Andrew B Busch world financial markets

Andrew Busch, world financial markets
Andrew Busch, world financial markets

Andrew B. Busch Economy, Finance, Public Policy, Financial Services, Agriculture, Energy


Travels from: Chicago, IL

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In-person 60 minute: $15,000 outside Chicago and Canada

In-person 60 minute: $12,500 in Chicago

Virtual event 30 minute: $8,000

Virtual event 60 minute: $12,500


BIOGRAPHY -Andrew B Busch world Financial Markets

Andrew Busch was the first Chief Market Intelligence Officer (CMIO) for the U.S. government at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). As CMIO, he was charged with improving and enhancing the government’s understanding of the markets. Andy provided briefings to White House, US House and US Senate staffers on a wide range of issues including extreme market volatility, China’s influence on the global commodity markets and the impact of Fintech & virtual currencies on market dynamics.

Mr. Busch created and directed a new research group, Market Intelligence Branch (MIB), for the agency. As CMIO, his job was to provide objective research on the financial markets to the CFTC, SEC, US Treasury and Federal Reserve. Energy, agriculture, interest rates and technology (Bitcoin, blockchain, AI) were some of the areas of research covered by the team. Each week, he led the agency on a market and economic roundtable discussion with the staffs of the White House, the US Treasury, the SEC, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Federal Reserve Board.

Prior to joining the CFTC, Mr. Busch was CEO and founder of a boutique financial markets and policy research firm, Bering Productions, Inc (BPI). Before BPI, he was the Global Currency and Public Policy Strategist for Bank of Montreal (BMO) in Chicago. He is author of the book “World Event Trading” covering large crises like infectious disease outbreaks and their impact on the markets.

Speaking Topics: – Andrew B Busch world financial markets

Economy: where do we go from here? How to Overcome, Adapt and Thrive!

Andrew Busch’s “Economy: where do we go from here?” is an in-depth study of COVID impact from a speaker with a deep understanding of how the markets and the economy are shaped by world events like infectious disease.  Andrew is not only a noted economist, he’s an infectious disease expert and author. (World Event Trading) There are many reasons why he’s known as “the great calmer downer” especially during the most difficult times. Andrew details the supercharged trends and new opportunities awaiting those that are prepared.

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Andy recently did this webinar for MNAFP and here’s what they said:

Andrew Busch was an outstanding speaker for our 2020 Annual Conference webinar. Andy helped our attendees understand the impact of COVID on our economy and what opportunities lie ahead as the economy reopens. His presentation was engaging and energetic with lots of great real-life examples. His optimistic outlook had a positive impact on our group and provided insights to help us grow in the future.  This is the second time we’ve had him speak for our group and we’re glad we had him back.



2020 US Presidential Election: impact on economy, business and jobs

 The 2020 US Presidential election is between two very different candidates: President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. The outcome of this election could have one of the biggest policy swings in US history. In this keynote, Andy breaks down the candidates policies impacting the economy, business and jobs. He’ll tell you which plans help or hurt the economy the most. He’ll give you the winners and losers in each sector of the economy. Trade, health care and energy will all be impacted and discussed. Most importantly, he’ll tell you how the COVID economic shutdown will tip the election. Andy objectively takes your audience out of the current COVID chaos to provide confidence in the future. He connects the dots to show how this election will impact the economy, business and jobs.

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Andy recently did this for Society of Industrial and Office Realtors and here’s their recommendation:

For our SIOR 2020 TransACT 360 annual conference, we had Andrew Busch present via a webinar. We had almost 1K people participate on-line. Andy was fantastic and gave our attendees wonderful information about what to expect from the 2020 election. His presentation was full of real-life examples and stories to connect our audience to his material. His upbeat outlook was exactly what we needed to get us focused on the future and what the opportunities will be heading into the 2020 election.


ESG: A Major Opportunity

Environmental, Social and Governance or ESG is considered one of the hottest investment themes today for clients and investment professionals. Andy explains how a Biden victory and the new EU budget will supercharge interest in ESG. A record amount of money has flowed into sustainable focused ETFs and open-end mutual funds in both in 2019. Most striking, money flowed into ESG equity products in 2020 when almost all other equity funds saw money leave.

Check out the ESG research paper here

But what actually is it and how do you define how to invest in companies that say they are doing it? As a former regulator and CMIO of the CFTC, Andy Busch explains how ESG came about, what the risks are and how ESG is trickier for investing than it looks. How does it fit into a bigger picture of the economy and how will it drive trends? After working for the agency that approved bitcoin, Andy brings a unique perspective to explaining why the SEC is not likely to approve ESG and regulate it. And why this will matter to all investment professionals and investors.


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