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Tom Dutta – The Quiet Warrior

$6,000 – $9.000 CD

$10,000 CD Way of the Quiet Warrior® Premium Package




Tom is a senior business leader, speaker and International #1 Best Selling author with more than 30 years experience helping build and grow companies in Canada and the USA. Tom brings leadership experience from the Financial Services, IT, TELCO, Not-For-Profit, and Health sectors. His career includes senior roles in many of Canada’s prestigious companies including President and CEO, and Chairman of the Board.

As Founder and CEO of KRE-AT®, Tom is the world’s only motive-based leadership expert. In concert with his business expertise, Tom’s intense travel and study of the science behind success has enabled him to create a proven coaching and mentorship formula called The Way of the Quiet Warrior®. This dynamic program helps leaders manifest success by discovering purpose, taking action and living life their way. Tom mentors CEOs and Executives and has extensive experience participating in and facilitating masterminding.

Tom Dutta engages his audience with energy and enthusiasm. He combines decades of personal experiences in business and life with relevant stories based on actual events to immerse the audience in a real-world experience. Anyone seeking higher levels of success and happiness in business and life will find tremendous value in KRE-AT’s® events. Tom has spoken nationally and internationally and is well received wherever he goes. Follow Tom as he launches his radio program entitled The Way of the Quiet Warrior® with Tom Dutta to continue to gain from his vast experience.

Previously, Tom was General Manager with Ocean West Financial, Chief Operating Officer of the Annex Group, one of BC’s fastest growing IT Professional Service firms. He was CEO with CRI Canada, a Division of AEGON – a supplier of software and financial services globally. At TELUS, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies, Tom held a dual role of Director, Customer Excellence and Director, Enterprise Marketing. VanTel Credit Union was his first executive role as Vice President, Sales Marketing and Operations and previously he held Management roles with Toronto Dominion Bank.

Tom has served on a number of industry boards and served as Chairman of the Board for MDABC working to pioneer a change in the Mental Health model.

On November 19, 2017, Tom will be honoured with the prestigious Moving America Forward Entrepreneurship Award on BizTV.





How would it feel to create the BUSINESS and PERSONAL life you desire?

KRE-AT® is a Leadership Development firm that focuses on growth oriented business people and professionals looking to discover a path to clarity, happiness and unlimited success.

  • Avoiding the Life and Leadership Graveyard.

Explores the four motives of leadership. The WHY, not the BEHAVIOUR, of both successful and failed leaders.

  • Caterpillars to Butterflies.

Reveals the 6 Step pathway to developing Character and why most people never take the journey. The Charactered path is the only path to ultimate success in life and business.

  • The Way of the Quiet Warrior®—90 Days to the Life You Desire.

Explains the 6 Phases of the Science behind Achievement and Success. Success is incredible, happiness lasts a lifetime.

Other Services:

The  PLATINUM Mastermind Experience  

You are a leader, a success in your chosen field. You have the position, the money and the things you always believed would make you happy. And yet… there is something missing, isn’t there?

What would your life be like if you were able to move that missing piece into place? Designed with leaders in mind, this is an exclusive Mastermind Alliance for people working in harmony toward purpose, unlimited success and happiness—a revolutionary, hybrid community of leadership development, coaching and mentoring, and peer masterminding led by Founder & CEO of KRE-AT® Tom Dutta. An incomparable premium experience, it includes Mastermind days held quarterly at the prestigious Terminal City Club in downtown Vancouver to provide an environment that will elevate participant’s benefit from the live group experience.

The Discovery Lab Experience:

The Discovery Lab Experience is perfect for successful, busy people like you who are searching for higher levels of success, happiness and fulfillment in life. An intimate one-to-one exploration of your CORE MOTIVE and your natural talents The Discovery Lab Experience is the first step forward to understanding THE SELF.

The Immediate Success KRE-ATOR 

The Immediate Success KRE-ATOR is perfect for managers and executives integrating into new roles. This one-to-one coaching and mentoring program is designed to accelerate success for new leaders and increase ROI for the business. Research and experience has proven that new hires have 30 days to avoid the leadership graveyard, and building trust within a team and an organization is critical to accelerating success. There are additional advantages to fast tracking success too — the costs of employee turnover to an organization can be as high as a full year’s salary. This customized program is created in collaboration with the employer and can be added into the hiring offer creating significant value. Investing in people up front is a competitive advantage.

The People Code Experience (Personality Assessment)

An insightful, innovative Leadership Development program, The People Code is the only motive based personal development course on the market today. Focusing on the “Why” behind behaviour instead of the “What” it breaks with existing paradigms around team building, corporate culture, and leadership development. Program participants will discover their given core motives, natural talents, strengths and limitations. They will learn how these components facilitate increased productivity through healthy relationships. The skills acquired will increase employee engagement and wellness, build next generation leadership skills, and lead to benefits both inside and outside the workplace. Companies will benefit by investing in the lives and skills of valued employees.

The Character Code Experience (Character Development)

The Character Code Experience solves the relationship puzzle about yourself and other people. It helps us maximize our performance by giving us very specific tools to develop character and improve our relationships with others. Only when we learn strengths that are not innate to our core personality can we live a highly successful and happy life.



Tom Dutta is much more than a motivational speaker for leaders. He is an inspirational and energizing leader himself who provides the tools and insights for business leaders. He brings a lot of realism and guides leaders on a path to true happiness and success throughout all facets of life.

Through sharing his own lived experiences, he encourages leaders to explore their vulnerabilities and highlights it as a strength rather than a weakness. Having recently been at a leadership retreat with Tom as a featured speaker on Lessons in Leadership, I was able to quickly apply his teachings into personal and business relationships.

I recommend Tom for any leader committed to personal growth to guide you on a path to inner exploration and unlimited happiness and success!

 Sunny Khangura

Director of Health

Freshslice Pizza completed the People Code and Character Code workshops. We chose these programs to build a culture in our Executive team needed to accelerate our business growth. Some of the benefits realized included increased effectiveness in our teams working together, a more engaged team that has awareness of their strengths and limitations and relationship skills that remarkably helped us all in our jobs and also in our relationships outside of the office. Tom Dutta’s masterful facilitation is unique as he tells stories based on his decades of experience as a leader, and helped leaders understand how past events in life can impact their leadership and life. After workshop one, people were excited to do workshop 2. We are looking to incorporate these skills across our company as we grow toward our vision of being the Starbucks of Pizza by 2020.

~ Ray Russell, Founder & CEO, Freshslice Pizza

I just completed the “People Code Workshop” given by Tom. Very insightful to understand not only your own style of leadership but those of the team that you work most closely with. It has provided me with strategies and ideas of how to work differently and smarter with team members that I already respect and admire. A fun and thought provoking afternoon!
~ Tru Freeman, Dean at Kwantlen University

Tom Dutta masterfully steered a group of highly independent academic administrators through a series of group exercises that removed obstacles, built bridges and energized individuals to engage positive personal attributes to the service of the collective. Part team-building, part myth-busting exercise, Tom Dutta’s high energy session brought my high-level academic leaders into a much deeper understanding of the why, the wisdom and the folly behind our daily choices. His authentic leadership opened up the room to genuine dialog, meaningful exchange and a common purpose.
~ Dr. Sal Fererras, Provo and Vice President at Kwantlen University

As an owner of a diverse portfolio of businesses, I have often hired different business consultants to help me navigate through growth and expansion over the past several years. As we all know, the success of any business primarily depends on its most valuable resource, the people. Compared to my previous experience with others, Tom’s business coaching has helped me understand my personal behavior and character as well as that of my key management and family members, through assessment tools such as 360 survey, color and character codes. This program has better equipped us to make intelligent decisions with conflict resolution, and has motivated individuals to reach their full potential. We are planning to incorporate it as an integral part of an ongoing professional and business development program to accompany our business expansion into different geographic areas of the world, each with its own personal and work culture.
~ Balraj S. Mann Chairman, BM Group International

Tom worked with the leadership team in Vancouver with an engaging workshop. Tom was a great facilitator, coach and speaker and created a fun, learning environment in a relatively short amount of time. What made his workshop even more engaging was his ability to bring in his own personal and professional stories alongside of the content of the program. I look forward to participating in Tom’s follow up session.
~ Chris Ho, Mid Market Sales Manager Qlik Technologies

Tom worked exclusively with my Management Team in facilitating and conducting a very successful People Code Workshop. Tom’s leadership and communication skills were key in making this workshop so effective. This workshop provided a significant benefit to my team as it brought new insights on how to better communicate with each member. We are now looking at bringing this program to everyone in our organization.
~ Dann Konkin, President Ampco Manufacturers

I have attended Tom’s People Code workshop while serving as a consultant to a mutual client. I was blown away. For years, I have relied upon Myers-Briggs Type Indicator heavily. The People Code system gives me a whole new perspective on understanding people’s core motives, instead of simply focusing on their behaviors. Tom is a seasoned business professional who understands how to foster solid relationships between team members, which lead to higher productivity and better synergy in the office environment. I am also able to apply what I have learned from his workshop to improve my personal relationships. Thank you Tom!
~ Timothy Yeung, CMA at Ocean West Financial Group

I was introduced to Color Code (The People Code) by Tom Dutta. His expertise with facilitating this workshop for our company gave me and all the members of our team a comprehensive understanding of each of our core motivations. It has allowed me to communicate more effectively in both my personal and professional life by knowing what motivates me and others I interact with. It’s a tool that identifies certain attributes innate in each of us which ultimately allows for better communication and builds healthier relationships. The results of this training have been profound and impactful!
~ Dave Gillard, President Maven Wealth , formerly Partner Ocean West Financial Group

At OWFG, we like to be as smart as we can. Color Code was introduced to us by Tom Dutta and we have incorporated it into our corporate culture and for me, my personal life. It’s value has allowed me more capacity with interpersonal relationships with a basis for understanding that allows me to navigate both in business and my own life more effectively.
~G. Kim Hinkson, Founder and CEO Ocean West Financial Group

I have had the privilege of being guided by Tom as both the leader of my McKay CEO Forum and as a facilitator in delivering the People Code system to my senior management team. In both cases Tom brought professionalism, dedication and experience to a high level learning environment. His ability to use his professional and personal experience in these learning environments made for a rich experience.
~ Michael McKnight, President and CEO United Way of Lower Mainland

Dr. Mache Seibel

$10,000-$15,000 USD

Dr. Mache Seibel
Dr. Mache Seigel: Women’s Wellness Expert



Dr. Mache Seibel is one of America’s leading voices on women’s wellness and menopause. He helps women figure it out, so they don’t have to tough it out.  Dr. Mache has a unique ability to combine health information with original music, humor, and stories that emotionally capture the audience and hold their attention “while the medicine goes down.” Consistently selected by his peers as one of the Best Doctors in America, Dr. Mache brings innovation to health education, focusing on creative approaches to help women stay well.  A 20-year member of the Harvard Medical School faculty, Dr. Mache provides up to the second information on health, wellness, and balance in life

“It’s better to stay well than to get well.”   

