Marc Gordon, Customer Experience, Branding, Marketing

Marc Gordon, the Customer Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing

Marc Gordon, the Customer Service Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing
Marc Gordon, the Customer Service Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing

Travels From: Canada – Ontario
Price Range:  $ 7500+, Virtual: $3500 – $5000

Biography – Marc Gordon, the Customer Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing

Engaging Delivery. Relevant Content.

Marc is an internationally recognized Customer Experience professional. Appearing on television, radio and print, he is regularly interviewed for his opinions and expertise on topics ranging from customer service to social media. He has been called a “marketing superstar” by the Oprah Winfrey Network.

As a speaker, Marc’s goal is to empower your audience to create and deliver experiences that inspire customer loyalty and increase sales, while at the same time reducing employee stress and boosting moral.

Applying the science of communication and human behaviour, Marc shows organizations how to combine service, support and communication to create cost effective, manageable and fulfilling customer experiences.

Marc has shared his strategies in person with over 200 organizations across three continents and virtually to thousands of managers and front-line staff.

Five reasons to have marc speak at your next event

  1. Entertaining. Marc doesn’t do presentations. He delivers performances, combining humour and stories with his energetic stage presence.
  2. Relevant. Every presentation is customized to your needs. Prior to the event, Marc interviews key personnel to ensure the most relevant content is covered.
  3. Accessible. The help doesn’t end when the presentation is over. Every attendee gets free access to Marc – for life! They are welcome to reach out to Marc for ideas and advice any time.
  4. Accommodating. Marc will do whatever he can to help create an exceptional experience for your attendees. Need him for a panel discussion? Just ask.
  5. Professional. As an accomplished speaker, Marc knows where to be and what to do. Sound checks, meeting with planners, staying on schedule… shouldn’t every speaker do these things?

How marc can add value to your event

  • Pre-event branded video and outreach. A great way to market your event and build excitement. Marc will create custom content letting attendees know what they can look forward to.
  • Additional content. Every attendee gets exclusive access to online content that helps them apply Marc’s ideas and processes to their own organization.
  • Multiple sessions. When possible, Marc will make himself available to participate in fireside chats, breakouts, or panel groups.
  • Sponsored events. Add value for your sponsors while reducing costs. Sponsors get exclusive access to Marc for custom events.
  • Interaction. Let Marc turn the spotlight onto your event. From networking events to greeting attendees at an exhibitor’s booth, he’ll make it fun and memorable.


Marc Gordon believes the medium impacts the message. Meaning what is shared from the stage may not have the same impact through a computer screen. And vice versa. That’s why he has created unique content and delivery styles to best meet your presentation needs.

Live in-person

Marc has entertained and empowered audiences ranging from students to CEOs. Bringing his high energy style, stories, and humor, Marc’s live presentations are backed by visually engaging slides. His content and takeaways have inspired individuals from countless industries.

Virtual presentation

A highly engaging event with videos, slides and dynamic content, this virtual presentation takes a deep dive into customer experience strategies. Right from the start, this 60 minute event welcomes attendees to share their stories and inspire each other. Industry relevant examples are used to illustrate concepts that can be applied right away. Attendees will leave knowing how to create and deliver customer experiences that are both effective and manageable.

Interactive games, prizes, and Marc’s energy and humor create an event that has been called “the best hour you could spend on Zoom.”

Custom video

Every video is written and produced specifically for your organization and industry. Using a combination of visuals, text and music, ideas and strategies are shared in a way that is interesting and easy to understand.

This format also allows you share the presentation through multiple sessions at no additional cost.

Arrangements can be made to have Marc appear live for Q&A or to take part in an interactive discussion.

Marc’s strives to bring the same level of energy and engagement from his live presentations to his virtual ones.


Marc brought it! His online workshop was fantastic. The stories and examples were bang on. And the way he made everyone part of the event was like nothing I had seen before. Only Marc could pull off a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Wade Younger, Chief Operating Officer

BSI Solutions, Inc


Marc has spoken at a number of our virtual conferences. His content is always relevant, engaging and we always have great attendee feedback.

