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Paul Shearstone, Stress
Paul Shearstone, Stress
Sales, Resilience Formula, Stress

Travels From: Markham, Ontario
Fee Range: $5000 – $ 7500


Paul is no stranger to stress. A successful straight-commissioned salesman on the frontlines for over 20 years and survivor of a debilitating disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [CFS], he has faced stress head on, endured it and overcome it.

That, combined with his extensive research over the last decade in addition to the books and many articles he has published, uniquely qualify him as an expert – more importantly, someone who knows how to help people be more resilient and productive!

Paul’s speaking style includes a little humor – with an edge. His ideas foster new introspective thought designed to create action. Participants enjoy an energized delivery without the raw-raw – no mystical journeys – simply the proven facts and stories that clearly help people see and deal with stress from a different [proven] perspective.

Armed with the tools and techniques Paul has to share, participants are re-galvanized for peak performance. Employers garner a sound return on investment realized in a happier, healthier and more productive workforce…Guaranteed!

Paul brings a wide array of experience to his audiences. Over his 30-year career, he’s been a service engineer, national recruiter/sales trainer, sales manager / director/major account manager and VP of sales. Paul spent 20 years on the frontlines as a commissioned salesman. A consistent top-achiever, he was also awarded 4-Times, National #1 Salesman for his Fortune 500 Company.

“If you’re the #1 Salesperson once … you’ve had a good year. If you can do it again, again… and again… just maybe you have a system that works!”   – Paul Shearstone

In the fall of 1990, Paul became stricken with a stress-related disease known at the time as the Yuppie Flu – later diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [CFS]. A straight-commissioned salesman in a single-income family with no short-term disability benefits, he struggled for nine months. Failure was not an option!

Throughout his ordeal, Paul developed new ways to minimize stress, stay focused, self-motivated and aware of how important one’s energy is and its correlation to time-management, goals and success.

Paul did conquer the disease and today, an international keynote speaker, motivator, author and trainer, he enlightens audiences on the secrets to his energy-management techniques – now proven to control stress and improve one’s peak performance…

Paul’s principal focus now is to save [make] companies and organizations Money … by teaching people how to:

a) Minimize & manage stress

b) Be more successful by being more resilient


The Resilience Formula
Strategic Tools for Peak Performance: For Sales People:

Fact: Without Sales, there is no business!
Sales professionals, unproductive and unfocused due to stress, inarguably have the biggest financial impact on any company. Reasons for this can be a lack of leadership, poor management, changes in corporate directions / strategies or protocols, unrealistic expectations [true or otherwise] … and the list goes on.

Real or not, they are real to the degree salesreps believe – diminishing their ability to maintain under stressful conditions and stay focused on peak performance.

A Four-Time National #1 Salesman in for a Fortune 500 Company, Paul Shearstone understands firsthand, the real-life challenges salesreps face both on and off the job and more importantly, he knows what to do to bounce back, get up and stay on top!

The Resilience Formula Salesreps Outcomes:

Reduce worry and maintain a positive attitude.
Position for peak performance.
Concentrate on personal goals, corporate expectations & accountabilities.
Minimize stress, stay resilient… be more successful!

Bottom line: Companies enjoy a more productive sales force, improved sales, less absenteeism and more quotas reached. Salesreps learn to be a stronger team made up of happier, healthier people – with better skills for handling pressure and stress!

The Resilience Formula
Strategic Tools for Peak Performance: For Leaders:

Fact: Leaders are not immune to stress!
Too often today, people are thrust into leadership roles without the benefit of strategic training necessary to ensure peak performance for them and their subordinates. Moreover, they lack the expertise required to minimize the negative effects of employee / management burnout that costs millions and billions in employee absenteeism and healthcare costs.

The Resilience Formula Leaders Outcomes:

Communicate more effectively, reducing stress & negative energy created by the rumor mill.
Establish a culture that provides a clear roadmap for peak performance.
Garner focused Concentration on corporate expectations & accountabilities.
Lead subordinates to stay positive, professional and successful!

Leaders will learn how to implement proven and measurable stress strategies with their teams to improve performance and outcomes.

The Resilience Formula
Strategic Tools for Peak Performance: For Employees & General Audiences:

Fact: One in four people in North America currently suffer from some form of chronic stress and/or fatigue. (source: AMA)

Many years ago, renowned psychologist, Dr Henry David Thoreau, said: “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation”. Would he be surprised at today’s near epidemic stranglehold stress has on this generation and its exponential financial costs to business and society?

The Resilience Formula Employees & General Audiences, Outcomes:

Clarify the real causes for personal stress.
Implement a strategy for peak performance.
Focus on personal / corporate goals & accountabilities.
Garner positive Behavioral Changes to stay happy, positive, and valued!

