Michael Kerr


Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr, Humour, Creativity, Presentation Skills

Humour, Creativity, Presentation Skills

Location:       Canmore, Alberta
Fee Range:    $8,000 – 10,000 + CAD
Reputation:   International: 10,000 – 15,000 USD


Why choose between fun and relevant content when you can have both?

“Inspiring… relevant… energizing… hilarious… thought-provoking… immediately applicable… “

This is how Michael Kerr’s clients describe

his dynamic presentations, which are frequently rated as the most impactful and relevant of any session presented at an event. Michael is listed as one of Canada’s most in-demand speakers. He is a Certifi ed Speaking Professional (CSP), best-selling author, and one of only 22 speakers to be inducted into the Canadian Speakers’ Hall of Fame. Building on his experience as a “recovering senior manager,” Michael travels the world researching, writing, and speaking about what makes a great workplace, well…great! He is known as one of North America’s leading authorities on how to create a more positive and inspiring workplace: the kind of workplace that drives phenomenal success.

There’s a Reason Clients Call Michael “The Workplace Energizer!”

Whether presenting a 90-minute keynote to 3,000 frontline employees or conducting a full-day, interactive training workshop to a dozen senior leaders, Michael’s content is focused on improving results for you and your team. His goal is to deliver as much relevant content in as entertaining a style as possible… so the ideas stick. That’s why Michael will work with you and your team to select the ideal blend of topics and messages for your group. And yes, you can “mix and match” from the presentations listed below:

Michael’s Presentations •

  • Putting Humour to Work for Less Stress and More Success
  • Inspiring Workplaces – The Way Work OUGHT to Be!
  • Inspiring Leadership: Creating a Purpose Driven Workforce
  • Inspiring Change at Work: Turning Ideas Into Action
  • The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank


Presentation Length:

Keynotes presentations typically last from 45 – 90 minutes, while longer half day or full day workshops offer the chance for more group interaction and team learning activities.

Tailored To Your Needs

All presentations are tailored with your specific audience in mind. For the workshops, we’ll offer you a menu of program topics/messages to choose from so you can build a workshop that is just right for your audience.

The presentations include door prizes, fun giveaways and the resource handout “130 Ways to Put Humour to Work.”To help participants bring the message home and to have a longer-lasting impact, we can arrange to have humour books, cards, tapes and CDs available for participants. Or ask us about a bulk discount rate if you’d like to pre-purchase a product for each participant.


Humour in the Workplace Putting Humour to Work

Why choose between content and fun when you can have both? Putting Humour to Work presentations offer practical, relevant ideas delivered in a fun, energetic and memorable style. You will laugh as you learn:

  • How humour can help you choose a more positive workplace attitude
  • Four myths about putting humour to work (it’s not about being funny)
  • Why humour at work makes dollars . . . and sense
  • The health benefits of laughter—the latest in laughter research
  • Three reasons why humour is one of the most powerful stress busters
  • The “3 R’s” of humour and stress management
  • It’s not always what you say, it’s how you say it that matters
  • Customer service with a laugh
  • Teams that laugh together, stay together
  • Sparking creative thinking through the power of play and humour
  • Practicing “safe” workplace humour
  • Guiding lights for putting humour to work without getting fired!


Related Presentations

Leading with Laughter (designed specifically for supervisors and managers)
Putting Humour to Work in Presentations
Putting Creativity to Work: Why Ha + HA = AHA!

Inspiring Workplaces

Inspiring Workplaces offers practical, relevant ideas geared towards creating healthier, happier and more productive workplace environments, delivered in a humorous and memorable style.

You will laugh as you learn:

  • Choosing your workplace attitude before it chooses you
  • Why inspiring workplace value their values
  • Dreaming of a better future: why a compelling vision matters
  • Why (and how) inspiring workplaces put humour to work
  • Creating inspiring service to fellow employees or customers
  • Inspiring creative thinking in the workplace
  • Inspiring communication in the workplace: How we say things matters!
  • Inspiring employees: the top motivating influences in any workplace
  • Thanks a lot! The importance of celebrating, recognizing and rewarding
  • Guiding lights for creating healthier, more inspiring workplaces

Putting Creativity to Work

offers simple, practical ideas on how to foster a more creative workplace, delivered in a fun, memorable style.

Audiences will learn:

  • Why creativity is the most valuable workplace commodity
  • The three most important traits of innovative workplaces
  • Storming the brains: how to inspire creativity in your meetings
  • The humour connection: Why HA + Ha = AHA!
  • Simple ways to get generate more ideas
  • Eliminating idea-squashing language and behaviour
  • Turning failure on its heads
  • Advancing and selling your ideas: how to turn ideas into results”

When Do You Let the Animals Out?

