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Daughters of Malcolm X, Diplomat, DIVERSITY, CULTURE, HERITAGEAmbassador Shabazz


Ms. Shabazz, a producer, writer and diplomat, is one of the most sought after and captivating speakers in the United States, Europe, Africa and Central America.

After over 30 years of traveling the world, Ms. Shabazz has been hailed by executive forums, diplomatic networks, universities, conferences and human service organizations as a dynamic, inspirational speaker who motivates and encourages the young and mature alike to recognize the value in and appreciation of diverse cultural engagement, traditions and perspectives, thus a genuine respect for oneself and others.

 Raised in Westchester County, New York, Ms. Shabazz is the eldest of six of Malcolm X daughters born to Dr. Betty Shabazz and Malcolm X Shabazz. She graduated from the United Nations International School at 17 and entered Briarcliff College the following fall semester, majoring in International Law with a minor in English.

As a producer, she is recognized as a masterful creator and an astute businesswoman. Fondly termed by her colleagues as an “ideas architect”, she is a strategist and technician quick to discern the integrity, theme and ultimate goal of each endeavor while realizing a vision of execution and successful outcome. 

Her significant associations and relationships encompass youth and academic administrations, business institutions, government embassies, diplomatic offices, international chambers of commerce, communications networks and notables of the entertainment world and human-interest communities. 

Ms. Shabazz has written op-ed commentaries and articles for newspapers and periodicals such as the TIMES, Essence Magazine, EL MUNDO and others. She recently had the honor of adding to the list of her published writings, the new foreword to her father’s classic, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and is completing her memoirs, titled From Mine Eyes. 

Appointed as the Ambassador-at-Large by the Prime Minister of Belize, she is an advisor on International Cultural Affairs & Project Development. Recently, the Minister of Youth & Sports added his division to her portfolio. Ms. Shabazz is the founder of The Pilgrimage Foundation, Tapestry Bridge, Legacy Inc. and the Malcolm X Shabazz Birthplace & Foundation. In the past, she has offered her dedicated participation as a member of the Switzerland-based World Economic Forum’s Task Force on the Digital Divide and is a proud member of the United Nations International School Alumnae. As well, she serves on a number of international boards and humanitarian councils. 

Ms. Shabazz’ hope is to motivate and inspire one to have a better understanding of his or her history, the world around them and their constructive place in it. Thus to encourage a positive self-concept, she affirms, “It is within you to be ALL that your dreams imagine”.




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