Gary Summers, Stress, Life Balance, Magic, Hypnosis


Speaker:            Gary Summers, Stress, Life Balance, Magic, Hypnosis        

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  1. Gary Summers, Stress, Life Balance, Magic, Hypnosis

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Gary Summers

Stress, Awareness, Life Balance, Effective Communication, Goals, Change,
Team Building, Customer Service, Media Training, Magic, Hypnosis





Gary Summers is a professional speaker, Magician, Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist with a Masters Degree in Physiology and certifications in hypnotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. He conducts workshops on STRESS and WORKLIFE BALANCE as well as hypnosis seminars on stop smoking and weight loss. He  specializes in corporate training and employee evaluations. He has written a book called MIND BODY SOUL.

“When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.”

Gary’s presentation style is laid back and sincere. There is no RA RA RA, in your face motivation because as Gary says, “motivation comes from within”. Gary offers a number of ideas and suggestions that can truly change your life, if you let them. Gary’s philosophy is that anything is possible and shows people how to achieve incredible results by helping them understand the power of the human mind. It has been said that you only use 5% of your brain because that is the conscious mind. We actually use 100% of our brain yet many of us talk ourselves out of things instead of talking ourselves into things because of the other part of our mind. To truly change, it is important to work on the other area of your brain that accounts for 95% of your brain power – your subconscious mind. Focusing there gives you the biggest impact.

This is the essence of Gary’s message and how he helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary results because as he says “I am no one special, I have no magic powers, I just managed to figure out how life works and if it worked for me, it can work for you”.

As a certified hypnotherapist and cognitive behavior therapist, I understand how stress causes problems in both the workplace and at home. Everyday, I talk to people who are emotionally and physically drained due to the pressures that life brings.

Emotions like fear, anxiety, anger and resentment account for 80% of all stress. In fact, studies have shown that problems fall into three categories:

1.   TOXIC THINKING: A poor or negative attitude and chronic complaining cause anger and  frustration which in turn leads to a toxic work environment and increased stress.

2.  PERSONAL & BUSINESS PRESSURES: Deadlines, personal crises, time and money       problems cause anxiety and depression which in turn leads to increased mistakes,       absenteeism and ultimately stress.

3.  POOR COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS: Not listening and improper handling of employee situations cause resentment, anger, employee apathy, disgruntlement and yes, even more stress.

In my practice, I help people to cope with stress in the following ways: 1) showing them a different way to think about life including how to recognize and correct irrational thoughts; 2) providing them with the tools to set and achieve realistic goals; and 3) creating an atmosphere of well being by balancing their personal and business lives.

My presentations focus on the individual and how to create a well balanced life so you don’t end up at the bottom of a black hole now knowing how you got there or even how to get back out. They empower people with the tools and skills to create a wonderful and fulfilling life. You will leave revitalized and ready to tackle anything life throws your way.

The following presentations range from one to two hours or half and full day workshops and address the root of life’s problems. Each seminar can stand alone or combine with others depending on the time available and your individual goals for the session. The most requested and most popular sessions all deal with stress and life balance and include the first five. All of these can be customizable to fit your particular objectives.


The most requested and most popular sessions all deal with stress and life balance and include the first six. All of these can be customizable to fit your particular objectives. Here are the available seminars:


It has been known for a long time now that there is a connection between the mind and the body. Studies have shown that stress is a major cause of chronic illness. We have also heard about the fight flight syndrome and our innate ability to handle stress by either facing it head on or running from it. Although this response served us from the beginning of time it is no longer a valuable tool. Gary takes a deep look at the common causes of everyday stress and provides suggestions and strategies on how to cope. You will learn how to:

* Identify the various types of stress. * Become aware of problematic perceptions. * Identify your stress triggers. * Understand and reduce anxiety. * Respond effectively to stress. * Constructively express emotions.

2)   CONSCIOUS AWARENESS – (CHANGE YOUR THINKING – CHANGE YOUR LIFE) Ever had an A-HA moment. You know, when that little voice in your head says…WOW, I never thought about life like that. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it can change your life. From creating more happiness to eliminating problems, from understanding how our brains work to achieving our life goals, Gary takes his audience on an incredible journey of self discovery by examining the conscious mind and provides strategies that can make our lives better. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it. Gary’s message is about creating awareness of our thoughts as this is where it all begins. He says: “When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.” You will also discover:

* The most important question you could ever ask yourself. * The one question to avoid asking because it gets you an answer you do not want to hear. * The one question to ask yourself so you NEVER make an assumption ever again. * The greatest gift you can give yourself.