A Hilarious Welcome to Alberta and the Rockies
This lively, humour-filled program welcomes audiences to the Rockies in a truly unforgettable manner. Michael Kerr, author of the best-selling books When Do You Let the Animals Out? A Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Humour and What’s So Funny About Alberta?, offers a truly unique perspective on our beloved Canadian Rockies and on what really happens when visitors encounter the wilds of Canada for the first time!

The program includes:

  • A rousing welcome to a unique and wacky place!
  • The top ten things any visitor should know
  • Tales from the trails: close encounters of the furry kind
  • Un-bear-able tales: how not to get eaten by a grizzly!
  • When does an elk become a moose? (The silliest tourist questions of all time!)
  • Using hilarious stories, top ten lists, door prizes, wacky props and wacky costumes, this program is the perfect way to add some fun and local colour to your Alberta conference. Ideal as a conference opener or closer, luncheon program, breakfast talk, after-dinner presentation or spousal program.

You can also arrange to purchase souvenir, signed copies of When Do You Let the Animals Out? or What’s So Funny About Alberta? at a discounted price for a truly unique and memorable memento for conference delegates.

“We were in stitches laugh so hard. Michael is very entertaining and humorous, which held our attention while learning valuable information!” Wendy Kirkpatrick, Meeting Planner International

“Your unique brand of humour backed up with your innate knowledge of the Rockies made for a truly memorable presentation.” Ian McCormack, Alberta Assessors Association

What’s So Funny About Alberta?

Based on the Best-Selling Book! This fun, unique program offers an entertaining, inspiring, and truly wacky look at Alberta. The program is based on the best selling book, What’s So Funny About Alberta?, and includes:

Welcome to the Wild and Wacky West
The Top-10 Ways to Become a REAL Albertan
Mike’s Most Canadian Moment
Mike’s Most Albertan Moment
Un-Bearable Bear Stories
The Funniest Alberta Tourist Questions
The What’s So Funny About Alberta Quiz
The Funny Alberta Road Tour Slide Show

This talk is a great welcome for groups coming to Alberta, or a fabulous program for Albertans who want to see their own backyard in a totally different light. It makes a great conference opener, after dinner presentation, luncheon talk or spousal program. Discount, signed copies of What’s So Funny About Alberta? are also available as gift or souvenir items for conference attendees.

Presentation Skills Training

Inspiring Ideas for Inspiring Presentations
It’s not so much WHAT you say that matters, it’s HOW you say it!

How you say it, how you make that sales pitch, how you deliver that speech at the annual conference or how you present an idea in the boardroom, means the difference between success and failure. Or at least between being mediocre and brilliantly effective.

It can mean the difference between boring your audience into a catatonic stupor and keeping them awake; the difference between alienating your audience and connecting with the audience; the difference between having absolutely no impact on your audience (and really, how depressing is that?) and inspiring your audience to action, whether it be an audience of 3 or 3,000.

Inspiring Ideas for Inspiring Presentations workshops offer practical tips designed to help any level of speaker improve both their confidence and their speaking skills.

This engaging workshop is interactive, informative, and fun. Michael practices what he preaches, so not only do you hear the information, you see it in practice, which is why many of Michael’s clients have described this workshop as “the best workshop they have ever attended on any topic.”

And yes, the workshop will even cover what you’re going to say, because truth be told, it’s not just how you say it that matters, what you say has an impact too. So you’ll learn tips and tricks and secrets from an experienced professional speaker on how to plan your presentation, develop ideas, organize your ideas and deliver your ideas more effectively than you ever have before.

“The best and most focused training I have had in 30 years.” Peter Hope

“Mike is great! The presentation skills workshop was one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to.” Barb Bertch, Parks Canada

“You have a unique ability to inspire confidence and foster significant improvements in people at any level.” Mary Dalman

“I thought this was one of the best workshop sessions I have ever attended.” Leanne Howard, Alberta Agriculture

Workshop Content
Planning the Presentation (You weren’t just going to wing it, were you?)

Starting with the end in mind: Just what the heck are you trying to accomplish?
And just who are you speaking to? Getting to know your audience
How audiences learn. . . and why you really should care
So, what’s your message?
How to get more ideas and better ideas by storming the brains
Getting organized and putting your wonderful ideas to paper
Inspiring Ideas to Inspire Your Audience

How to be more effective by keeping it simple
How to use humour effectively—without getting fired!
Simple ideas on how to bring your ideas to life
How to show and tell instead of tell and tell
Once upon a time . . . turning your messages into stories
The Funniest Alberta Tourist Questions
‘Hearsing and Rehearsing: How to Memorize and Practice Your Presentation
(You were planning on practicing, weren’t you?)

