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Travels From: Virginia
Fee Range: $10,000 – $20,000*


Andrew Bennett is a former corporate executive with a Fortune 100 company who started his career as H. Ross Perot’s personal assistant. Eight years later he led a $65 million business in Australia.

He has over two decades experience as a global leadership and organizational culture consultant and executive coach working with clients all over the world including Fortune 100 companies like Ford Motor Company, Marriott, GE Healthcare, and organizations of all sizes, public and private, including government, education, health care and non-profit. Andrew has been involved in nearly 40 major organizational transformations with these clients over the last 20 years.

A magician for 45 years, Andrew is a Member of The Magic Circle, the oldest and most prestigious society of magicians in the world. Members include David Copperfield, David Blaine, Johnny Carson, and Cary Grant.

Thriving despite decades of tragic losses he uses his unique experience and strengths, to teach others to overcome adversity and create positive changes in their lives.

Put it all together and you get The Magic of Andrew Bennett – not just a speaker, not just a businessperson, not just a magician – he’s a magical presence.

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We all yearn to create something – a great organization or team, a strong family, a book, a new product or innovation, a service. To do that, to be a creative force, you need to understand…

  • A few core magic principles
  • The illusions that get in your way

This is what The Magic of Andrew Bennett is all about.

Through a mix of powerful stories, humor and magic, Andrew Bennett inspires individuals and organizations to be a creative force.

Andrew shows you how to make magic – how to make what you want appear, what you don’t disappear, and how to transform what gets in the way.


Andrew worked in a major corporation. He’s worked with organizations all over the world. He knows how to take the purpose, objectives, and theme of your event and use his presentation to make your message clear and compelling.

  • Kickoff presentation – get your day off to an inspiring, entertaining start that can shape the tone for your event
  • Mid-day energizer – laugh, learn and be amazed to get re-energized after lunch
  • Closing presentation – sum up your event with an inspiring closing that can tie together your theme


The Magic of Andrew Bennett is not a magic show. It’s an inspirational, entertaining experience built around a set of principles for creating things in your life. Andrew’s workshops show participants how to use the principles and gives them the opportunity to actually work with them to begin creating results immediately.

Combining a group presentation with a workshop is powerful. Begin with an entertaining overview, then let people dig in and apply what they’ve learned.


Andrew works with leadership teams who want their organizations to become a creative force.


Work one-on-one with Andrew to become a creative force in your own life. Andrew is particularly recognized for his work in helping people tap into their own authenticity.

Transformational Leadership: Six Creative Powers.

Every person is a powerhouse of potential just waiting to be unlocked. Is your organization a place of realized potential, where people can be the best they can be? The ability of an organization to thrive flows from its leaders. Leaders create the conditions for people to access their potential. Leaders are architects of culture. To create the conditions that enable people to thrive, as a leader there’s nothing more powerful than the way you think, manage your feelings, and connect with your inner source of positive spirit. Mastering these abilities builds the foundation for a culture of realized potential. Leaders who transform their own hearts and minds can then engage the hearts and minds of employees. Leaders who work to understand the beliefs and assumptions that affect their thinking, and do so transparently, enable employees to think in positive, productive and creative ways. Leaders who courageously confront their limitations and cultivate hope create a culture of possibility and resilience. These “Transformational Leaders” create the conditions for trust, creativity, innovation, collaboration, and change.

This presentation enables participants to access their deepest source of leadership strength through a unique blend of presentation, storytelling and magic effects. The magic provides powerful metaphors and introduces the Transformation FrameworkÓ that enables leadership capabilities to emerge with greater ease and speed than other methods. The Framework demonstrates the interconnection between magic, leadership, and business performance.

Participants will learn…
•The critical need to cultivate hope and inspiration.
•The power of words and language.
•The importance of self-reflection.
•How unconscious beliefs and assumptions may be creating limitations.
•The importance of allies in developing our inner strength.
•The power of courage and authenticity
•How to develop leadership mastery.

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