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ESTABLISHED 1985 : “Information’s pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.” – Clarence Day

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As we adapt our offerings, it is most important that we are committed to staging events to your needs. Our speakers are well-versed in Zoom and other video-conferencing technology. Their presentations and performances can be livestreamed to your participants, at work or at home, and still allow for participation in the moment and discussion among the community.  All of their standard options are available for remote presentation, so don’t hesitate to ask about their offerings and how we can make this work for you.


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Amazing Leadership Ted Talk by Tom Dutta


“Hi Jim (Knox), Atlantic Speakers Bureau of Canada & the United States
Thank YOU so much! It was a pleasure working with you, Allen, and Brian. I look forward to working together in the future, should another event arise. It was super fun!!!  Thanks again and have a nice holiday weekend.

Kristen Greer, Events Manager, ImagineSoftware, June 2019″

Hi Allen, Atlantic Speakers Bureau of Canada & the United States
Yes, Lee’s (Shelby’s) presentations that week were great! As I had commented to Lee, before he left, that we believe this will help make an impact!
In my eyes he was probably the best we’ve had so far, thanks Allen!
Mercury Marine, Jason Schwefel Plant 15 – Safety Leader – May 2019

” Hi Allen’ Atlantic Speakers Bureau of Canada & the United States
Dr. Mark DeVolder was great! 
I will be sure to reach out to you when there is anything new and will absolutely recommend Atlantic Speakers Bureau to anyone who is looking for such services,

Shana Noel, Atlantic Lottery” 

 “Representing Standout Speakers so that You and Your events…Stand Out!”


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Ralph Peterson specializes in helping mission driven organizations build Five-Star management teams within the long-term care industry.In addition to Ralph Peterson, LLC – Ralph is also a #1 Best-Selling Author, Internationally Syndicated Columnist, highly sought-after management development coach and public speaker.

Ralph began his management career hiring, promoting & training managers in one of the toughest fields there is: housekeeping. “To start with, no one wants to be a housekeeper” he says. “Out of all the housekeepers I have worked with maybe 10% of them see housekeeping as their career. The other 90% are doing it because they have too and the first job opportunity that comes their way, they’re gone. Sometimes you get a notice, most times you don’t…”


Dan Comiskey, Atlantic Speakers Bureau of Canada & the United States
Dan Comiskey, Safety, Adversity, Habit Creation How to Lead and Coach like a Champion – Won two Grey Cups


Dan Comiskey, Atlantic Speakers Bureau of Canada & the United States, retired from the CFL in 2010. He had played football in the Canadian Football League for 13 years, where he was coached by over 40 different professional coaches. All of these coaches were behaviour change specialists, and helped Dan become an expert of the fundamentals of habit change. Dan knows safety adversity fist hand.

Dan retired from the Edmonton Eskimos, where he was a perennial all-star and a two time Grey Cup champion. Dan has co-written “The Truth About Success”, “Eduring Principles of Leadership”, “My Rules”, and “Professional Coaching”. He is passionate about injury prevention and safety awareness.

Dan has suffered multiple concussions, a torn triceps, a torn calf, and a broken leg, all in the last 5 years of his football career. Dan’s step-brother died in an industrial accident, and his father in-law suffered a permanent brain injury in an industrial accident less than one year from retirement. Dan has a very personal perspective on the importance of workplace safety.





Atlantic Speakers Bureau of Canada & the United States
Hank Moore


Hank Moore,  nominated in December 2018 for the Pulitzer Prize for his “Big Picture of Business” trilogy.

Hank Moore is one of the legends of business. He talks warmly about some of the other icons, drawing parallels to the audience’s desire to make their companies into legends.

Mr. Moore knew and worked with most of the power leaders, including Peter Drucker, Roy Disney, W. Edwards Deming, Lee Iacocca, Tom Peters, J. Willard Marriott, Steven Covey, George Mitchell, Tony Robbins, Dick Clark and others. He talks about the impact of such business legends as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Bill Gates. This keynote is more than a stroll down memory lane. It explains the legends and legacies of companies and visionaries who made a difference. It offers inspiration to businesses on the grow, with solid paths to success.

This talk parallels Hank Moore’s book, “Pop Icons and Business Legends,” nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.



Bruce Lee, Atlantic Speakers Bureau of Canada & the United States


Bruce Lee , Atlantic Speakers Bureau of Canada & the United States. It is all about productivity. BRUCE LEE is an international event speaker, coach, MC and author. His passion is working with individuals and organizations by offering real solutions to their current challenges through high-value “what to do” content-rich information, an engaging style and real life situations that all audiences can relate to. The objective is to enhance leadership performance and individual productivity in order to improve bottom line results, increase market share and vital employee and customer loyalty and retention. This will create the culture you need where customers and staff do not want to leave.

Bad attitudes, jealousy, and disruptive behavior will sabotage morale, lower self-esteem while reducing teamwork and productivity. When toxic behavior infects an organization at any level, managers may be tempted to ignore it or give in, absolutely the wrong thing to do, and tolerating it is not a solution.





Chris Roebuck with Jennie Roper editor of HR Magazine
Chris Roebuck with Jennie Roper editor of HR Magazine


Chris Roebuck has made the list of the HR’s most Influential HR Thinkers of 2018 – those who develop ideas that can improve HR and organizational performance in the future. This is the 6th time since 2011  that Chris has made the list so he is coming up with ideas that deliver success. Why not bring that success to your next event and contact us for details.




Paul Shearstone
Paul Shearstone


Give your team the tools they need

for peak performance in sales and life.

Paul Shearstone



Alan Bell, Countering Terrorism, Strengthening Security
Alan Bell,
Countering Terrorism, Strengthening Security


Does your team travel?  Know the risks and be ready!

Alan W. Bell







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