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Atlantic Speakers Bureau – ESTABLISHED 1985 : “Information’s pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.” – Clarence Day

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Our three sister companies are here to serve your training needs in more ways:   

Atlantic Speakers Bureau
Live on premises workshops, Seminars, and keynotes (dependant upon Covid -19 Restrictions).
Pre-recorded live workshops, seminars, and keynotes tailored to your group.
Live online seminar/webinar workshops, seminars, and keynotes. 

Human Skills Development
Self paced Online On-demand Skills Training workshops and seminars.

Kitchen Memories
And if that is not enough, how about dinner?  We have an online Cooking site to help you with dinner!  Free!  No ads no pop ups.  Send us your favorite family recipes for posting.

Atlantic Speakers

Atlantic Speakers Bureau



As we adapt our offerings, it is most important that we are committed to staging events to your needs. Our speakers are well-versed in Zoom and other video-conferencing technology. Their presentations and performances can be livestreamed to your participants, at work or at home, and still allow for participation in the moment and discussion among the community.  All of their standard options are available for remote presentation, so don’t hesitate to ask about their offerings and how we can make this work for you.

Atlantic Speakers

Human Skills Development




Our sister company, Human Skills Development offers over 140 online on-demand seminars that are approximately 6-7 hours in length for you to study any time anywhere. Click here to visit: Human Skills Development

All of Our Human Skills Development Courses Include:

• Student Manual PDF Download
• Real-Life Examples and Take-Aways
• Videos
• Audio
• Case Studies
• Quizzes
• Activities
• Certificate of Completion
• Un-Limited Access for one year
• and Re-Takes
• Loyalty Discounts for individuals and businesses
Affiliate program to earn extra cash

Kitchen Memories – One Recipe at a Time

Kitchen Memories is a non monetary site over all and has no pop up adds. However, we will recommend certain products that we use from Amazon. These posts contain Amazon affiliate links for your convenience, at no additional cost to you. This site is sponsored by: Atlantic Speakers Bureau and Human Skills Development so please do visit our sponsors.

This site is for your enjoyment and for the pleasure of cooking at home for you, your family and friends. Please feel free to submit your favorite recipes using the form below or the one on the Contact Us page and we will post them as quickly as possible. Your family will be able to search the site for your recipes by simply entering your family name into the search feature at the top.

Kitchen memories is intended for the home cooks out there looking for:

1. some home tested memories written in easy to understand language and

2. without any pop up adds that just get in the way of the information that you want.

The recipes that you find on these pages are from our own experience and have been modifies for our taste.  Many are from other sites that we use and enjoy and proper credit is given to those.

All reasonable care has been taken to avoid any copyright issues. This is not a commercial for profit site and is for the enjoyment of the people who use it. There will never be pop ads.

New recipes will be added weekly so bookmark us and check back in. Thank you.

Atlantic Speakers Bureau

With 36 years of experience in this business. We are a dedicated green team that strive to work in harmony with each other and with our select clients.

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  We Research and Locate Speakers and Entertainers  for any Occasion.

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