Penelope Tzougros, Financial Planning, Author, Talk show host



Speaker:    Penelope Tzougros,
Financial Planning, Author, Talk show host

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  1. Penelope Tzougros, Financial Planning, Author, Talk show host

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  • Travels from:   Waltham, Massachussets
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  • Discounted Fees:  Under rare and special circumstances speakers may discount their fees at their discretion. i.e., booking multiple events with the same client.
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DR. PENELOPE TZOUGROS knows how important it is to ask good financial questions: The better the questions, the better the answers, and the better the results. With Penelope to lead the way, you’ll learn how to take charge of this critical financial process.   This approach of questions and choices is partly the result of Penelope’s many years as a professor in Boston and New York. When she changed careers, she joined Bay Financial Associates LLC, with which she is still affiliated, although she has established her own firm, Wealthy Choices® LLC.   In her spare time she loves to cook and many clients and seminar attendees have had the fun of feeding their minds and taste buds.

What is the financial planning process?   Her process is to interview you to learn about what is important to you, then analyze all the data collected—investments, anecdotes, benefits packages at work, business interests, family responsibilities, legacy concerns, insurances, art collections, worries, goals etc. The next step is to meet with you again and offer appropriate strategies to help you toward the future you want.

It is financial planning for those busy, creative people who want a plan tailored to fit them.   With the deftness of faxes, emails, phones, and travel, she has met with clients all over the United States. She is licensed in all 50 states.   Penelope offers seminars and financial planning through Wealthy Choices® LLC and Bay Financial Advisors, Inc. Both are Registered Investment Advisors formed to provide fee-based, independent, and comprehensive planning for business owners, professionals and artists.

 Estate and Financial Planning

Investments. Insurances
•Managing sudden wealth whether from inheritance, stock options, personal injury settlements or other sources
•Understanding the impact of long-term care on your portfolio
•Coordination of employee benefits and executive plans

Penelope offers seminars and financial planning for business owners, professionals and creative artists.

Areas of expertise include:

•Designing alternate scenarios for your future that clarify your options
• Building and protecting capital
•Tailoring a portfolio’s asset allocation for your changing needs
•Money—smart handling of income and estate taxes

•Meet your financial goals on time
•Evaluate if your current mix of mutual funds, stocks and insurance really serves your purposes
•Recognize and avoid the most common money management mistakes
• Benefit from the key principles that take the worry out of money decisions
•Turn financial embarrassment into dependable cash flow
•Determine how much to invest in—or borrow from—your 401(k) plan
•Create a realistic timetable for a comfortable retirement—or retiring early
•Move from scarcity to security and debt to independence
•Choose a financial consultant who best matches you and your goals