Sherry Knight

Inspiration, Motivation, Personal Success, Change, Leadership, Service ManagementSherry Knight

Travels From: Regina, SK
Fee Range: $5000 +


Sherry is the President of Dimension 11 Ltd. based in Saskatchewan, Canada. She specializes in assisting individuals and companies in recognizing and developing their own potential and effectiveness to achieve results.

A self-motivated entrepreneur, with sound management experience, she has worked with and for the media and within one of the largest Canadian insurance companies. She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and has in-depth practical knowledge of human resources, training, public relations and customer service functions. Sherry is a dynamic speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association. She has made presentations and led seminars for such diverse groups as Federal Express, Chrysler Canada, Mary Kay Cosmetics, The Institute of Canadian Banks, and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

Worldwide, she has addressed International business, civic, and social groups on such topics as Time Management, Making Presentations, Communications, Professional Image, Meeting the Media, Success, Marketing, and Customer Service. Each presentation is tailored to suit the client’s objectives and to achieve measurable bottom line results.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Active in a variety of community and professional groups, Sherry has served on the boards of The United Way, Family Service Bureau, Canadian Public Relations Society, and Saskatchewan Training and Development Association. She is Past President of Junior Achievement, the Canadian Association of Management Consultants, and the Regina Chamber of Commerce. Sherry also sat on the Saskatchewan Labor Force Development Board and the University of Regina Senate.


The Fire Within – Personal Success

Being successful in your professional or personal life is a choice you make. This dynamic presentation highlights a positive attitude as the key to success. It will motivate you to make the changes you need to be successful in all you do.

Customer Values Management – Service Management

Eighty percent of unhappy customers take their business elsewhere because of poor service. This motivating presentation will explore customer expectations and how quality service keeps them coming back.

Overcoming Stinkin’ Thinkin’ – Motivation

Things going wrong? Having a bad day? Believe it or not, there are occasions when we are the source of our own problems. This session motivates you to examine your own self-talk and see how easy it is to turn your life, your work, and your relationships into positive, fulfilling experiences.

Handling Change— Stand Still And You Are Finished – Change

Change occurs around us at an ever increasing pace. The impact is positive or negative, never neutral. Examine the great contradiction of change; it is inevitable, but many people fight it. Learn how to make change work for you.

The Spirit Of The Geese – Leadership

Some people appear to be born leaders. Everyone can be a leader and yet some of us choose a different path. Get in the spirit and learn the secrets of the world’s highly inspirational leaders.


“Your approach is fresh, poignant, and extremely relevant not only to the young people who heard you but to all of us, who from time to time, need a refresher course in how we deal with others.”

Paul D. Hartung,
Junior Achievement of South Saskatchewan

“Thank you for the wonderful motivational speech you presented at our banquet. I have heard only good comments from our conference participants. The bag lady was a memorable character and even the hotel staff liked her after they knew she was not going to create problems (ha ha). I will not hesitate to recommend you if the opportunity presents itself.”

Cristina Ruiu,
Conference Social Organizer,
52nd Canadian Geotechnical Conference

Career Transition:

“For certain I do not believe for a second that I would have received this job with Canadian Airlines International if it had not been for your guidance. … All the sessions I had with you were extremely helpful as well as enjoyable. … You advised me in an understanding, patient, and straightforward manner. … After our sessions, I felt I was prepared for my interview. … Not only that, I feel confident that I can compete for whatever job is out there.”
Keiko Yagi,
Flight Attendant,
Canadian Airlines International

“I cherish your personal and professional guidance throughout a very turbulent time in my life. Losing a job is something one cannot relate to unless it has happened to them – it is something I sure don’t want to go through anytime soon. … Thank you for your friendship and assistance in leading me down a brand new fork in the road.”
Tania Mollison,
Former Outplacement Client


“The delegates ranked your session excellent in terms of speaker, content, format and overall value. Need I say more! The session was applicable to our membership and we hope to have you back in the near future.”
Randy Durovick,
Recreation Consultant,
Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc.