Individuals who learn to be more focused / Resilient, automatically reposition there activities for improved performance and satisfaction through greater health and increased productivity [both on and off the job] – saving companies money.


I Thought I would take the time to congratulate you on another outstanding keynote performance I witnessed recently in Toronto. Unlike many speakers who only deliver concept, your audiences are given substantive, practical information. The stories and examples you use are not onlyentertaining but provide undeniable credibility to your message.

You should know that many of my former sales people have not forgotten the lessons you taught when, as Regional Vice Present of Sales (AT&T Capital), I hired you to deliver statements like, “He knows his stuff!”…”Had the right answers!”… “He’s been there!” … and so on.

I have no doubt you will continue to distinguish yourself and your servicesand wish you all the success you so richly deserve. I would also like to lend my name to your list of references and welcome the opportunity to provide testimonial, should you see fit. More people need to hear what you have to say!
Michael E. Haddon
Business Development Manager

I would like to commend you on what I thought was an excellent and most effective seminar presentation during the Merisel “Strike It Rich” Solutions Tour. I have long thought that in order to maximize profitability and professional market presence the computer industry and its reseller partners need to focus on how to sell customer-specific solutions rather than fulfill orders for hardware and software. Your presentation on this tour delivered numerous key messages on how to do so.

I thought the humourous implications were tastefully and professionally woven into the presentation, and I especially liked how you left no stone unturned in helping our reseller guests prospect, qualify, and close opportunities that are present in their markets.

I believe that your sense of helping our channel partners to get things done and effectively communicating they key messages could be of benefit to Hewlett-Packard in additional ventures. I am looking forward to discussing and developing some with you in the near future.
John Simpson
Sales Development Manager
Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Ltd.

I had the pleasure of attending one of your seminars in Toronto at the International Plaza Hotel. Over the last ten years I have seen many keynote speakers who have addressed audiences on subjects similar to yours. Suffice to say, this is the first time I have written to the speaker.

I found your seminar extremely informative and was particularly impressed with the way you likened the selling process to physical steps in the mind. – ie: your room theory and objection handling. I have never seen it described that way before. I now use it in my selling process… and it works!

In addition to your content, your entertaining style and humor made for an enjoyable two hours and it was evident the crowd felt the same.

You mentioned that you also speak about “Finance Selling.” I am most interested in knowing more about that as I am in the leasing business. If you would send me information on your finance seminar I will gladly pass it on to our meeting planners with my strongest recommendations that you be considered for our next sales convention.

I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.
Paul Cioci
Senior Account Manager
Newcourt Financial

I would like to thank you for the very successful “Solution Selling for Profitability” seminars you delivered for our resellers. Of all the keynote speakers Merisel has hired over the last couple of years, none has elicited from our Value Added Resellers, the positive response you did. Feedback has been excellent right across Canada!

In all three regions, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, our surveys consistently showed our reseller audience has rated you well above average. This included categories such as quality of presentation, handout material, speaker’s knowledge of subject and ability to offer useful and innovative ideas. Resellers offered comments like, “Best speaker I’ve seen in years” “He really knows his stuff!”, “informativeand entertaining”, “100% worthwhile for all Sales people!”.

Feedback from our particiapating manufacturers has also been very favourable. Without exception, representatives from Microsoft, Compaq, 3-COM, Lexmark, Hewlett Packard and D-Link offered glowing reports on your keynote speeches.

Our Vice President of Sales was particularly pleased with your performance – so much so that he and I are planning to bring you back to develop a training program for Merisel’s Inside Sales assosiates.

On behalf of Merisel, I’d like to thank you again for your outstanding performance and I look forward to seeing you back on our stage as soon as possible.

I would not hesitate to recommend you as a keynote speaker or any of your other services at Success 150 Marketing.
Lucy Iacobucci Manager,
Reseller Channel Marketing
VAR Division

On behalf of Lucent Technologies Inc  I’d like to thank you for the excellent keynotes you delivered at our Kelowna conference and our cross-Canada Telephony-VAR Campaign.

Your motivational speech in Kelowna was entertaining, insightful and indeed, motivational. In my opinion and as the critique sheets indicate, it’s refreshing to see a speaker with real content in his message. To be entertained is good. To be introspectively challenged by way for example of your ‘Energy-Cube Theory’, is another. Thought-provoking to say the least.

The “Evolution of Finance’ keynote seminars were also well received. The feedback across Canada has been excellent. Our VAR’s found the information to be timely – especially in light of the challenges they face in today’s marketplace. They also felt that you delivered substantial real-life practical information in a way that was easy to understand and implement. That too, speaks to your accomplished communication skills.

