Wayne Lee, Hypnosis, Performance, Stress


Speaker:  Wayne Lee, Hypnosis, Performance, Stress

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  1. Wayne Lee, Hypnosis, Performance, Stress

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Motivation, Performance, Stress


Wayne Lee is a Peak Performance Expert, Hall of Fame Speaker, and Award-Winning Entertainer who values the magic and unlimited potential that we all have within us. As a five-time Canadian amateur wrestling champion and a former classroom school teacher, Wayne brings his unique perspective to your organization on the mindset that is needed for your team
to deal with change, take more risks, and bring their full creative selves to work and their personal lives.

For over 20 years, Wayne has helped audiences realize that self-limiting beliefs in their subconscious mind keep them from bringing their fullest potential to work. His Peak Performance keynote and Live the Laughter hypnosis show combine insights from decades of research with humor and live interaction to help your people discover the power of “The Peak Performance Mindset”.

Wayne’s own journey to excellence has been fueled by an unrelenting passion for empowering people. From a childhood fascination with magic and overcoming a serious neck injury through visualization, Wayne’s gift and passion for seeing potential and acting upon it have allowed him to grow his career and speak to audiences worldwide

Wayne has helped over 6,000 audiences experience a real-time transformation from self-limiting beliefs and fear towards positivity,
alignment, and peak performance. His ability to combine the roles of teacher, guide, and entertainer has earned him the appreciation of meeting professionals, several of whom book him repeatedly.

Today he works with leading brands to guide their leaders and teams through stressful, constantly changing and fast-paced environment that is now commonplace. Wayne shows each audience how to reconnect with what
matters most so they can achieve any result, all while enjoying the ride of their life.

When Wayne is not on the road speaking, he spends his time at home in Edmonton, Canada with his wife, 2 young children, and their Goldendoodle Shazam.


The TRANCE-FORM To Perform Keynote

Reset Your Subconscious To Kickstart Sustainable Performance

Available In-Person or Virtually
A 60-90 minute highly interactive experience

This thought-provoking and wildly entertaining experience will leave your audience speechless and inspired to put the simple, proven principles that top performers use into practice in their own lives to become unstoppable.  This presentation is the ideal way to kick off or close your event and have your attendees talking about it for years to come.



This keynote is ideal for leaders and teams who are:

  • Struggling to perform at their full potential and hit their targets
  • Stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out by constant change and uncertainty
  • Disengaged at work and/or stuck in survival mode



Your audience will leave with:

  • An understanding of why most people aren’t achieving their goals and how to fix this
  • The 3 words to take out of their vocabulary that are stopping them from consistently following through
  • A 6-minute mind technology exercise that will accelerate the achievement of any personal or professional goal

“A Perfect Balance of Talent & Teaching.”
Darrell Johnston, Regional Vice President, Eastern Canada, Compass Group Canada


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