Dr. Mache has received multiple national awards for speaking, teaching and research. He is Editor of The Hot Years – My Menopause Magazine, author of 15 books on women’s health and over 200 scientific articles. His expertise has been called upon for segments on Today, MSNBC, CBS, npr, INSIDE Edition and PBS as well as People Magazine and The Huffington Post.  Invite Dr. Mache to your event and your audience will laugh while they learn!



Dr. Mache speaks on a wide range of topics focusing on women’s health at home and in the workplace.


  • 5 Steps that Maximize The Hot YearsYou have more control over your life, your work, your relatioships and your health than you may think…if you take the right steps. Once you know Dr. Mache’s 5 Step System for maximizing The Hot Years you’ll “feel hot” without sweating it!Discover how to take back control over your emotions, your weight, your work and your hormone balance. You’ll also gain wisdom that will empower your to navigate the change and change for the better.
  • How to Be Best At Being You: A Musical MonologueIn this entertaining and emotionally engaging presentation, Dr. Mache Seibel uses stories, original music and audience participation to illustrate how to be best at being you and grow old gracefully. PS: The good news is, everybody can do it.This presentation is well suited for companies or organizations with audiences of mixed ages and gender who want an uplifting experience that moves them to a new level.

    This crowd-pleasing performance will enable every person in the audience to see their life through a different lens and realize maintaining a youthful mindset is achievable by everyone.

  • The Estrogen Window: The Secret of Safe Hormone BalanceWant to get rid of what Suzanne Sommers called the 7 Dwarfs of Menopause: itchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful and Psycho? Then it’s time to talk estrogen. But whether or not to take estrogen is confusing and scary. Most women are afraid to take it and many doctors are reluctant to prescribe it.This presentation changes all that. The good news is that earlier well-inttended but misguided research got it wrong. Groundbreaking new research reveals most women can safely take estrogen, if begun in their estrogen window.

    Based on Dr. Mache’s #1 best-selling book, The Estrogen Window (Rodale 2016), your audience will be empowered with vital information on the window of opportunity in which taking estrogen both relieves symptoms and lowers the risk of breast cancer, dementia and heart disease.

    Once you understand it, hormone therapy will never be as confusing or scary again. This talk is relevant to most women as menopause begins before age 45 in 5% to 10% of women and symptoms often start up to 10 years before that.

  • How To Optimize Your Health To Maximize Your WealthWomen make up more than half of the work force and hold more than half of the high-paying management and professional positions in the United States. This talk is geared towards successful women who need to know how to recognize and minimize natural changes so they can maximize work performance and the quality of their life, their relationships and their health.Discover how treating just one symptom could save the country billions of dollars in one year. Imagine what addressing this issue could do to your bottom line and the quality of your workforce.

    This compelling presentation can be combined with workshops and learning tools that assist in reducing the impact, elevating performance and lowering costs.

  • Three Myths That Prevent Women From Feeling Healthy, Happy and Hormonally BalancedDr. Mache knows a lot about Hot Mamashe’s been through menopause over 10,000 times. And what he’s learned by helping over 10,000 women journey into, through and beyond menopause will help your audience live a healthier, happier and more vibrant life.In this fun and fact filled talk, Dr. Mache will debunk three myths that cause fear and confusion among women and many of their doctors. At the end of this talk, your audience will be empowered to become a partner in their health care. Good health isn’t an accident; it’s a strategy. And you’ll discover a step-by-step system designed to master the Hot Years. Time spent on you isn’t lost; it’s invested!

    This inspirational and life-changing presentation will also include some musical elements and humor to keep your audience entertained and informed.



Jim Knox, Wildlife Expert

$8000 USD


                     Jim Knox Wildlife Expert

Imagine a world where your executives, students or industry members can be transported, motivated, educated and inspired and…help to save the world’s most majestic wildlife at the same time! Wildlife expert, Jim Knox can! Whether you are a corporation seeking to motivate your executives and employees, a university looking to educate and inspire your students or a trade or civic group looking to entertain your members, Jim Knox delivers exceptional keynotes to motivate, educate, inspire and entertain with remarkable animal innovation and tales from the wild.

With more than 3,000 presentations to his credit, Jim Knox revels in sharing his passion for working with the world’s most remarkable animals to transport audiences into his wild world. Early on, Jim realized he commanded a unique opportunity—to partner with others to save the world’s wildlife through the power of the spoken word. This realization leads him to not only deliver exceptional keynotes but to contribute a portion of his fees directly to conservation initiatives for the world’s most critically endangered wildlife.


Wildly Successful: Cracking Nature’s Secret Code to Release Your Inner Beast 

You wage battle in an intensely competitive corporate world.  If you strive to be wildly successful, there’s only one place to look for models of unmatched, battle-hardened, and proven success—the animal kingdom.  Drawing upon his years of firsthand experience with Amur tigers, Bald eagles, Timber wolves and other creatures, wildlife expert Jim Knox conveys emerging scientific knowledge and personal anecdote to deliver a transformative, thoroughly applicable and inspiring message to your audience.  We are all subject to the same savagely competitive and brutal forces of nature, and just as significantly, we all exert these same forces of nature.  Wild success is within our grasp!

Charged By a Grizzly: Confronting overwhelming opposing force, crisis situation insights from the field

Whether standing his ground against a charging Grizzly, cage diving with Great White sharks or being stalked by a pride of eight lions, there is no such thing as a typical day for wildlife conservationist, Jim Knox.  From the Alaskan tundra to the African savannah, creative thinking on the ground held the key to achieving desired outcomes.  From confronting overwhelming opposing force, to crisis situation decision-making, to pioneering new territories, Jim shares invaluable, personal and fascinating insights from the field.

Haul of the Wild

Transporting tigers, grappling gators and shipping scorpions are just a part of the job when you’re a zoo professional.  Ensuring the safety of the animals and the humans in your care requires steely resolve, exacting planning and extraordinary teamwork.  Gain Jim’s insider’s perspective as well as industry-transcending lessons from the hidden world of care and transport of the world’s most exotic creatures.


“Jim Knox expertly imparts invaluable life lessons by being a close observer of individuals in the Animal Kingdom.  He’s devoted his life to working with animals, some cuddly, some dangerous, and this gives him an authentic and original voice when it comes to discussing the beast within us all.  His message is not only for animal lovers but anyone who believes in self-betterment, about persistence in the face of adversity, about not just surviving but thriving.”

James Prosek, Best-selling Author, Peabody Award Winner

Naturalist and Educator, Jim Knox makes a compelling case for exploring and benefitting from the animal / human behavioral connection.  This is a difficult task—and he does it very well.   Jim possesses a deep understanding of how animals permeate our lives—and the deeper insights that are revealed from those complex interactions.  His unique approach—has the potential to reach more people—in a more profound way.

Dr. George Amato, Director, Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics, Director, American Museum of Natural History Center for Conservation Genetics

“Jim Knox has taken his vast knowledge of wildlife and animal behavior to give us a unique perspective of how we tick. Wildly Successful is an inspiring self-journey that will teach us the true power of what can be accomplished through using the power of our inner animal.”

Richard C. Wiese, Former President, The Explorers Club, North Pole Expedition Soloist, Host of ABC TV’s Born to Explore

“Jim Knox is very comfortable speaking to small and large groups alike—engaging audiences with vibrant stories and questions.  Most importantly, Jim is very passionate about his career, sharing great advice for anyone interested in wildlife, education or conservation.  His audiences can easily approach him to learn more and his enthusiasm is contagious.”

Dr. Kristen E. Govoni, Ph.D., Professor of Animal Science, The University of Connecticut


“Jim Knox’s caring manner immediately sets his audience at ease, and his clear and concise method of presentation allows his audience to learn a lot of information in a relatively short period of time. Jim’s enduring dedication and obvious passion for education and wildlife conservation has inspired deepest enthusiasm and excitement in my both students and myself.”

Dr. Ashley Byun

Professor of Biology

Fairfield University


“As an educator and Science Specialist, I have had the pleasure of interacting with Jim Knox in many capacities. Whether addressing an entire auditorium or teaching hands-on, Jim possesses an exceptional ability to connect with his audience. Jim easily engages—presenting both simple and complex concepts. Though he possesses numerous talents, one of his primary strengths is his ability to motivate others to excel and embrace success. His lessons are both creative and stimulating.  I write this testimonial with ease. Jim Knox will bring a quality of excellence and professionalism to your audience that is exemplary.”

Mary Servino

Science Specialist

NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) NASA Ambassador Presenter

Recipient: Presidential Awards in Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

Presentation Video


Coach Jim Johnson

$6500 USD

Coach Jim Johnson


Coach Jim Johnson has become an authority on the subject of realizing  dreams based on a few short moments in early 2006 . In his public-speaking appearances, Coach Johnson relates his role in a basketball game that got Hollywood calling. Emphasizing the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, he delivers his talks with a heartfelt style that has brought audiences to their feet.

The Game

Feb. 15, 2006:  Coach Jim Johnson made the kindhearted gesture of inserting his autistic manager into Greece Athena High School’s final home game. The Trojans won 79-43.  Jason McElwain, now known to the world as J-Mac, scored 20 points in just over four minutes, including six three-point baskets, to become an instant national celebrity. Coach Johnson was also featured in major news outlets around the country.

The Result

Coach Jim Johnson has rolled his accomplishments and experiences into two speaking presentations, “Dreams Really Do Come True” and “Leadership Lessons from Half-Court”. Based on his years of experience, his topics focus on concepts like teamwork, goal setting, leading by example. For instance, he notes that J-Mac’s big night was made possible by unselfish teammates who kept passing him the ball without being instructed to do so. He also notes how the game video captures Athena bench players going as wild as the crowd with every J-Mac basket.


