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Leadership, sales, personal and career success, change, teamwork, customer service,
Bilingual: French & English

Travels From: St-Sauveur, Québec
Fee Range: $3750 – $6000
Language: French, English


Audiences love Marc André’s content-rich but accessible material filled with stories, analogies, humour and energy. His charismatic delivery and style inspire participants to immediately take action and use it at work and in their personal lives, making the total experience even more enriching!

Whether you want to: motivate your team members, help improve employee morale or teamwork and communication, increase sales and profits, reduce stress and embrace change, Marc André Morel’s programs are the solution!

He will raise the conscious level of your group, open their hearts and lift their spirits. Part of what makes Marc André so compelling is the strength of his message, delivered with passion, creativity and authenticity.

The Montréal Chapter (2000-2001) Past President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers is one of North America’s top rising star speakers, as he has delivered over one thousand of inspiring, educating and entertaining programs to both English and French corporate audiences in 4 countries, 9 provinces and 16 states.

He earned his Commerce degree from Concordia University before gaining over 10 years of corporate marketing and training experience. He has several coveted corporate sales and leadership awards to his credit, including the Multiple Sclerosis Leadership 2002 Award for his professional excellence and outstanding community contribution. Always in demand, he has been interviewed and has appeared in various National television and print Medias for his expertise on Personal Leadership.

Dedicated to making a difference for adults and Youth, he is the Founder of The Morel Leadership Centre for Youth. His own personal and inspiring story as to how he became a speaker is featured in the new Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul. It was at the age of 15 that he delivered his first motivational keynote in front of an audience of 1200 people! His first book, ‘La Cinquième Saison: réaliser sa destinée avec simplicité’, was published in November 2002 as it has now reached th best-seller status in Québec.

Premiere International Expert on the subject of Personal and Professional Leadership; Author of the best-seller ‘La Cinquième Saison: réaliser sa destinée avec simplicité’, a unique and complete guide to Personal and Career Success; Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) – National Speaker’s Association highest earned designation; Recipient of the 2002 Multiple Sclerosis Leadership Award for his professional excellence and outstanding contribution to the community; Chosen September 2003 Leader of the Month by Transcontinental Publishing for the Lower Laurentians; Contributing Author of the acclaimed ‘Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul’ featuring his personal story; President and Founder of Morel Leadership Inc.; International Professional Speaker since 1995 – Award Winning Speaker since the age of 14; Marketing Major from Concordia University in Montréal; Strong of over ten years of an Award-Winning Sales career and Leader with Xerox, NCR and Dale Carnegie Training; Certified Sales Professional (CSP) by the Canadian Professional Sales Association; Certified trainer on international programs from Wilson Learning, Dale Carnegie Training, Brian Tracy International, Career Track, Fred Pryor Seminars and CPSA; Published Author of articles on the subject of personal and professional leadership; Interviewed and featured in various publications, radio and television medias (TVA, Vox, Radio Cité Rock Détente, FM 93, Coup de pouce and Journal Les Affaires); Montréal Chapter Past President of the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers; Founder of the Morel Leadership Centre for Youth; Founder of the Winners Circle of Montréal;

Topics – Success


One For All and All For One

It is part of the Human Nature to interact with others. But why is it so challenging to be so effective in doing so? I believe we are destined to succeed as teams. But what if we have also been programmed for failure at this level too? Our sense of survival, security, ego and motivation for recognition are all great personal success motivators but can be alarming barriers to our success as a team. Create durable synergy, improve communications, morale, attitude and help retain your best employees. With his trademark humorous style, Marc Andre Morel shares inspiring and unforgettable metaphors and ideas. Memorable event and lasting impact guaranteed !

DESTINED TO SUCCEED® in a Changing World

Everything changes and that’s a good thing. Human beings have survived over the millenniums thanks to their innate ability to adapt. The business world and our work environment is no exception. This program presents the advantages – and the necessities – of change. Using convincing analogies, help your employees get rid of their fear of losing the known – the real challenge – to put their ego aside and build their confidence to become comfortable with the uncomfortable! Memorable event and lasting impact guaranteed !


Keeping Clients For Life

Created for a clientele or an audience working in sales or customer service, entrepreneurs and independent workers, this program offers you more ideas than you can use in a year, preparing your organization and people for the new way of doing business. Customers pay more attention to the way your product is sold than to the product itself. The number of salespeople is decreasing dramatically but they should be making more money. What kind of experience are you offering your clients? Why are they leaving you? Find answers and solutions. Memorable event and lasting impact guaranteed !


How to Breakthrough Without Breaking Down

Did you know that 54% of workers will suffer from professional exhaustion once in their life-time? And that numbers are increasing? Based on his own personal experience and enriched with his research on the matter, this high energy session of a serious subject is delivered on a light and humoristic note. Help your employees rediscover the sense of success and garner ideas of how to do achieve their best without burning out. Memorable event and lasting impact guaranteed !!