How to Harness Your Nervous Energy and Learn to Love Speaking (Or at least to prefer speaking over death)

Keeping Face: Body Language Do’s and Don’ts

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Making Effective Use of Your Voice

Introducing Introductions

And in Conclusion . . . How to Close With a Bang

Any Questions? Managing a Q and A Session (Before it manages you)

Audio-Visual Pointers: How to Make Your A/V Work for You



“You left the audience in stitches and with a lot of food for thought on how they approach their everyday worklife.”
Kathy Reimer Canadian Business Travel A s s o c i a t i o n

“Our participants rated you as the speaker with the highest quality and relevance.” Lana J. Larocque, Alberta Human Resources

“Your name and topic brought a record crowd to our meeting. Your presentation provided us with an opportunity to laugh and a chance to look at how we can make our workplaces truly exciting places to be!” Heather Ayres, Human Resources Management Association of Manitoba

“87% of the staff gave you the highest rating available – many said it was the best workshop they have EVER attended. Based on the evaluations you were hilarious, inspirational and motivational and many want you back! I still see examples in the workplace more than two months after the workshop!” Charlene Dalen, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

“Michael’s presentation was highly energetic and humorous, focusing on creating a more pleasant work environment. Comments from members included: ‘fabulous, wow!, awesome and timely.’” Over 90% of the audience rated the session as having exceeded their expectations!” Bill Baumgartner, Secretary Treasurer, Co-operative Managers’ Assoc.

“People were engaged, energized, inspired and most importantly, they laughed a lot! Michael was an absolutely wonderful consultant to work with.” Sophia Langois, HR Director, KPMG

“Your presentation really hit the mark! After seeing the reaction, our president felt it was important for you to come to our head office and address all of our employees.” Kathy Hammond, Conference Planner, The CUMIS Group Limited

“Many of the head office staff thought you were the best keynote speaker we’ve ever had! Thank you for your invigorating and energizing keynote presentation.” Tanya Dusyk, Territory Manager, Shell Canada “The best keynote speaker ever! You’ve left a lasting impression with us!” Roxanne Plante, Medicine Hat College

“Your dynamic and interactive presentation was the highlight of our conference. To this day, years later, when our management teams gets together we will often refer to the topics that you enlightened and enriched our lives with!” Steve Enns, Vice President and General Manager, TGS Harvard Management

“From the feedback forms your presentation scored a perfect 10 out of 10! Your presentation was humorous, thoughtprovoking and insightful.” Paul Ryan, Alberta Association of Radiology Managers

“I have never heard so many ‘thankyou’s!’ The group laughed and walked away with a rejuvenated attitude and concrete ideas. Michael presents valuable, pertinent, and USEFUL information in a highly amusing and effective way.” Terry Zitnak, Manager, AB Sustainable Resources

“Michael Kerr earned a perfect evaluation for his presentation at the conference. We appreciate the time and effort it took to plan and deliver an excellent and thoughtprovoking session.” Jean Silzer, Travel Alberta Conference

“We were in stitches laughing so hard during our meeting. Michael is very entertaining , which held our attention while teaching us valuable information.” Wendy Kirkpatrick, Meeting Planners International

“This was the best and most focused training I’ve had in 30 years!” Peter Hope, Communications Manager, Atlantic Region Parks Canada “Michael’s session was the best part of the meeting! Excellent and well worth the time – so relevant and beneficial to our work.” Jocelyn Baker, Regional Forester, Saskatchewan Environment

“We were drowning in tears of laughter during most of the workshop. Michael is a very dynamic and upbeat speaker. His presentation was an excellent way to end our conference.” Antje Nameth, Manager, Industry Canada

“Because of the positive spirit of humour, team building and alternative thinking activities you furnished us, the weekend was a huge success! We got so much out of your presentation and heard nothing but positive feedback. We are huge fans!” Walt Muralt, President, Muralt’s Travel Plaza

“Michael’s presentation was upbeat, action packed and very funny. One of our best speakers ever. I certainly recommend Michael Kerr as a speaker who is very dynamic and who will add some humour to your event.” Roy T. Spence, Chairman, Saskatchewan Credit Union Managers Association Conference

“As our opening speaker, your contribution was considerable. Your presentation was delivered with humour, passion, commitment and tremendous energy. Your style of communication through humour truly inspired participants and energized our workplace”. Glen Armstrong, Regional Director, Public Works

“Mike was outstanding! One client told us he taped Michael’s business card to his mirror just so he could laugh and remember the evening!” Stephen Gooder, Investment Planning Council of Canada

“Not only did you have people laughing throughout, you gave numerous practical, concrete suggestions on how to use humour in our work lives. By including examples specifically related to our area of work, delegates could relate to you, and you stressed that people can be professional and still include humour at work.” Leta Ottway, Chair, Operating Room Nurses Conference

“To speak to speaking professionals is a tough ‘gig’, but you grabbed them and held them with your unique wisdom and wit. I will recommend your great work to clients and speaker bureaus.” Donald Cooper, President, The Donald Cooper Corporation