Keynote Messages

  • Dreams Really Do Come True

Coach Johnson lived one of the most inspiring and heart warming stories of the 21st century. He shares his six essential keys: Passion, Mission, Goal Setting, Perseverance, Carpe Diem, and Team Work to help each audience member make their own dreams come true.

  • Leadership Lessons from Half-Court

Using the remarkable story of J-Mac, Coach Johnson shares his seven leadership keys that have guided his teams to immense success. The lessons in this presentation will help you become an extraordinary leader by learning to Clarify Vision, Build Trust, Create an Edge, Communicate Effectively, Lead by Example, Leave a Profit, Servant Leadership.


  • Dreams Really Do Come True (90 minutes to 4 hours)

This vision-oriented workshop guides participants through the 6 essential key principles which Coach Johnson has used to lead his high school varsity basketball team to extraordinary success. In this workshop, participants discover how to help team members work from their strengths, value others and achieve breakthrough performance. This workshop affects the bottom line in both your personal and professional lives.

  • Dreams in Motion Leadership Development (90 minutes to 4 hours)

This innovative workshop helps participants see their vision more clearly, develop increased confidence in their abilities, and reach levels of leadership achievement previously thought impossible.


Coach Jim’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies and national associations to government agencies and educational institutions. This is what a few of his many clients have had to say about the message that he brings.

Testimonials Video

Coach Johnson is a powerful communicator and delivered an incredibly inspiring message to my organization.  He brings a wonderful mix of humor, poignancy and life experience that resonates and uplifts. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear him!
Shawn D. Moon, Executive Vice President

Coach Johnson came and shared his inspirational story with our whole team of 225 employees and moved us to tears. Anybody who has seen the video of the game can’t help but be inspired by it. But what we found even more engaging about Coach Johnson’s presentation was “the story behind the story.” I can recommend him to any group as a speaker.

Marc Cenedella,CEO & Founder,
The Ladders

I think it’s a great story — to follow your dream, follow your goals and never ever quit. It’s a great story for people of my age, people of any age.
Dick Vitale,
ESPN Basketball Commentator and Basketball Hall of Famer

Your Convocation speech on August 18th certainly exceeded our expectations. Addressing the staff members of three districts at one sitting can be challenging, but the delivery of your message was perfect! Teachers and administrators from all three districts made numerous comments about your presentation on “Dreams Really Do Come True”. They were highly complementary and appreciated your willingness to share your personal feelings about the many experiences you have encountered during your career.

As educators, we face many challenges every day. The fact that you were a successful teacher facing such challenges gave you a great deal of credibility with the audience. It was so heartwarming to learn about your relationship with J-Mac. After all, it is those types of relationships that allow students to reach their highest potential. I hope that you continue to share your special story with educators throughout the country.
Dr. Lani Randall,
Superintendent, Port Neches-Groves ISD

Jim gave him that opportunity. You do the right thing like that, you may change a life forever.
John Calipari
Head Basketball Coach, University of Kentucky Wildcats

Back in September we were honored to have Coach Jim Johnson give a keynote speech at our yearly convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Coach Johnson was nothing but pleasant from the time that we picked him up at the airport to the time that we dropped him off.

On top of being an all around great guy, Coach Johnson inspired and motivated people to believe in themselves and have the courage to not give up on their dreams. From the first sentence to his closing remarks Coach Johnson had the audience in a trance.

It really was amazing to see someone capture an audience of 4,000 and have them transitioning from crying to laughter in an instant.We were very pleased with his performance and how he handled himself on and off the stage. In our eyes Coach Johnson’s speech added a missing link that we feel reached out to people in a way that we were unable to.

In closing, we in no way regret having Coach Jim Johnson speak at our event and would recommend him to anyone that is looking to motivate and inspire their group.
Jeff Higginson,
Senior VP, Agel Americas

I was in Lake Placid when the Americans beat the Soviets in 1980, I saw Kirk Gibson’s home run in 1988, I saw the Red Sox come back on the Yankees in ’04, I saw the ball roll through Bill Buckner’s legs in 1986. I wish I had been there to watch Jason in person. That was one I missed.
Mike Lupica,
New York Daily News columnist and ESPN commentator

Jim’s story proves that if we as humans will strive to treat everyone with respect and dignity, that we can truly make a difference in their lives.  Every person, young or old, can take a piece of Jim’s story and apply it to their personal situation, giving hope and meaning to the fact that “DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!!
Tim McMullen
Letchworth Central School Athletic Director, Head Football Coach, Head Basketball Coach

Presentation Video


Michael Hughes


Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes Networking Guru

From out-of-work professional to Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, one of Canada’s oldest and most respected business organizations.  From unpaid presenter to one of only six Canadian Professional Speakers holding the prestigious “Platinum Speaker Resource” accreditation for Meeting Planners International, the largest worldwide body of meeting planners and conference organizers.  From the idea of creating a unique, self-directed future to a six-figure consulting practice based exclusively on building, then leveraging a network of contacts, colleagues and clients.  Michael J. Hughes has spent over 38 years in the business world. He honed his business and management skills with two world-class organizations prior to investing the last sixteen years building Michael J. Hughes Consulting & Training Inc., a business development and management consulting practice focused exclusively on Networking For Results™.

Known as THE Networking Guru (Ottawa Citizen July 2001), he has done extensive research on, and is a specialist in, utilizing networking as a business strategy.

He has invested the past sixteen-plus years researching the wealth of networking information currently available, added his personal networking success and his experiences as a leader in networking organizations to create a proven approach that builds networking skills, accelerates networking performance and creates tangible results through his unique Networking For Results™ Personal Marketing Success System. In fact, one of the most unique properties of Michael’s business success is that he has taken his company from an idea to a six-figure consulting practice annually using networking as his sole marketing vehicle.

Michael works with Fortune 500 companies, international associations and business organizations across North America, sharing his philosophy and expert knowledge on business-to-business networking, the social network phenomenon and corporate relationship management strategies.  Michael is the ideal catalyst for increasing the potential and power of your next conference or meeting.

Current and past involvements:

2006 Chair, Ottawa Chamber of Commerce
2005 President, Ottawa Chapter, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
Board of Advisors IMPACT Student Leaders Organization since 2006
Platinum Resource Speaker, Meeting Planners International since 2002
Small Business of The Year Finalist, Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, 2002.


Speaking of networking….

Michael Hughes Networking consistently ranks as one of the top three topics for conferences and meetings. If this area is a priority for your association, group or team, why not invest in one of the most proven networking resources?

Most requested session

The Art & Science of Networking For Results

Networking is recognized as the most cost-effective way to build your business or drive your revenues and as such, is of primary importance for every business professional. Unfortunately, for over 90% of business and sales professionals, it is also a misunderstood and abused business strategy.
Content: This highly interactive session addresses the most common networking myths, explores secret network principles and supplies success strategies for creating and leveraging a network of relationships, the foundation of long term business success!
“You really got your networking messages out there and the team was still ‘abuzz’ at 4:30 speaking about your concepts, suggestions and best practices. The conference was deemed a significant success and you were a key contributor.”
Brian Holt, Regional Director, Scotiabank
A timely and topical program

Networking 2.0 and The Power of Personal Contact

The irony of our technology-focused world is that in todays hi tech environment, The Power of Personal Contact has never held more power and potential. This presentation shares practical information related to the online social marketing phenomenon and links it to little-known network principles for real-world results
Content: The possibilities and pitfalls of online networks – leveraging your online presence – linking online networking to maximize the network effect – proven relationship management strategies that tap into the human networking dynamic – networking action plan for immediate results.
“The presentation was excellent. The content was very informative and timely in helping us focus on building our business. I know I personally walked away with a few new ideas of how I can improve my networking skills.”
Dorothy Smith, The Mortgage Centre.
And now, for something completely different

Networking Guru Wisdom

A summary of the accumulated experience and expertise garnered over 60 years of life lessons, delivered as a reminder of the power and potential of relationships. This intimate and insightful presentation incorporates powerful and practical real-life examples of the human side of business networking and its impact on business and life.
“I was at your presentation yesterday and enjoyed it thoroughly. I learned so much! Your wisdom is very useful – can’t wait to go out and try it. I love human psychology and you have obviously captured it in your work. Watching and listening to you made me think, “I can do this, I can be just as successful as he his!”
Eva O’Grady.
Let’s talk about you

Customize Your Program

Michael’s fifteen years of relentless research on the subject of networking has yielded an incredible amount of networking-related business information, knowledge and value. Choose from one of the programs below, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

“In addition to your finely tuned networking skills, I believe that you are so in demand because you are such an excellent speaker. I will never forget your lecture during the 2007 Association of Fundraising Professionals conference — informative and entertaining.”
Robyn Harris, Association of Fundraising Professionals

More Referrals – Creating a Referral-Generating Machine.
Moving From Contact to Client – The Complete Guide to “What’s Next?”
Networking Group Success Strategies – Maximum Impact, Minimum Effort.
Maximizing The V.I.P Factor – Leveraging Centres of Influence For Fun & Profit.
Networking as a Strategic Corporate Career Resource.
“It was such a pleasure working with Michael in the preparation and delivery of the Networking Workshop. Although we were on a fast turn- around, Michael made himself available to really connect with where the organization was at, and to tailor his message in a way that landed clearly for everyone.”
Jean Ogilvie, Internet Consulting Group


What clients are saying about Michael and Networking For Results™

Keynote presentations

“Wendy filled me in on the reception. She raved about you! The presentation was enlightening and informative. The participants’ comments were very positive.”
Ann Babej, Director Professional Development

Canadian Professional Sales Association
“Thank you for helping to make this one of our most successful Conventions to date. Your session was well received and in many of the feedback forms it was noted as the highlight of the Convention.”
Barbara Kemper, President

Canadian Training & Development Group
“Michael’s presentation combined common sense, humor and his vast knowledge of what makes networking succeed or fail, into a powerful package that our members will remember indefinitely. Our membership rated Michael’s session among the best ever.”
Jim Harmon, Program Coordinator

Ottawa Human Resource Professionals Association
“My colleagues and I found the sessions of interest and more to the point, useful. You have the ability to impart the information in an entertaining and relevant context.”
William Rankin, Vice-President