Marc Belaiche, President


One of the best online sessions I have been a part of. Marc knew our industry and all of us had the opportunity to get our questions answered. It was a really enjoyable experience.

Terry Grossman

Investors Group



How to create customer experiences online or in-person that inspire loyalty and increase sales.

Customer expectations are changing faster than ever before. Marketing, social media, technology and cultural trends are shaping people’s beliefs and values, which can often lead to a sense of entitlement. This situation can make it difficult for any business to consistently deliver quality service. And for those that try, the result is often higher transaction costs, stressed out staff, and disappointed customers.

However, there is a way to deliver experiences that are easy to manage and cost effective, while successfully building customer trust and loyalty.

During this presentation, Marc will share the secrets of what it takes to keep customers coming back. Best of all, how to do it without the time and effort of “wowing” your customers.

Combining the science of human behaviour and best business practices, Marc shares personal stories, and real-world examples to provide you with the skills and techniques to create manageable processes that deliver fulfilling customer experiences.

This presentation is designed for executives and teams who manage customer experience strategies. For organizations ready to make the greatest impact on the experiences they provide, Marc is also available for consulting.


  • Learn the three most powerful influencers that impact expectations, and how to use them to more effectively engage with customers
  • Find out the single easiest way to deliver experiences that keep customer coming back
  • Discover why your competitor’s unhappy customers may be reluctant to leave, and how you can effectively welcome them
  • Understand the factors that drive loyalty – hint: they don’t involve exceeding expectations
  • Learn the three traits that start every successful customer experience
  • Discover how being honest with your customers can sometimes be the worst thing – for both you and them
  • Learn how virtually every employee in your company is strengthening or weakening your customer relationships, and what you can do about it

Some of the organizations that are delivering happier experiences after seeing this presentation.

Trying to create a “Disney” experience can be overwhelming for many organizations. Marc will show you how succeed with your own style.

Marc was totally on from the second they announced his name.  I was so entertained that I didn’t even realize I was learning. Every conference needs Marc Gordon on their stage.

Marc Forgette, Business Development Manager

Tourism London


Marc brought massive value to our event. He was humble, thought provoking, and full of positive energy. Everyone loved him.

Dr. Sepehr Tarverdian, CEO

World Management Forum, Iran



Using value and insight to guide customers (and yourself) to success.

The sales landscape has changed. Technology has empowered customers to know more about products than the people who sell them. New distribution channels allow customers to side-step the sales process by purchasing direct. And a world-wide pandemic has reduced the opportunities for making in-person connections.

But what has not changed is that people and the companies they work for need help. They have questions that need answering, problems that need fixing, and most importantly, the need to be heard and understood.

Selling Like a Sherpa shows salespeople from any industry how to increase sales by going from selling to servicing. By embracing the professional qualities of Sherpas, the Nepalese people world renowned for their skills in guiding climbers to the top of Mount Everest, anyone can become a superstar salesperson.

Embracing the Sherpa mindset is about understanding what customers want rather than telling them what they need. Then being there for them in a capacity that creates a relationship where the salesperson is seen as an indispensable resource. When done properly and authentically, salespeople will not only sell more with less effort, but learn more about their customers and have greater awareness of the marketplace.


  • What Sherpas can teach us that can elevate any salesperson, regardless of experience or industry
  • Why turning down a sale can create a customer for life – and more sales
  • Learn ways to leverage Customer Experience into a powerful sales tool that can also benefit your entire company
  • How to provide value in a way that builds customer trust and loyalty
  • The easiest one-step method to increasing sales while delivering greater value

This presentation is designed for professionals whose success depends on their ability to get others to embrace benefits of their ideas, products and services.

This presentation has had a huge impact on how our teams communicate and service the needs of our clients. They have taken a more proactive role in sales yet do not actively sell. The result has been an 6-8 percent increase in sales in addition higher FCR scores.

