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The key to superb customer service is relating to your clients
The key to success in sales is separating yourself from your competition
The key to teamwork and networking is building stronger relationships
The key to effective presentation skills is relating to your audience

Dave is the author of:

How To Be A Working Comic: An Insider’s Guide To A Career In Stand-Up Comedy, (Backstage Books, NYC)
Comedy FAQs And Answers: How The Stand-Up Biz Really Works, (Allworth Press, NYC)
Comedy Workshop: Creating & Writing Comedy Material for Comedians & Humorous Speakers, (North Shore Publishing)


His credits include Talent Coordinator for the television show A&E’s An Evening At The Improv, the Hollywood and New York City Improv Comedy Clubs, and Assistant to Improv founder Budd Friedman.

With The Improv in Hollywood and New York, Dave coordinated talent showcases and auditions for major television shows, networks and film studios. Included in this list are The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with David Letterman, The Today Show, In Living Color, The Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, The Great Lakes Comedy Festival, Disney, Paramount, MTV, VH-1, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, HBO, Showtime and more.   Dave is currently manager of The Cleveland Improv Comedy Club and Restaurant. He’s worked in the comedy industry for over two decades and decided to do one workshop in 1994. They’ve continued since…

Dave has extensive experience within the New York, Hollywood and Cleveland / Midwest regions as a college and corporate booking agent, (comedians, speakers and variety acts), talent manager, publicist, radio host, entertainment journalist, author, and award-winning humor columnist. In addition to his comedy workshops and comedy business seminars – which have been held in major cities from New York and Philadelphia to San Francisco and Los Angeles  – Dave has designed and instructs courses in communications and presentation skills for Cleveland State University and other “halls of higher learning.” Yes, he really can be called The Nutty Professor!

As a consultant, trainer and keynote speaker on the topics of communication and presentation skills, Dave presents Talking For Success for businesses and special interest groups. These programs focus on the value of employing good humor and personal creativity as conversational tools to build professional and personal relationships, increase networking skills, and improve customer service. He also teaches these skills to students grades 6 -12, colleges and universities, via video conferences through CILC (Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration). Dave is a 2012 Pinnacle Award Winner for excellence in learning programs from CILC.

Dave’s third book, The Beatles In Cleveland, landed in the National Top 40 for Biographies and Memoirs on Amazon.com and hit No.1 for Items Sold In Northern Ohio. His live program, The Beatles: A Multimedia Pop Culture Presentation is a magical history tour for schools, colleges, universities, festivals and special interest groups.   He has been interviewed on numerous national and regional television and radio programs including The Beatle Years, Breakfast with the Beatles and Beatle Brunch. He was also a featured author at the New York Metro Fest for Beatles Fans.



“I can’t say enough about the comedy workshop that Dave Schwensen puts together at the Cleveland Improv. I myself have always dreamed of making people laugh and performing in front of crowds, but could never find the right ‘jumping off point.’ That is exactly what this workshop offers. Dave and his vast experiences in ‘the biz’ covers everything from writing comedy, to stage presence, to getting noticed in a difficult industry, all while keeping a supportive and fun environment. Whether you are just looking to explore something new, or serious about getting started in the business of entertainment, Dave’s comedy workshop is an invaluable experience that shouldn’t be passed up.” – Cody Cooper, Sales

“I just want to say that I’ve rounded my one year anniversary of performing comedy and I wanted to thank you again. If it wasn’t for your workshop, I really don’t think I would have had the guts or the wherewithal to know where / how to start. Doing stand-up has definitely been one of the best things I’ve ever tried so thank you for giving me (and really, most Cleveland comedians) a place to start. Congratulations on another workshop graduation! I’m sure they’ll do great!” – Kali Fencl, comedian & writer

“I love seeing ‘sold-out’ on your classes. You do such a great job – I loved the class I took. And it has helped me so much in my speaking opportunities at Whole Foods, which is actually a cool extra  of your class. Besides doing stand-up, it helps anyone who does any kind of speaking in their jobs. Humor is EVERYTHING.  I always keep’em laughing – which keeps’em interested. Thanks for everything Dave! – Ellen Darby, Healthy Eating Specialist with Whole Foods

“I just want to thank you again for everything. I am still coming off the excitement from last night’s show at The Improv! I seriously could not pay attention at work today, instead I just started writing new material. This has been a truly awesome experience and I can’t thank you enough for setting this up and coaching us all the way.” – Kevin Hill, Mechanical Engineer

“Dave… without this class I would’ve been sitting on my couch and saying “what if?” So thanks for giving me and others the outlet to step into the limelight. No BS… it has been a great experience. Thanks.” – Steve Nelson, Sales

“I feel like a friggin’ star! You built up my confidence and helped me hone my skills and polish my act. You rock! I love you!” – Sharon Lomurno

“Thank you so much! Your workshop was awesome. You truly have a wealth of information and experience. We were talking about how cool it is that you’re in Cleveland and we have access to a coach of your caliber. All in all I had so much fun and I thought everyone did great!” – Will Kesling, Owner / Art Director for Pixel Thought Foundry

“Just want to express my appreciation to you for your fine workshop. It was a blast and I’ve already recommended it to two friends. Good luck in the future and thanks for allowing me the opportunity to add a line item to my bucket list. You, keep laughing!” – Mark Presser

“What a great time we had! Best birthday gift in a long time.” – Jeff Weaver

“I just want to say thank you so very much for the wonderful opportunity our (13-year old) son had at the workshop. I was so proud of all the other rising stars as well. He really enjoyed himself. To be very honest I was leery of leaving my son alone with a bunch of adult strangers. It was obvious you took him under your wing and kept him safe. We are grateful for your professionalism Dave. We knew how much comedy means to him and boy did it boost his ego!!! To get up in front of all those people at that age – I know I would have had a meltdown!! Thank you once again, you are truly a class act.” – Best Regards, The Kniola Family

“Thanks for the great night. My heart was beating so fast right before I went up there I was afraid I was gonna run out of heartbeats. Once I got the first laugh it was all downhill! It was a great experience and I’m glad I did it.” – JD, (Dr.) Robotic Heart Surgeon

“The journey has been amazing! Watching everyone in the class including myself transform so fast in just three short weeks is astounding.” – Rob Telecky, University Hospitals Project Coordinator, Construction Services

“Dave, I can’t thank you enough. I have learned so much this past month, it’s mind blowing. You are a great coach and I appreciate everything you taught us. You really gave me that push I needed to get on stage and I am forever grateful!” – Michael Maffit, The Nick Cantanese Comedy Workshop Scholarship Winner – January 2013

“Just wanted to send along a little note to say thanks for your instruction and guidance during our classes. Also for putting together a great show on Wednesday night. My entire family was there and they had such a good time. That was the realization of a dream that I have had since I would watch An Evening At The Improv all those years ago. Crazy how that worked out with your involvement in both. So, thanks so much. I’m off to do some more writing and find a stage to work it out on.” – Josh Booth, Director / Editor / Motion Graphics Artist (received workshop as a surprise Christmas present!)

“Thank you for your guidance in taking a bunch of amateurs and putting us in a position to succeed. I had an unbelievable experience.” – Joe Ross, Sales