Curt Skene, Sales

Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Motivation, Success, Peak Performance, Personal Career Success  

Travels from: Mississauga, Ontario
Regular coach class in North America and Latitude or business class for international travel.

Handouts: Cost of handouts is an extra charge.

Fee Range:

  • Keynote: 60-90 minutes – $3,900
  • Half-day (can be half-day seminar or Keynote and breakout) – $4,500
  • Full-day (full day workshop or concurrent breakouts throughout the day) – $6,500


Curt Skene, Sales
Curt Skene, Sales

Curt is a keynote speaker, a seminar leader and a business coach.  His programs help companies find you more business, create more opportunity and have more fun.  His approach is simple, his ideas work and his experience speaks for itself:

  • At Microsoft Canada he grew his $800K business unit to over $20M in just five years.  He’s a committed leader.
  • In 1996 he founded a program that became a worldwide success that has helped tens of thousands of people.  He’s a passionate entrepreneur.
  • In 1997 Microsoft recognized him as one of their best in the world.  Curt knows how to sell.
  • In 1999 Curt won four worldwide awards for business growth and development as President of ExecuTrain Canada. Curt’s a dealmaker and opportunity seeker.
  • He has spoken to over 70,000 people.  He’s a great speaker and proud member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).
  • He has been voted father of the year, twice by his kids (sadly his wife has won the other years!).  He’s a Dad and proud of it.

Curt has the credentials to help you and your business grow and succeed in these challenging times.

Throughout his talk Curt integrates personal stories from his award winning sales and marketing career.  A blend of humour, insight and strategy, an interesting mix that is guaranteed to captivate and motivate.   He is one speaker who can pack a wallop. Read what others have said.


Groups that hire Curt want help clarifying their purpose, demonstrating value, anticipating opportunity and  creating distinction. Curt is an expert on what it takes to “MAKE IT HAPPEN”.

Curt’s BUSINESS programs are perfect for entrepreneurs, associations, sales/marketing teams, customer service and any other group looking for ways to differentiate themselves.

Curt’s CAREER programs are perfect for students and career changers who want real world ideas on what it takes to stand out and be noticed.

Curt’s business and career keynote provides:

  • five “sure fire” insights for making it happen.

  • a formula for creating more opportunity.

  • over 75 ideas for building more opportunities.

  • powerful “real world” examples to live and learn from.

  • plenty of humour so you may never notice how much you’re learning!

Curt’s comprehensive sales training provides:

  • a proven selling process that has been used successfully for over 25 years.

  • a step by step methodology that leads the way. 

  • plenty of real world practice and coaching sessions that will develop and hone the skills taught.

  • follow on support to ensure the process sticks.

 Curt’s coaching provides:

  • customized programs targeted to client needs.

  • access to Curt’s extensive network of business partners


Master the Market Place; Expert insights for finding and keeping a profitbable business.

Presentation (can be delivered as a keynote, breakout or half-day seminar).

Program description:

Is loyalty dead or has it been murdered? Have customers stopped caring or is there little for them to care about? How can your business continue to thrive in this increasingly confused marketplace? Every corporation asks these questions. This powerful and interactive program gives you the answers!
In this session your attendees will take away:

• The desire to create clarity in who they are and what they do so that they can add “real” value to every relationship.
• How to communicate their message so that the customer is inspired to buy.
• A simple strategy for creating customer WOW!
• Insights on how to uncover pockets of opportunity so they can grow their business.
• Extraordinary lessons in business intuition so they can become the customer’s trusted hero.
• Powerful ideas on how to look at adversity in a positive light.
• Plus…over 75 actionable ideas that will help your audience excel and achieve business and personal success.

Curt will have everyone laughing, learning and passionately writing new ideas for mastering their share of the marketplace.

Other Program Titles Used:

Attracting the Profitable Customer! The secrets to building enthusiastic customer relationships.

Capturing Customer Attention! Sales strategies that attract profitable opportunities.


“Curt, you delivered an inspirational customer focused message! You offered a number of great take away insights for delivering customer WOW. Everyone in the audience took something of value away from your sessions.”
Sales Manager, Intuit Canada

“Curt you had everyone riveted to their seats, the feedback was great and I have heard from all 220 delegates that you were inspirational message we needed to hear!”
President, Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada

“Curt you spoke with passion, authority and great humour! You delivered your message in such a powerful way that it left the group wanting more… You have a winning service message and winning style!”
President, Society of Incentive Travel Executives

“Curt is a passionate and engaging speaker who connects with his audience by integrating personal anecdotes with his lessons. The audience responded very well to his talk and found the content very useful.”
Executive Director, International Customer Service Association

“Curt is one of the more “out of the box” thinkers I have come across in 25 years of business! He has a unique ability to zero in on what is really relevant – not just parrot the catchwords of the day. His analysis is insightful and his delivery is captivating.”
President, ToolButton Inc.