3) RATIONAL LIVING – (ELIMINATING DISTORTED THINKING) Ever found  yourself depressed or  anxious and  did not know  how you got there. This seminar takes the concepts in Conscious Awareness and builds on them by uncovering the most common mental mistakes we all make and then provides strategies to deal with them. You will also discover:

* The biggest mental mistake we all make. * How to change the way you feel about anything. * How we sabotage our success and end procrastination.

4)  SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING – (THE POWER WITHIN) Ever wonder why we sometimes manage to talk ourselves out of things. We don’t trust our judgment and therefore either procrastinate or ask for advice. We get five different opinions and we are confused and don’t know what to do so we do nothing. Our lives are a reflection of our beliefs. These beliefs, usually subconscious, are the cumulative effects of life-long “programming.” As a result of this past negative programming, we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways. This causes a conflict between our conscious desires and our subconscious beliefs. Imagine being able to change the beliefs that limit you into beliefs that support you quickly and easily. Learn how to reprogram the software of your mind so you can change the printout of your life. This presentation helps us understand and recognize conscious pushback and provides strategies that help us turn procrastination into action. You will also discover:

* The best time to create subconscious change. * How to harness the power of your subconscious mind. * The two most powerful words to use. * How to talk so your subconscious mind will listen.

5) WORK LIFE BALANCE (LIVING IN HARMONY) Living  in harmony  is  something we all  wish to achieve. Yet  sometimes  life can  throw  us  something unexpected and  we feel  out of  balance. Time  seems to stand  still and  problems become  insurmountable. Learn strategies that help you deal with the six areas of life balance (work, family, time, money, yourself and your community). Apply the six steps to life balance and create harmony in all areas of your life. Here are the benefits:

* Learn the difference between being effective and being efficient. * Achieve happiness and inner peace. * Create stronger relationships. * Get perspective, set priorities and take control. * Feel better and have more energy.

6)  YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU SAY (EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS) The ability to communicate at home or in the workplace is  a key  ingredient  for personal  and professional growth. EQ or Emotional Quotient has been shown to be more important than IQ or Intelligent Quotient. Having the ability to effectively deal with people is critical to individual success. Understand the most common types of communication mistakes and learn strategies to help you become a great communicator and team player. You will also discover:

* How we communicate non-verbally. * The one sure-fire way to diffuse an argument. * How to recognize deceit.

7) HEALTHY LIVING (ADDING YEARS ONTO YOUR LIFE) When Ponce de Leon set out to discover the “Fountain of Youth” he actually believed one existed. Today we know better yet most of us do not understand how to live healthy. We take better care of our cars and homes than we do our bodies. There are no miracle cures yet many people invest their money in products that just don’t work. There are a number of things we can do to create a healthier life style. This seminar provides strategies and suggestions about diet and exercise that can add years onto your life.

You will also discover:

* How to read labels. * What portions of food to eat from each food group. * What are the most popular myths about diet and exercise. * What foods are the most harmful and should be avoided. * What supplements to consider. * What blood test can save your life.

8) ACHIEVING YOUR LIFE GOALS (DEVELOPING A LIFE PLAN) Most people plan their vacations better than their lives. They know where they will stay, what attractions they will visit and have a good idea of how much money they will spend. These same people would also like to retire at age 55 but have no idea of how they will do it. They would like to be mortgage free but have no plan to achieve it. This seminar looks at a simple six (6) step approach to life and how some simple adjustments can pay big dividends. You will also discover:

* My six immutable laws of life. * How to prioritize. * How to write a life plan. * The greatest gift you can give yourself. * How to stop procrastination.

9) LET’S CHANGE, NOW YOU GO FIRST (EFFECTIVELY DEALING WITH CHANGE) Change can be a very scary thing. Stepping outside your comfort zone and walking into the unknown. As the old cliché goes – The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know. The good news is that it does not have to be that way. Change will make life different but that does not mean it has to be bad or terrible.  It is all about getting used to your “New Normal.” It is not “change” that creates the issue but how you handle the transition period. You will discover:

* How to recognize the danger signals. * The 3 main elements of the change process. * How to empower yourself to move forward. * Simple strategies that will keep you on track. * How to plan your new future.