Human Resources, Newcourt Credit Group, Toronto‑Indianapolis
“Further more, it was quite simply a pleasure listening to you. Immediately after the session and the following day, we received many very positive comments from those in attendance. Our association is pleased you were able to bring to our members your significant expertise and excellent presentation.”
Richard Lee, Executive Director

Ottawa-Carleton Home Builders Association
“Thank you for the excellent seminar you provided on The Art of Networking. You were a very knowledgeable, dynamic and enjoyable speaker – an asset to our conference. This seminar went way beyond our expectations and each participant came away from this session with enthusiasm and team spirit, which was our goal.”
Bruno Gendron, Vice-President
Eastern Canada Region, Workopolis

Training events

“Just a note to let you know that this was the most useful and enjoyable networking seminar I have attended so far. It is the first time that I can look at networking without cringing! And it all made perfect sense. I just have to put it in practice now!”
Valerie Cherrey, Director

Treasury, Alcatel Canada Inc.
“You truly demonstrate the value of developing exceptional networking skills and have obviously “walked the walk” yourself. Thanks.”
Steve Gobel, Regional Diretor

Investors Group
“You have provided me with clarity. At the risk of making my wife jealous and sounding out of character, I haven’t been able to get you off my mind all weekend. You provided me with tangible and intangible resources that are and will be present in my mind and on my desk for a very long time to come. The title of Guru is well deserved and definitely earned.
“Thanks again”
Anthony Mancini

“Attending Michael Hughes’ Networking Boot Camp was the best investment I have ever made towards the success of my business. Every minute of the day was filled with information, tricks and tools to maximize the value of my networking. His teaching style allowed me to understand the practicality and importance of every aspect of networking from planning ahead to follow-up. For a full day workshop, instead of leaving exhausted and overwhelmed, I left invigorated, self-confident and with a solid understand of how to work my net. Michael, I can not thank you enough for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm, you truly are Canada’s Networking Guru!”
Angela Cummings

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for the presentation on networking. You truly are a phenomenal speaker and offered me solutions and ideas for selling and prospecting. I left the course feeling very alive. Thank you again Michael for a wonderful presentation . You ARE the networking guru!”
Jennifer Pashak

“Michael Hughes has the uncanny ability to engage the participants in his seminars. The real-time skill-development practice sessions are a great way for the participants to immediately apply what he ‘teaches’.”
Patrick Asselin

“A little note to thank you for today’s session. Your willingness to share your knowledge and experience over and above the course material was greatly appreciated. You managed to pack so much information in such a short period of time keeping the interest of everyone with your humor, professionalism and wealth of practical skills.”
Suzanne Boal


Ghislaine Labelle

Psychologue Organisationnelle


Ghislaine Labelle
Ghislaine Labelle, M.Ps., CRHA

Ghislaine Labelle, M.Ps., CRHA est auteure, conférencière, psychologue organisationnelle et médiatrice accréditée. Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), madame Labelle est la seule femme au Québec à détenir la désignation internationale CSP. Cette désignation est la référence mondiale par excellence pour les conférenciers et formateurs professionnels. Seulement 10% des 4800 conférenciers et formateurs membres de la Global Speaking Federation détiennent ce titre à travers le monde.

Experte reconnue au Québec et passionnée de la santé psychologique et du bien-être des personnes en milieu de travail, Ghislaine promeut l’importance d’adopter un leadership PROACTIF pour réduire les conflits, l’absentéisme, la détresse psychologique et les comportements inappropriés en milieu de travail. Depuis plus de vingt années, elle accompagne les grandes organisations à mieux gérer les situations complexes, les équipes ainsi que les personnes présentant des difficultés d’adaptation dans leur milieu de travail. Ses clients l’apprécient pour son approche humaine, son authenticité et la profondeur de sa réflexion.

Lue et très appréciée par des milliers de lecteurs, Ghislaine partage avec simplicité et humour des outils et des trucs de gestion concrets pour soutenir les gestionnaires face aux défis que comporte la gestion du capital humain. Son livre, Comment désamorcer les conflits au travail, a remporté le prix du meilleur livre en gestion des ressources humaines dans le cadre du prix du livre d’affaires en 2006. Des articles de gestion de Ghislaine sont également publiés dans les magazines d’affaires et d’associations telles que la revue Carrefour de la COMAQ, le coin de l’expert de l’Ordre des CRHA et le magazine Elles de Desjardins.

Auteure des volumes suivants :

  • Agir comme médiateur pour rétablir la paix au travail, Éditions Carte Blanche, 2014;
  • Comment désamorcer les conflits au travail, Éditions Transcontinental, 2005, – Gagnant du meilleur livre en gestion des ressources humaines dans le cadre du Prix du livre d’affaires, 2006;
  • Calming the Waters at Work, How to Deal with Workplace Conflicts,Advantage Media Group, 2009;
  • Co-auteure : Conversations déterminantes, Pratiques de gestion gagnantes pour générer davantage d’engagement, Éditions Viséo, 2011;
  • Une équipe du tonnerre, Éditions Transcontinental, 2001.

Psychologue Organisationnelle

Présidente de Groupe Conseil SCO, firme conseil spécialisée en santé et efficacité organisationnelles, elle accompagne les leaders dans la gestion de leur personnel et de situations complexes :

  • Développement de pratiques de gestion proactives chez les leaders : programme de formation, coaching, accompagnement et groupes de codéveloppement ;
  • Médiations dans le cadre de conflits ou de plaintes de harcèlement psychologique;
  • Interventions auprès des gestionnaires et des équipes de travail dont le climat est conflictuel ou difficile;
  • Coaching des gestionnaires pour les soutenir face à la gestion d’employés présentant des conduites inappropriées ou des problèmes de santé psychologique ;
  • Accompagnement dans le cadre des retours au travail pour invalidité psychologique : préparation du retour au travail auprès de la personne en invalidité, du gestionnaire ainsi que des membres de l‘équipe de travail.

Biography – English

Ghislaine Labelle, M.Ps., CHRP, CSP, is a speaker, author and organizational psychologist. A specialist in organizational health and well-being of people in the workplace, Ghislaine advocates prevention above all. She firmly believes that managers and human resources professionals should opt for PROACTIVE leadership to maintain the psychological health of their employees and their organization.

A certified CSP speaker (Certified Speaking Professional), Ghislaine convinces audiences to act quickly to find a better balance. Her human approach and speeches sprinkled with anecdotes and personal experiences never leave anyone disinterested. She is appreciated for her generosity, humility and professional expertise from various sectors: corporate, associations, education, municipal and health.

President of Groupe Conseil SCO, a consulting firm specializing in organizational health and efficiency, she assists leaders in managing staff and complex situations:

  • Proactive development of management practices for leaders in: training, coaching and support;
  • Coaching of people displaying inappropriate behaviour or psychological health issues;
  • Interventions with managers and work teams whose work climate is difficult or conflicting;
  • Preparing workers to return to work following disability: support for sick workers, preparing team members prior to the return to work of a person who has experienced disability.

The recent achievements of Ms. Labelle include:

  • CSP designation: Certified Speaking Professional. The highest international designation for speakers given by the National Speaking Association;
  • Guest speaker for professional groups such as: Ordre des CRHA du Québec, Société québécoise des psychologues du travail et des organisations (SQPTO), and several Québec universities;
  • Conferences and training of thousands of managers and HRM (Human Resource Management) groups;
  • Lecturer in the PhD program in psychology at the Université de Sherbrooke.

As an author:

  • Winner of the best book in human resources management in the business book Award category, 2006 for her book: Comment désamorcer les conflits au travail (Calming the Waters at Work, How to Deal with Workplace Conflicts).
  • Her book Comment désamorcer les conflits au travail was published in English in the United States under the title: Calming the Waters at Work: How to Deal with Workplace Conflicts.
  • She is also author of: Une équipe du tonnerre (A Winning Team) and co-author of: Conversations déterminantes (Determining Conversations).


Rosie King

Rosie King
Rosie King

EMMY winning documentary ‘My Autism and Me’ although this may be surpassed by her TEDMED speech delivered in Washington USA.

Travels from England



BBC Presenter, illustrator and public speaker, Rosie King has achieved great things at the tender age of 16. She diagnosed her own Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of nine (a diagnosis that was later confirmed by specialists) and dedicated her considerable talents to raising positive awareness about autism. With a younger brother and sister severely affected by the condition, this has always been a subject close to Rosie’s heart. She is a young ambassador for the National Autistic Society, and has worked closely with professionals to improve the quality of education for young people with additional needs in mainstream school. After speaking about her condition and the way that it effects her at the TEDMED convention in Washington DC last year, Rosie received a standing ovation.


When she was nine years old, doctors confirmed Rosie King’s self-diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. With two younger siblings severely affected by autism, from a young age, Rosie had a burning desire to help make the world a more tolerant place for people with autism. She found the opportunity to do so when her family was invited to do a local news segment on her mother’s children’s books that featured Rosie’s illustrations. Her lack of inhibition made her a natural presenter, and she was asked to host BBC Newsround’s special program “My Autism and Me,” bringing her a much wider audience and an Emmy Kid’s Award. Now at the ripe old age of 16, she’s an Emmy Award-winning spokesperson and educator who is helping to make the world a more tolerant place for people with autism. Rosie continues to raise awareness about autism, and is working towards her goal of becoming a professional actress and storyteller.

Rosie’s Mum Sharon King also speaks and happy to share a stage or go solo whichever works best for client and audience.

Video 1

Video 2

Create a New Story

Duane Elgin Calling on Humanity to Create a New Story, Viewing ourselves as a maturing species
will lead to sustainable, meaningful future.  Monday March 1, 2010 — Camille Jensen, Canadian news bureau
International author and speaker Duane Elgin is calling on humanity to begin exploring a new story for ourselves that will lead to a sustainable and meaningful future.

According to Elgin, people live out their stories, from personal and family stories to stories of our community and the global world. He says the process is largely unconscious, as people go about living the stories of their dominant culture.

It’s only when these stories no longer work that Elgin says people have to take a hard look at themselves and create new stories.

“In the case of much of the western world, our story is the American dream, a story of materialism and consumerism,” explains Elgin. “And the American dream is now the world’s nightmare. People are beginning to recognize that the story isn’t working.”

