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Dancer, Piano Player, and Keyboard Player

Mac Morin: Dancer, Piano & Keyboard player, is a talented Troy, Cape Breton native whose ancestors were noted Cape Breton step dancers for several generations. Including Mary C. MacDonald Morin (Mother) and John R.’Roddie Eddie’ MacDonald (Grandfather). Mac has been dancing for over 10 years, first being taught by his mother and then the talented Warner sisters of Mabou, Cape Breton. Since then he has taken on the role as teacher in various private and workshop venues.

Along with other highly regarded dancers, Mac was a step dance instructor during the International Celtic Colours Festival held in Cape Breton yearly since 1997. Mac has also made a big name for himself as an accomplished Cape Breton-style piano player.

After two years on the road with Natalie MacMaster’s band touring all over the world and sharing the stage with such artists as the Chieftains and Mark O’Connor, Mac has since toured with Howie MacDonald’s ‘Celtic Brew’ and ‘Rise & Follies of Cape Breton’ shows, the Rankin Sisters, and is kept busy supplying accompaniment for fiddlers such as Ian MacDougall, Andrea Beaton, Rodney MacDonald, Glenn Graham, Howie MacDonald, Jackie Dunn, Wendy MacIsaac, Troy MacGillivray, Shelly Campbell, and Buddy MacMaster to name just a few.

Mac is also a full-time member of the energetic Cape Breton band ‘Beolach’ which features fiddlers Wendy MacIsaac and Mairi Rankin, Guitarist Patrick Gillis, Piper Ryan J. MacNeil, Drummer Matthew Foulds and Mac on Piano. The band has toured Canada, United States and Europe and released a self titled CD in 2002.

Speaking of CD’s, Mac has just released his first self-titled CD this summer. The recording consists of 17 tracks of traditional and contemporary Cape Breton music and features the talents of Gordie Sampson, Rannie MacLellan, Pius MacIsaac, Patrick Gillis, Betty Lou Beaton, Sandy MacDonald, Kevin Dugas, Al Cross as well as former Natalie MacMaster band members John Dymond and Steve O’Connor.

Mac has also appeared on a number of other artist CD’s including Buddy MacMaster, Glenn Graham, Troy MacGillivray, Wendy MacIsaac, Beolach, Kinnon Beaton, Ian MacDougall, Pius MacIsaac and Mairi Rankin.


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