Dean Lindsay, Customer Service, Leadership, sales

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  1.  Customer Service, Leadership, sales      
  2. Dean Lindsay, Prospecting, Business Networking, Customer Service.
  3. Change Management & PROGRESS Leadership™.
  4. The Customer Experience & Customer Service, Sales Leadership & Success.
  5. Goal Setting, Teamwork & Employee Engagement

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Biography – Dean Lindsay, Customer Service, Leadership

Dean Lindsay, Customer Service, Leadership, sales
Special Award and Recognition

Global Gurus’ 2023 list of the World’s Top 30 Sales Speakers have honored Dean with being in the Top 30 World’s Gurus.

Here’s how Global Gurus chose to describe Dean Lindsay in the 2023 ranking…

With over seventeen years’ experience helping build PROGRESS-Based Sales and Customer Service Cultures, Dean Lindsay is hailed as an ‘Outstanding Thought Leader on ‘Building Priceless Business Relationships’ by Sales and Marketing Association International as well as a ‘Sales-and-Networking Guru’ by the Dallas Business Journal.  

His books, THE PROGRESS CHALLENGE and CRACKING THE NETWORKING CODE: 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into Chinese, Hindi, Polish, Korean, Spanish and Greek.  His latest, “Big PHAT Goals,” teaches step-by-step instruction for personal and team achievement in a fun and easily implemented structure to help jump start success and engage employees in a high-energy method for reaching true team results.  

Dean’s thoughts on business development through PROGRESS-based sales and customer service have been endorsed by a who’s who of international business thought leaders including Ken Blanchard, author of THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER, Bryan Tracy, author of THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SELLING and the legendary Father of GUERRILLA MARKETING, Jay Conrad Levinson. Mr. Levinson thought so much of Dean’s thoughts on building priceless business relationships, that he wrote the foreword to CRACKING THE NETWORKING CODE.  

Dean has been a featured contributor to Sales and Service Excellence, Training Magazine Europe, Executive Travel, LabX Media, Networking Times and the American Management Association’s Moving Ahead magazine as well as audio magazine Selling Power Live hosted by Jeffrey Gitomer, author of THE SALES BIBLE. Dean is a cum laude graduate of the University of North Texas and has served as Guest Lecturer to UCLA and University of Dallas MBA programs as well as the International Call Management Institute.

Dean Lindsay Author of:

  PROGRESS LEADERSHIP: Say NO to Change Management

    WINNER of the Business Class News Editors’ Choice Award for BOOK OF THE YEAR   

     – “Important and timely book” – Forbes

     – “A great book arriving at the perfect time.” –  Julie Weber, Vice President & Chief People Officer, Southwest Airlines 

     – “If you would rather be leading progress instead of managing change, read this book!” – Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager®

How to Achieve Big PHAT Goals

     – Recommended as one of the ’15 Best Goal Setting Books to Read’ by Positive Psychology. com

Dean Lindsay is a powerful keynote speaker with a humorous and engaging approach. He has been hailed as an ‘Outstanding Thought Leader on Building Priceless Business Relationships’ by Sales and Marketing Executives International as well as:

‘The Dean of Sales and Service’ by Business Class News
‘America’s Progress Agent’ by The Strategic HR Forum
• a ‘Sales and Networking Guru’ by the Dallas Business Journal and
• an ‘Outstanding Speaker’ by the International Association of Speakers Bureaus.

Dean is an expert and award-winning author on INFLUENCE, CONNECTION & GOAL COMMITMENT. Dean helps committed organizations create connected & influential work cultures focused on:

• Enhancing Customer Experiences!
• Building Priceless Business Relationships!
• Working and Winning in a World of Change!


His books, including INFLUENCE & CONNECTION, HOW TO ACHIEVE BIG PHAT GOALS (WINNER OF THE 2018 BUSINESS CLASS NEWS EDITORS’ AWARD FOR BOOK OF THE YEAR), THE PROGRESS CHALLENGE: Working and Winning in a World of Change, and CRACKING THE NETWORKING CODE have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into Chinese, Hindi, Polish, Korean, Spanish and Greek.


Dean’ national and international clients include: United States Patent and Trademark Office, American Airlines, Texas A&M, New York Life, Aramark Canada, Precision Tune Auto Care, House of Blues, Pacific Life & Annuity, Haberfeld Associates, Marriott, Heinz, Hilton, American Express, Western Union, Verizon, Amway, Nestle, Gold’s Gym, FASTSIGNS, Bell Partners, EKOS (Ecuador), ConocoPhillips, Hagger Clothing, and the United States Peace Corp.

