Nikki Stone, Olympian, Leadership, Change, Adversity


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  1. Nikki Stone, Olympian, Leadership, Change, Adversity

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  4. When Turtles Fly

1998 Olympic Gold Medalist & Best-selling Author


At the Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, Nikki Stone became America’s first-ever Olympic Champion in the sport of inverted aerial skiing. What made this performance so unbelievable, was the fact that less than two years earlier, a chronic injury prevented her from standing, much less walking or skiing down a slope at almost 40 miles per hour.  Nikki came dangerously close to being sidelined from aerial skiing indefinitely.

Her tenacity and refusal to step down from a challenge brought Nikki Stone back to the top of the freestyle skiing podium. This top spot was far from foreign to Nikki, as throughout her career she earned 35 World Cup medals, eleven World Cup titles, four national titles, two yearlong Aerial World Cup titles, and a World Championship title.  She also became the first pure aerialist ever (male or female) to become the yearlong Overall Freestyle World Cup Champion.

Nikki now travels around the world working as a sought-after inspirational speaker sharing her secrets to success.  Nikki has spoken for hundreds of thousands now, including startups all the way to Fortune 500 corporations—some of her clients include John Hancock, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, American Express, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, Procter and Gamble, Morgan Stanley, AT&T, Visa, 3M, New York Life, Johnson and Johnson, Hilton Hotels, Anheuser Busch, 3M, and many more. Nikki was even named the International Professional Speaker of the Year one year from American Speakers Bureau Corporation.  She encourages and inspires her audiences to find their Turtle Effect by realizing their passions, triumphing over obstacles and take life-enhancing risks, like she did, to reach extraordinary goals that may initially seem unattainable.

Nikki has further parlayed her skills and knowledge into her popular Motivational Minutes program that share a year-full of inspiring videos filled with short segments that include unique, but relatable tips on peak performance, motivation, exercise, nutrition, and overall wellness to help people find their own achievements.

Because of Nikki’s successful background, the U.S. Olympic Committee engaged her to help train the current and upcoming athletes on overcoming challenges, finding motivation, and dealing with these pressures at the Olympic Games.  And due to her constant referrals as a motivational speaker, the United States Olympic Committee also contracted Nikki to train the Olympians in speaking, presentation, and mentoring skills.

Nikki also authored the empowering book, When Turtles Fly: Secrets of Successful People Who Know How to Stick Their Necks Out, which was honored as an Amazon bestseller.  Nikki was invited on the Today Show to share the success of the book.  When Turtles Fly includes inspirational stories from successful individuals from all different arenas (politicians, actors/actresses, Fortune 500 business executives, musicians, bestselling authors, athletes, Nobel Prize winners, and more) and after each story, Nikki gives readers different activities that they can perform to help reinforce the behavior needed for success in their own business and lifestyle.  Stone also writes articles and columns for a number of magazines, newspapers, and websites, including the Huffington Post.  Nikki is also a contributing author to the inspirational book Awaken the Olympian Within: Stories from America’s Greatest Olympic Motivators.

In addition to her skiing, authoring, and speaking endeavors, Nikki is also a Magna Cum Laude undergraduate of Union College in New York and a Summa Cum Laude Master’s graduate of the University of Utah in the field of Sports Psychology.  Nikki has helped counsel athletes in helping them strive towards world class productivity and performance.  With her incredible academic record and her remarkable presentation skills, the University of Utah voted Nikki “Student of the Year” and asked her to work as a Visiting Professor to teach a class on Leadership.

Nikki’s contributions span far beyond her professional careers, as she devotes time to charities such as “Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation, “The Make-A-Wish Foundation” & “American Cancer Society”, hosts group skiing adventures, and participates in numerous sponsor promotions for major national and international companies.  She has also remained very involved philanthropically by sitting on five different Olympic, sport, and charitable committees.

You may have seen Nikki through her numerous television appearances on such shows as The Today Show (4 separate times), Good Morning America, Late Night with David Letterman, CNN Early Addition, MSNBC Morning Line, ESPN’s Cold Pizza, FOX News Sports Express, CNN Business As Unusual, and FOX Sports News live.  You could have also caught Nikki in one of her nationally televised commercials for companies like Chevrolet and Visa.

Nikki now resides in Park City, Utah and continually works to help people stick their necks out to reach whatever their gold medal may be.


Live/Virtual World-class Keynote Speeches

 Olympic Gold Medalist and Bestselling Author Nikki Stone shares how to achieve world-class performance and productivity. 

The Strategies and Tools for Everyone to Be a Champion and Increase Productivity and the Bottom Line

As the old saying goes “champions aren’t born, they are made”.  Olympic Gold Medalists have reached a level of success that very few people in the world have achieved. The path to strong leadership starts by setting a culture of performance and excellence, particularly in high pressure moments.  Olympians constantly look to understand their strengths and how they can improve their weaknesses.