While it’s easy for people to envision a world of conflict and ruin, it’s much harder for people to see a promising future.

“If that’s what we can collectively imagine then that’s what we are going to create,” says Elgin.

Through large-scale presentations and courses, Elgin is encouraging people to create a new story based on the premise that the human species is still in its teenage years.

He says viewing the human species as in the process of growing up — including accepting the growth pains of adolescence — allows people to move past the guilt of our past behaviours into a journey of awakening.

“My hope is that out of this class, talks and publications people will say, ‘Of course we are still in our teenage years, we can still grow up and start behaving like adults,’” says Elgin.

A new story for humanity based on maturation will lead to greater concern for the well-being of Earth and the long-term future of the human family. He says we cannot view climate change or species extinction as independent, but instead must address the real root causes, which is part of our current cultural norms.

“The bottom line is that if we look at the challenges we face . . . we need a cultural transformation,” says Elgin.

“We as a species need to step forward to a new level of maturity where we are not just here to be entertained but actively, consciously and deliberately engage in creating new stories for our future.

“And to do that requires really a revolution in the politics of consciousness.”

In Elgin’s current course, Beacons of Hope, participants are exploring four archetypes he says can act as beacons for our future and provide fresh insights for orienting our lives.

These archetypes include seeing ourselves and the human community as maturing, heroic, self reflective and participants in a vast and dynamic ecology.

Michael Kerr


Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr, Humour, Creativity, Presentation Skills

Humour, Creativity, Presentation Skills

Location:       Canmore, Alberta
Fee Range:    $8,000+ CAD
Reputation:   International


“The Workplace Energizer!”

Michael Kerr is an award-winning international speaker, humorist and the author of five books. He is known as one of North America’s leading authorities on how to create healthier, less stressful, more creative, and more inspiring workplaces by helping audiences tap into their humour resources.

As the “Big Kahuna” of the Humour at Work InstituteTM, Michael has delivered his captivating keynote presentations and training workshops to more than 500 audiences from Iran to Honolulu. Michael’s programs offer relevant, practical ideas delivered with his memorable brand of high-energy, safe humour. His experience as a communications manager—combined with more than fifteen years of extensive research on humour and inspiring workplaces— has provided Michael with a wealth of ideas and insights.

One of Michael’s books, You Can’t Be Serious! Putting Humour to Work, has been described as the “bible of humour in the workplace,” while his book Inspiring Workplaces – Creating the Kind of Workplace Where Everyone Wants to Work has been called “an inspiring blueprint for workplace success.” Michael’s articles have appeared in the Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald, Presentations Magazine, Speaking of Impact, Home Business Report and numerous other publications.

Michael lives in Canmore, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies with his wife Claudine.


Presentation Length:

Keynotes presentations typically last from 45 – 90 minutes, while longer half day or full day workshops offer the chance for more group interaction and team learning activities.

Tailored To Your Needs

All presentations are tailored with your specific audience in mind. For the workshops, we’ll offer you a menu of program topics/messages to choose from so you can build a workshop that is just right for your audience.

The presentations include door prizes, fun giveaways and the resource handout “130 Ways to Put Humour to Work.”To help participants bring the message home and to have a longer-lasting impact, we can arrange to have humour books, cards, tapes and CDs available for participants. Or ask us about a bulk discount rate if you’d like to pre-purchase a product for each participant.


Humour in the Workplace Putting Humour to Work

Why choose between content and fun when you can have both? Putting Humour to Work presentations offer practical, relevant ideas delivered in a fun, energetic and memorable style. You will laugh as you learn:

  • How humour can help you choose a more positive workplace attitude
  • Four myths about putting humour to work (it’s not about being funny)
  • Why humour at work makes dollars . . . and sense
  • The health benefits of laughter—the latest in laughter research
  • Three reasons why humour is one of the most powerful stress busters
  • The “3 R’s” of humour and stress management
  • It’s not always what you say, it’s how you say it that matters
  • Customer service with a laugh
  • Teams that laugh together, stay together
  • Sparking creative thinking through the power of play and humour
  • Practicing “safe” workplace humour
  • Guiding lights for putting humour to work without getting fired!


Related Presentations

Leading with Laughter (designed specifically for supervisors and managers)
Putting Humour to Work in Presentations
Putting Creativity to Work: Why Ha + HA = AHA!

Inspiring Workplaces

Inspiring Workplaces offers practical, relevant ideas geared towards creating healthier, happier and more productive workplace environments, delivered in a humorous and memorable style.

You will laugh as you learn:

  • Choosing your workplace attitude before it chooses you
  • Why inspiring workplace value their values
  • Dreaming of a better future: why a compelling vision matters
  • Why (and how) inspiring workplaces put humour to work
  • Creating inspiring service to fellow employees or customers
  • Inspiring creative thinking in the workplace
  • Inspiring communication in the workplace: How we say things matters!
  • Inspiring employees: the top motivating influences in any workplace
  • Thanks a lot! The importance of celebrating, recognizing and rewarding
  • Guiding lights for creating healthier, more inspiring workplaces



Putting Creativity to Work

offers simple, practical ideas on how to foster a more creative workplace, delivered in a fun, memorable style.

Audiences will learn:

  • Why creativity is the most valuable workplace commodity
  • The three most important traits of innovative workplaces
  • Storming the brains: how to inspire creativity in your meetings
  • The humour connection: Why HA + Ha = AHA!
  • Simple ways to get generate more ideas
  • Eliminating idea-squashing language and behaviour
  • Turning failure on its heads
  • Advancing and selling your ideas: how to turn ideas into results”

When Do You Let the Animals Out?

A Hilarious Welcome to Alberta and the Rockies
This lively, humour-filled program welcomes audiences to the Rockies in a truly unforgettable manner. Michael Kerr, author of the best-selling books When Do You Let the Animals Out? A Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Humour and What’s So Funny About Alberta?, offers a truly unique perspective on our beloved Canadian Rockies and on what really happens when visitors encounter the wilds of Canada for the first time!

The program includes:

  • A rousing welcome to a unique and wacky place!
  • The top ten things any visitor should know
  • Tales from the trails: close encounters of the furry kind
  • Un-bear-able tales: how not to get eaten by a grizzly!
  • When does an elk become a moose? (The silliest tourist questions of all time!)
  • Using hilarious stories, top ten lists, door prizes, wacky props and wacky costumes, this program is the perfect way to add some fun and local colour to your Alberta conference. Ideal as a conference opener or closer, luncheon program, breakfast talk, after-dinner presentation or spousal program.

You can also arrange to purchase souvenir, signed copies of When Do You Let the Animals Out? or What’s So Funny About Alberta? at a discounted price for a truly unique and memorable memento for conference delegates.

“We were in stitches laugh so hard. Michael is very entertaining and humorous, which held our attention while learning valuable information!” Wendy Kirkpatrick, Meeting Planner International

“Your unique brand of humour backed up with your innate knowledge of the Rockies made for a truly memorable presentation.” Ian McCormack, Alberta Assessors Association

What’s So Funny About Alberta?

Based on the Best-Selling Book! This fun, unique program offers an entertaining, inspiring, and truly wacky look at Alberta. The program is based on the best selling book, What’s So Funny About Alberta?, and includes:

Welcome to the Wild and Wacky West
The Top-10 Ways to Become a REAL Albertan
Mike’s Most Canadian Moment
Mike’s Most Albertan Moment
Un-Bearable Bear Stories
The Funniest Alberta Tourist Questions
The What’s So Funny About Alberta Quiz
The Funny Alberta Road Tour Slide Show

This talk is a great welcome for groups coming to Alberta, or a fabulous program for Albertans who want to see their own backyard in a totally different light. It makes a great conference opener, after dinner presentation, luncheon talk or spousal program. Discount, signed copies of What’s So Funny About Alberta? are also available as gift or souvenir items for conference attendees.

Presentation Skills Training

Inspiring Ideas for Inspiring Presentations
It’s not so much WHAT you say that matters, it’s HOW you say it!

How you say it, how you make that sales pitch, how you deliver that speech at the annual conference or how you present an idea in the boardroom, means the difference between success and failure. Or at least between being mediocre and brilliantly effective.

It can mean the difference between boring your audience into a catatonic stupor and keeping them awake; the difference between alienating your audience and connecting with the audience; the difference between having absolutely no impact on your audience (and really, how depressing is that?) and inspiring your audience to action, whether it be an audience of 3 or 3,000.

Inspiring Ideas for Inspiring Presentations workshops offer practical tips designed to help any level of speaker improve both their confidence and their speaking skills.

This engaging workshop is interactive, informative, and fun. Michael practices what he preaches, so not only do you hear the information, you see it in practice, which is why many of Michael’s clients have described this workshop as “the best workshop they have ever attended on any topic.”

And yes, the workshop will even cover what you’re going to say, because truth be told, it’s not just how you say it that matters, what you say has an impact too. So you’ll learn tips and tricks and secrets from an experienced professional speaker on how to plan your presentation, develop ideas, organize your ideas and deliver your ideas more effectively than you ever have before.

“The best and most focused training I have had in 30 years.” Peter Hope

“Mike is great! The presentation skills workshop was one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to.” Barb Bertch, Parks Canada

“You have a unique ability to inspire confidence and foster significant improvements in people at any level.” Mary Dalman

“I thought this was one of the best workshop sessions I have ever attended.” Leanne Howard, Alberta Agriculture

Workshop Content
Planning the Presentation (You weren’t just going to wing it, were you?)

Starting with the end in mind: Just what the heck are you trying to accomplish?
And just who are you speaking to? Getting to know your audience
How audiences learn. . . and why you really should care
So, what’s your message?
How to get more ideas and better ideas by storming the brains
Getting organized and putting your wonderful ideas to paper
Inspiring Ideas to Inspire Your Audience

How to be more effective by keeping it simple
How to use humour effectively—without getting fired!
Simple ideas on how to bring your ideas to life
How to show and tell instead of tell and tell
Once upon a time . . . turning your messages into stories
The Funniest Alberta Tourist Questions
‘Hearsing and Rehearsing: How to Memorize and Practice Your Presentation
(You were planning on practicing, weren’t you?)