The premise of this unique and thought provoking keynote is that we are destined to succeed, that we all possess what is required to succeed in our personal and professional lives, that we are also responsible for our success, through our attitude and behavior. Destined to succeed, yes, but maybe we have been programmed for failure! We all have been overwhelmed with messages such as:

“You must work hard to succeed.” “In life you’ve got to make sacrifices.” “You can’t have everything you want in life,” “Stop dreaming in color.” “Life is hard.” All kinds of destructive messages influence our actions and ultimately, the results in our personal and professional lives. In order to answer how we can get rid of such barriers to our success and realize our full potential, here is what I propose for this keynote:

1- Do things differently – As Aristotle said more than 2400 years ago, “if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got”. Using the striking analogy of a banana peeled from the right side, the message is that in order to have the best results, we must first and foremost look at things from a different angle. Get out of the comfort zone, dismantle our old habits and create new ones in order to bring together the realization of our full potential (business, career or personal).

2- Do what you are – A singer sings, a bird flies, a manager manages, a salesperson sells! Are you in the right place? This is the starting point. Not respecting your nature has a cost. Enormous costs for health and productivity. Not doing what you are is to swim against the current. It isn’t only draining, it’s also not enjoyable.

3- Do what you love and love what you do –Did you know that, according to a survey, two out of three workers hate their jobs? We can’t be truly happy unless we love what we are doing. And also, how can you achieve long-term excellence under these conditions? As well as being drained, it ends up affecting our self-esteem, health, teamwork and results.

4- Become comfortable with the uncomfortable – What often holds back today’s human being is the famous sense of security, this comfort zone we don’t want to leave. Whether it is to seek out bigger clients or take on new responsibilities, a new culture, etc., we don’t move, we don’t risk, we don’t dream. We try to do better while staying in the same sandbox. Impossible and draining! Therefore, instead of developing new skills, it is better to develop individual courage. Learn to be confident and experience fear while making the jump into the void. The price to pay for security is insecurity. The leader of today and tomorrow is comfortable with the uncomfortable.

5- Fish until there is water – This is a metaphor used by one of the greatest builders of Quebec, Édouard Simard of Sorel (Marine Industries) in the middle of the last century. He was answering a journalist who asked him to explain his success. Don’t stop fishing when there are no fishes, but when there is no water in the lake! Perseverance is not valued as much as it should be. We want everything now and we lose our sense of conquest and tenacity.

Other stories of courage, perseverance and success enrich this conference, making it a profound, humorous, inspirational, motivational and memorable experience!


Keeping Your Customers For Life

The way consumers buy evolves and the demands on sales and marketing teams call on us to be increasingly prepared if we want to stay in the game. We have been programmed to work hard or harder at picking at the same pie. But what if the solution for expanding and growing our business was to go where nowhere has gone before? Then, we could truly say that we are destined to succeed in business and can keep clients for life! Here’s what I suggest:

1- Changing The Way Of Doing Business – Customers change, as do their purchasing practices. They put more importance on the way the product or service is sold than on the product or service itself; the number of sales professionals is shrinking – an estimated decrease of 50 %. Those who will remain will earn more. What can you do to ensure your spot under the sun? I suggest creating value as well as an experience for your clients, to go smaller, closer, sharper and deeper.

2- Becoming Comfortable With The Uncomfortable – What often holds back today’s human being and business person is our sense of security, our comfort zone we don’t want to leave. Whether it is to seek out bigger clients or take on new responsibilities, we get immobilized, we do not risk and we have stopped dreaming big! We try to do better while staying in the same sandbox. Therefore, instead of adding to our already overloaded skill set, maybe it would be a better idea to develop individual courage, to relearn to be confident and experience fear while making the jump into the void. The price to pay for security is insecurity. The leader of today and tomorrow is comfortable with the uncomfortable.

3- Work On New Moves – Examples of Great Achievers like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan who have succeeded by constantly changing their game to keep at the head of the game and competitors behind. Learn what the Great ones do to keep on top!

4- Talent or Discipline – The best Sales Performers are NOT the ones with the best skills! What is the difference between a player with talent and one with a system or ritual? Anyone can be a top performer, learn from great examples!

5- You Decide! – Of all qualities required to succeed in Business, attitude (know to be) is the single most important. Why? Because it cannot be taught nor bought. The individual decides for himself or herself. With a simple to use and remember formula, learn how we have minimum 50% of control over ALL results in our personal and professional lives! Thought-provoking and life changing!

6- Why Our Customers Leave Us – Some factors are beyond our control, but the majority are not. The main reason that we lose our customers: Indifference. We take them for granted, we head off in search of others instead of pursuing our relationship with the clients we have, who know and trust us.

7- Give And You Shall Receive – The best way to make a difference for your customers is to give, to offer, to serve. To succeed is to serve. Better yet, to do so in innovative ways. In this keynote I will propose enough good ideas that your sales team will not have the time to use all in one year!