Joseph Cheng, President


A wonderfully entertaining and informative presentation. This is how every company should manage their salespeople. It’s better for the customer and better for the company.  We look forward to putting many of the ideas Marc shared into practice.

Rahmi Benali, Operations Director



How to turn negative situations into positive outcomes

No matter how much you try, sometimes things won’t go right. And this can result in an unhappy customer.

Dealing with unhappy customers is when an organization shows their true character. This comes from a combination of company culture, employee empowerment, and pre-defined policies.

Some companies will do whatever it takes to make the situation right for the customer, regardless of cost or resources. Other companies will become passive, choosing to hide behind policies or pass the customer off to various departments. And then there are those companies that just don’t care. So which approach is the right one?

In this presentation, Marc explores and debunks the myths of customer service. How far should you go to keep a customer happy? What would be considered an ideal outcome? Should every customer be treated the same?

You’ll learn the art and science of dealing with unhappy customers from any industry. And, how to handle their issues – rational or otherwise ­– by offering practical, manageable solutions that lead to a mutually beneficial outcome. Marc will also share strategies to deflate emotional situations and keep everyone focused on the solution rather than the problem.

Delivered with Marc’s high energy style, this presentation is designed for management, customer service staff and anyone that deals with customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover who the most important person is in the conversation, and how you can leverage that for a better outcome
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls that result in employees getting stressed and customers leaving angry
  • Find out why apologizing to the customer may be the worst thing you can do, and what they really want to hear from you
  • Learn how to keep your emotions in check, even when the customer can’t
  • Discover the three goals any successful customer service program must accomplish
  • Find out why being contacted by an unhappy customer can be the best thing for your company, and how to leverage that for greater success
  • Learn ways to identify and prevent recurring customer service issues

A powerful presentation that made us thoroughly re-examine a number of our customer service policies and procedures. I believe we will be a better company because of it. Marc’s advice and stories highlighted the need for every company to up its game.

Rafael Arroyo

Markey Manager, Travelocity

Some of the organizations that never let a customer leave unhappy.

A powerful presentation that inspired us to re-examine a number of our customer service policies and procedures. I believe we will be a better company because of it.

Rafael Arroyo, Market Manager


Marc’s ability to energize an audience was felt as soon as he hit the stage. His energy, story telling, and clarity helped drive home key concepts. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Richard Carleton, CEO, The Canadian Securities Exchange



How to deliver positive experiences in a world of changing expectations.

From social distancing and remote working to curbside pickup and hoarding toilet paper, consumer behavior has changed in ways we could never have imagined. And with many industries reopening, businesses are discovering their customers are showing up with a whole new set of expectations.

Personal beliefs about masks, vaccinations, and government can bring unwanted stress to even the simplest of business interactions. Not just for over worked business owners and staff, but for stressed out customers. Add to that rising prices, empty shelves, long wait times, and it’s easy to see how delivering fulfilling and positive experiences can be a challenge.

The Post COVID Customer takes a warm and heartfelt approach to the post pandemic customer experience. During this presentation, Marc illustrates how external influencers and internal beliefs can cause ordinary people to change their behavior. For example, while some take up bread making, others try to shut down government institutions.

Attendees will learn how to deliver manageable and cost-effective experiences that make every customer feel welcome and appreciated. Marc will also share a strategy for dealing with upset customers that is so effective, they will leave satisfied even if they did not get the outcome they were hoping for.

This presentation can be tailored to your industry with real world examples and stories that will resonate with every attendee. An event branded, downloadable, presentation guide is also included for each audience member.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how to effectively communicate with every customer – regardless of their beliefs
  • How to structure departments and staff to deliver manageable and fulfilling customer experiences
  • The three essential parts of the perfect customer experience
  • Ways to keep staff motivated and inspired regardless of job or title
  • The proven technique to turn any unhappy customer into a loyal ambassador – even if they didn’t receive the outcome they hoped for

Regardless of how similar or different their beliefs, your customers all share the same human desire to be recognized and valued. Organizations that can relate to them on these terms will experience the greatest long term success.

