and body shops across Canada.

In 2003, after emotional and physical burnout, Marc sold GoldPro for seven figures. Owning virtually no inventory or capital equipment, the high value of his company was based on GoldPro’s name, distribution network, brands, and web presence. This was a testament to Marc’s skills as a marketer.

After taking a year off, Marc started Fourword Marketing as a way to provide the marketing and consulting services he wished were available to him when he was starting out.

Fourword specializes in developing and executing marketing programs for companies ranging from startups to public companies in dozens of different industries. Fourword’s list of services include web design, print production, promotional campaigns, and public relations.

Marc is an active participant and volunteer in a number of organizations and educational symposiums that provide free marketing tools and management experience to new entrepreneurs.

Marc lives in Toronto with his wife Natalie and children, Allison and Blake.

How Marc Gordon can add value to your event:

  1. Pre-event branded video. A great way to to market your event and build excitement.
  2. Multiple sessions. Have Marc participate in multiple sessions such as fireside chats, breakouts, or panel groups.
  3. One-to-One sessions. Marc’s most popular offering gives attendees personal consulting time. This is Marc’s most requested service.
  4. Sponsored events. Add value for your sponsors while reducing costs. Sponsors get exclusive access to Marc for custom events.
  5. Interaction. Let Marc turn the spotlight onto your event. From networking events to greeting attendees at an exhibitor’s booth, he’ll make it fun.

Marc Gordon Kit

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Topics- Marc Gordon, the Customer Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing

Selling happiness, Creating a Customer Experience that inspires loyalty and drive referrals – Branding

Some people like to say that customer loyalty is dead. That everything has become commoditized, with anything we want just a click away and delivered the next day – or sooner.

Marc Gordon doesn’t believe it. And neither should you. The truth is, customer loyalty has not changed. Customers have always wanted the same thing: convenience, value, to be appreciated, and to be listened to. And these expectations haven’t changed in a hundred years. The only difference now is that they are more vocal about it and less hesitant to take their business elsewhere.

In this entertaining presentation, Marc will dispel some of the biggest customer loyalty myths. Using stories and humour, he will explain why most companies that try to wow their customers are wasting their time. He will share what customers really want, and how easy it can be to give it to them. And most importantly, Marc will demonstrate the steps to delivering relevant and memorable experiences that create happy customers who keep coming back.

Delivered with Marc’s trademark high energy style and humour, this presentation draws on the audience’s own everyday experiences, such as buying a morning coffee, taking Uber, self-serve checkouts, and being on hold with the phone company.

This presentation is essential for any industry that has paying customers, competition, and is dependent on repeat business. The content is relevant to all levels of management and front-end staff.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn why customers are naturally loyal, saving you time and money trying to WOW them.
  • Discover the three influencers that affect people’s ideas and opinions about products, services, and companies ­– and how you can leverage them for success.
  • The number one reason customers don’t come back – and how to avoid it
  • Find out how to use marketing to manage expectations so your customers are always happy with what you provide.
  • How to create customer service policies that make your customers happy while bringing in more revenue.

How to use customer service to solve problems and build relationships. -Branding  

It has been said that the true test of a relationship is when things go wrong. The same holds true for companies. The time and effort they invest in building relationships with their customers means nothing if they are not attentive when problems arise.

And while this concept might seem obvious, the fact is that customer satisfaction across most industries has dropped to all-time lows. From inadequate resources to lack of interest, companies are failing at helping customers who are having negative experiences.

Studies have shown that customers who receive prompt and attentive care are 60 percent more likely to purchase from that company again, even if the outcome was not what they had originally hoped for. The truth is that customers want to feel valued and appreciated throughout the entire transactional journey. But in problem situations, want to see actions that reflect that.

In this presentation, Marc Gordon will demonstrate the impact customer service has on loyalty and its influence in creating experiences. He will introduce new ideas and innovative processes that provide greater customer satisfaction in less time.

Marc uses real world, industry relevant examples and stories to illustrate how customer service can be used as a tool to strengthen customer relationships. He will reveal the two types of tasks that every service representative performs, and how each one impacts the outcome.