Learn how to be at your best from someone who studied and lived this for decades. Nikki will help attendees:

  • Learn how your business and employees can adapt to modern updates without slowing momentum
  • Discover the alignment of 7 critical success factors of sport analogous to the alignment of business departments & divisions
  • Acquire tools champions use to pick up and reenergize after challenges
  • Understanding how and why a strong goal can help increase profits
  • Finding passion and drive to increase customer and employee retention
  • Help everyone take ownership in the company’s or group’s success
  • Develop tools for dealing with stress and high pressure moments
  • Discover how to handle healthy competition to land on top
  • Gaining the ability to chart clear paths and create new opportunities

The participants will recognize and be able to apply the skills it takes to be a champion in the workplace. Nikki will help guests increase output, become more productive and learn their true potential through a motivating and captivating story.

The Strategies and Secrets to Resilience, Revival and Renewal 

The people who have risen to the top and stayed at the top have world-class resilience.  People with a vision and desire can overcome everyday challenges, just like when Champions overcome changing situations. We all possess the ability to be resilient and overcome life’s challenges when we have the proper tools.

Nikki did four things that anybody can learn to do:

  1. Develop a clear vision and focus on our goals
  2. Promote persistence in a path to reaching these goals
  3. Maintain the Never-Give-Up spirit and attitude of a winner.
  4. Create a plan that included a team of supporters.

Just 18 months before the Olympic Games, more than 10 doctors told Nikki she should quit and never ski again. If she did, she risked permanent spinal damage and much worse. With her four-step plan she overcame her challenges and won America’s first gold medal in aerial skiing.

In this highly acclaimed program, Nikki gives everyone the insider, behind the scenes story and her clear strategies for success. Your personal leadership plan includes a clear vision and focus, path to persistency, a winning attitude and a strong team. She has learned that we need to determine where we are going and why it matters.  Nikki expresses the importance of setting the attitudes, mindsets, policies, practices and expectations for the culture of discipline.

Experience the remarkable story of overcoming life threatening injuries to achieving the lifelong dream of winning the coveted Olympic gold medal. You will remember and relate to the extraordinary journey of a young athlete hitting rock bottom and learning the essential revival skills and mindset to catapult her beyond what anyone thought imaginable. Gain inspiration from the uplifting ascent of true heartache to explosive passion and pride.

Olympic champions have mastered world-class resilience.  You can learn these skills from a champion that was virtually counted out by everyone. These strategies and hands-on activities will assist you and your people to use your collective knowledge to change your way of looking at the world. Realizing this strong, rational optimism and the can-do Olympic Spirit that is inside each of us, you will find that your potential is limitless.

How To Create a Results-Driven Team With Purpose, Focus and Balanced Leadership

The U.S. Team has always been a force to be reckoned with at the Olympic Games.  They have become a robust powerhouse because they have learned a clear understanding of developing strong communication, conflict resolution, trusty leaders, mutual compassion, cooperative goals and compelling buy-in.  These are the same skills that make a powerful AND proud business entity.

It is essential to figure out the ties and communication that will give everyone their greatest support and produce the strongest collective results. Just like employees in a business or organization, Nikki understands that an individual sport athlete sets personal goals but it takes everyone to help us succeed and the awards are won for the team. Let Nikki help your team:

  • Discover a unique way of leading and following so it becomes a collaborative effort with strong communication between departments
  • Gain the ability to identify with those whom you are responsible
  • Helping others to better understand your vision
  • Finding ways to bring out the best in those your work with
  • Understanding and melding diverse backgrounds and talents to produce a more creative solution
  • Build a great level of trust and understanding with coworkers
  • Create a path forward where everyone has buy-in
  • Learn to respect people’s differences and use them to your advantage
  • Identify other’s strengths and weaknesses to contribute to the group’s overall success
  • Learn how to give and receive constructive criticism

Nikki’s program highlights the need for personal goals and milestones in order to drive the success of an organization. Every individual on the team needs to feel and recognize their own strengths to help contribute to the team.  But there needs to be an understanding of how these individual components fit together to develop a powerful organization in which they want to take ownership.

Nikki will help you develop the skills to build a stronger group or company through trust, support and understanding in order to produce a team that is both productive and gratified.

When Turtles Fly – Secrets of Successful People Who Know – How to Stick Their Necks Out

Did you know you have better odds at winning the lottery than an Olympic medal?  To bring home one of those coveted medals—or achieve any great personal goal in life—you need a lot more than luck.  You need a game plan.