NLP is  a communications  protocol that allows you to  use your  brain and your 5 senses  to get you more from life. It builds on the concepts discovered in Effective Communications. It is powerful and very effective to help in many situations. NLP  can turn around  your life and  can provide  techniques for  total personal  transformation. These tools allow all of us to create the life we have always wanted. Here is what you can expect:

* Set the proper atmosphere for any communications. * Re-program your life to be more positive. * Understand how people process information differently. * Instantly develop rapport with people. * Create a high level of performance. * Quickly resolve conflicts.

11) MEDIA TRAINING Dealing with the Media can be a very trying and difficult experience but it does not have to be. There are many things to consider including: what to wear, how to prepare and how to deal with aggressive reporters. This session focuses on communications and the media and helps those who are regularly in front of the camera or microphone. Here are some things you will discover:

* How to formulate your message. * How to manage expectations. * The biggest mistakes made * What to avoid.

12) TEAM BUILDING  (CREATING THE IDEAL WORKING ENVIRONMENT) The single biggest asset organizations have is their people and their ability to be effective. Understand the key components of teamwork through team building exercises that engage people and help them to understand the important elements of good teamwork. Through a series of well crafted games and puzzles everyone becomes engaged to create a total team effort. Learn how to: * Manage expectations. * Recognize individual efforts. * Create synergy among everyone. * Maximize individual strengths. * Become an effective listener. * Draw on individual strengths.

This presentation works well with groups having an off-site and wanting to develop more camaraderie within their organization. Using time tested group exercises participants learn insight into their co-workers personalities and gain valuable knowledge that helps them become better team players.

13) CUSTOMERS ARE YOUR LIFELINE Good customer relations are critical to any successful business. Gary has applied his strategies and ideas from his other programs to create 2 dynamic presentations. If you are in the people business, you can benefit from these seminars because Gary says, “People never remember what you said or did but they will always remember how you made them feel.” This is his core message delivered in 2 dynamic keynotes.

A) KEEP THEM COMING BACK (Excellent Customer Service) Good customer service is the lifeblood of any organization. With today’s competitive landscape it is more important than ever to keep customers coming back. To do that, they have to leave your store happy. Learn how to: * Set your company apart. * The biggest reasons why customers go elsewhere. * Develop good customer relationships. * Effectively handle complaints. * Go that extra mile and then some. * Solve customer problems so everyone wins.

B) SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SELL (Insider secrets to winning in sales) With 30 years experience in sales, sales training and marketing Gary delivers a powerful presentation on strategies for sales excellence. With a blend of humorous anecdotes and solid selling principles, Gary introduces a number of creative concepts such as:

* The power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in sales and it is a very powerful influencer. (I use it in my hypnotherapy practice.) * Most popular sales myths (there are lots) * What they don’t teach you in sales training (because they don’t know) * The hands down best price objection ever created ( wow this is gold) * Strategies to handle every existing objection (and I mean everything) * Biggest sales mistakes (yes we all make them)

From Keynote to ½ and full day workshops, Gary can inspire and provide you with the tools and ideas to help you reshape your life and get you started on a new road to success and happiness.


● Excellent. The best course I have ever attended

● Unbelievable, Gary has some great ideas that can really change your life.

● Gary has shown me that anything is possible.

● This was, by far, the best seminar I have ever attended.

● Gary was absolutely inspiring and had my complete attention the whole way through.

● I found the presentation deep, a lot of soul searching and getting in touch with your inner self.

● I would recommend that not only my family and co workers do this course but every living creature.

● I strongly recommend this course to everyone. It’s very informative, interesting and realistic.

● Instructor is quite knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and extremely motivating. Found this course extremely interesting.

● Would highly recommend that all my work colleagues attend Gary’s seminar.

● I thought this course was the most interesting yet. The instructor was fabulous.

● It was an amazing seminar. I learned that stress can be controlled through empowerment.

● After this course, I feel I can actually have more control over my life.

● This course far surpassed my expectations. Fascinating! I will recommend this to everyone. Thank you Gary.

● Excellent content, very helpful for all life situations.

● Course was made very interesting by Gary. Lots of motivation and self-help techniques.

● One of the best courses I attended. Great handout. Very interesting.

● Great job by the instructor. Surpassed what I had expected to hear/learn today.

● The best stress management/self improvement/empowerment course I’ve taken. Went beyond my expectations.

● Instructor is quite knowledgeable, enthusiastic and extremely motivating.

● I found this course extremely interesting. Would highly recommend it to anyone.

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