This presentation will have a profound impact on how organizations from any industry manage and deliver experiences. If you get the opportunity to participate in it, I encourage you to do so.

Dr. Bernard Bronstein

Penn State University

What a wonderfully thought out and impactful talk. Marc covered a wide range of important points and gave us all a clear direction for positive change.

Melanie R.

Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitors Bureau


Testimonials – Marc Gordon, the Customer Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing -Branding 

Christopher M. Litster
Vice President, Constant Contact
One of the best speakers I have ever seen. Marc’s energy was at a 10 from beginning to end. His content was clear, informative and motivated our audience members to take action when it came to growing their own businesses. Any company would do well to have Marc speak at their next event.

Priya Patil
Head – Business Development, Toronto Stock Exchange
Marc’s knowledge of marketing is only exceeded by the positive energy he brings to the stage. From the minute Marc started speaking, the audience was fully immersed in his captivating style and story telling skills. I believe every member of the audience was able to draw practical and applicable ideas from his presentation. Afterwards, he made himself available by staying to meet and talk with audience members. I believe Marc delivers the skills to both educate and entertain a corporate audience while positively adding to the experience of any event.

Marcy Graham
VP Canadian Sales, Mondelez International
Marc was a welcome addition to our discussion and panel on the customer experience. He was well informed and had a clear understanding of our goals, and his examples were clear and relevant. He was personable and his stories were real and heartfelt. We’ve received great response from our colleagues on what he shared with us.

Rose Aquino-Valeriano
Vice President, Affiliates Division, Americas, BCD Travel
Marc opened our annual event with energy, laughter and lots of knowledge. He got our group going right from the start. He was engaging, approachable and made himself available for our breakout sessions. The feedback from our affiliates was tremendously positive. They were entertained, motivated, and educated. Just as we wanted them to be.

Julian Lee
President, ChannelNEXT
Marc did a fantastic job of kicking off our event. His energy got our attendees excited and his practical teachings provided measurable value for them. Marc’s content was fresh and relevant to our industry. It was obvious to everyone he did his homework. No surprise he was our top rated speaker of the conference. We look forward to the opportunity to have him back.

Sandra Eagle
Editor, Digital & Special, Projects Ignite Magazine
Marc took the effort to understand who our audience is and then tailor his message about how to use social media to market events. He was pro-active in keeping communication lines open with me to determine the best way to showcase his insightful information. His presentation was energetic, funny, relevant, and informative. Our audience was fully engaged and entertained.

Afterwards, Marc stayed to answer all the audience’s questions and even made a complimentary ebook available to audience members. His can-do attitude comes shining through!

Jason Mullin
Director of Marketing, Residence Inn Marriott
Marc’s powerful insights into how companies can leverage the power of social media to engage their market had a huge impact on us. Our team came away with new ideas and strategies. His energy and enthusiasm made for an environment where we were learning and didn’t even know it. Can laughing and learning be interconnected? I believe Marc proved they can be. A fantastic presentation any organization can benefit from.

Raffi Nakhoul
Global Account Manager, Avis Budget Group, Inc
Marc was a breath of fresh air on the subject of social media. He gave great examples, presented them in a way that was relevant and easy to understand and had the crowd engaged. His story telling and humour made the hour fly by. I’m very happy I had the opportunity to see Marc’s presentation.

Laura Bjorna
COO, Conlin Travel
Marc’s presentation was super high energy. It was the perfect start to our event. His content was bang on for everyone in the audience. For me personally, he confirmed a lot of things I had believed to be true about social media marketing, but wasn’t 100 percent sure. Marc provided clarity while keeping it fun and entertaining. Plus he had great stories.

avid Cohen
Program Coordinator, Youth Employment Services Toronto
Marc Gordon is a gem, a true class act. When I asked him to speak to a youth entrepreneur group I lead in Toronto, he immediately agreed and saw this as a chance to give back. The day of the event arrived and our audience numbers were not as high as we had hoped. But it didn’t bother Marc. He didn’t just speak, he knocked everyone’s socks off.