What if you could learn the secrets of success from an Olympian?  A Nobel Prize winner?  A Fortune 500 CEO?  Along with anecdotes from her own dramatic journey, Olympic gold medalist Nikki Stone has compiled a treasure trove of compelling stories to illustrate each step on the path to success.  She’s gathered humorous, heartwarming and hugely inspirational tales from some of today’s most brilliant business leaders, scientists, soldiers, inventors, philanthropists, musicians, athletes and entrepreneurs…a host of people whose very names epitomize achievement.  Winners such as:

Designer Tommy Hilfiger Prince Albert of Monaco
X-Games/Olympic Champ Shaun White Best-selling author Stephen Covey
Jazz musician Branford Marsalis Olympic skiing Star Lindsey Vonn
Special Olympic Chair Timothy Shriver Top venture capitalist Vinod Khosla
 NFL quarterback SteveYoung Celebrity chef Todd English
Perfect ‘10’ gymnast Nadia Comaneci  And many more…


Now an acclaimed motivational speaker and peak performance coach, author Nikki Stone helps people in all walks of life to overcome fears, failures and plateaus and realize their full potential.  In this step-by-step guide to success, she and her team of high achievers share their stories about reaching for dreams…and grasping them.  Learn their secrets, then dream big and fly…!

25% of the author’s net proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the American Cancer Society.


“Even after my many successful years in business and politics, I was still able to gain a great deal of inspiration and helpful advice from Nikki Stone and her incredible contributors.  Nikki’s work demonstrates why I was so thrilled to develop such a strong relationship with the Olympic movement.”

Mitt Romney, Business Executive, Presidential Candidate, Massachusetts Governor, and President of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee

“These inspirational stories and lessons will challenge readers to overcome their personal obstacles to success and encourage them to achieve their potential.  When Turtles Fly is a great read and one that I would recommend to old and young alike.”

Dick Marriott, Chairman, Host Hotels and Resorts


  • “Seeing all the people that wanted to take pictures with you after your speech is a testament to how powerful your presentation was! …You tapped into an inspiration I’ve never felt before.  As I told my friend following your talk, if that doesn’t inspire you, nothing will. I really needed to hear your message… You will not be soon forgotten!” ~ Google attendee


  • “You seriously have a gift to inspire others! You are definitely in the right business! …You are officially my favorite speaker I’ve ever heard!” ~ Google attendee


  • “All I can say is THANK YOU! I feel hopeful for the first time in 3 years!” ~ Google attendee


  • “You were by far the best speaker I have ever heard!  ~ Ingram Micro attendee


  • “I am always skeptical of speakers sharing stories or advice I can use, but you shared such useful information.  You obviously did your research.”     ~ Ingram Micro attendee


  • “Even with such an amazing event, you were still the highlight!” ~ Ingram Micro attendee


  • “I was impressed just meeting you at the reception, but then I was blown away after hearing you speak. You were definitely my favorite speaker”      ~ NRECA attendee


  • “PERFECT 10!!! You killed it! It covered every element and then some” ~ NRECA attendee


  • “It’s easy to see why everyone fell in love with your story, motivation, generosity, and character.  Your enthusiasm was contagious and your message was so powerful and moving. You were the highlight of our conference!” ~ Montana Credit Union attendee


  • “Nikki was absolutely amazing as a speaker at our event!!!! Phenomenal!!!! The Dubois breakfast preliminary number is $75,890.00! Largest [amount raised] to date!!!! I know that so much of that has to do with Nikki’s speech!!!!” ~ Dubois, Wyoming Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser event planner


  • “Nikki was amazing and our company was truly moved and inspired. An event to remember!”  ~ Werfen event organizer

“As March comes to a close, I think of spring and our great [conference] last May. And the first thing I recall is always you and your incredible presentation. WOW! I still can feel the aura of that room while you mesmerized us with your story.”

“You motivate me still, today. In this past month I’ve brought on two new clients, and have several more that I’m in discussions with. I took your advice and surmounted the obstacles by focusing on my strengths–even when I wasn’t sure if my strengths were still there.”

“And now, I’m celebrating my victories as I move forward. And each victory reminds me that even in the face of adversity, my strengths were always present. This allows me to put risk–and fear–in perspective. Then, I recall your declaration: ‘The brave do not live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all.’…and I know that I’m living again!”
Margie Simon, Principal, Simon & Associates Public Relations

“Nikki was an absolute pro. She related her personal experience to everyday challenges – how they hinder success and how they can be overcome. Not only did she motivate the audience, she also put things in perspective for them”.
Mike Treske, Sr. Vice President National Sales, John Hancock (quote listed in the John Hancock newsletter, The Hancock Hub

“ I loved hearing from you. I am a serious Olympics fan, so the theme caught my attention immediately. I really get caught up in the emotion and competition that comes from the games. I was very impressed by your speech and the way that you brought American Express and our Blue Box values into your talking points.”
Valerie Iorg, American Express