He will also share key strategies to help a representative remain professional and effectively deflate any emotional situation, while guiding the customer towards a mutually beneficial outcome.

Delivered with Marc’s high energy style, this presentation is designed for both management, customer service staff, and anyone that has to deal with unhappy customers.

Key takeaways:

  • Why customer service must not be confused with customer experience
  • How to avoid the three reasons most companies fail at customer service
  • Find out the untold, real purpose of customer service
  • The three goals of any successful customer service program must accomplish
  • Learn what your customers really want from you when they have a problem
  • Strategies to keep your staff sane and customers happy


Testimonials – Marc Gordon, the Customer Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing -Branding 

Christopher M. Litster
Vice President, Constant Contact
One of the best speakers I have ever seen. Marc’s energy was at a 10 from beginning to end. His content was clear, informative and motivated our audience members to take action when it came to growing their own businesses. Any company would do well to have Marc speak at their next event.

Priya Patil
Head – Business Development, Toronto Stock Exchange
Marc’s knowledge of marketing is only exceeded by the positive energy he brings to the stage. From the minute Marc started speaking, the audience was fully immersed in his captivating style and story telling skills. I believe every member of the audience was able to draw practical and applicable ideas from his presentation. Afterwards, he made himself available by staying to meet and talk with audience members. I believe Marc delivers the skills to both educate and entertain a corporate audience while positively adding to the experience of any event.

Marcy Graham
VP Canadian Sales, Mondelez International
Marc was a welcome addition to our discussion and panel on the customer experience. He was well informed and had a clear understanding of our goals, and his examples were clear and relevant. He was personable and his stories were real and heartfelt. We’ve received great response from our colleagues on what he shared with us.

Rose Aquino-Valeriano
Vice President, Affiliates Division, Americas, BCD Travel
Marc opened our annual event with energy, laughter and lots of knowledge. He got our group going right from the start. He was engaging, approachable and made himself available for our breakout sessions. The feedback from our affiliates was tremendously positive. They were entertained, motivated, and educated. Just as we wanted them to be.

Julian Lee
President, ChannelNEXT
Marc did a fantastic job of kicking off our event. His energy got our attendees excited and his practical teachings provided measurable value for them. Marc’s content was fresh and relevant to our industry. It was obvious to everyone he did his homework. No surprise he was our top rated speaker of the conference. We look forward to the opportunity to have him back.

Sandra Eagle
Editor, Digital & Special, Projects Ignite Magazine
Marc took the effort to understand who our audience is and then tailor his message about how to use social media to market events. He was pro-active in keeping communication lines open with me to determine the best way to showcase his insightful information. His presentation was energetic, funny, relevant, and informative. Our audience was fully engaged and entertained.

Afterwards, Marc stayed to answer all the audience’s questions and even made a complimentary ebook available to audience members. His can-do attitude comes shining through!

Jason Mullin
Director of Marketing, Residence Inn Marriott
Marc’s powerful insights into how companies can leverage the power of social media to engage their market had a huge impact on us. Our team came away with new ideas and strategies. His energy and enthusiasm made for an environment where we were learning and didn’t even know it. Can laughing and learning be interconnected? I believe Marc proved they can be. A fantastic presentation any organization can benefit from.

Raffi Nakhoul
Global Account Manager, Avis Budget Group, Inc
Marc was a breath of fresh air on the subject of social media. He gave great examples, presented them in a way that was relevant and easy to understand and had the crowd engaged. His story telling and humour made the hour fly by. I’m very happy I had the opportunity to see Marc’s presentation.

Laura Bjorna
COO, Conlin Travel
Marc’s presentation was super high energy. It was the perfect start to our event. His content was bang on for everyone in the audience. For me personally, he confirmed a lot of things I had believed to be true about social media marketing, but wasn’t 100 percent sure. Marc provided clarity while keeping it fun and entertaining. Plus he had great stories.

avid Cohen
Program Coordinator, Youth Employment Services Toronto
Marc Gordon is a gem, a true class act. When I asked him to speak to a youth entrepreneur group I lead in Toronto, he immediately agreed and saw this as a chance to give back. The day of the event arrived and our audience numbers were not as high as we had hoped. But it didn’t bother Marc. He didn’t just speak, he knocked everyone’s socks off.

His message about getting back up when life knocks you down, was inspiring, captivating, fun, real and heart centred. Marc is a gem, a true gem! Any kind of business event could benefit from having this guy speak.

Margo Warren
Special Events Manager, Canadian Gift Association
Marc was fantastic. His energy got the show off to a great start and his teachings on branding and social media were invaluable to the audience. The feedback we received from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Marc provided them with practical and usable information while at the same time being entertaining and motivating. Which is exactly what we asked him for.

Nancy Tudorache
Regional Director, Canada, Global Business Travel Association
At this years, GBTA Conference 2016 | Toronto, Marc led an education session that was indeed highly attended by our delegates and exceptionally rated as one of the leading education sessions for our conference. Our team heard many positive accolades from the attendees of his session on how energetic, engaging and valuable his presentation was, exactly the feedback that we want to hear. We were thrilled to be able to include Marc Gordon in our line-up of education session speakers for 2016.

Ken Tucker
Founder and Former CEO, DKI Canada
Marc was the opening keynote speaker for our AGM. And to say the day started on a high note would be an understatement. Marc’s super high energy, story telling and humour kept our member’s attention from start to finish. He covered the material we wanted in a way that provided clarity and a definable action plan. Best of all, he stayed afterwards and was fully accessible to all our members and vendors. The response we received was extremely positive and I would highly recommend Marc to any organization looking for a fresh perspective on branding and marketing

Brian Jobling
Corporate Account Manager – Canada, Air New Zealand Group
Marc has the unique ability to deliver a powerful message about a technical subject in very simple and entertaining way. This would explain the packed conference room and continued conversation afterwards. Marc clearly brought his “A game” and it was definitely appreciated by everyone who attended.

Martin B. Tirado
CEO, Snow and Ice Management Association
Marc’s keynote presentation was a huge success! He used examples of Fortune 500 companies and made them relatable to our attendees. It was clear to everyone that he took the time getting to know the background and makeup of our industry and its people, allowing them to take away key concepts of his presentation. Our attendees were both entertained and informed on ways to differentiate themselves from competitors in a crowded marketplace. His presentation ended our annual event on a high note.

Linda Thomson
National Sales Executive, Travelodge Canada
Marc’s too-the-point presentation style was both refreshing and entertaining. He brought a relevant and timely perspective to social media for business while keeping things interesting with real world stories. I found great value in the six tips he shared for communicating with our customers. An all around fantastic presentation.

Shalina Khanna
Director of Programming, DECA Ontario
Engaging a high school audience is no easy task. Marc’s energy, stories, and business-in-real-life lessons hooked our young leaders and inspired them to get on track with their businesses. He made meaningful connections between the topic of customer loyalty and the personal experiences of audience members. Our members hung onto his every word! The feedback we received established Marc as one of the premiere presenters of our event.

Marilyn Powers
Director of Marketing, Delta Ottawa City Centre
A smart, funny and very entertaining presentation. Marc’s stories and examples took a huge weight off our shoulders by showing us how to focus our social media activities in a way that brings us results we can see and measure. Every business who uses social media needs to see Marc’s presentation.

Nikki Van Dusen
Event Co-ordinator, IABC Edmonton
Marc’s presentation was exactly what our members wanted. His stories and examples not only entertained, but gave clear steps and practical ideas everyone could take away. Marc engaged the audience, made them laugh, and had them thinking. Best of all, he stuck around to speak to anyone who had questions. A true professional.

Ron Koslowsky
VP Manitoba Chapter, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
Marc was the closing keynote presenter for our annual conference. With rock music filling the room, he hit the stage with energy and enthusiasm. And for the next 60 minutes, Marc entertained and educated our members on the subject of building a strong brand. His stories and examples, filled with humour and relevance, made the presentation the highlight of our event. The response we received from attendees was outstanding. Marc’s contribution to the success of our conference will always be remembered.


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