I understand you have spoken to Don Hoven [Gen Mgr /Bus Communications Systems Int / Indirect Channels] in New Jersey. I think this is an excellent opportunity for Lucent Technologies to utilize your talents on an international stage. Please don’t hesitate to have Don contact myself or Ken Barr [President Lucent Cda] directly for our recommendations.

Once again Paul, thank you very much. I’m looking forward to bringing you back in the very near future.
Patrick Lance
Area Vice President Distribution
Business Communications Systems
Lucent Technologies Canada

Just a short note to thank you your efforts in bringing to the surface a strong message that leasing is more than just another alternative in our process of increasing sales and offering our customers the best financial options. If we sell more, so do you.

The seminar was well received by our sales force and we welcome more of the same. I have attended many such sessions over the years and find Paul Shearstone to be one of the best Speakers / Trainers / Entertainers I have seen.

There is no replacement for street skills and savvy and it is obvious Paul has been there done that. His information hit the mark and the message was practical and entertaining. The morning flew by and we were left wanting more. I look forward to the tape that I understand will be soon available.

In summary, it’s events such as these that help us better understand how to win and to use Paul’s words, “Become Sellers instead of Tellers!” Thank You.
Ian D Stark
Director of Sales
Partners computer systems

On behalf of Peak Performers International, I’d like to extend our sincere thanks for the seminar you provided our members at the Toronto Convention Centre [John Bassett Theatre]. Working with you was a pleasure and the feedback was nothing short of excellent.

Attendees said they left feeling entertained, informed and filled with new ideas to try. Your use of audience participation was well received and provided a unique way to better understand your key messages.

Please don’t hesitate to include Peak Performers International and me in with what I am sure already is, an extraordinary list of references.

I look forward to working with you again real soon!
Al Moscardelli, President
Peak Performers International

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the three keynote seminars you presented for IKON over the last six weeks. Excellent job!

As you know, I am a believer in the time-tested and proven fundamentals of selling and your seminars delivered that and more. Feedback from everyone was extremely positive. The older salespeople felt it was a great refresh and brought to light many techniques they have forgotten. For the new people, you framed a clear, understandable, easy-to-implement formula that will undoubtedly bring them more focus and success.

I also have to say, the motivational keynote you provided in Kitchener was very uplifting and thought provoking. It left everyone reevaluating their personal success formuale with a renewed commitment to achieving new and better goals. That’s motivation! I look forward to seeing you again real soon.
Don O’Keefe, President,
Ontario IKON Office Solutions

On behalf of York University’s Schulich School of Business, may I Extend our sincere thanks to you for the excellent keynote seminar you provided our MBA / BBA students.

Schulich’s mandate has always been to deliver not only the best-specialized training available but also the best in ‘Real-World’ experience. The feedback from all who attended your seminar strongly demonstrates you presented a clear understanding of what truly lies ahead for them in the ‘Real-World.’

The general feeling was that your keynote was rich with practical content. Your approach was uniquely different, easy to understand and logical. Too often graudating students are inclined to see business situations more complicated than they really are. The information you outlined will undoubtedly help them better frame the hiring challenge for greater success.

Thanks again and may I say, I am looking forward to expanding the services you provide in tandem with our own highly recognized training and development offered at York University’s Schulich’s School of Business.
Joseph Palumbo Directory,
Career Centre & International Placement
Schulich School of Business,
York University

I would like to extend my thanks on behalf of GE Capital, Vendor Financial Services for the excellent keynote you delivered at our recent Y2K kickoff at Hockley Valley Resort.

My staff was impressed with your knowledge of our industry as well as your unique insights that will no doubt contribute to their greater success.

As you can appreciate, GE Capital hires many speakers / industry experts to enhance the value of our people. Where you stand apart, in my opinion, is in your methodology and content. You provided a clearer understanding of the real needs expressed by our customers and a fresh, practical approach firmly grounded in logic and common sense. I can see better now why you have earned the moniker, the ‘Pragmatic Persuasionist’.

Please feel free to use me as a reference and know that I’m looking forward to bringing you back in the near future.
GE Capital,
Vendor Financial Services
G. Peter Horan
President and General Manager

I would like to thank you for the terrific presentation that you did for us at our recent Job and Career Fair.
Everyone was quite pleased and felt that they learned some key selling tips which could help increase their sales success.
I personally thought you were very interesting and informative. I enjoyed your light dose of humour which made it entertaining and memorable.
I look forward to having you speak at our future Job and Career Fairs.
Nicole Mathieu Director of Marketing


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