Ralph Peterson,Five Star Leadership teams long-term care industry

Ralph Peterson, long-term care


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  1. Ralph Peterson, Five Star Leadership teams long-term care industry

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Biography – Ralph Peterson, long-term care

Ralph Peterson is the owner and operator of Ralph Peterson, LLC, a management development company that specializes in helping mission driven organizations build Five-Star management teams within the long-term Care industry.
In addition to Ralph Peterson, LLC – Ralph is also a #1 Best-Selling Author, Internationally Syndicated Columnist, highly sought-after management development coach and public speaker.

Ralph is a board member of the National Speakers Association (NYC) and an active spokesman for Adult Basic Education programs.

Ralph began his management career hiring, promoting & training managers in one of the toughest fields there is: housekeeping. “To start with, no one wants to be a housekeeper” he says. “Out of all the housekeepers I have worked with maybe 10% of them see housekeeping as their career. The other 90% are doing it because they have too and the first job opportunity that comes their way, they’re gone. Sometimes you get a notice, most times you don’t…”

Peterson brings more than 20 years of experience into senior management, organizational development and human resources, all in one package. He has consulted to a wide variety of industries, large and small, always brings to the table a practical approach, sound advice and a great sense of humor.

Personal Story:

Uneducated, unskilled but unwilling to give up, Ralph Peterson dropped out of high school at the age of sixteen – with very little ability and even less ambition – after he was told he was a hands-on learner and destined for menial work.

Though Ralph tried everything from housekeeping to construction work, he always felt he could do better. After more than eight years bouncing around from one meaningless job to another, Ralph finally had enough. With the help of the Vermont Adult Basic Education program he earned his GED (General Education Diploma) and enrolled in Community College of Vermont.

Today Ralph has earned an associate degree in Liberal Arts from Community College of Vermont, a bachelor’s degree in U.S. History from Campbell University, a second bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Champlain College and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University.

He did all of this, without a high school diploma.

Topics – Ralph Peterson, long-term care

Congrats! Now Get Over Yourself.

Studies have shown that nursing facilities with a 4-Star rating or higher are managed by leadership teams that are better trained, proactive and have the right systems in place to fulfill their mission.

Developing a Five-Star Leadership Team is the key to achieving the goals of your long-term care community both in terms of quality care and top-notch service.
Whether it’s your first time stepping into a leadership role or you’re a seasoned professional, this seminar will introduce a variety of leadership tools and strategies for building your team and ensuring the health and well-being of those you serve.


  • Learn the Five Rules of Leadership
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • The importance of storytelling in Leadership
  • How to set clear, actionable expectations
  • How to get buy-in vs. acceptance
  • How to develop a cohesive team
  • How to promote Super-Worker to Super-Visor

Managing When No One Wants To Work

How do you find, hire, train and motivate staff to come into work every day in a field that no one wants to work in, while ensuring the quality of that work meets the exceeding demands of your department? Become a highly effective role model and influential leader. Effective leadership and management skills begin and end with the way in which the manager conducts him or herself on a consistent basis.

This program will teach you how to lead your team by effectively emulating the behaviors that you desire, how serving your team can lead to greater results and less turmoil, how to conduct meaningful training sessions that will give your staff the time, tools and training to perform each job, how to create a work environment that fosters personal growth and responsibility and how to overcome the essential question of, “Why would anyone want to work for YOU, in a field that no one wants to work in, regardless of the industry you work in.”

Overcoming Your History

“I remember the first time I heard the word “Alcoholic.” I was seven years old and my mom was screaming it at my dad. “The last time I heard the word, I was being escorted back to my hotel room after falling into a pool, while on vacation in the Bahamas. I had been drinking all day and could barely stand. “I think he’s an alcoholic,” I heard someone say. It was my forty-second birthday.”

In “Overcoming Your History” Ralph Peterson shares what it was like growing up in an environment where quitting, over-eating, and abusing drugs and alcohol was the norm. It was an environment that he swore he would never emulate. Fast forward 35 years and Ralph woke up fat, drunk, alone, miserable and worst of all, possessing all the thoughts, beliefs and actions that he swore he wouldn’t.

Today, Ralph – a high school drop out – has four college degrees. He has written two books, is an Internationally Syndicated Columnist, and owns a successful management consulting firm. He has learned how to take control of his life, losing more than 150lbs (without surgery, or a magic pill), he has completed more than 40 marathons, and he is sober.


Overcoming Your History, is an inspirational story about triumph. It is about overcoming the “…way I was raised…” mentality and changing your life. Ralph is a brilliant story teller that uses humor, and real life examples to arm attendees with a renewed sense of purpose as well as practical tips and strategies that will enable them to see, understand and overcome any obstacle they may be facing. Weight Loss, depression, alcoholism, working at a job you hate, or spending your time with people that are no good for you. This keynote is for everyone who struggles and dreams of one day having, seeing and doing more.

Managing in the Millennium

Experts suggest that by 2020 the millennial generation (1980-2001) will make up over 50% of our workplace and 75% of the global workforce by 2030. It is imperative that today’s organizations discover new ways to excite and engage this generation, without abandoning the other predominate generations in the workforce (Gen X & Baby Boomers).

In this seminar, attendees will learn how to effectively communicate and lead in a multi-generational environment.

Testimonials – long-term care

“Ralph is an enthusiastic, funny, and dynamic presenter. He fills the room with energy and he is obviously passionate about his topics. I would highly recommend his presentation on Generational Differences related to managing in the 21st Century. His presentation is much more interesting than other generational speakers because he frames the generations’ varying experiences within historical contexts and thus makes understanding their motivations insightful and useful. I highly recommend him as a speaker.”
Cecilia Sepp President & CEO The American College of Healthcare Administrators

“Ralph is a wonderful story teller, and provided some great strategies to help our members more creatively and effectively recruit new staff.”
Carolyn Blanks, Executive Director, Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation

“Ralph Peterson is an energetic speaker who can capture the attention of an audience. His topics are relevant to all departments and across industries. LeadingAge RI highly recommends having Ralph as a speaker at your next event.”

Ralph energetically guided my team to our first AHCA Bronze Award. His passion and enthusiasm for what he does, deep understanding of this process, and genuine commitment to quality care makes working with him both enjoyable and successful. We are looking forward to moving on to Silver with Ralph by our side. “  Aymsley M. Executive Director, Alliance Health at Braintree

“I recently attended a Bronze Quality Award seminar led by Ralph where he exhibited vast knowledge of the review process, examples of what is appealing to a reviewer and suggested verbiage to avoid. Ralph positively connected with each participant which allowed participants to maintain engagement in active thought process throughout the entire day. Attend a program led by Ralph and you will leave with material beneficial to you and/or your community.”
Jeffrey Lacroix, Nursing Home Administrator at Catholic Charities New Hampshire