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Travels From: Toronto, ON
Fee Range: $2000 – $5000


As the result of a challenging 14 – year dementia care experience, Karen Henderson founded the Caregiver Network in 1996, How to Care in 2000 and the Long Term Care Planning Network in 2008, now Canada’s leading on and off-line resource centre for aging and long term care. Her extensive seminar series, web sites, newsletters, video series and print materials are internationally recognized as key aging, elder and long term care educational and resource tools.

Karen is now a well-known speaker, educator, writer, media commentator, publisher and consultant in the field of long term care, who has been published in leading geriatric journals in Canada. She has spoken across Canada and in the U.S. to a wide variety of organizations from hospitals to law firms. Karen has been featured frequently on television and radio and has written many articles about her personal long term care experience.

Karen is a member of the Toronto-based Dementia LINC; she sat on the advisory committees for Ontario’s Strategy for Alzheimer Disease and Related Dementias and the Round Table for Ontario’s Elder Abuse Strategy. In December 2000, she became a founding member of the Canadian Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition to improve end-of-life care for all Canadians.

In 2006 Karen became a Stephen Minister, then a Stephen Leader in her church, roles that have trained her to work with individuals struggling with aging, grief, loneliness, hospitalization or a terminal illness.

As a result of her experience, Health Canada asked Karen to contribute to Writings in Gerontology: Mental Health and Aging, which was distributed to over 3000 physicians, academics, students, caregivers, seniors and others interested in issues related to aging and seniors. She was also asked by the Alzheimer Society of Canada to provide feedback on their updated Tough Issues sheets, with particular emphasis on Quality of Life For Caregivers/Families of People With Alzheimer Disease. The Government of Ontario – Seniors’ Secretariat asked Karen to write a new section on caregiving for the second release of their Guide to Programs and Services For Seniors in Ontario.

In addition to working with family caregivers and health care professionals, in 2003 Karen began working with professional advisors and consultants – financial, legal, accounting and healthcare – to help both the advisors and their clients understand the implications of long term care on financial, personal and family well-being.

As a result of this work, Karen developed Long Term Care Planning Central, Canada’s first Internet portal to support professional advisors so they may be better prepared to help their aging clients cope with the challenges of long term care.

Karen has created the following educational resources to encourage all Canadians to talk about, and prepare for long term care:

• It’s never too early to start the care conversation…A Guide For Adult Children & Their Parents
• Long Term Care: A Practical Planning Guide For Canadians
• The Long Term Care Resource CD – Everything you need to know to locate long term care information and resources across Canada
• LTC Readiness Questionnaire/User Guide
• The Critical Illness/Long Term Care Planner


Professional Advisor Seminars

• The Age Wave is Coming: Will You Ponder or Prosper?
• Scare Them or Prepare Them. The Choice is Yours
• Facing the Truth About Loss of Independence: How You Can Help
• The Case for Living Benefits
• The Facts About Aging and Long Term Care: A Primer For Marketing Living Benefits
• It’s Never Too Early or Too Late: Talking to Your Clients About Long Term Care
• It Clearly Takes Passion….Why Long Term Care Planning Is Essential
• Everybody’s Doing It…Aging That Is. Healthcare/Financial Challenges and Solutions
• Health-care, Wealth-care: What You Need to Know About Long Term Care
• How to Talk to Your Clients About Long Term Care Planning
• Clients Don’t Buy a Company, They Buy Your Expertise: What You and Your Clients Need to Know About Investing in Long Term Care Planning and Insurance
• Long Term Care Planning: Build Your Business by Being a Knowledge Resource
• The Reality of Canada’s Health Care System

Client Seminars

Since education is the key to better, healthier eldercare and long term care planning, our client seminars are designed to help families learn what they need to know and do before a crisis hits; alleviate the stress that comes with long term care, and help them maintain their financial health and lifestyle. The seminars can be packaged in various lengths and arranged for a time and place convenient to you.

