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Carlos Conejo


Speaker: Carlos Conejo

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  • Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Expert, Process Improvement and Lean Enterprise Specialist, Six Sigma Black Belt
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  • $$ 10,000-20,000USD
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  • Travels from:  California, USA
  • Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
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About Keynote Speaker Carlos Conejo

Carlos Conejo’s Key Accomplishments Include . . . 
Carlos Conejo is a highly sought-after facilitator, conference presenter and management consultant with over 20 years of corporate experience. Mr. Conejo’s style is high-energy and highly-interactive.  He presents the material in an exciting and no-nonsense way, delivering practical take-away experiences that can be immediately implemented.

Carlos Conejo has a proven track record in several areas including Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Process Improvement/Lean Enterprise and Team-Building. In addition, organizations often engage Mr. Conejo to conduct on-site workforce development, supervisory, and management seminars in either English or Spanish.

In addition, Carlos Conejo’s first-hand knowledge of workforce and organizational development in the areas involving Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma are transformational. These techniques assist organizations in increasing quality while driving out defects and variation, reducing costs and substantially increasing margins. Carlos Conejo is a Certified “Six Sigma Black Belt,” receiving his certification from Villanova University.

Carlos Conejo is the author of several books, including: Recruiting & Retaining Multicultural Employees, Motivating Hispanic Employees, Selling to Multicultural Businesses and The Crabs of Santo Domingo: The Power of Working Together.  Carlos Conejo has served on the Hilton Hotels Corporation Multicultural Advisory Board, the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Multicultural initiative and has been named one of the “Top U.S. Hispanic Speakers” by the independent firm MarketData.

Carlos Conejo has been lecturing and consulting internationally on management, supervision, organizational development, and multicultural issues in Canada, Puerto Rico and The United Kingdom, presenting to thousands of people from various organizations and companies. His clients include, Johnson & Johnson, Oakley Sunglasses-Luxotica, Pentair Pool Products, Jacuzzi Brand Products, Curtis-Wright Aerospace, The US Marines Corps, U.S. Army, U.S. Postal Service, Amgen, St. Jude’s, Medtronic, Sanyo, Chevron, Red Vines, Neutrogena and more.

Mr. Conejo is a graduate of Pepperdine University, with a degree in Business Administration.


Suggested Keynote Speaker Programs


•  Organizations that embrace Diversity as an initiative excel at rapidly changing their corporate leadership position, culture, organizational & product agility, and improve customer service & quality.
•  Case studies/stories
•  Leaders of units and executive leaders have different but equally important roles and practices to create an inclusive and accelerated diversity initiative that builds organizational capability.
•  Fully-engaging your stakeholders/employees at all levels
•  Getting beyond typical barriers
•  Empowering Employees
•  Creating Diversity as a “Way of Life” core business practice
•  Partnership of learning and key practices
•  Incremental Change Vs Fundamental Change
•  Unit Level learning practices
•  Management & Executive leadership and supportive roles:  What will it take?
•  Managing by Balanced Scorecard
•  Planning & implementation
•  After-Action Review – Compare to U.S. Army Assessment Initiative
•  Are you leading learning & Continuous Growth in your organization?
•  Conclusion: Building organizational capability
•  Key unit practices – Why this makes sense in a global economy


•  America’s Demographics are exploding – This is the second biggest wave in America’s population next to the current Age Wave of 70 million Baby-Boomers aging together.  Every seven seconds someone is turning age 50 in America!  Every day, 10,000 Boomers are retiring.
•  Introduction to the Top Twenty Fastest growing population segments in America
Studies of segmentation of the three fastest growing populations, the traits, color-coded population maps, median age, characteristics, buying habits, norms, lifestyles, culture, etc.
•  The New “Hybrid” Generation.”  What is it what does it mean to us?
•  Bi-Cultural, Bi-Lingual Generations
•  Communal vs. Competitive Cultures
•  High Context vs. Low-Context Language
•  Getting the right messages across in a culturally-relevant manner
•  Offering the right services
•  The conflict of Diversity:  How to Effectively manage and leverage Diversity
•  Managing A diverse Workforce
•  The Dangerously LOW Education Gap in some Emerging Populations and what to do about it.
•  Immigration is at an all time low.  So where are “these people” coming from?


•  Roles and Challenges of Today’s Leaders
•  Hoshin-Kanri: The Japanese Method to Policy Deployment with a Strategic Direction
•  Visionary and Strategic Thinking
•  Leading Diverse Populations
•  Performance Management to Change Model, what do we really need to Accelerate buy-in and support.  The inverted management pyramid.
•  I.C.E. – Innovation, Change, Execution
•  Desirable Traits of Future CEO’s – Are you steering the ship or are you adjusting the sail to the winds?
•  10 Tips on Organizational Transformation
•  Busting Paradigms