Atlantic Canada
Atlantic Canada
Atlantic Speakers Bureau
Atlantic Speakers Bureau

This is who we are in this place.


Champion of Diversity and Inclusion



“Information’s pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.”Clarence Day

Champion of Diversity and Inclusion

Quality, Service, Value

“Some would make us just names on a list. But we are people in a place – and resist” Saltscapes, Canada’s East Coast Magazine

Established in 1985 in beautiful Atlantic Canada, the Atlantic Speakers Bureau grew organically from two professional public speakers and trainers to serving Canada, United States, England and several other countries. Now in our 33rd year, our operating philosophy still holds true: quality content, customer service, and exceptional value. The Speakers and Entertainers that we work with share in this philosophy.

We believe that organizing a training session, keynote address, workshop etc. is complicated enough without your search for the proper speaker or entertainer adding to your work load. We are here to work with you, relieve some of the stress and add to your success. We are an extension of your team working within your time and budgetary constraints.

We have 33 years experience in this business and are a dedicated green team.  We strive to work in harmony with each other, other Bureaus and Agents and with our select clients.  We respect your privacy and proprietary information while guaranteeing our quality of service to you. You will find, within our contract, our CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT protecting your information and details.

Wow, 33 years! As you can see from our website, we do not believe in being complicated, we like to keep it simple and real.


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