Selected Seminar Topics

• It’s Never Too Early – or Too Late – to Start the Conversation: Talking to Your Parents About Their Changing Needs
• Aging in Place: Helping It Happen
• Long Term Care Planning: Women Take Note!
• Keynote Address: Dementia Diary: Moving From the Darkness into the Light
• Everybody’s Doing It…Aging That Is. Healthcare/Financial Challenges and Solutions
• Long Term Care: Steps You Can Take Now!
• What Price is My Father’s Dignity?
• Long Term Care: Making the System Work For you
• Long Term Care Planning: What We All Need to Know
• Family Caregiving: A Plan for Action
• Planning Ahead Is Taking Care!
• Caring for the Aging: Challenges and Solutions
• What It Means to Have a Loved One Afflicted with Dementia


“When it came to a caregiving presentation, the only name everyone could agree on was Karen Henderson’s!”
L. Herratt Etobicoke, ON

“I have done many seminars on long term care over the last 5 years. I was totally floored by your presentation and knowledge”
M. Cohen Concord, ON

“On behalf of our group I want to extend our appreciation to you for your great presentation. I don’t think I have ever had so many positive remarks about any speaker before. Sincerely Karen, we were taken with your passion for the topic. The group felt your discussion was invaluable. I know they will be after me to ask you again.”
S. Izenberg Toronto, ON

“As a professional, I found Karen’s session on the Twenty Steps to be invaluable…a great way for us to better learn how to refer our clients to other much – needed services.”
S. Coppas Halton, ON

“In all (and complete honesty) you were the highlight of my course last year. Your talk about your Dad, and the issues related to being a daughter and caregiver left my students (and myself) spellbound. You said it in a way that they understood, punctuated with honesty and humour. You can see why I want you back!!”
M. Shilton, Sheridan College, Toronto, ON

“Your talk to the Canadian Club was excellent. It met what I figure are the criteria for a good Canadian Club address: relevant, timely, well organized, clearly presented by a speaker who knew her subject and had a passionate interest in communicating her message effectively to her audience.”
R. Rice Kingston, ON

“I thought today’s seminar was excellent! You did a fine job of presenting an extremely difficult subject. Although my parents died when I was quite young, I have an elderly aunt that will require extended care eventually. I found myself almost in tears several times. Thank you for addressing a very delicate issue with such finesse!”
M.E. Mitchell Toronto, ON

“You had a great talk on Wednesday and you’ve done a great job at collecting and organizing your material. I will gladly refer families to your web site and services. You certainly talk from the ‘heart” Dr. P. Derkach Toronto, ON

“We were delighted to have you as our first guest speaker for the Lecture Series on Caregiving. The audience was extremely interested and motivated by your lecture. You truly reached out to those individuals caring for their aging parents and provided them with practical solutions to resolve their problems. Knowing there are no easy answers to these difficult situations, you were able to inform family members that they have choices and that options are available.”
R. Rideout, Queen’s University Kingston, ON

“Karen makes a great connection with her audience. She confidently delivers a very powerful message, while responding with compassion to the individuals and their situations. She is a great speaker!”
Kathryn Z., Toronto, ON

Audience: Financial Professionals

Financial Seminar Attendee Testimonial

“You inspired me. I don’t say that about many presentations, but I expect you have changed the way I will continue to practice my trade, and deal with my clients.”
J. Chisholm Investment Advisor IFBC Summit


“Your message yesterday was excellent. I have experienced only a fraction of the issues you covered, but I recognize the enormity of the problems. I have some vivid pictures to paint for my clients as we discuss retirement and aging. If you would, I’d like to get a copy of your presentation, or at a minimum, the list of resources. At this point, I believe we can never have too many resources. Again, thanks for your message yesterday. I’m a better-equipped advisor for having attended.”
M. Shaver C.A., CFP IFBC Summit

“I was one of the attendees at the EPC Course in April 2004 in Toronto. Your presentation was nothing short of profound. It was very generous of you to share your personal experience in such a positive way.”
N. Butts Investment Advisor, EPC

Dear Karen;

“I would like to let you know that I found your presentation to the ADVOCIS group in Brantford to be very informative, articulate, and enjoyable. Public speaking is a skill that takes years to perfect and it was clear that you have a very strong ability to present complicated information in a clear and concise manner! You speak very clearly, emphatically, and with tremendous confidence. I also noted your rapport with the audience was very good; you encouraged questions and interaction which made the presentation very enjoyable. Your information & related subject matter was very important and I believe there will certainly be great demand for your time in the near future. I look forward to the chance to hear another presentation of yours!”
S. Fraser Investment Advisor


“Your presentations at last week’s EPC course in Toronto were very moving and provided lots of excellent information and resources – thank you! My father, whom I was very close to, died in July of Parkinson’s Disease after battling it for about 10 years. I could relate to many of the experiences you shared with us about you and your dad and must admit I was close to tears on numerous occasions as so much sounded familiar. Thank you once again for such an enriching three days.”
J. Garner Investment Advisor Toronto, On.

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