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  1. John MacIntyre, Author: The Book of Everything & Book of Musts

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Entrepreneurship, Tourism & Destination Marketing
The “Book of Everything” series., The “ Book of Musts” series   


John MacIntyre is a respected author, writer and former editor of three city magazines. He has written for magazines and newspapers across North America, including Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press,
Houston Chronicle, Globe and Mail, Montreal Gazette, and many others. His statistics column (Figuratively Speaking) is carried by Universal Press Syndicate (the same folks who carry Roger Ebert, Garfield and Dear Abby) and appears in 77 newspapers in the U.S.

The Book of Everything

Fresh off a two book contract in the U.S., MacIntyre launched a little book he called the Nova Scotia Book of Everything. It not only became the bestselling title that year, but for the next three years. There are now 14 titles in the series from Newfoundland to Toronto and Montreal and Vancouver Island. They have been the bestselling title in every market. In 2009, MacIntyre will launch into the U.S. with titles in Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont. The Everything series has been called the most successful travel publishing launch
in the last 25 years.

The Book of Musts 

In 2008, MacIntyre launched a new series called the Book of Musts in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The books were break-out hits, and the bestselling titles in their markets. The books again were content driven, about the places in the heart, rather than places on a map.


They get a proven author with an international reputation. They get a business person who had the courage of his convictions. They get somebody who is turning a dream into reality. They get somebody who has found failure a great teacher.


When Samuel Koo, the CEO of the Seoul Tourism Authority, was given a Vancouver Book of Everything on a trade mission visit to Calgary, the first thing he did when he got back to Seoul was to enter into negotiations to deliver the Seoul Book of Everything The Seoul Book of Everything will be launched in Korea in 2010.

“MacIntyre always seems to find gold. If you are looking for insight into what and why places are interesting, he is the master. MacIntyre is one of the few writers and publishers that sees through the bumph and purple prose to get at the heart and soul of place.”
—Janice Wells, travel writer and author of three books

SUCCESS “To put the success of the Everything series in perspective. There hasn’t been as successful a publishing launch in the travel category since the Insight Guides. MacIntyre is all about content.”
—Allan Lydon, travel writer


MacIntyre has been in the trenches and you can tell. He is a salty story teller and he brings with him the humour, wit and insight that will energize an audience. I would highly recommend John as an informed and entertaining speaker.

Frank Fawson, President (2008) LaHave River Credit Union


MacIntyre Purcell Publishing has found a very unique niche in the publishing world. John MacIntyre delivers a speech that is interesting and is deliverd with confidence and polish. I have no hesitation in recommending him highly as a prospective speaker.  Doug Cooke, Lunenburg Chowder Club

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The Book of Everything; Calgary, Edmonton, Seoul, Hamilton, Manitoba, Montreal, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ottawa, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Vancouver and Vancouver Island.
The Book of Musts; Alberta, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Vancouver Island.