“Michael Kerr exceeded our expectations as a keynote speaker. His enthusiasm, high energy and humour captivated our difficult audience and staff at all levels benefited greatly!” Judy Illick, Business Operations, Calgary Board of Education

“One of the most delightful and entertaining presentations to start our conventions! Michael is a comic genius with a dynamic and motivating message. We received nothing but positive feedback and I highly recommend Michael as a speaker with a positive influence on the workplace.” Edi Winberg, President, Southeastern Teachers Association

“Comments from delegates included: ‘Off the scale . . .what a phenomenal speaker and person!’ and “He showed the incredible value of bringing humour into the workplace.” The majority rated you as “excellent” and appreciated your engaging style and valuable take-away tools and ideas.” Diana Wong, Credit Union Central of British Columbia

“I thought Michael did an excellent job of demonstrating how humour can influence a positive attitude, relieve stress, build stronger teams, spark creativity and improve morale.” Glenn Taylor, Allstate Canada Group

“Your outrageously entertaining presentation kept them guessing, interested and engaged. It was so outside the norm but still so on point. You united this diverse and demanding group – thanks for adding value to our conference. Adriana Smith, Senior Manager, Deloitte

“Your presentation was the perfect end to our conference! You sent people away with a humour tool kit they can use in their offices.” Feedback from delegates included: ‘awesome!,’ ‘terrific closer,’ and ‘we need more of this!’” Karen M. Byrne, Peel Mutual Insurance Company, CIAA Conference Chair

“It was a fun-filled day that went all too quickly. You gave us lots of ideas and inspiration to make our workplace full of laughter and an understanding of the use of good safe humour that will lead us on the path to more productivity.” Lorrie Webster, Manager, Financial Services, Indian Oil and Gas Canada

“Hilarious! An excellent speaker. Worthwhile topic.” “Fabulous way to end the day.” “The best today!” “Best one of all!” “Reinforced the importance of humour!” “Very energetic! What a great way to end the day! I laughed until my face hurt!” “Super presentation, made my day!” “Great ending to the day!” “Best course of all.” “Excellent ending to the day!” Evaluations comments from participants at Alberta Pharmacists Association Conference

“Michael Kerr was our closing keynote presenter at Vitalize 2004 in Edmonton. I strongly recommend Mr. Kerr for your event, delegates are still talking about him today.“ Leah Paton, Wild Rose Foundation

“We could not have chosen a better speaker, he kept us laughing and engaged during the entire four hour presentation.” Andre Therien, Bell Canada

“Your ‘Putting Humour to Work’ workshop was a great hit. People are still laughing and implementing your ideas into their workday.” Gina Pope, Peace Country Health “Mike provide an hour of non-stop laughter with key messages.” “Mike believes in what he is teaching” “Everyone should have a chance to hear him. What he said made total sense!” “Mike from Canmore was a real find.” “Mike’s presentation was one my absolute favourite of the whole time in Jasper.” “What a message, what a speaker.” – Feedback comments from participants of CUMIS Incentive Trip

“You are a truly gifted presenter. It was a real delight to be able to laugh for two hours and still learn about techniques to increase wellness at work.” Wallie Simieritsch, Alberta Mental Health Association “Your energy was contagious! Some participants went home with sore stomach muscles from laughing so hard!” Sloane Muldoon-Girardin, District Manager, Scotiabank

“Outstanding! He needs to be on video!” Linda Bronson, Asante Health System

“The overall rating delegates gave you was a 4.95 out of 5! You have truly helped set the bar high for our standard of excellence!” Pat Goodberry-Dyck, Health Care Service Excellence Conference.

“We could not have asked for a better presenter or topic to begin our day. You energized the crowd and inspired them to think differently. Our president even had everyone up later doing the fun dance!” Terrie Faulkner, Total Care Technologies

“Thank you for your exceptional presentation and relevant and important messages. You received rave reviews from staff!” Rhonda Wehrhahn, Business Unit Leader, Department of Alberta Energy

“Michael’s workshop was absolutely brilliant! His abundant energy and enthusiasm was infectious and it was a nice way to set the tone for the rest of the week! Mary Quayle, Manager of Finance, Parks Canada

“I thought your “Speaking of Speaking” workshop was one of the best workshops I have ever attended!” Leanne Howard, Program Assistant, Alberta Agriculture “I have heard nothing but rave reviews about your session. It was the turning point that made the conference a success, in fact, your morning session was the impetus for turning a planned dry afternoon session into a mini-version of Canadian Idol!” John Pheifer, Manitoba District Manager, Measurement Canada

“Our members felt you were dynamic – providing them with a good mix of inspiration, educations and GREAT humour! They had nothing but praise for your presentations both as a keynote presenter and workshop trainer and would love to see you back!” Maurizia Hinse, Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association