His message about getting back up when life knocks you down, was inspiring, captivating, fun, real and heart centred. Marc is a gem, a true gem! Any kind of business event could benefit from having this guy speak.

Margo Warren
Special Events Manager, Canadian Gift Association
Marc was fantastic. His energy got the show off to a great start and his teachings on branding and social media were invaluable to the audience. The feedback we received from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Marc provided them with practical and usable information while at the same time being entertaining and motivating. Which is exactly what we asked him for.

Nancy Tudorache
Regional Director, Canada, Global Business Travel Association
At this years, GBTA Conference 2016 | Toronto, Marc led an education session that was indeed highly attended by our delegates and exceptionally rated as one of the leading education sessions for our conference. Our team heard many positive accolades from the attendees of his session on how energetic, engaging and valuable his presentation was, exactly the feedback that we want to hear. We were thrilled to be able to include Marc Gordon in our line-up of education session speakers for 2016.

Ken Tucker
Founder and Former CEO, DKI Canada
Marc was the opening keynote speaker for our AGM. And to say the day started on a high note would be an understatement. Marc’s super high energy, story telling and humour kept our member’s attention from start to finish. He covered the material we wanted in a way that provided clarity and a definable action plan. Best of all, he stayed afterwards and was fully accessible to all our members and vendors. The response we received was extremely positive and I would highly recommend Marc to any organization looking for a fresh perspective on branding and marketing

Brian Jobling
Corporate Account Manager – Canada, Air New Zealand Group
Marc has the unique ability to deliver a powerful message about a technical subject in very simple and entertaining way. This would explain the packed conference room and continued conversation afterwards. Marc clearly brought his “A game” and it was definitely appreciated by everyone who attended.

Martin B. Tirado
CEO, Snow and Ice Management Association
Marc’s keynote presentation was a huge success! He used examples of Fortune 500 companies and made them relatable to our attendees. It was clear to everyone that he took the time getting to know the background and makeup of our industry and its people, allowing them to take away key concepts of his presentation. Our attendees were both entertained and informed on ways to differentiate themselves from competitors in a crowded marketplace. His presentation ended our annual event on a high note.

Linda Thomson
National Sales Executive, Travelodge Canada
Marc’s too-the-point presentation style was both refreshing and entertaining. He brought a relevant and timely perspective to social media for business while keeping things interesting with real world stories. I found great value in the six tips he shared for communicating with our customers. An all around fantastic presentation.

Shalina Khanna
Director of Programming, DECA Ontario
Engaging a high school audience is no easy task. Marc’s energy, stories, and business-in-real-life lessons hooked our young leaders and inspired them to get on track with their businesses. He made meaningful connections between the topic of customer loyalty and the personal experiences of audience members. Our members hung onto his every word! The feedback we received established Marc as one of the premiere presenters of our event.

Marilyn Powers
Director of Marketing, Delta Ottawa City Centre
A smart, funny and very entertaining presentation. Marc’s stories and examples took a huge weight off our shoulders by showing us how to focus our social media activities in a way that brings us results we can see and measure. Every business who uses social media needs to see Marc’s presentation.

Nikki Van Dusen
Event Co-ordinator, IABC Edmonton
Marc’s presentation was exactly what our members wanted. His stories and examples not only entertained, but gave clear steps and practical ideas everyone could take away. Marc engaged the audience, made them laugh, and had them thinking. Best of all, he stuck around to speak to anyone who had questions. A true professional.

Ron Koslowsky
VP Manitoba Chapter, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
Marc was the closing keynote presenter for our annual conference. With rock music filling the room, he hit the stage with energy and enthusiasm. And for the next 60 minutes, Marc entertained and educated our members on the subject of building a strong brand. His stories and examples, filled with humour and relevance, made the presentation the highlight of our event. The response we received from attendees was outstanding. Marc’s contribution to the success of our conference will always be remembered.


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