He has had the privilege of sharing his profitable insights on Progress, Influence and Connection from stages across the globe including: Spain, Turkey, Poland, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, Sweden and the islands of Aruba and Jamaica.

Dean is a cum laude graduate of the University of North Texas and has served as Guest Lecturer to UCLA and University of Dallas MBA programs as well as the International Call Management Institute.

Dean has been a featured contributor to Sales and Service Excellence, CEO World Magazine, The Smart Manager (India), Training Magazine Europe, Executive Travel, LabX Media, Networking Times and the American Management Association’s Moving Ahead magazine as well as numerous podcasts and the audio magazine Selling Power Live. His business views have also been featured on the Voice of America radio as well as the Dallas Morning News and

Dean’s writings on creating authentic business development by building and strengthening PROGRESS-based Work Cultures and Sales & Service teams has been endorsed by a who’s who of international business thought leaders including Michael Port (author of BOOK YOURSELF SOLID), Ken Blanchard (author of THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER, Bryan Tracy, author of THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SELLING and the legendary Father of GUERRILLA MARKETING, Jay Conrad Levinson who calls Dean ‘a Master of Progress.’

Some other stuff… Dean is an award-winning songwriter, a marathon runner, a founding member of the Texas Shakespeare Festival, and an alumni of Up With People, the legendary international organization that bridges cultural barriers and creates global understanding through service and a rocking musical show (Dean’s cast was the first to perform in the Soviet Union). Dean is also a proud member of the Undefeated 1984 4-A Texas State Championship Football Team, the Fighting Denison Yellow Jackets.

A couple bits of trivia: Way back In the mid 90’s,
• Dean served as On-Set Acting Coach to Grammy Award Winner LeAnn Rimes on both a Hallmark Movie of the Week and on the soap opera Days of Our Lives and
• Dean was cast as one of the ‘Bad Guys’ in the Warner Brothers’ blockbuster TWISTER (Dean urges you to not look to hard for him in the film however, sharing that ‘the flying cow ended up with a big part than I did.”).

Topics Dean Lindsay, Customer Service, Sales

Prospecting / Business Networking
– Cracking the CONNECTION CODE: Mastering the 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships

To be successful in today’s world, we need great business relationships. We meet people all the time. They are everywhere. Meeting people may be necessary in successful networking, but it is not the only step. There is a big difference between meeting someone and building a priceless business relationship with them. There is a big difference between Met and Net!!
How do you make powerful connections?
How do you build a powerful personal network?

These are important questions to consider because, to a large degree, who we know and associate with determines who we become in life. The most successful, well-rounded and happy people are most often the ones who are best connected to other successful, well-rounded and happy people. When these people need support or information, they know the right people to call. Building solid relationships with other professionals in your field is also a crucial part of a successful sales career as well as working as a cohesive pro-active team. For many professionals, successful networking is something of an enigma because the skills needed to network successfully are simple to understand but not necessarily easy to consistently implement.
Making Connections is a creative process. We are creating ways to serve and to help people progress. We progress as we help others progress.

Making Connections is an art as well as a skill. Take the time to develop the art of networking.

Cracking the Connection CODE: Mastering the Four Steps to Priceless Business Relationships
C – Create Strong Belief in Self and Services
O – Open Face-to-Face Relationships
D – Deliver Solid First Impressions
E – Earn Trust

Change Management & PROGRESS Leadership™
– The Key is to Focus on PROGRESS Leadership™ rather than Change Management!!

Dean Lindsay motivational Quote
Dean Lindsay motivational Quote

Change happens. We can’t avoid change.

  • Organizational Cutbacks
  • New technologies are created.
  • Markets bear and bull.
  • Companies merge.
  • Global economic shifts
  • Reorganizations.
    We are always in some form of transition, always arriving at some new place and dealing with new rollouts, new ideas, new everything. Our organizations and our lives are always changing, but they are not always progressing. It is natural for employees and team members to resist what is view as change. However, each of us embrace what we view as progress. A serious challenge for companies large and small is to lead progress, and not just manage change.
    Change is inevitable. Progress is a choice.

The Customer Experience & Customer Service Dean Lindsay, Customer Service, Leadership, sales

– One Happy Customer!: Keys to Making & Keeping Happy Customers… One at a Time!! – Dean’s brand new program for 2018!

Want to job security? Serve customers (internal & external).
Want less stress? Provide commendable customer service.
Want your 401(K) to grow? Serve, earn customer loyalty.
Worried about downsizing? Serve customers.

Dean Lindsay Progress is service
Dean Lindsay Progress is service

Want your company to be more profitable? Ditto.
Want to have more fun at work? Serve those bosses, I mean customers, I mean bosses.
Want more money for advertising? Help, serve, and be progress for customers.
Want to diminish the need for advertising? Serve!
Want job satisfaction? Serve!
Want your customers to feel peace of mind? Serve!
Want the peace of mind that comes with your customers feeling peace of mind? Yep, SERVE!!
Do you want the peace of mind that comes with customer loyalty? You guessed it…Serve Those Customers!

In tough economic times, Customer service IS the difference between success and failure. But always remember, If we want our external customer service to be first rate, our internal customer service must be first rate first.

The need is undeniable, the concepts are easy to understand, proactive, caring, knowledgeable customer service is far too often not happening. It helps to widen our perspective as to what a customer is.

Anyone affected, positively or negatively, by the work we do (including our families and ourselves) can be thought of as our “customer.” Within this wider perspective, we see that real service is based on integrity, care, and sincerity, none of which can be measured with money. Nor can it be automated, no matter how soft-spoken and attractive the audio-animatronic voice may be.

Unfortunately, it seems that when an organization labels some of its professionals as customer-service reps or customer advocates, the rest of the organization assumes they are let off of the “customer care” hook. Not true.

We are ALL in the customer-service business. There is no other business. In fact, there is NO business without the customer.

Every member of our organization is a “customer-service representative,” no matter what their title or job description may be. We are all working for the man (or woman), and that person’s name is customer (or client, or guest, or partner, or stockholder, or employee, or team member).
Customers are not dependent on us; we are dependent on them. But don’t get me wrong! An attitude of service is not one of servitude. It is an attitude of goodwill and good-willingness, a willingness to help others progress.
A thorough definition of customer service is full of intangibles, and it is those intangibles that make or break a business. In today’s competitive marketplace, service is the most important thing a company has to offer.

Progress in service leads to progress in sales.

Dean’s innovative Customer Service Programs:

One Happy Customer!: Keys to Making and Keeping One Happy Customer at a Time!!
Celebrating Service Excellence : Featuring Dean’s CARE Model for Service Excellence)
Cherishing Customers: Customers are Revenue, Referals, and Reality!

Encourages participants to internalize three powerful insights about customers and introduces them to unique and powerful models for inspiring true customer loyalty. In Dean’s Customer Service keynotes and corporate training program, participants receive professional customer service insight that helps committed customer service professionals:

  • Create Customer Advocates by Genuinely Relating to Concerns and Wildly Exceeding Expectations
  • Enhance Awareness of Importance of Responding to Customers Quickly and Effectively
  • Implement strategies inspire amazing customer loyalty that lead to Positive Long Term Customer Relationships
  • Develop understanding of Personal Responsibility in in responding to customer needs
  • Examine the Behavior and DESIRES of dissatisfied customers
  • Help Customers to Know You are on THEIR Side
  • Implement various strategies to address customer concerns based on style needs
  • Understand the Need for “putting on the customer’s shoes”
  • View customer feedback (complaints) as the most inexpensive, available and useful forms of customer market data
  • Understand the Power of the Customer by Internalizing Three Power Truths about Customers.

All Dean Lindsay’s Customer Service Programs feature his signature ForWORDS & BackWORDS: Words and phrases that MOVE Business Communication.

Note: The concepts in Dean’s Customer Service Programs are shared in a fast paced engaging customer service keynotes and in webinars, video conferencing, and tele-seminars. Dean offers Professional Customer Service Training in an upbeat proactive environment

Sales Leadership & Success
– Be a BAM!!!: Keys to Becoming a Business Attraction Magnet

The business of sales is the business of ATTRACTION. We are attracted to products, services, ideas, and people that we trust can help us progress. Everyone profits when sales professionals focus on being progress, and being progress turns sales professionals into Business Attraction Magnets.

The days of the “Surefire Closing Statement” and the “Glad-handing Slick Salesman” are thankfully long gone. Today it is imperative for Sales Professionals to truly get to know their prospects and help prospects get to know them. Selling is therefore a state of mind more than a series of steps. It is a dance, a buzz, a willingness to be involved, to connect, to attract. Those of us who make our careers selling are, by and large, outgoing, caring, and driven. We want to help others progress. We believe we can make a difference, that we can help. Being progress puts wind in our sails and in our sales.