“This was the best luncheon talk I’ve seen in 42 years of Rotary Meetings!” Ken Madden, Banff Rotary Club Magical! Inspiring! Outrageous! Mesmerizing!” Cora-Marie Clark, Strategix Consulting

“Informative and hilarious! What a great entertainer. The best presentation! 5+++ out of five!” Travel Alberta Fall Industry Conference evaluation comments

“The feedback we received from staff showed that your presentation was the most appreciated and enjoyed session of all that were presented. That is by itself a great testimonial to your personal leadership style and communication skills!” Alan D. Burpee, CEO, Society for Manitobans With Disabilities

“I have seen numerous presentations on humour and its applications and yours was by far the most useful and entertaining! Your platform skills are exceptional!” Jeff Mowatt, President, JC Mowatt Seminars

“The feedback for your informative and energizing workshop was extremely positive. Some of the comments included” ‘This was your best workshop yet – every employee should participate in this workshop.” Marlies van Dijk, Calgary Regional Health

“To anyone looking for a humorous and educational speaker – Mike was outstanding! Not only was he very funny and entertaining, there was a lot to learn about humour in the workplace. We will see him again . . . no question!” Dana Zaretski, Chairperson, Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians

“The delegates were truly enlivened, educated and entertained by your presentation. The fact we are able to acquire someone of your high calibre was a real bonus!” David Hobson, Toastmasters International Conf. Chairman

“Your appearance broke the mould, your energy and humour relieved the tension of information overload!” April Wright, Conference Manager, Canadian Energy Research Institute

“Your workshop was full of energy, creatively presented and jam packed with worthwhile advice. You have a unique ability to inspire confidence and foster significant improvements in people at any level of ability.” Mary Dalman, Parks Canada

“I requested a presentation with a good deal of humour in it and that is what you delivered. It was a breathe of fresh air.” Jean Herriot, Manager, Compensation Services, Public Works

“You left the audiences in stitches, but with also a lot of food for thought on how they should approach their everyday work lives.” Kathy Reimer, Program Director, Canadian Business Travel Association

“A couple of participants said this was the best workshop they’d ever attended. Everyone was impressed with your dynamic, humorous approach. You definitely made an impression!” Jenny Klafki, Communications Manager, Yoho National Park

“What a rollicking trip! The audience laughed, they were awed; they were inspired! Mark Battista, Richmond Virginia County Parks “Your hands-on session was one of the highlights of our session. I personally appreciated your ability to sense the group’s energy level and their need to be reenergized!” Monique Doolittle-Romas, Director of Learning, United Way of Canada

“Your platform skills are impeccable . . . relevant content . . . one of the best humorists I’ve ever seen . . . an inspiration to your peers!” Valerie Cade-Lee, President of The Performance Curve “After hearing Mike at a conference I knew we needed to share his presentation with all of our staff. Absolutely everyone was pleased that they had invested a Saturday in attending the full day session.” David. H. Edey, Manager, City of Edmonton Clerk’s Office

“Michael is a dynamic, polished and entertaining speaker. His talk was informative, engaging and very practical.” Brian Carbol, Principal, Salisbury Composite High School “You had the delegates on the edge of their seats. An unqualified success!” Peter Fletcher, Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals

“Energetic, entertaining, enlightening and enjoyable. I laughed so much my face hurt, you made the event perfect!” Michelle Wiebe, United Nurses of Alberta “Thank you for your wonderful workshop – your keynote workshop was extremely well received, and your helpful hints are something we can all use to make our work life more enjoyable and less stressful.” Tom Maier, Dir. of Corp.Services, Town of Banff

“Michael’s sense of humor and real life stories led to over an hour of learning and laughing. Attendees’ comments included: ‘The best session today!’ “Excellent!’ and ‘Fabulous way to end the day!’” Rose Dehod, Director, Member Services, Pharmacists Association of Alberta

“Mike inspired the delegates and gave them a breath of fresh air. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a session by Michael we encourage you to do so!” Jane Fournier and Kim Martin, Alberta Association of Library Technician Co-Chairs

“Your workshop was invaluable in reinforcing the very real value that humour plays in creativity, team building and relieving stress. I have heard nothing but positive comments from all levels of staff!” Richard Parker, General Manager, Planning and Transportation, City of Calgary

“I was most impressed with Michael’s ability to find humor in ANY situation!” Marla Nadeau, Department of Energy

“The workshop was consistently rated a 5 our of 5! The topics were very relevant and meaningful to our work.” Greg Thompson, Informatics Manager, Parks Canada

“Michael was amazing/Great session/Full of useful tips/I don’t think I have ever laughed like that, but also took away valuable information/Huge amounts of useful information/ EXCELLENT!/ Michael was fabulous, easy to listen to, funny and knowledgeable.” Comments from Alberta Agriculture conference evaluations