How to Harness Your Nervous Energy and Learn to Love Speaking (Or at least to prefer speaking over death)

Keeping Face: Body Language Do’s and Don’ts

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Making Effective Use of Your Voice

Introducing Introductions

And in Conclusion . . . How to Close With a Bang

Any Questions? Managing a Q and A Session (Before it manages you)

Audio-Visual Pointers: How to Make Your A/V Work for You



“You left the audience in stitches and with a lot of food for thought on how they approach their everyday worklife.”
Kathy Reimer Canadian Business Travel A s s o c i a t i o n

“Our participants rated you as the speaker with the highest quality and relevance.” Lana J. Larocque, Alberta Human Resources

“Your name and topic brought a record crowd to our meeting. Your presentation provided us with an opportunity to laugh and a chance to look at how we can make our workplaces truly exciting places to be!” Heather Ayres, Human Resources Management Association of Manitoba

“87% of the staff gave you the highest rating available – many said it was the best workshop they have EVER attended. Based on the evaluations you were hilarious, inspirational and motivational and many want you back! I still see examples in the workplace more than two months after the workshop!” Charlene Dalen, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

“Michael’s presentation was highly energetic and humorous, focusing on creating a more pleasant work environment. Comments from members included: ‘fabulous, wow!, awesome and timely.’” Over 90% of the audience rated the session as having exceeded their expectations!” Bill Baumgartner, Secretary Treasurer, Co-operative Managers’ Assoc.

“People were engaged, energized, inspired and most importantly, they laughed a lot! Michael was an absolutely wonderful consultant to work with.” Sophia Langois, HR Director, KPMG

“Your presentation really hit the mark! After seeing the reaction, our president felt it was important for you to come to our head office and address all of our employees.” Kathy Hammond, Conference Planner, The CUMIS Group Limited

“Many of the head office staff thought you were the best keynote speaker we’ve ever had! Thank you for your invigorating and energizing keynote presentation.” Tanya Dusyk, Territory Manager, Shell Canada “The best keynote speaker ever! You’ve left a lasting impression with us!” Roxanne Plante, Medicine Hat College

“Your dynamic and interactive presentation was the highlight of our conference. To this day, years later, when our management teams gets together we will often refer to the topics that you enlightened and enriched our lives with!” Steve Enns, Vice President and General Manager, TGS Harvard Management

“From the feedback forms your presentation scored a perfect 10 out of 10! Your presentation was humorous, thoughtprovoking and insightful.” Paul Ryan, Alberta Association of Radiology Managers

“I have never heard so many ‘thankyou’s!’ The group laughed and walked away with a rejuvenated attitude and concrete ideas. Michael presents valuable, pertinent, and USEFUL information in a highly amusing and effective way.” Terry Zitnak, Manager, AB Sustainable Resources

“Michael Kerr earned a perfect evaluation for his presentation at the conference. We appreciate the time and effort it took to plan and deliver an excellent and thoughtprovoking session.” Jean Silzer, Travel Alberta Conference

“We were in stitches laughing so hard during our meeting. Michael is very entertaining , which held our attention while teaching us valuable information.” Wendy Kirkpatrick, Meeting Planners International

“This was the best and most focused training I’ve had in 30 years!” Peter Hope, Communications Manager, Atlantic Region Parks Canada “Michael’s session was the best part of the meeting! Excellent and well worth the time – so relevant and beneficial to our work.” Jocelyn Baker, Regional Forester, Saskatchewan Environment

“We were drowning in tears of laughter during most of the workshop. Michael is a very dynamic and upbeat speaker. His presentation was an excellent way to end our conference.” Antje Nameth, Manager, Industry Canada

“Because of the positive spirit of humour, team building and alternative thinking activities you furnished us, the weekend was a huge success! We got so much out of your presentation and heard nothing but positive feedback. We are huge fans!” Walt Muralt, President, Muralt’s Travel Plaza

“Michael’s presentation was upbeat, action packed and very funny. One of our best speakers ever. I certainly recommend Michael Kerr as a speaker who is very dynamic and who will add some humour to your event.” Roy T. Spence, Chairman, Saskatchewan Credit Union Managers Association Conference

“As our opening speaker, your contribution was considerable. Your presentation was delivered with humour, passion, commitment and tremendous energy. Your style of communication through humour truly inspired participants and energized our workplace”. Glen Armstrong, Regional Director, Public Works

“Mike was outstanding! One client told us he taped Michael’s business card to his mirror just so he could laugh and remember the evening!” Stephen Gooder, Investment Planning Council of Canada

“Not only did you have people laughing throughout, you gave numerous practical, concrete suggestions on how to use humour in our work lives. By including examples specifically related to our area of work, delegates could relate to you, and you stressed that people can be professional and still include humour at work.” Leta Ottway, Chair, Operating Room Nurses Conference

“To speak to speaking professionals is a tough ‘gig’, but you grabbed them and held them with your unique wisdom and wit. I will recommend your great work to clients and speaker bureaus.” Donald Cooper, President, The Donald Cooper Corporation

“Michael Kerr exceeded our expectations as a keynote speaker. His enthusiasm, high energy and humour captivated our difficult audience and staff at all levels benefited greatly!” Judy Illick, Business Operations, Calgary Board of Education

“One of the most delightful and entertaining presentations to start our conventions! Michael is a comic genius with a dynamic and motivating message. We received nothing but positive feedback and I highly recommend Michael as a speaker with a positive influence on the workplace.” Edi Winberg, President, Southeastern Teachers Association

“Comments from delegates included: ‘Off the scale . . .what a phenomenal speaker and person!’ and “He showed the incredible value of bringing humour into the workplace.” The majority rated you as “excellent” and appreciated your engaging style and valuable take-away tools and ideas.” Diana Wong, Credit Union Central of British Columbia

“I thought Michael did an excellent job of demonstrating how humour can influence a positive attitude, relieve stress, build stronger teams, spark creativity and improve morale.” Glenn Taylor, Allstate Canada Group

“Your outrageously entertaining presentation kept them guessing, interested and engaged. It was so outside the norm but still so on point. You united this diverse and demanding group – thanks for adding value to our conference. Adriana Smith, Senior Manager, Deloitte

“Your presentation was the perfect end to our conference! You sent people away with a humour tool kit they can use in their offices.” Feedback from delegates included: ‘awesome!,’ ‘terrific closer,’ and ‘we need more of this!’” Karen M. Byrne, Peel Mutual Insurance Company, CIAA Conference Chair

“It was a fun-filled day that went all too quickly. You gave us lots of ideas and inspiration to make our workplace full of laughter and an understanding of the use of good safe humour that will lead us on the path to more productivity.” Lorrie Webster, Manager, Financial Services, Indian Oil and Gas Canada

“Hilarious! An excellent speaker. Worthwhile topic.” “Fabulous way to end the day.” “The best today!” “Best one of all!” “Reinforced the importance of humour!” “Very energetic! What a great way to end the day! I laughed until my face hurt!” “Super presentation, made my day!” “Great ending to the day!” “Best course of all.” “Excellent ending to the day!” Evaluations comments from participants at Alberta Pharmacists Association Conference

“Michael Kerr was our closing keynote presenter at Vitalize 2004 in Edmonton. I strongly recommend Mr. Kerr for your event, delegates are still talking about him today.“ Leah Paton, Wild Rose Foundation

“We could not have chosen a better speaker, he kept us laughing and engaged during the entire four hour presentation.” Andre Therien, Bell Canada

“Your ‘Putting Humour to Work’ workshop was a great hit. People are still laughing and implementing your ideas into their workday.” Gina Pope, Peace Country Health “Mike provide an hour of non-stop laughter with key messages.” “Mike believes in what he is teaching” “Everyone should have a chance to hear him. What he said made total sense!” “Mike from Canmore was a real find.” “Mike’s presentation was one my absolute favourite of the whole time in Jasper.” “What a message, what a speaker.” – Feedback comments from participants of CUMIS Incentive Trip

“You are a truly gifted presenter. It was a real delight to be able to laugh for two hours and still learn about techniques to increase wellness at work.” Wallie Simieritsch, Alberta Mental Health Association “Your energy was contagious! Some participants went home with sore stomach muscles from laughing so hard!” Sloane Muldoon-Girardin, District Manager, Scotiabank

“Outstanding! He needs to be on video!” Linda Bronson, Asante Health System

“The overall rating delegates gave you was a 4.95 out of 5! You have truly helped set the bar high for our standard of excellence!” Pat Goodberry-Dyck, Health Care Service Excellence Conference.

“We could not have asked for a better presenter or topic to begin our day. You energized the crowd and inspired them to think differently. Our president even had everyone up later doing the fun dance!” Terrie Faulkner, Total Care Technologies

“Thank you for your exceptional presentation and relevant and important messages. You received rave reviews from staff!” Rhonda Wehrhahn, Business Unit Leader, Department of Alberta Energy

“Michael’s workshop was absolutely brilliant! His abundant energy and enthusiasm was infectious and it was a nice way to set the tone for the rest of the week! Mary Quayle, Manager of Finance, Parks Canada

“I thought your “Speaking of Speaking” workshop was one of the best workshops I have ever attended!” Leanne Howard, Program Assistant, Alberta Agriculture “I have heard nothing but rave reviews about your session. It was the turning point that made the conference a success, in fact, your morning session was the impetus for turning a planned dry afternoon session into a mini-version of Canadian Idol!” John Pheifer, Manitoba District Manager, Measurement Canada

“Our members felt you were dynamic – providing them with a good mix of inspiration, educations and GREAT humour! They had nothing but praise for your presentations both as a keynote presenter and workshop trainer and would love to see you back!” Maurizia Hinse, Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association

“This was the best luncheon talk I’ve seen in 42 years of Rotary Meetings!” Ken Madden, Banff Rotary Club Magical! Inspiring! Outrageous! Mesmerizing!” Cora-Marie Clark, Strategix Consulting

“Informative and hilarious! What a great entertainer. The best presentation! 5+++ out of five!” Travel Alberta Fall Industry Conference evaluation comments

“The feedback we received from staff showed that your presentation was the most appreciated and enjoyed session of all that were presented. That is by itself a great testimonial to your personal leadership style and communication skills!” Alan D. Burpee, CEO, Society for Manitobans With Disabilities

“I have seen numerous presentations on humour and its applications and yours was by far the most useful and entertaining! Your platform skills are exceptional!” Jeff Mowatt, President, JC Mowatt Seminars