Please note that Marc Andre Morel’s programs are available in both English and French and are perfectly adapted to your audience, needs and situations



Marcelle Lagacé, Canada Post

Very challenging, realistic and knows “wake up” the capacity that is within us.
Charles Pelletier, Service Canada

A sure thing!
Monic Caron, Louise Amelia Center

I enjoyed. You have captured my interest from beginning to end. Interesting and motivating to continue my work life and also on a personal level.
Christiane Lefebvre, Health Canada

Super! Very unique!
Yvan Dion, Caisse populaire de Victoriaville

Motivating and interesting, it feels good after this conference while realizing that introspection may follow to find the “x”
Nicole Levesque, SM Sherbrooke

Excellent! Uses very well gestural images to illustrate his message. Brilliantly captures attention. Visual scan just to get us, captivate us. Manie great humor.
Jim Belanger, Block Parents Quebec

Great, funny, interesting BUT not long enough!
France Lachance, House of SADP family

Super! Thank you – I’m ready for my first marathon! Thank you!
Denise Landry Nadeau RHA4

Wonderful, I enjoyed. It was incredible. Thank you!
Lang-Josée Plourde, Edmundston Regional Hospital

Super! I like the way he has, he is alive, full of energy.
Sylvie Lévesque NBED

Do not change! You are fantastic!
Dominique Jellett, Manor Grand Falls

Congratulations! Very energizing and exciting.
Nancy Landry Morin, NBCC

This is a committed and very energetic. It does not sell anything, he speaks from his heart. This is a REAL leader (it is animated by a passion!)
Danielle Gauthier St-Onge, Government of New Brunswick

Very good. Very motivating. Very interesting and we could listen to all day.
Theresa Rossignol, School District 3, New Brunswick

A person with a lot of experience, generosity and humor. Excellent presentation! Thank you!
Lise Michaud, School District 3, NB

Continues! Your authenticity, your simplicity, your humor.
Sylvie Charest UMCE

It is very exciting. The subject is topical and interesting. Mr. Morel knows what he’s talking about is obvious.
Diane Basque Albert, University of Moncton

The speaker makes us want to go ahead and enjoy life.
Lucie Gagnon Caron, HRE

Great motivator!
Louise Pelletier, Mental Health

Super. It is funny, and so mesmerizing, you do not want to waste a minute of what he says.
Suzanne Briand, NB

Very high quality. Very compelling content.
Irene Bourgoin, Public Health

A must see!
Daniel Bellehumeur, City of Berthierville

Wow! Good principles! Good pictures to understand!
Eric Terror, City of Montreal

Very interesting, surprising!
Lucie Bilodeau, Canada Post

To see 100% would it only once.
Manon Legrand, Multi-Mortgage Loans

A very turned on and very human speaker. Congratulations!
Henriette Harvey, Canada Post

Inspiring and a reminder to take charge!
Hélène Dion, Canada Post

Juliette Plourde, Canada Post

Take the time to listen!
Christian Renaud, CRA

Simple without being simplistic.
Tina Charlebois, Destination Success

Sometimes we need motivation face many obstacles and challenges … the speaker gives us the tools to become warriors and face!
Helene Rancourt, CSCNO

It made me think about the responsibility that I have to face my happiness / unhappiness
Caroline Roy, Louise Amelia Center

I wish all my staff to hear from you!
Suzanne Kearns, CSCNO

I leave with a smile and a lot to think and live daily. Wow!
Lise Duford, School Gisèle-Lalonde

Good presentation – clear and achievable message.
Sylvie Boucher, High School Bishop Bruyère

Is a must see!
Danielle Thiboutot, CMHC

It feels good!
Lucie Brosseau, PWGSC

Not only do you feel it is good, but you we prove it.
Jean Bellerive, Telus

Awareness with a new look at the world tinged with humor.
Chantal St-Amour, PWGSC

Contagious energy, highly relevant practical comments.
Guy Albert, Multi-Mortgage Loans

Bravo, excellent, recommended. You go out a winner – very rewarding!
Monique Labelle, PWGSC

It was a fantastic conference and I recommend you, it was perfect. You got to pick me up on several points! Thank you!
Yannik Package, Beaubois

Practical, engaging, real, usable, funny, serious, balanced.
Marius Bourgeoys CSDCEO

I saw it in 2000 and since it is my favorite speaker. It always brings a little something we did not know or had forgotten that.
Benoit Boudreault, Energie Cardio, 2006

Excellent presentation, really challenging for sale and for life.
John Mill Policard, Protectron

A message we need to hear again daily. Engaging, authentic and simple.
Nathalie Ladouceur, CSDCEO

It’s an hour of your life that may well influence the rest (of your life …) – it’s worth it.
Renée Najbor, CEPEO – ESP Louis Riel

Go see it, you can only remove the positive!
Nathalie Lafontaine Hospital Mountains

Gave us a taste of advance!
Nathalie Ross, Carrefour Resources

It is all go!
Sonia Milette, SADC

Very good and very positive. Helps us realize that we have more tools than we believe to motivate the customer!
Catherine Mirand, Energie Cardio

I highly recommend it to everyone both professionally and personally.
Sophie Bédard, Caisse populaire de Victoriaville

Captivating. We do not see the time passing.
François Lacombe, Beaubois


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