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Dr. Janet Lapp
Dr. Janet Lapp,

Global Expert in Leading People Through Fast Change

Why Book Janet Lapp?
Janet is an expert at guiding high performing organizations and people through change resistance with humor and compassion. Audiences experience a high-energy presentation and learn how to develop the courage to face new obstacles and challenges.

“Change is either a force to be feared, or an opportunity to be seized. The choice is ours.”


Thrive During Fast Change, Leading at the Edge

Dr. Janet Lapp delivers a powerful message: change is not a force to be feared but an opportunity to be seized. With humour and finesse, she confronts her audiences with the truth of what they need to do–and how they need to think–to move into the future with success and optimism. Her energy-charged, exhilarating programs provide usable ideas people can put to use right away.
Dr. Lapp has inspired over 2,500 audiences around the world–with clients such as IBM, AT&T, Allstate, New York Life, Toyota, and Kawasaki–to adopt a mindset that is successful with change, and to overcome challenges. She presents in English, French or Spanish for appropriate audiences.

She spent over 30 years in health care as a registered nurse, nurse manager, lab director, and clinical psychologist. After earning a PhD from McGill University, Dr. Lapp was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship, and then pursued a successful career as a clinician, researcher, and university professor before founding her own leadership development firm.

She is the author of several bestselling books, including Dancing with Tigers; Positive Spin; Why Won’t They Listen to Me?  and her most recent title, The Four Elements of Transformation: How to create radical and sustainable change. She is also the creator of the highly rated CBS series Keep Well, and has appeared on her own health programs on PBS and INN-affiliates.

A former air race pilot and current flight instructor, Dr. Lapp has flown her airplane throughout South America and Africa, and is a long time member of the Flying Doctors of Mercy, volunteering medical care monthly in central México to those who otherwise would not receive it.

Rated by Toastmasters International as one of the top three speakers worldwide, Dr. Lapp was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame.


Plant your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air: Lead Through Change

What would happen if everyone in the organization saw the positives, not the problems in current changes? What would it look like if people broke out of their molds, push their boundaries, and developed a new set of skills?

Research indicates that 69% of the workplace is not fully engaged. How much time and money does this group cost an organization? How much time and energy would be saved if everyone learned a common language to identify and contain resistance? How much time and money would be saved if everyone became rekindled their passion, became fully engaged, and took daily and consistent action toward their own goals and the goals of the organization?

Audiences experiencing this high-energy, high-humor presentation learn how to:

a. guide themselves and others through ambiguity and uncertainty in a positive and productive way.

b. keep morale high, to retain the best and encourage the rest.

c. develop the courage to face new obstacles and challenges with a strong forward momentum.

People leave with a positive mindset open to change and opportunity. They are more likely to take more personal responsibility and accountability for change, and move themselves and their teams faster into the future.

Leaders help others see the future more clearly and have the confidence that they can get there, they return to work with a renewed enthusiasm and spread it to others around them.

“Change is a force to be feared, or an opportunity to be seized. The choice is yours.”

“Much of the future is knowable; take charge of what you do know, and move.”

“Take action, Don’t wait. The window of opportunity closes quickly.”

The Psychology of Customer Experience

Dr. Lapp’s research on the Psychology of Customer Experience has revealed the top four psychological needs of customers, which, if met, can propel organizations to sustainable growth and market dominance.  Audiences learn the latest neuro-marketing techniques that create experiences to maintain loyal and emotionally connected customers, similar to Apple, Starbucks, Lexus, and Harley Davidson. This is not a standard customer service program. Teams will understand the unmet psychological needs of their customers and learn to meet them in practical, easy-to-apply ways.

The front line will learn what specific actions they must take on a daily basis to create the unique experiences that capture hearts and minds of their customers, and leaders will be able to apply these same skills and tools to create loyalty among their teams.

This program is available as a keynote presentation, as well as interactive half and full day sessions.


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