Monique Caissie, Conflict Resolution, Workplace Culture



Conflict Resolution, Workplace Culture, Empowerment, Personal Development,Communication, Leadership, Workplace Respect
Conflict Resolution, Workplace Culture, Empowerment, Personal Development, Communication, Leadership, Workplace Respect

Speaker:      Monique Caissie          

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  1. Conflict Resolution, Workplace Culture, Empowerment, Personal Development,
    Communication, Leadership, Workplace Respect

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Today, I love watching my clients get excited when they finally understand and appreciate themselves as well as what really motivates others. Suddenly, they start speaking with people at work and at home in more effective and productive ways. It’s very exciting to watch as dynamics go from conflict to collaboration. And from frustration to mutual respect.

Like you, I have seen the effects of poor communication. Do you sometimes wish you felt more heard and respected? Do you know talented people who hide their brilliance out of fear of disapproval or criticism? Have you seen go-getters get so frustrated that they get labelled bullies and don’t know how to change that? Wouldn’t it be great to know how to deal with difficult people without worrying about becoming difficult ourselves?

Since 1984, I have been studying communication strategies to use in my crisis intervention work. While I appreciate the theory that people learn by coming to their own conclusions, unlike many coaches and counselors, I used an educational approach to helping others by offering new information.

Through my small group trainings, I’ve helped thousands of people find a better way to communicate when things are easy AND when they are not.

Time and time again, I witnessed coping skills improve, self-confidence develop, relationships flourish and people get promoted because of the concepts I shared.

During that time, I developed a simple template to stop avoiding difficult conversations. I called it the R.I.S.E. script on “How to Ask for What YOU Want” and taught people about correct assertiveness. It changed and even saved lives.

With over three decades of helping others, having worked in women’s shelters, youth protection, suicide prevention, mental illness, grief support and family counseling, I have seen all types of dynamics and behaviors that affect our relationships. I love fusing real life stories with proven, simple strategies to connect with people in an accessible manner.

If you are a natural helper like me, one of the challenges can be that the work we choose can be a haven for bullies. In fact, as a contributing author, I talked about this phenomena in the book “Stand Up, Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying” from the National Workplace Bullying Coalition. I have also been published in Huffington Post and featured in 3 other books as well.

When we understand the model of human behaviors, interactions become fascinating and more enjoyable to manage. We just need the key to unlocking the people puzzle to finally bridge the conflict gap to easily understand and appreciate one another.

When you book Monique, get ready for a speaker who is committed to serving her clients. You will benefit from a memorable, dynamic, useful and highly empowering experience.

Monique holds a B.A. with a Specialization in Human Relations and Human Systems Interventions in Organizational Development as well as being a Certified Human Behavior Consultant for DISC. She also draws from her experiences as a Family Life Educator where she practiced process driven-facilitation. This makes her a master at modifying keynotes and presentations to the client’s particular learning goals and situation.


How To Go From Conflict To Collaboration

Do you wonder why John clams up when he disagrees and why Mary yells louder when she’s not getting what she wants?

Understanding your unique personality blend and those around you enables you to elevate the quality of your relationships and problem-solving skills.

Increase your team’s confidence, creativity and productivity by understanding what drives each of our behavior when we have a difference of opinion.

After this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand what’s behind the conflicts and / or misunderstandings
  • Appreciate that every person’s behavior comes from a strength you may not have recognized before
  • Elevate respect and trust amongst team members
  • Any organization who wants to improve their workplace culture by elevating the civility and collaboration when different personalities are involved will find this program invaluable.

Discover the magic of how simply changing your approach with a different personality can dramatically improve relationships and outcomes.

How To Effectively Influence Other People’s Behaviors

Are there people in your organization that you wish you could promote; if only they expressed themselves more effectively?

Monique created this simple 4 step approach to demystify the elements of respectful and direct communication.

Imagine how much better your environment will be when the quieter folks have the tools to start a conversation more confidently and the go-getters learn to make their requests more respectfully.

If people are burning themselves out instead of delegating, saying no or asking for help, this is your starting point.

After this program, you will be able to:

  • Directly ask for what you want without pleading or attacking
  • Increase collaboration with the difficult people in your life
  • Understand when and how to set consequences
  • Set better boundaries and say “No” with more confidence and respect
  • This is perfect for professionals who find themselves at a loss for words and then feel the moment has passed.

These strategies and tips are starting points to open up valuable dialogues and increase confidence and personal effectiveness.

Help the brilliant people in your organization live up to their full potential. Give them the communication tools to deal with the people who drive them crazy and begin to shine!


“Not only was she able to hold the crowd’s attention, but she kept them engaged, kept them laughing and and her message is profound and universal to any audience. If you want to keep your events alive, if you really want to engage you audience and have them walk away with some amazing information, I recommend that you hire Monique.”

Steve Lowell, Vice-President Elect at Global Speakers Federation

“She teaches lessons that make sense in a very humble, comical and impactful way. She does it in her own flavour; which is always entertaining, engaging and passionate. You need her on your stage.”

Glynis E. Devine, Find Your Why and Hostess of MoMondays

“Monique is an excellent communicator, public speaker and brings real life changing examples to the table.”

Helen Tanyan, Owner of The Red Key

“What a performance! She is as funny as she is relevant. Monique masters her topic, and to our delight, she also masters the art of delivery from the stage.”

Sujata Vadlamudy, Entrepreneur, Owner of Attitude Orange

“Her entrepreneurs’ presentation on “Building Better Boundaries for Business” was inspiring, educational and interactive. Rarely have I seen a presentation that engaged such a large percentage of the audience. I would highly recommend Monique as a speaker for your upcoming events.”

Diana Lidstone, The Entrepreneur’s GPS, Marketing and Business Coach