Becoming a Business Attraction Magnet is about TRUST.
The customer has a need, or a step they desire to take. They must trust we can meet that need and help them take that step. Customers and prospects need to trust our belief in ourselves, in our companies, and in our products and services.

The great Dottie Walters, one of the founders of the National Speakers Association, shared with me many years ago that the word sales comes from the Scandinavian root word meaning to serve. Soak that in…to serve.

If we just made that little shift in our own thinking about that word sales, think of how many more people we could serve with our products, services, ideas, and contacts. (Not to mention our smiles and solid listening skills.)
To sell is to serve. To serve is to Be Progress.

Keys to Being a Business Attraction Magnet include:

  • Becoming Buzz-worthy
  • Asking Progress-Based, Open-Ended Questions
  • Listening as if your lifestyle depended on it… It Does!
  • Respecting Time and Structure
  • Building Priceless Business Relationships by Cracking the Networking CODE
  • Practicing Empathy
  • Focusing on Value and Cost, Not Price


Goal Setting
– How to Achieve Big PHAT Goals™

The word MOTIVATION can be broken down into two root words: Motive & Action.

Motive: an inner drive that prompts a person to act in a certain way. Motive is the goal or object of one’s action. Other words for motive include reasons, purpose, intention.
Action: the doing of something. Examples of actions include: Do, rent, read, act, try, sign up, show up, eat, move.
Motivation, therefore, is: the inner drive to do, to try, motivation is the internal reasons to act.
It is not a goal that motivates us, but our internalized reasons behind the goal that propel us to action.
Simply put: Internalized Reasons Create Movement.

Dean Lindsay’s Popular Goal Commitment and Achievement Program Titles include:

  • Have a Big PHAT Year! for Year, Season & Semester Kickoff Events
  • How to Achieve Big PHAT Goals ®
  • How to Achieve Big PHAT (Sales, Team, Safety) Goals ®

Teamwork & Employee Engagement
Teaming Up for Big PHAT Progress
– The Progress Challenge: Working and Wining in a World of Change
– Leaders… Engage!! Mastering the Keys to Generational Teamwork and True Employee Engagement
– How to Achieve Big PHAT Team Goals

Organizations are only as strong as their team members’ personal goals and the team members’ belief that the organization’s progress helps them progress toward those goals.

Each of us has personal goals. The organizations we team up with – work for – have organizational goals. This is not a problem. This is actually great news.
One of the most effective ways to progress toward our personal goals is by teaming up with organizations to achieve organizational goals.

We work / team up with a company or organization because we believe that by accomplishing team goals, we take steps closer to our personal goals. If we didn’t believe that way, we wouldn’t – or at least shouldn’t – work there and probably won’t work there for long. This is especially true for millennials.

True, the relationship between employee and employer is sometimes one of conflict, with a worker doing a particular job because they need the money and don’t think they can get anything better elsewhere. But at every level, everyone works to personally progress. Even the CEO is there because she believes that by partnering with the company, she takes solid steps toward her own personal goals.

True goal alignment strengthens teamwork and secures employee engagement!!



“Dean hit the stage with incredible energy and captured our audience’s attention and imagination throughout his “Optimism is an Asset” presentation. Stress management is a very real issue for our members who absolutely loved the message. I heard so many comments of how Dean’s presentation made them think about their work and their attitude in a very new context – one that THEY can control. Thanks for knocking it out of the park!”
– Janel Stewart, Association Manager, Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association

“We recently hired Dean Lindsay for a second time to keynote our annual client conference. He, once again, did an incredible job! Dean was engaging and energetic. He provided meaningful and practical solutions for our attendees to implement immediately. It is a pleasure to work with Dean!” – Sean C. Payant, Ph.D., Chief Consulting Officer, Haberfeld

“Hey Dean. I was at the Haberfeld conference in Tampa, Florida, and I really enjoyed your speech dealing with customer service. Coming back home to my small town, it makes me realize how important it is to show up everyday with the same attitude to help not only my customers but employees. Thank you and keep up the great work.” – Josh Pirtle, Branch Manager, First Community Bank of the Heartland

“Dean was a great fit for our global team meeting because his message about Progress Leadership was perfect for our company at this time. We are in the process of merging two companies together and we needed inspiration and attitude to make the needed progress quickly. Dean message was timely, energizing and funny but most importantly right on point.” – Doug Oathout, SVP. Marketing & Strategy Global Solutions Integrator, Black Box Corporation

