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  1. Michael Kerr, Creativity, Presentation Skills, Workplace culture 

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Michael Kerr is a Canadian Hall of Fame speaker who is known as one of North America’s most influential and entertaining workplace culture thought leaders.

Michael travels the world researching, writing, and speaking about inspiring workplace cultures, inspiring leaders, and businesses that leverage their humor advantage to drive outrageous results. His Inspiring Workplaces blog has been recognized as on of the top-25 workplace blogs in the world.

Michael is also the author of 8 books, including, “The Jerk Free Workplace: How You Can Take the Lead to Create a Happier, More Inspiring Workplace,” “The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses are Laughing all the Way to the Bank,” and “Hire, Inspire, and Fuel Their Fire: How to Recruit, Onboard, and Train New Employees to Love Your Culture Out Loud.”

Michael’s speaking mantra is: “Why choose between fun and content when you can have both?” Often rated as the most impactful speaker at an event, Michael’s presentations are known for their outrageously positive humour, high-energy, and relevant, practical ideas that audiences can immediately put to work.

Michael lives in Canmore, Alberta in the spectacular Canadian Rockies (so, for those of you old enough to remember, yup, he’s another “Mike from Canmore!”)


Inspiring Workplaces:  How to Create a Dynamic, Collaborative, Service-First Culture That Drives OUTRAGEOUS Results!

Your workplace culture is your #1 competitive advantage.  But here’s the rub. Great cultures don’t just happen! You can’t fake a great culture or buy your culture at IKEA.    You need to be intentional about your workplace culture. And you need to enlist everyone’s support to contribute to a purpose-driven, happier, more resilient, innovative, collaborative, and service-focused culture.

Leaders Leading Leaders: Great Cultures Begin with Intentional Leadership from the Top

Great workplace cultures don’t happen by accident, and they don’t happen without intentional leadership. I use the term ‘intentional,’ well, intentionally. I’ve interviewed 100s of leaders around the world, and inspiring leaders tell me time and again that the key to their success as a leader starts by simply being more intentional about being a leader.

Which means knowing there’s a difference between being a manager or boss and being a leader. Being intentional means consciously making decisions and choices about your attitude and behaviors that reflect and demonstrate real leadership.

Intentional leadership is about creating more leaders at work, not more followers, which is why so many high-achieving organizations embrace the mantra “we are leaders leading leaders.”

The Jerk-Free Workplace: How to Take the Lead When You’re Not the Boss

As I explain in my book, The Jerk-Free Workplace, this presentation is more than just about shining a spotlight on jerk-like attitudes and behaviors that might lead to conflict and poor morale in your workplace.

It’s about the need for all your employees, regardless of their position or role, to step up, take responsibility, be accountable for their actions, and embrace the power they have as leaders to create a greater future for themselves and for your workplace.

This presentation celebrates the idea that everyone has the potential to step up as a leader. And if you want to create a happier, more collaborative, and more innovative culture that drives outrageous results, you absolutely NEED to encourage all your employees to embrace a leadership mindset.


The Humor Advantage: Putting Humor to Work for Less Stress and More Success

I’ve visited dozens of inspiring workplaces around the world that take their humor, well, seriously! And for good reason. Study after study reveals how humor helps companies reduce employee turnover and absenteeism rates, lower stress levels, foster an environment of resiliency, build relationships, improve morale, collaboration, and communication. Humor also helps companies stand out with their remarkable customer service, humanizes their company, and in some cases even builds a unique brand.

As I stress to audiences, it’s not about telling jokes, being the office joker, or even about being funny. It’s about finding the funny in your everyday work lives, being more authentic at work, laughing at the things you have no control over, and especially, about laughing at ourselves.

When you infuse your entire culture with a spirit of safe humor, it’s one of the most powerful tools there is that truly can help you energize your culture and drive outrageous results!

 Inspiring Change at Work:  How to Champion Innovation and Turn Ideas into Action

In my 20+ years of speaking, I don’t think I’ve ever had a client say, “You know Michael, we’re just not experiencing much change these days. We’ve been cruising along on autopilot, embracing the status quo for the last three decades or so!”

Change is happening on so many levels and at a faster pace than ever before. And if the pace of change outside your company exceeds the pace of change on the inside, it’s just a matter of time before you’re going to be in trouble. Serious trouble.

You have three options really, when it comes to your relationship with change. You can ghost it (in other words, cover your eyes and ears and ignore it), you can host it (learn to adapt to the change that is happening around you), or you can toast it (by embracing and leading change).

To wrap your arms around change and show change the love it deserves, you need the right mindset, the right tools, and the right culture that supports creativity, resiliency, and innovation.


Creating a Service-First Culture: Why You need to Stop Providing Good Customer Service!

Okay, so I’m being slightly facetious with the title. But hear me out.

Since your customers already expect “good customer service,” all you’re doing by providing “good customer service” is staying out of the customer service doghouse or staying out of customer service jail. All you’re doing is meeting expectations. Yawn.

You’re never going to stand out from the herd and earn a reputation for your phenomenal service if you don’t do one of two things:

  1. Exceed your customers’ expectations of good customer service
  1. Do something different, something your competitors won’t do or can’t do

And this customer service mindset begins on the inside of your company, which is why, once again, there’s a deep connection to your culture. You need to create a culture that is infused with a service-first mindset; where it is second nature to provide remarkable customer service on the inside, where everyone treats their teammates like their most important customers.


Hire, Inspire and Fuel Their Fire: How to Recruit, Onboard, and Train New Employees to Love Your Culture Out Loud

You cannot create a rocking, innovative, service-first culture without getting your hiring, onboarding, and training right! As the old mantra goes, “If you hire wrong, you can don o right, but if you hire right, you can do no wrong!”

Everything starts with hiring the right people – the people that are a right fit for you; the employees that are going to grow your culture in the direction you need to take it.

This is an essential topic for leaders who understand the significant costs associated with a bad hire and, conversely, the enormous benefit of recruiting top talent who are a perfect fit for your company.

Participants will love Michael’s unique take on this in-demand topic and appreciate the many relevant ideas based on Michael’s extensive interviews with CEOs, senior managers, and HR professionals from around the world who are using innovative techniques with their recruitment and onboarding.