Simon St-Hilaire

Strategic Sales, Customer Service, Retail SalesSimon St-Hilaire

Travels From: Québec, Québec
Fee Range: $5000+


A dramatic rise
This is Simon St-Hilaire’s 20th year as a full-time instructor in strategic sales, customer relations and retail selling. Over 600 businesses have asked him to provide customized training, and he has achieved an astonishing rate of repeat contracts, a sign of complete satisfaction with his services. He is responsible for English-language training and has been regularly hired to make presentations in Ontario, Western Canada and the United States.Combined strengths as an entrepreneur and instructor
After a distinguished career in sales, Simon St-Hilaire quickly demonstrated his entrepreneurial flair by setting up two businesses, before deciding to join his father’s business. Simon St-Hilaire first participated in 1200 hours of his father’s group training sessions, which allowed him to completely master the course content and training techniques and learn about participants’ concerns and expectations. While using the approach that has made Roger St-Hilaire’s sales courses so outstanding, Simon St-Hilaire adds something extra: his own business experience and the vision of his generation.
The real thing
Always looking for new ideas and tendencies, he spends an average of 10 hours a week reading reference material, such as books, magazines and the Internet.

A rising star
Thanks to his sense of humour and charisma and his astonishing ability to deal with groups Simon St-Hilaire is considered to be a rising star in the field of customer relations and sales training in Quebec.
Emploi-Québec certified trainer, member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)


Retail Sales – learn how to:

Greet Customers
Words to use and words not to use
Presenting yourself and creating an atmosphere of trust
Helping more than one customer at a time
Avoiding behaviour that turns customers away

Communicate with your Customers
The art of listening
Non-verbal communication
Asking the right questions

Close Sales
Knowing when your customer is interested
When and how to take the initiative
Following through to success

Overcome Objections
Finding out why your customer is holding back
60 questions to break down resistance
Turning an objection into a sale
Reassuring customers

Showcase your products with style
Bringing out the strengths of your products and your organization
The right presentation for each customer
Words that work
Assess your Customers and their needs
Questions to help you know your customers
Focusing on the needs, desires, expectations and concerns of your customers

How to make complementary sales
The benefits of complementary sales for you and your customers
Creating new customer needs
Making complementary selling a reflex

Develop a winning attitude
Avoid letting routine dominate your work
Maintain a positive attitude
Redefine your personal and professional goals