“A key element to the success was the hard work and wonderful attitude the volunteers exuded. People from across the country commented on the unprecedented hospitality they received. … The presentation you gave made the volunteers very aware of their role, and many reminded themselves of the elements of your presentation as we worked those long, long hours. … I would highly recommend this type of presentation for volunteers – it was a major factor in our success.”
M. Bernadette McIntyre,
1998 Scott Tournament of Hearts

“Your talk was most inspirational (the students particularly enjoyed your elephant story). It was indeed a pleasure to have someone so vibrant and dynamic as our keynote speaker.”
Jackie Churchill,
Executive Assistant,
University of Regina, Saskatchewan Centre for International Languages

“Great message. Great at making the group feel good about their achievements. Everyone thought you did your homework thoroughly and that your human touch of getting your point across through your life experiences really hit a positive note with your audience.”
Lionel Kambeitz,
President and CEO,

“If there is a scale for being “blown away”, what you did to me yesterday would have left the scale developers looking for a new set of numbers. I was impressed with the professional delivery, the ability to intertwine anecdotes into the presentation and the ability to hit people right where they were living.”
Dave Halstead,
Brain Power Learning Group

Customer Values Management:

“I wanted the staff to realize how important the customer is to the bottom line. You did that in a professional way! The feedback I get from staff is nothing short of fantastic. They use your advice over and over again in numerous situations. Your session has left a dramatic impact.”
Jack Shaw,
Acting General Manager,
Regina Exhibition Park

“You did an excellent job of really tailoring your presentation to our members and our industry. If someone is looking for an upbeat speaker and a real motivator, then you are the one…truly one of those speakers that “walk the talk” and you left everyone with that common sense approach to customer service that can be applied immediately. You can be sure of being invited back.”
Alice Russell,
Executive Officer,
Regina Home Builders’ Association

“Our objective was to get business and staff motivated for the Christmas season. A survey showed a 25% increase in business. I feel that our motivational luncheon was part of the 25% increase and helped the staff feel better about themselves. I thank you for your good attitude on life and passing it on to others.”
Richard Jones,
Kindersley Chamber of Commerce

Team Building:

“Thank you for the excellent workshop on Team Building. … The staff felt good about the program, substantially increased their knowledge of teamwork, and learned things that they can apply to their work situation. The working atmosphere in the office has improved since the workshop and continues at a higher level.”
Terry Craig Vice President,
Prairie Region Farm Credit Corporation


“When our team decided we needed to spend time in isolation discussing, brainstorming and developing an internal Communication Plan…we knew this could only be accomplished with the assistance of an excellent facilitator. You took great care and time to prepare for us as your knowledge of our organization, its structure and its strategic plan was most impressive. Your skill and leadership kept us on track and took us to where we wanted to go. I am so pleased with the results. Thank you, Ms. Knight, you were terrific.”
Carol Schaad,
General Manager,
Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association


“Excellent course. As someone just starting to establish my own business, I found the course material to be invaluable and most timely. You provided a thorough overview of the steps involved…and insights into the challenges and opportunities I can expect to encounter in the future. …Your teaching style and delivery combined to make the two days very enjoyable.”
Sandy Compton,
Compton Communications

“Your presentation was humorous, uplifting, informative and helped spark “The Fire Within”. Selling is and always will be an important topic for entrepreneurs. Your perspective was a good way to drive home the importance of selling to those who attended. Very entertaining.”
Brie Kalenith,
Business Services Prince Albert Regional Economic Development Authority Inc.,
Provincial Entrepreneurship Conference

Sales and Marketing:

“Marvelous presentation. Participants at our “Switched-On Selling” session now have a greater vision of what they need to do to be ore successful.”
Leena Saksa,
Office Manager,
Finnish Marketing Federation IDEA 96 Marketing Conference, Helsinki

“We spoke to thousands of people. You heard their praise and appreciation yourself. I wanted to share with you a different barometer to measure the success of this tour – Sales! We found that in the two months following the seminars, sales increased almost 30 percent over the same time period the previous year. You were part of that, Sherry.”
Glenn Butler,
Fifth Avenue Collection

“Thank you for your excellent speech. I found it very entertaining, yet educating. Every once in a while I feel tired and exhausted and negative thoughts somehow enter my mind. And then, I remember … to switch my brain to positivity.”
Risto Pakarinen,
Commercial Officer,
Canadian Embassy, Helsinki


“Special expertise in the training field.” “Extraordinary ability to work with people.” Sherry was hired to set up, audition and train the western team of 16 trainers and to launch this massive program (a customer service program to over 6,500 personnel) nationally. … She is truly a trainer’s trainer, a dedicated and enthusiastic individual and a professional.”
Jim Kennedy,
Director of Training and Development,
Ross Roy Communications Canada Ltd.