“The feedback for your informative and energizing workshop was extremely positive. Some of the comments included” ‘This was your best workshop yet – every employee should participate in this workshop.” Marlies van Dijk, Calgary Regional Health

“To anyone looking for a humorous and educational speaker – Mike was outstanding! Not only was he very funny and entertaining, there was a lot to learn about humour in the workplace. We will see him again . . . no question!” Dana Zaretski, Chairperson, Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians

“The delegates were truly enlivened, educated and entertained by your presentation. The fact we are able to acquire someone of your high calibre was a real bonus!” David Hobson, Toastmasters International Conf. Chairman

“Your appearance broke the mould, your energy and humour relieved the tension of information overload!” April Wright, Conference Manager, Canadian Energy Research Institute

“Your workshop was full of energy, creatively presented and jam packed with worthwhile advice. You have a unique ability to inspire confidence and foster significant improvements in people at any level of ability.” Mary Dalman, Parks Canada

“I requested a presentation with a good deal of humour in it and that is what you delivered. It was a breathe of fresh air.” Jean Herriot, Manager, Compensation Services, Public Works

“You left the audiences in stitches, but with also a lot of food for thought on how they should approach their everyday work lives.” Kathy Reimer, Program Director, Canadian Business Travel Association

“A couple of participants said this was the best workshop they’d ever attended. Everyone was impressed with your dynamic, humorous approach. You definitely made an impression!” Jenny Klafki, Communications Manager, Yoho National Park

“What a rollicking trip! The audience laughed, they were awed; they were inspired! Mark Battista, Richmond Virginia County Parks “Your hands-on session was one of the highlights of our session. I personally appreciated your ability to sense the group’s energy level and their need to be reenergized!” Monique Doolittle-Romas, Director of Learning, United Way of Canada

“Your platform skills are impeccable . . . relevant content . . . one of the best humorists I’ve ever seen . . . an inspiration to your peers!” Valerie Cade-Lee, President of The Performance Curve “After hearing Mike at a conference I knew we needed to share his presentation with all of our staff. Absolutely everyone was pleased that they had invested a Saturday in attending the full day session.” David. H. Edey, Manager, City of Edmonton Clerk’s Office

“Michael is a dynamic, polished and entertaining speaker. His talk was informative, engaging and very practical.” Brian Carbol, Principal, Salisbury Composite High School “You had the delegates on the edge of their seats. An unqualified success!” Peter Fletcher, Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals

“Energetic, entertaining, enlightening and enjoyable. I laughed so much my face hurt, you made the event perfect!” Michelle Wiebe, United Nurses of Alberta “Thank you for your wonderful workshop – your keynote workshop was extremely well received, and your helpful hints are something we can all use to make our work life more enjoyable and less stressful.” Tom Maier, Dir. of Corp.Services, Town of Banff

“Michael’s sense of humor and real life stories led to over an hour of learning and laughing. Attendees’ comments included: ‘The best session today!’ “Excellent!’ and ‘Fabulous way to end the day!’” Rose Dehod, Director, Member Services, Pharmacists Association of Alberta

“Mike inspired the delegates and gave them a breath of fresh air. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a session by Michael we encourage you to do so!” Jane Fournier and Kim Martin, Alberta Association of Library Technician Co-Chairs

“Your workshop was invaluable in reinforcing the very real value that humour plays in creativity, team building and relieving stress. I have heard nothing but positive comments from all levels of staff!” Richard Parker, General Manager, Planning and Transportation, City of Calgary

“I was most impressed with Michael’s ability to find humor in ANY situation!” Marla Nadeau, Department of Energy

“The workshop was consistently rated a 5 our of 5! The topics were very relevant and meaningful to our work.” Greg Thompson, Informatics Manager, Parks Canada

“Michael was amazing/Great session/Full of useful tips/I don’t think I have ever laughed like that, but also took away valuable information/Huge amounts of useful information/ EXCELLENT!/ Michael was fabulous, easy to listen to, funny and knowledgeable.” Comments from Alberta Agriculture conference evaluations

“Wonderful ideas to implement at work!” Linda Anderson, Henry County Health Centre Rave Reviews! M i c h a e l K e r r “Michael was a very energetic, dynamic speaker who kept the session lively and interesting.” Maureen Ouellette, Human Resources Manager, City of Calgary

“Your enthusiasm and humour was a wonderful way to end the conference.” Doug Irwin, Associate Commissionaire, Strathcona County, Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators Conference

“You were a big part of our huge success! You rated a perfect 5 out of 5 from almost every participant!” Ken Pichach, Canadian Mental Health Association

“Your dynamic, humorous and off the wall keynote presentation set a whole new standard for our conference sessions. Thank you for making such a profound difference.” Brian Lee, Conference Chair, Health Care Service Excellence Conference

“Michael Kerr is awesome. I obtained enough electricity to shock my hospital into shape.” Cathy Ferdetta, Capital Health System “I would love Michael Kerr as my boss! A lot of fun ideas! Jean Bulquerin, Tri-City Medicial Centre

“Your topic was a huge success, both entertaining and thought provoking.” Fran Kwong, Canadian Petroleum Tax Society

“Your terrific style, flexibility and quick thinking resulted in a fun evening. The evaluations, without exception, rated you as extremely high.” Tom Zeiser, Producer, Air Fair “Michael presented a very entertaining workshop!” Max Willis, CFO, CFE and COO, International Association of Fairs and Expositions

“Michael’s enthusiasm, deft timing and knowledge makes him the ideal public speaker.” Susanah Windrum, Calgary Outdoor Resource Centre “It was a fun-filled day that went all too quickly. You gave us lots of ideas and inspiration to make our workplace full of laughter and an understanding of the use of good safe humour that will lead us on the path to more productivity.” Lorrie Webster, Manager, Financial Services, Indian Oil and Gas Canada

“Thank you for your hilariously inspirational presentation, we have received nothing but positive comments!” Linda Burdett, Office Manager, Steinbach Chamber of Commerce

“Michael provided a hysterical, yet purposeful session. His energetic style mixed with information made for an awesome start to the weekend. One delegate described his sessions as “life changing.” I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to organizations seeking to re-energize their staff and delegates.” Holly Sorgen, SMEDA Economic Development Agency

“Our goal was to get our membership energized and ready to tackle the remaining workshops with enthusiasm and your high energy program accomplished that goal! “ Donna Stollfuss, Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs

“Michael’s presentation was excellent. Not only were we entertained, he introduced some very practical tools and concepts for use back in the office.” Geoff Shields, Chubb Insurance of Canada “We made the right decision. Michael’s talk was both enlightening and entertaining. Michael delivered everything we hoped for and more. 83% of our delegates rated him as excellent, the other 17% as good. How many speakers earn ratings like this? I recommend Michael without reservation, he will not disappoint. “ Julie Feuling, Independent Community Bankers of America

“You were truly inspiring and incredibly funny – thank you for your awesome presentation.” Theresa McInnis, Aboriginal Business Canada

“I knew Michael’s light-hearted and fast paced presentation would delight our guests from across Canada and the United States. His “When Do You Let the Animals Out?” talk was a hit with the group – his “Made in Canada” humour helped attendees go home with fond memories.” Kevin O’Neil, Director of Operations, Canadian Rubber Association Conference

“What a fun, refreshing keynote speaker Michael was. I enjoyed listening to him so much, and ending the weekend on such a wonderful note!” Kori Kuryvial, Chinook Health Region

“You went above and beyond for our conference. Your professionalism, humour, agreeable attitude and warmth made you the highlight of our conference.” Corrine Gallagher, President, Yukon Toastmasters International

“Our delegates were delighted with the choice of you as our luncheon speaker!” Mel Hennig, Executive Director, Western Canada Tire Dealers “Your unique brand of humour backed up with your innate knowledge of the Rockies made for a truly memorable presentation.” Ian McCormack, Executive Director, Alberta Assessors Association

“You will not be disappointed, I guarantee you.” Greg Stroud, Atlantic Reg., Parks Canada

“Loved the day; it was fantastic!” Carol Easton, Director of Surgical Services, Calgary Health Authority

“Michael did an outstanding job, and he did it by putting a massive amount of energy into his workshop. The attendees were laughing and learning the entire presentation.” David Blain, Indian Oil and Gas

“Your presentation was outstanding. You are a dynamic individual that has provided a strong foundation for applying humor into our day-today lives and you have energized our team.” Pamela K. Bunnin, Permitting Manager, Bell Canada

“Thanks for the excellent presentation. The evaluations indicated a very positive response to both your subject material and delivery style.” Tom Macdonald, Executive Director, Local Government Managers Association Forum

“Michael’s enthusiasm, energy and upbeat presentation style combined to create a positive learning environment. I highly recommend Michael as an excellent speaker and entertaining!” Margot White, Manager of Communications, College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia

“Without exception, every one of the evaluations rated you as “excellent” (the highest rating!) for your workshop. And the keynote address was for many the highlight of the entire conference. The entire mood of day two was greatly improved by your energetic and dynamic presentation!” Tara Taylor, NWT Regional Coordinator, NWT Regional Council

“Michael Kerr bills himself as a Workplace Energizer!, Speaker, Trainer, Author and Nice Guy. And you know what? He’s not kidding (for once). He is all that and more! Mike demonstrated that, for so many work situations, humor is the glue that can make ideas stick. His session was thoughtful, purposeful and hilarious.” Marnie Main, Landscape Alberta Nursery Trade Association

“I have had so many positive comments about your presentation that I am sure we be following this year’s very successful recipe well into the future. Your humour was exactly what we needed – thanks for an excellent job.” Glen Johnston, President, Ontario Mutual Insurance Association

“The six humour in the workplace workshops you presented were tremendous! For both of our evening presentations, all I can say is – WOW, where do you get your energy! Thanks for making our congress the success it was!” Lowry Burrell, Claims Supervisor, Co-operators Insurance

“Each of the over 250 delegates rated you as ‘excellent’. Many indicated you were the highlight of the 2005 summit!” Darrell Joy, Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation “I haven’t come across a single evaluation rating you less than 5 out of 5. Some of the delegates’ comments included: ‘Fantastic!’, ‘funny and informative,’ and ‘a breath of fresh air!’”. Mary Moltman, Conference Safety Co-Chair, Pacific Safety Center Thank you Michael for an excellent day full of fun and energy. I have received nothing but wonderful feedback. The conference was invigorating and stimulating, helping to refocus both mind and spirit. This conference was the BEST! Michael Kerr was great!! Dr. Anita Mitzner, Learning Consultant, Calgary health Region

