Pierre Trudel

Customer Service, Sales, Teamwork, Teambuilding, Marketing, Merchandising,
Advertising, Public Relations, International BusinessPierre Trudel, Strategic Selling, Commercial Negotiation

Travels From: Montréal, QC
Fee Range: $3500 – $5000
Language:  French, English

Marketing and International business


Pierre Trudel teaches Marketing and International business courses at HEC, University of Montreal world renowned business school and is specialized in consumer behaviour and customer relations management. He is a marketing strategist who has contributed to the success of many companies in ten Canadian Provinces and 46 American states. He was also President of the Montreal Marketing Association and is Vice-Chair of the Board of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and Trainers.

Pierre Trudel has worked as retail operations and marketing manager for a major retail sales network. He has helped in the success of hundreds of his clients in various areas, including food, recreation-tourism, sale of durable goods and various services. He is also recognized for his knowledge of sales issues in the manufacturing sector, B2B services and distribution, as well as for his dynamic personality and intelligent use of examples. His approach is based on an in-depth understanding of the needs of a company, first and second supervisory levels and client-consumer behaviour.
Montréal Quebec Canada


Generate profit from social media

How to generate profit with social media


To increase awareness for your product and services
To stay active with you customers
To attract new customers
To obtain referrals from your current customer base
To increase sales through social network
We offer four profitable services to generate sales and profit from social media.


Presentation (45 to 90 minutes), with split workshop if needed, designed for associations, seminars and meetings

Training programs from three hours to two-day, targeted to managers, supervisors, marketing and sales

Training and coaching, from one to two-day workshop to integrate concepts, new ways of doing business with social media

Comprehensive programs, including individual coaching

Online quarterly sessions or full assistance program with a whole range of tools, covering all aspects of social media, designed and operated for you

3 avenues

We could show you how to use social media effectively: training programs and coaching

We can create the environment for you to prosper and keep your short learning curve in achieving results (we do it with you)

Or we could create, feed, generate content, and develop campaigns for your organization: we do it for you.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. So all of our programs show you how to evaluate your performance, stay ahead of your competition and always be on top of what is new and exciting in the world of social media.

The new Web customer behaviour

Consumers have modified their behaviour in recent years. They spend far more time on the Web than in your store or in your office. Beyond Web 2.0, how to use efficiently new marketing and sales tools such as e-mail, texts, telephone and social media, whether you are in B2B or B2C, including your business development centre.

Our services

Keynotes and talks
From a half-day to two-day training programs
Individual coaching and online training programs
Mystery shopping and a performance diagnosis with recommendations on your sales structures, your customer service profile, etc.
If you don’t adapt your process to the new consumer behaviour, someone else will do it for you and will reap tremendous profit.

Why organizations appreciate our program?

Our training programs:

  • are tailored to your marketing environment, your market and the responsibilities of the participants: from general manager to sales manager, to representatives and business development representatives, customer relationship services, SR, etc.
  • generate immediate improvement and both performance and sales
  • are flexible: workshops, coaching, webinars
  • cover most important elements to convert Web visitors into buying customers

Your objectives, our approaches:

  • increase the number of Web visitors to your site
  • identify who takes actions with you
  • look at how to design a building supply development group: resources, action plan, tools, how to use e-mail, telephone, texts, and social media.
  • learn how to increase sales effectiveness with a Web 2.0 customer
  • assist the customer in his own buying process: negotiations
  • pinpoint the pros and cons of three sales structures and roles to generate increase sales with Web customer
  • see when and how to build a business development service roles and responsibilities
  • replace e-mail blast with social media (legally)
  • generate sales with social media (easily)

How can you improve your sales team effectiveness?

Commercial negotiation and sales strategic training program

Since the customer has changed the way that he is buying your product or services, you should probably change the way you’re trying to sell.
Customer and client behaviour have changed immensely over the last couple of years. Our mandate is to ensure that your sales team understand these changes and perform according to your expectations.

We have trained sales teams, professional selling teams, negotiation teams from many environments, including B2B, B2C, retail, telemarketing, professional services, and customer service.

Your teams will improve their performance in:

  • planning efficiently
  • keeping contact using social network
  • improving their presentation skills
  • negotiating successfully
  • performing adequate, effective follow-ups
  • closing sales and negotiations
  • generating leads from your customer base (social referring)
  • What makes us different and effective?

All our programs are tailored to your needs. We use the techniques that are best adapted to your objectives and include high-performance tools, such as e-mail, social media and texts.

Tool box

  • We use psychometric profiles that heighten your teams understanding of their strengths
  • We look at how to compensate their weaknesses
  • We learn how to understand their personality profile
  • We use different training scenarios, games and role-playing.
  • We use mystery shopping, especially in the Web 2.0 environment.
  • We link our training programs to your customer’s behaviour on the Web.
  • We can include effective presentation skills in a one-day seminar.
  • We include professional negotiation for the B2B environment.

The optimal usage of inbound, outbound, telephone, e-mail, text, and social media, and we offer individual coaching and follow-ups to ensure valid, constant improvement in your team’s performance.

What are our deliverables?

  • A potential evaluation of your team, including strengths and weaknesses
  • An action plan list to improve efficiency
  • A specific tailor-made program that will generate results
  • Checks and evaluations of their improvement
  • But mostly, increased sales from your existing or your new client base.



We have trained all Canadian sales teams before and during the launch of IOGO program for Ultima Foods: effective presentation, commercial development, sales strategy negotiation, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary.

An incredibly useful workshop that was interactive with the groups. All material was well presented and useful to my success

I learned a lot. It was fun. The more workshops we do, the better they got.

Great energy, pace and understanding of your audience

This is the third seminar with this group, and I found it extremely useful. It filled our needs for the challenges ahead. Most interesting and exciting to date

What I have found most useful is not to be afraid of new ideas.

See things differently. I will definitely be a better supplier to my customer base.

I appreciated learning how to handle objections and the body language in a negotiation.


B2B and retail training programs. Montreal, Detroit, Toronto.

Great program, most informative, tons of energy. Mostly very useful, essential, even for Ciot. I appreciated the follow-up models on proposals and estimates, because I’m not that great with those. But with this training program it’s going to be easier and I’m sure my performance will increase.

SunMedia newspapers (Journal de Montréal)

Sales team training program, telemarketing team training program

I needed to learn how to organize myself better, how to build scenarios and have some tools when customers do not follow what has been planned.

Great training session, highly constructive, with down-to-earth instructions. I’m sure that my performance will improve.

I appreciated that I found out more about selling techniques, how to introduce myself with customer, how to make better use of my time, all-in-one training program.


One-to-two day training seminars
Individual coaching

Other services:

Psychological profiles using Nova profiles (colours)
Mystery shopping services, especially for the Web 2.0 customer
Evaluation of outbound and inbound performance in telephone, e-mail and texts.
All of those are adapted to your industry, your organization, and your objectives.