Sylvia Perreault

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Motivation/Inspiration, Time Management, Personal Development, Peak Performance, Personal Skills, Productivity, Organizational Skills, In French & English

Travels From: Laval, QC
Fee Range: $2500 – $10,000
Language:  French, English

Sales Speakers and Trainers


Sylvia Perreault is an entrepreneur who has been in business for over 30 years, enjoying a long career as a real estate agent and then as a broker. She proudly practiced the profession for over 26 years. She established a high level of credibility in the industry covering all sectors of real estate (commercial, industrial and investment properties) before devoting herself entirely to her passion, residential real estate. Her passion and dedication to the cause have inspired her to write two books addressing the reality of the business and a collection of tools “Les Outils Immo-Succès” which together provide all the essential tools for success in real estate; The REALTY-SUCCESS Method. Her books are edited, published and distributed by her own company, les Editions Immo-Succès. Fluently bilingual, Sylvia Perreault is currently writing and translating her works into English.


Sylvia is a woman of great heart and energies who’s passion is to inspire you to become Sold on Success like her! She is a bilingual Speaker (English and French), Trainer and Coach with 30 years of experience in “Success and Sales”!

This incredible woman speaks not only with passion, but with the depth of powerful experience. Mission, Passion and Action for profitability are her 3 strong messages which are also essential principles in motivating a person to achieve success in life and in sales, or become like her “SOLD ON SUCCESS”!

Her unique presentation and personal style are funny, moving, inspiring and so very practical. You will remember her tricks and personal growth recipes for years. She speaks full time with more than 40 to 50 events a year, both in Canada and abroad. Her passion and dedication to achieve incredible success in her life have inspired her to write seven books.

Ask for Sylvia’s more popular sessions! She offers her experience to help you plan, organize and execute an unforgettable conference or training session that will meet your specific needs.


“Are you your worst client? Pride and Profit with Success”

› Why should you have a successful attitude?
› Your reality, your goals, dreams and expectations?
› Where, when, how… and why not me?
› How to believe in yourself and earn the success you deserve?
› Discover and dene your calling and mission.
› Pride in being successful results in more success.
› Discover the winning strategies that will help you earn the success you deserve!

Organization, efficiency and profitability with pride are her messages


1. Gain A Successful Attitude And Pride In Being In Sales
Surpass your expectations and redefine your potential

2. “Painless Prospecting and Networking”
What to say and what to do to obtain more business!

3. “The Key Answers for Sales-Success!”
You dare! You respond with confidence and conviction! You persuade!

4. “Let’s Talk About Prices! $$$”
How to present at the right price to sell! Believe in yourself and earn what you deserve!

5. Business Planning For Your Sales Success
Achieve your dreams and stay balanced through setting achievable goals. Increase your profitability.

“My material ranges from the very hard & practical elements of sales success, to an inspirational keynote about pride, integrity, profits, and professionalism in the way we approach our business” – Sylvia Perreault


“The comments of our 125 members were all positive…a new energy to achieve and exceed their goals. Thank you!” – Rose Girard, Chambre Immobilière des Laurentides

“Thank you for restoring my pride in this profession!”- Carolyne Tremblay

“Congratulations on this very relevant conference in this period of market change.” Louise Gagnon

“Very practical and relevant! Usable immediately” Denis Asselin – Courtier/Propriétaire Re/Max Unis

Laval, Quebec, Canada