“Wonderful ideas to implement at work!” Linda Anderson, Henry County Health Centre Rave Reviews! M i c h a e l K e r r “Michael was a very energetic, dynamic speaker who kept the session lively and interesting.” Maureen Ouellette, Human Resources Manager, City of Calgary

“Your enthusiasm and humour was a wonderful way to end the conference.” Doug Irwin, Associate Commissionaire, Strathcona County, Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators Conference

“You were a big part of our huge success! You rated a perfect 5 out of 5 from almost every participant!” Ken Pichach, Canadian Mental Health Association

“Your dynamic, humorous and off the wall keynote presentation set a whole new standard for our conference sessions. Thank you for making such a profound difference.” Brian Lee, Conference Chair, Health Care Service Excellence Conference

“Michael Kerr is awesome. I obtained enough electricity to shock my hospital into shape.” Cathy Ferdetta, Capital Health System “I would love Michael Kerr as my boss! A lot of fun ideas! Jean Bulquerin, Tri-City Medicial Centre

“Your topic was a huge success, both entertaining and thought provoking.” Fran Kwong, Canadian Petroleum Tax Society

“Your terrific style, flexibility and quick thinking resulted in a fun evening. The evaluations, without exception, rated you as extremely high.” Tom Zeiser, Producer, Air Fair “Michael presented a very entertaining workshop!” Max Willis, CFO, CFE and COO, International Association of Fairs and Expositions

“Michael’s enthusiasm, deft timing and knowledge makes him the ideal public speaker.” Susanah Windrum, Calgary Outdoor Resource Centre “It was a fun-filled day that went all too quickly. You gave us lots of ideas and inspiration to make our workplace full of laughter and an understanding of the use of good safe humour that will lead us on the path to more productivity.” Lorrie Webster, Manager, Financial Services, Indian Oil and Gas Canada

“Thank you for your hilariously inspirational presentation, we have received nothing but positive comments!” Linda Burdett, Office Manager, Steinbach Chamber of Commerce

“Michael provided a hysterical, yet purposeful session. His energetic style mixed with information made for an awesome start to the weekend. One delegate described his sessions as “life changing.” I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to organizations seeking to re-energize their staff and delegates.” Holly Sorgen, SMEDA Economic Development Agency

“Our goal was to get our membership energized and ready to tackle the remaining workshops with enthusiasm and your high energy program accomplished that goal! “ Donna Stollfuss, Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs

“Michael’s presentation was excellent. Not only were we entertained, he introduced some very practical tools and concepts for use back in the office.” Geoff Shields, Chubb Insurance of Canada “We made the right decision. Michael’s talk was both enlightening and entertaining. Michael delivered everything we hoped for and more. 83% of our delegates rated him as excellent, the other 17% as good. How many speakers earn ratings like this? I recommend Michael without reservation, he will not disappoint. “ Julie Feuling, Independent Community Bankers of America

“You were truly inspiring and incredibly funny – thank you for your awesome presentation.” Theresa McInnis, Aboriginal Business Canada

“I knew Michael’s light-hearted and fast paced presentation would delight our guests from across Canada and the United States. His “When Do You Let the Animals Out?” talk was a hit with the group – his “Made in Canada” humour helped attendees go home with fond memories.” Kevin O’Neil, Director of Operations, Canadian Rubber Association Conference

“What a fun, refreshing keynote speaker Michael was. I enjoyed listening to him so much, and ending the weekend on such a wonderful note!” Kori Kuryvial, Chinook Health Region

“You went above and beyond for our conference. Your professionalism, humour, agreeable attitude and warmth made you the highlight of our conference.” Corrine Gallagher, President, Yukon Toastmasters International

“Our delegates were delighted with the choice of you as our luncheon speaker!” Mel Hennig, Executive Director, Western Canada Tire Dealers “Your unique brand of humour backed up with your innate knowledge of the Rockies made for a truly memorable presentation.” Ian McCormack, Executive Director, Alberta Assessors Association

“You will not be disappointed, I guarantee you.” Greg Stroud, Atlantic Reg., Parks Canada

“Loved the day; it was fantastic!” Carol Easton, Director of Surgical Services, Calgary Health Authority

“Michael did an outstanding job, and he did it by putting a massive amount of energy into his workshop. The attendees were laughing and learning the entire presentation.” David Blain, Indian Oil and Gas

“Your presentation was outstanding. You are a dynamic individual that has provided a strong foundation for applying humor into our day-today lives and you have energized our team.” Pamela K. Bunnin, Permitting Manager, Bell Canada

“Thanks for the excellent presentation. The evaluations indicated a very positive response to both your subject material and delivery style.” Tom Macdonald, Executive Director, Local Government Managers Association Forum

“Michael’s enthusiasm, energy and upbeat presentation style combined to create a positive learning environment. I highly recommend Michael as an excellent speaker and entertaining!” Margot White, Manager of Communications, College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia

“Without exception, every one of the evaluations rated you as “excellent” (the highest rating!) for your workshop. And the keynote address was for many the highlight of the entire conference. The entire mood of day two was greatly improved by your energetic and dynamic presentation!” Tara Taylor, NWT Regional Coordinator, NWT Regional Council

“Michael Kerr bills himself as a Workplace Energizer!, Speaker, Trainer, Author and Nice Guy. And you know what? He’s not kidding (for once). He is all that and more! Mike demonstrated that, for so many work situations, humor is the glue that can make ideas stick. His session was thoughtful, purposeful and hilarious.” Marnie Main, Landscape Alberta Nursery Trade Association

“I have had so many positive comments about your presentation that I am sure we be following this year’s very successful recipe well into the future. Your humour was exactly what we needed – thanks for an excellent job.” Glen Johnston, President, Ontario Mutual Insurance Association

“The six humour in the workplace workshops you presented were tremendous! For both of our evening presentations, all I can say is – WOW, where do you get your energy! Thanks for making our congress the success it was!” Lowry Burrell, Claims Supervisor, Co-operators Insurance

“Each of the over 250 delegates rated you as ‘excellent’. Many indicated you were the highlight of the 2005 summit!” Darrell Joy, Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation “I haven’t come across a single evaluation rating you less than 5 out of 5. Some of the delegates’ comments included: ‘Fantastic!’, ‘funny and informative,’ and ‘a breath of fresh air!’”. Mary Moltman, Conference Safety Co-Chair, Pacific Safety Center Thank you Michael for an excellent day full of fun and energy. I have received nothing but wonderful feedback. The conference was invigorating and stimulating, helping to refocus both mind and spirit. This conference was the BEST! Michael Kerr was great!! Dr. Anita Mitzner, Learning Consultant, Calgary health Region

“Mike from Canmore ended our conference on a very positive note. Mike is a very entertaining and energetic speaker who kept our staff on a “high” the entire time. Some staff said they laughed so hard their jaws hurt!” Louise Szaszvary, Food Safety Division, Alberta Agriculture

“I have talked to several audience members who felt energized and motivated by your presentation. Thank you for inspiring us! Kane Kilby, Director, Human Resources, Royal Jubilee Hospital

“Excellent presentation. It was very well received by our group, and I found the presentation to be timely, humorous and relevant in today’s work environment.” Ed Paras, Manager, School Plant Officials Society

“We received nothing but positive comments about the workshop: participants enjoyed the energetic mix of great, positive humour and relevant information, which made for a truly memorable day!” Dawn Brooks-Luyendyk, Sulphur Admin. Assistant, Shell Canada

“Your session consistently received the highest scores, and the ranked as the most effective. Some participant comments included: ‘WOW! The messages will resonate a long time, what an impact!’ and “Refreshing energy that shook up the entire room!’” Pam Clark, Visitor Services Manager, Jasper National Park

“Your enthusiastic presentation was well received. You were able to capture a lot of energy and humour in your presentation AND at the same time deliver some serious messages.” Brian Sarkadi, Team Leader CIO Office, Shell Canada Limited “Furiously frenetic! Great presentation. By far, the best presentation EVER given ANYWHERE! Book this guy again and again!” Comment from delegate at Alberta College of Pharmacists Conference

“Evaluation results show that our 400+ delegates thought you were the perfect closing presentation. Thank you for your fabulous presentation!” Tanya Seneka, Conference Coordinator, Alberta College of Pharmacists and Alberta Association of Registered Nurses

“The presenter was excellent – I have attended other sessions on this type of topic but this was by far the best. Of all the seminars, I would rate this as the best. Your highly energetic style was the perfect mix of humour, enlightening facts and knowledge.” Revenue Canada Agency feedback comments

“Michael’s ability to bring an audience together and demonstrate the value of humour is exceptional. Brian Ferguson, Encana

“I absolutely loved the workshop! In 25 years of teaching and listening, this workshop tops my charts! I can’t wait to go back to work on Monday and tell my coworkers what I learned! I will remember your words for years to come! Evaluation comments from full day workshop delivered to Moncton Family Services

“Thank you for bringing us the gift of laughter last month. Our staff members are still doing the ‘Happy dance!’” Jane Antoniak, Communications Manager, Middlesex-London Health Unit

“The Inspiring Workplaces presentation was engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining. Michael’s style and humour was inspirational and motivational.” Sandra Jardine, Director, Learning and Wellness, David Thompson Health Region

“Your dynamic, passionate and extremely funny presentation fit the bill perfectly. Our conference attendees were still raving about you three days later. We recommend you without reservation to any group looking for a shot of energy!” Madeleine Baerg, Corporate Events Coordinator, Boardwalk Rental Communities