“Everyone who has ever been to a conference knows that keynote speakers can be very hit or miss. Some are entertaining but lack substance and others are so boring that no matter how good the material is you are praying someone pulls a fire alarm. Dean Lindsay perfectly blends his high energy and wonderful sense of humor with real, actionable steps to help your team become progress leaders instead of change managers.” – Glenn Loughridge, President of National Association of College Auxiliary Services South 19/20

“Dean Lindsay was the perfect choice to keynote the Meineke Dealers Association Convention. His combination of contagious wit and sales and service insights inspired us to face the challenge of improving our operations, while providing us the template to make it happen.” – Chris Schmitz, President Meineke Dealers Association

“We recently had the opportunity to have Dean come speak at a Global Service Meeting. We appreciated the fact that Dean took the time to talk us about the event and customize his presentation to focus his vast experience on our goals. The feedback from the attendees was OUTSTANDING! Dean was humorous, energetic, and very relatable – everyone walked out re-energized too!! We would highly recommend Dean for any event and plan to have him back soon.” – Greg Pressly, Vice President of Customer Operations, MetroPCS

Customer Service Speaker Training Program Dallas
“On behalf of the ConocoPhillip’s Service Excellence Team and our Leadership Team, I would like to thank you for the outstanding programs you presented to our Customer Service groups. The content of your presentation was dynamic and left a strong message – Be Progress! Our team has received many compliments on our choice of facilitator and how the concepts you presented weaved directly into our mission of Customer Service Excellence.” – Liz Clinton, ConocoPhillips, Service Excellence Team, Co-Chairman

“Dean brings a great sense of how to connect quickly with people through impactful and fun stories. If your goal is to give your franchisees tools to drive sales and support it with service initiatives through a fun and energized session, I highly recommend Dean.”– Jim Snow, President, Gold’s Gym International

“Thank you Dean, your customer service programs reinforced awareness within the support teams for our customers today, as well as our customers of tomorrow. We really appreciated how you helped generating ideas and methods which supported the increased efficiency in between the engineering groups as well as the team building strategies that you invoked for the different groups and ties of support. Days following the programs we repeatedly heard how helpful the seminars were for each group of engineers, in addition how it helped us better understand the challenges and provide better customer service.” – Reine Erlksson, Customer Service Operations Global Services North America, Ericsson

Dean of Sales and Service Lindsay Big phat goals influence connection Dalllas Texas keynote speaker prospecting business networking training
“Dean Lindsay is the DEAN of Sales and Service.” – Business Class News

“Dean Lindsay definitely met our expectations! His program included a great deal of valuable information on building priceless business relationships, delivered with wit and insight. His style was interactive, humorous, engaging, and thorough. We hope to welcome him back again in the future.” – Nancy Carter, Executive Director, Sales & Marketing Executives of Greater Baton Rouge

Customer Service Training Program Testimonial
“Dean was TERRIFIC!! He did a lot of homework on World Kitchen and started his presentation by impressively naming off all of the brands we carry! Heck, some days I can’t even do that! He made a real connection with my troops and gave us some great philosophy and tips for our busy season on both Customer Service and Phone Sales. He was a great kick-off to our extended hours busy season and I give Dean an A+ for his presentation.” – Geri Barton, Director of Customer Service, World Kitchen LLC (The World Kitchen Brands are Baker’s Secret, Chicago Cutlery, Corelle, Corningware, EKCO, Magnalite, OLFA, Pyrex, Revere, Vision)

“We hired Dean Lindsay to speak to our group about great customer service, but he did more…he SHOWED us exceptional service. Dean spent countless hours understanding our business, our customers and our service mantra. He quickly became a part of our team and was able to communicate our vision to employees around the world. Our company hired a trainer/speaker but got a life-long business partner and resource for our team!” – David Webster, CEO, Electrical Components International

“Dean Lindsay is an outstanding thought leader on the subject of developing priceless business relationships.” – Willis Turner, President, Sales and Marketing Executives International

“We had Dean speak at our international Business Partner Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Dean delivered a very energetic, dynamic and humorous motivational speech for our international Group of reselling partners, focusing on change and progress. I can highly recommend him.” – Sofia Löfblad, Marketing Director at Handheld GroupAB

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Dean created a customized customer service program for the Louisiana Tourism Promotion Association called “SEND Them Packing”.
The program went over extremely well and received this video testimonial from the Lt. Governor’s Tourism Summit