“By the time you were finished speaking, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. For those of us who organized the meeting, the speech was particularly impressive as you helped cement – for a rather cynical group – why O.C. Tanner [is pursuing this project]. I hope we can work together soon. I certainly have been telling everyone I come in contact with about you and your wonderful abilities.”
Adrian Gostick, Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications, O.C. Tanner Company

“Your moving story of dedication, commitment, and the will to triumph over adversity was extremely inspirational… Your willingness to share your Olympic gold medal with the group and get your picture taken with everyone was also most appreciated. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional, motivational, or friendly Olympian to work with and we were proud to have you as part of the Delta team.”
Kelly Sartin, Manager – Olympic Marketing, Delta

“The trials and tribulations you had to endure to reach your goals really made a profound affect on everyone. Your story really touched many people, as was evident from the tears, laughter and applause. Your message was eloquently stated and the ‘rungs’ (or essential attributes) of your ladder of success will surely be applied by all of us in the workplace and in life.”
Jaime Rupert, Vice President, Coltrin & Associates

“When we first discussed the Olympic theme and the possibility of finding an Olympian as our keynote for our annual event, I couldn’t have ever imagined how great it would turn out in the end. I have to commend you on your ability to connect your personal experience to our group and to tell your story of perseverance in the way that inspired us all. You did a fantastic job detailing your hurdles and relating them to the group in a way that they could apply to their own hurdles.”
Micha Stone, ACT Meeting Planner & Member Services Coordinator

“I appreciate your ability to take [our message] and incorporate it into a motivational Speech. The audience was enthralled with your Olympic story…”
Lynn Williams, Tour and Travel Manager, Park City Chamber of Commerce

“Your presentation captured the attention of teenagers across the Wasatch Front, which is no easy task! The goal for the school speaker tour was to motivate today’s youth to never stop reaching for their goals. Your presentation not only motivated the group to keep reaching for their goals, but also to take risks and try new things… Thank you for your professionalism and inspirational story. It was a pleasure and honor to work with you. We will be sure to contact you in the future for additional presentations.”
Nancy Gnos, Marketing Manager; Pepsi Bottling Group

“Not only were your remarks inspirational, they were so on target for our [audience]… I was so impressed with your ability to focus on your audience, to tell your story in a very diversified and motivational way that I have recommended you to several organizations for keynote addresses.”
Mona Given, CFO/ Public Relations; Huntsman World Senior Games

“Your story, your spirit, and your generosity were truly inspiring to us and our guests. Your story still sends chills down my spine”.
Brad Gerdeman, Director – Worldwide Marketing Communications, Delta

“We sincerely appreciate your easy cooperation and all your efforts in hosting the group, and in making their visit memorable. From our clients and tour guide: ‘The feedback was great! They loved the video and speech’, ‘…Nikki Stone received an A+ from the group…all were very positive’, ‘…they all paid rapt attention during the entire tour…’”
Amy Merkley, Account Executive and Kirsty Stephens, Program Manager, PGI – The Event and Communications Agency

”We heard so many positive comments about your remarks on overcoming obstacles and reaching goals. People commented in person as well as on our evaluation forms that you were their favorite presenter they listened to during the three-day event. So we thank you for making your remarks so meaningful…”
Kathy Riggs, USU extension Agent/ Leadermete co-chair, Utah State University Extension

“I was personally greatly inspired by your presentation … I will not soon forget the experience I had with you today! We are richer for having been with you… Thanks for enriching our lives.”
Neal L. Cox, Dean of Students, Southern Utah University

“The guests were very impressed with the time you spent with them and insight you gave them. It sure was great that you brought your medal and torch to give the guests an opportunity to be photographed with them. You certainly handle everything very professionally and have developed an inspiring message. It sounds like the future will hold some special opportunities for you.” Stan Smith, President, Stan Smith Events

“Your presentation was extremely well received and those in attendance felt it was a worthwhile addition to the conference. The book signing and photo session after your presentation made it that much more personable to the audience. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Daniel F. Vickers, CAE, Executive Director, The Podiatry Institute

“You brought to our meeting a new and previously inexperienced element which was very well received by our audience… Your presentation was captivating, exciting and stimulating as well as emotional… [I}t made 1998 seem as though it were only yesterday. What a motivating story to say the least. For our physicians and surgeons it helped us realize that almost any challenge which we face can indeed be overcome with conviction, perseverance, commitment and dedication. We will all DREAM BIGGER now!”
Gerard V. Yu, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S., Director of Program Development , Scientific Program Chair, The Podiatry Institue

“You truly were the highlight of our sales recognition trip… You captured the hearts of every single person in that room and I’m confident that you made each a stronger person… The feedback from my team was all ‘top box’. You’re dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm is unparalleled and you can definitely count on us calling on your services again in the future. Thanks for enriching our lives.”
Russ Garner, Fidelity Investments