Andrew Bennett, Organizational Culture, Restorative Mindset


Speaker:      Andrew Bennett,

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  1. Andrew Bennett
    Founder and President, Bennett Performance Group, Keynote Speaker, 2x TEDx Presenter, Workshop Leader, Coach, University Professor, Magician

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Andrew Bennett Expert at Building Inspiring Organizations


  1. Grew a business from $5M to $65M in two years.­
  2. Led 39 culture revitalization projects.­
  3. World-class magician.

A unique mix of business and life experiences has given Andrew valuable insight and compassion, enabling him to facilitate profound transformation in people and companies.

Andrew spent ten years at former U.S. presidential candidate H. Ross Perot’s company EDS, where he held a variety of management positions, culminating in growing an account from $5 million to $65 million in Australia in only two years.

For 25 years, he has been a leadership and organizational culture consultant and executive coach partnering with leaders building cultures where people can thrive. Andrew has been involved in nearly 40 major culture revitalization projects. He is recognized for taking the time to really understand his client’s business, culture, and challenges. He is gifted at building trust and credibility at all levels of an organization. This allows him to get to the root of issues to create customized solutions which have strong buy-in and lasting results.

For almost 50 years Andrew has been a magician and is a member of London’s Magic Circle, the highest honor in magic. Ross Perot encouraged Andrew to use magic in his business presentations, and he has been wowing audiences for the last 35 years. Magic is the art of transformation. Andrew uses it to teach people how to rethink possibilities and obstacles, opening the door to new ways of thinking and acting.

Andrew’s experience and results prove that the human mind and heart are sources of incredible power. He teaches managers and leaders how to create environments where innovation, resilience, and capacity for change thrive.


the restorative mindsettm

Manage Your Mind and Create a Life of Hope and Purpose

Life can be difficult. It’s hard not to get swept up into focusing on what’s wrong, but the true power in life comes from managing your mind. Using dazzling magic acts and gripping personal stories, Andrew shares The Restorative MindsetTM, a structure and process for taking your power back and creating the life you were meant to live.

This presentation is ideal for anyone who:

  • Longs to do more with their life but feels trapped or stuck, not knowing how to move forward
  • Feels unable to escape their negative emotions or situations, despite their well-intentioned efforts to make positive changes
  • Wants to restore their whole heart and move beyond the limitations and hurts that have held them back

The audience will leave with:

  • The motivation to ignite change within themselves first, so they can positively influence others
  • Awareness of how their internal reactions impact their performance and the performance and wellbeing of others
  • A three-part structure for creating an environment where people can thrive

the wholehearted workplace

A Cure for the Common Culture

Through incredible magic and a revolutionary message, Andrew will help your people craft a culture of shared growth, trust, and realized potential by increasing their self-awareness, managing their inner mind game, and actively encouraging each other to succeed.

This presentation is ideal for leaders and teams who:

  • Are tired of just surviving and want to create a culture where everyone thrives
  • Want to be part of a workplace where they can realize their full potential and help others realize theirs
  • Want to develop an atmosphere of trust and growth that honors the human spirit of everyone in the organization

The audience will leave with:

  • An awareness of the impact of their internal reactions on others so they can uplift the culture with every interaction
  • Practical steps for managing their internal and external reactions to fear triggers so they can achieve their full potential
  • A three-part framework for creating an environment that fosters growth, trust, and collaboration


  • Every keynote is tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. After meeting with key decision-makers and conducting research, I customize each presentation, so the information is useful, practical, and relevant for your audience.

Delivered With Excellence

  • Whether in-person or virtually, I deliver the highest quality experience possible, sharing life-changing stories that motivate audiences to start living life on purpose. I’ve developed many ways to challenge, surprise, and delight my audiences, so they’re engaged throughout our session.

Spark Change

  • A great speaker can inspire even the most jaded people. But lasting change doesn’t happen after one event. I follow up after every session with practical resources to help cultivate long-term transformation and keep the learning alive.


“Andrew received a standing ovation from our group which is a rarity, and it was crystal clear that he provided a message that was relevant and well-received.”
Chris Wigent, Executive Director, Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA)