Jim Knox, Wildlife Expert, Conservation, Crisis Resolution


Speaker:   Jim Knox, Wildlife Expert, Conservation, Crisis Resolution

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  1. Jim Knox, Wildlife Expert, Conservation, Crisis Resolution

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Jim Knox, Wildlife Expert, Conservation, Crisis Resolution


As the Writer and Host for PBS television’s Wild Zoofari, Jim Knox has shared his knowledge of, and passion for wildlife with millions of viewers throughout the U.S., Russia, Thailand, the Middle East and Europe on Animal Planet. A member of The Explorers Club, Jim has served as an on-camera Wildlife Expert for The Today Show, The CBS Early Show and Fox News. He has been featured in The New York Times, has served as a Wildlife Consultant for Men’s Journal Magazine and as a Guest Host for Connoisseur Media Star 99.9 FM’s Anna & Raven Show.

Jim currently serves as the Curator of Education at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo where he directs Education and Wildlife Conservation programs for this AZA accredited Zoo. Jim is a graduate of Cornell University where he studied Animal Science. He has studied rhinos, lions and Great White Sharks in South Africa, conducted field research for Alaskan Brown Bears, field conservation for Atlantic salmon and written nationally for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Jim is the Co-Creator of The Conservation Discovery Corps which won first place honors with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums as the Outstanding Education Program in the nation. Closer to home, Jim has presented to The Harvard College Conservation Society and lectures for the University of Connecticut. He currently serves as a Science Adviser for The Bruce Museum of Greenwich and writes a wildlife column, Wildly Successful, for The Greenwich Sentinel. A national keynote speaker, corporate and TEDx Presenter, Jim loves his work and enjoys engaging all audiences in the protection of wildlife everywhere.


Wildly Successful: Cracking Nature’s Secret Code to Release Your Inner Beast 

You wage battle in an intensely competitive corporate world.  If you strive to be wildly successful, there’s only one place to look for models of unmatched, battle-hardened, and proven success—the animal kingdom.  Drawing upon his years of firsthand experience with Amur tigers, Bald eagles, Timber wolves and other creatures, wildlife expert Jim Knox conveys emerging scientific knowledge and personal anecdote to deliver a transformative, thoroughly applicable and inspiring message to your audience.  We are all subject to the same savagely competitive and brutal forces of nature, and just as significantly, we all exert these same forces of nature.  Wild success is within our grasp!

Charged By a Grizzly: Confronting overwhelming opposing force, crisis situation insights from the field

Whether standing his ground against a charging Grizzly, cage diving with Great White sharks or being stalked by a pride of eight lions, there is no such thing as a typical day for wildlife conservationist, Jim Knox.  From the Alaskan tundra to the African savannah, creative thinking on the ground held the key to achieving desired outcomes.  From confronting overwhelming opposing force, to crisis situation decision-making, to pioneering new territories, Jim shares invaluable, personal and fascinating insights from the field.

Haul of the Wild

Transporting tigers, grappling gators and shipping scorpions are just a part of the job when you’re a zoo professional.  Ensuring the safety of the animals and the humans in your care requires steely resolve, exacting planning and extraordinary teamwork.  Gain Jim’s insider’s perspective as well as industry-transcending lessons from the hidden world of care and transport of the world’s most exotic creatures.


“Jim Knox expertly imparts invaluable life lessons by being a close observer of individuals in the Animal Kingdom.  He’s devoted his life to working with animals, some cuddly, some dangerous, and this gives him an authentic and original voice when it comes to discussing the beast within us all.  His message is not only for animal lovers but anyone who believes in self-betterment, about persistence in the face of adversity, about not just surviving but thriving.”

James Prosek, Best-selling Author, Peabody Award Winner

Naturalist and Educator, Jim Knox makes a compelling case for exploring and benefitting from the animal / human behavioral connection.  This is a difficult task—and he does it very well.   Jim possesses a deep understanding of how animals permeate our lives—and the deeper insights that are revealed from those complex interactions.  His unique approach—has the potential to reach more people—in a more profound way.

Dr. George Amato, Director, Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics, Director, American Museum of Natural History Center for Conservation Genetics

“Jim Knox has taken his vast knowledge of wildlife and animal behavior to give us a unique perspective of how we tick. Wildly Successful is an inspiring self-journey that will teach us the true power of what can be accomplished through using the power of our inner animal.”

Richard C. Wiese, Former President, The Explorers Club, North Pole Expedition Soloist, Host of ABC TV’s Born to Explore

“Jim Knox is very comfortable speaking to small and large groups alike—engaging audiences with vibrant stories and questions.  Most importantly, Jim is very passionate about his career, sharing great advice for anyone interested in wildlife, education or conservation.  His audiences can easily approach him to learn more and his enthusiasm is contagious.”

Dr. Kristen E. Govoni, Ph.D., Professor of Animal Science, The University of Connecticut


“Jim Knox’s caring manner immediately sets his audience at ease, and his clear and concise method of presentation allows his audience to learn a lot of information in a relatively short period of time. Jim’s enduring dedication and obvious passion for education and wildlife conservation has inspired deepest enthusiasm and excitement in my both students and myself.”

Dr. Ashley Byun

Professor of Biology

Fairfield University


“As an educator and Science Specialist, I have had the pleasure of interacting with Jim Knox in many capacities. Whether addressing an entire auditorium or teaching hands-on, Jim possesses an exceptional ability to connect with his audience. Jim easily engages—presenting both simple and complex concepts. Though he possesses numerous talents, one of his primary strengths is his ability to motivate others to excel and embrace success. His lessons are both creative and stimulating.  I write this testimonial with ease. Jim Knox will bring a quality of excellence and professionalism to your audience that is exemplary.”

Mary Servino

Science Specialist

NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) NASA Ambassador Presenter

Recipient: Presidential Awards in Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

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