“Michael’s presentation provided a number of thought-provoking points, wrapped in so much fun and laughter that the participants absorbed the concepts painlessly.” Irving Kurz, Victim Services Coordinator, Red Deer RCMP

“Superb! excellent! Funny and wise, exceptional, wonderful, have him at the next conference . . .” Comments from delegates at the Health and Home Community Care Conference, Vancouver, 2006

“You were the hit of the conference. Most of the participants rated you as the best presenter of the conference.” Karen Bossin, Shoppers Drug Mart “Mike engages his audience with his energetic and interactive style. He uses universal scenarios and presents them in an entertaining and humorous way where everyone can relate and appreciate.” Catherine Bell, Hospice Calgary

“Thank you for your hilarious and uplifting presentation, we heard such great feedback from the audience. Your presentation and insights have bolstered our reputation as a premier event!” Angie Gaddy, American Marketing Association

“You were a home run! You made our annual Headliner event an overwhelming success! It was a real thrill to see almost 700 attendees leaving the auditorium with smiles on their faces!’ Devra Bevona, Small Business Council of Rochester

“Michael Kerr was amazing! Not only was he thoroughly entertaining but he also delivered a valuable, pertinent message at the same time. His delivery was great. I plan to apply recommendations Michael made. I would confidently recommend Michael to anyone. Great job!” Kelly Coyne, Bell Systems

“Michael is one of the most engaging, comical, and enthusiastic speakers I have ever encountered! His passion for laughter shines through, and you leave his workshop with a renewed sense of humour, literally.” Sherry Little, McMan Youth, family and Community Services Association

“Your workshop taught us how to create a more creative, healthier and productive workplace. Your high energy presentation style made us all leave with sore cheeks but much to think about. Some of the attendee comments included: ‘Best workshop ever!’ and ‘If everyone could take this workshop it would be a much happier world!’” Darla Joinson, Capital Care Grandview

“I really don’t know how Mr. Kerr’s presentation can be topped. It was the best AGM I’ve been to due to the guest speaker. Best speaker we have ever had.” Comments from Alberta Human Resources workshops

“He was great. Absolutely hilarious. Great start to a fun and informed convention. Amazing. Great opener. Very motivational, Come back. Very helpful. Great talk! Inspirational and fun. Great ideas to take back. Excellent speaker. Very energetic.” Summary of comments from Canadian Call Centre Managers Conference, Cancun, November, 2006

“Everyone enjoyed your entertaining and upbeat presentation, having you as our closing speaker was an excellent choice as you concluded the conference on such an energetic and motivational note.” Cathy Hornsby, Coordinator, BC Health Services

”Too funny, excellent philosophy on life.” “My ribs hurt!” “This talk was the best part. Uplifting and very funny. Worth waiting for.” “Some great ideas on improving attitudes at work.” “Realistic and fun” “Very entertaining and gets points across.” “Great concepts. Practical tips!” “Superb! Hilarious, but speaks the truth.” “Fabulous! Made his point, got his message across and it was incredibly entertaining.” -Sample comments from participants at BCHS Pharmacy Business Practices Conference, Spring, 2007

“Our audience found your presentation both engaging and humorous while at the same time serious with respect to the message of motivating, inspiring and empowering employees through humour. Your obvious passion shone through and was indeed infectious.” Michelle Stolarchuck, Director, Edmonton Police Association

“He was FANTASTIC! Great Stuff! Relevant! Valuable insights! Best I’ve seen. Excellent and relevant presentation! Very uplifting and totally relevant at work and at home.” Participant feedback comments from Certified Fraud Examiners Presentation, November, 2007

“Everyone truly enjoyed your enthusiasm and passion for the message you shared with us.” George Klassen, Manager, Human Resources, CAA Manitoba “Mike, your presentation was completely energizing and engaging for everyone at our meeting – which is quite an accomplishment considering what a large and diverse group we were. Comments from participants consistently rated your segment as ‘excellent’ with a lot of mentions of how great it was to laugh and learn at the same time. We are now doing the ‘dance’ whenever we can. Thank you.” Linda Alecxe, Vice President, Human Resources, Spartan Controls Ltd. Calgary, Alberta

“We were thrilled to have Michael Kerr as the keynote speaker at our Days Inns – Canada annual conference. His interactive presentation was energetic and of course, extremely humorous!! We’ve received amazing feedback from our franchisees; everyone was entertained, inspired and engaged. Michael was an absolute pleasure to work with and a great addition to our conference!” – Melissa Stober, Marketing Communications Manager, Days Inn

“Your enthusiasm, humor, professionalism, and ebullient style was evident not only to our staff, but to our delegates! They loved you! Your presentation exceeded our expectations and we’re so happy we selected you as one of our keynote speakers!” Ellen Ackerman, Administrative Professionals Conference, 2008


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