“Mike from Canmore ended our conference on a very positive note. Mike is a very entertaining and energetic speaker who kept our staff on a “high” the entire time. Some staff said they laughed so hard their jaws hurt!” Louise Szaszvary, Food Safety Division, Alberta Agriculture

“I have talked to several audience members who felt energized and motivated by your presentation. Thank you for inspiring us! Kane Kilby, Director, Human Resources, Royal Jubilee Hospital

“Excellent presentation. It was very well received by our group, and I found the presentation to be timely, humorous and relevant in today’s work environment.” Ed Paras, Manager, School Plant Officials Society

“We received nothing but positive comments about the workshop: participants enjoyed the energetic mix of great, positive humour and relevant information, which made for a truly memorable day!” Dawn Brooks-Luyendyk, Sulphur Admin. Assistant, Shell Canada

“Your session consistently received the highest scores, and the ranked as the most effective. Some participant comments included: ‘WOW! The messages will resonate a long time, what an impact!’ and “Refreshing energy that shook up the entire room!’” Pam Clark, Visitor Services Manager, Jasper National Park

“Your enthusiastic presentation was well received. You were able to capture a lot of energy and humour in your presentation AND at the same time deliver some serious messages.” Brian Sarkadi, Team Leader CIO Office, Shell Canada Limited “Furiously frenetic! Great presentation. By far, the best presentation EVER given ANYWHERE! Book this guy again and again!” Comment from delegate at Alberta College of Pharmacists Conference

“Evaluation results show that our 400+ delegates thought you were the perfect closing presentation. Thank you for your fabulous presentation!” Tanya Seneka, Conference Coordinator, Alberta College of Pharmacists and Alberta Association of Registered Nurses

“The presenter was excellent – I have attended other sessions on this type of topic but this was by far the best. Of all the seminars, I would rate this as the best. Your highly energetic style was the perfect mix of humour, enlightening facts and knowledge.” Revenue Canada Agency feedback comments

“Michael’s ability to bring an audience together and demonstrate the value of humour is exceptional. Brian Ferguson, Encana

“I absolutely loved the workshop! In 25 years of teaching and listening, this workshop tops my charts! I can’t wait to go back to work on Monday and tell my coworkers what I learned! I will remember your words for years to come! Evaluation comments from full day workshop delivered to Moncton Family Services

“Thank you for bringing us the gift of laughter last month. Our staff members are still doing the ‘Happy dance!’” Jane Antoniak, Communications Manager, Middlesex-London Health Unit

“The Inspiring Workplaces presentation was engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining. Michael’s style and humour was inspirational and motivational.” Sandra Jardine, Director, Learning and Wellness, David Thompson Health Region

“Your dynamic, passionate and extremely funny presentation fit the bill perfectly. Our conference attendees were still raving about you three days later. We recommend you without reservation to any group looking for a shot of energy!” Madeleine Baerg, Corporate Events Coordinator, Boardwalk Rental Communities

“Michael’s presentation provided a number of thought-provoking points, wrapped in so much fun and laughter that the participants absorbed the concepts painlessly.” Irving Kurz, Victim Services Coordinator, Red Deer RCMP

“Superb! excellent! Funny and wise, exceptional, wonderful, have him at the next conference . . .” Comments from delegates at the Health and Home Community Care Conference, Vancouver, 2006

“You were the hit of the conference. Most of the participants rated you as the best presenter of the conference.” Karen Bossin, Shoppers Drug Mart “Mike engages his audience with his energetic and interactive style. He uses universal scenarios and presents them in an entertaining and humorous way where everyone can relate and appreciate.” Catherine Bell, Hospice Calgary

“Thank you for your hilarious and uplifting presentation, we heard such great feedback from the audience. Your presentation and insights have bolstered our reputation as a premier event!” Angie Gaddy, American Marketing Association

“You were a home run! You made our annual Headliner event an overwhelming success! It was a real thrill to see almost 700 attendees leaving the auditorium with smiles on their faces!’ Devra Bevona, Small Business Council of Rochester

“Michael Kerr was amazing! Not only was he thoroughly entertaining but he also delivered a valuable, pertinent message at the same time. His delivery was great. I plan to apply recommendations Michael made. I would confidently recommend Michael to anyone. Great job!” Kelly Coyne, Bell Systems

“Michael is one of the most engaging, comical, and enthusiastic speakers I have ever encountered! His passion for laughter shines through, and you leave his workshop with a renewed sense of humour, literally.” Sherry Little, McMan Youth, family and Community Services Association

“Your workshop taught us how to create a more creative, healthier and productive workplace. Your high energy presentation style made us all leave with sore cheeks but much to think about. Some of the attendee comments included: ‘Best workshop ever!’ and ‘If everyone could take this workshop it would be a much happier world!’” Darla Joinson, Capital Care Grandview

“I really don’t know how Mr. Kerr’s presentation can be topped. It was the best AGM I’ve been to due to the guest speaker. Best speaker we have ever had.” Comments from Alberta Human Resources workshops

“He was great. Absolutely hilarious. Great start to a fun and informed convention. Amazing. Great opener. Very motivational, Come back. Very helpful. Great talk! Inspirational and fun. Great ideas to take back. Excellent speaker. Very energetic.” Summary of comments from Canadian Call Centre Managers Conference, Cancun, November, 2006

“Everyone enjoyed your entertaining and upbeat presentation, having you as our closing speaker was an excellent choice as you concluded the conference on such an energetic and motivational note.” Cathy Hornsby, Coordinator, BC Health Services

”Too funny, excellent philosophy on life.” “My ribs hurt!” “This talk was the best part. Uplifting and very funny. Worth waiting for.” “Some great ideas on improving attitudes at work.” “Realistic and fun” “Very entertaining and gets points across.” “Great concepts. Practical tips!” “Superb! Hilarious, but speaks the truth.” “Fabulous! Made his point, got his message across and it was incredibly entertaining.” -Sample comments from participants at BCHS Pharmacy Business Practices Conference, Spring, 2007

“Our audience found your presentation both engaging and humorous while at the same time serious with respect to the message of motivating, inspiring and empowering employees through humour. Your obvious passion shone through and was indeed infectious.” Michelle Stolarchuck, Director, Edmonton Police Association

“He was FANTASTIC! Great Stuff! Relevant! Valuable insights! Best I’ve seen. Excellent and relevant presentation! Very uplifting and totally relevant at work and at home.” Participant feedback comments from Certified Fraud Examiners Presentation, November, 2007

“Everyone truly enjoyed your enthusiasm and passion for the message you shared with us.” George Klassen, Manager, Human Resources, CAA Manitoba “Mike, your presentation was completely energizing and engaging for everyone at our meeting – which is quite an accomplishment considering what a large and diverse group we were. Comments from participants consistently rated your segment as ‘excellent’ with a lot of mentions of how great it was to laugh and learn at the same time. We are now doing the ‘dance’ whenever we can. Thank you.” Linda Alecxe, Vice President, Human Resources, Spartan Controls Ltd. Calgary, Alberta

“We were thrilled to have Michael Kerr as the keynote speaker at our Days Inns – Canada annual conference. His interactive presentation was energetic and of course, extremely humorous!! We’ve received amazing feedback from our franchisees; everyone was entertained, inspired and engaged. Michael was an absolute pleasure to work with and a great addition to our conference!” – Melissa Stober, Marketing Communications Manager, Days Inn

“Your enthusiasm, humor, professionalism, and ebullient style was evident not only to our staff, but to our delegates! They loved you! Your presentation exceeded our expectations and we’re so happy we selected you as one of our keynote speakers!” Ellen Ackerman, Administrative Professionals Conference, 2008


Jonathan Zinck


Jonathan Zinck
Jonathan Zinck, Self Care for Caregivers

Jonathan has a 25-year career in the Caregiving Field that includes working with at-risk youth, helping adults with physical and intellectual exceptionalities, and counselling people with serious mental illnesses. Through his rewarding career he has learned one lesson above all others…you have a responsibility to take care of yourself first before you can step forward to take care of other people. Just as Lifeguards are expected to be stronger swimmers than the average person, so do Caregivers need to have more emotional energy and zest than the average person!

Jonathan has struggled with the feelings of burnout that are common to Care Providers. Low energy, loss of spirit and bitterness are feelings that can turn a job that should be a joy and a privilege into a dreaded duty. However, while reading a book on counsellor training, Jonathan discovered the key to helping Care Providers create the energy and hope they need to thrive: Positive Psychology.

Jonathan started a mission to learn everything he could about the science of Positive Psychology and teach its powerful energy-building techniques to Care Providers everywhere. Along the way Jonathan became a Charter Associate of the International Positive Psychology association and an award-winning fitness instructor. His unique program, “Self-Care for Care Providers” combines the best proven techniques for your body, mind and spirit.

If you are a Care Provider, Jonathan knows that you are making a difference. Now he wants you to feel the pride and overflowing joy and energy that SHOULD come to you in such an honorable profession.

Self-Care for Caregivers

First, a question. What is the definition of an Athlete? An Athlete is a person who uses their body at a much higher intensity than the average person to accomplish their goals. Jonathan believes that you, a Care Provider, are an Emotional Athlete. To do your job well, you use your emotions at a much higher level that the average person to accomplish your goal of providing great care. It sounds simple, yes?

A physical athlete treats their body in a very careful way, especially with nutrition. They need the right kind of food and the right amount of calories. As a Care Provider, how is your Emotional Nutrition? Are you getting enough of the right kind of emotional recharge? Jonathan learned that sitting on the couch and watching TV is not going to let you come back to your job with the energy and optimism that you need.

When you experience “Self-Care for Care Providers” you will learn proven and powerful Positive Psychology Techniques like the Gratitude Letter, the Three Blessing Exercise and more. These new skills will help you remember why you wanted to be a Care Provider in the first place. Jonathan even has a method to get you excited about exercise! (We need to take care of our bodies and minds).

You care for others. It’s your turn to let Jonathan care for you.


“We were absolutely thrilled to have Jonathan as one of our keynote speakers at our 2014 National Health Quality Conference for Extendicare employees working in long term care. We loved Jonathan’s presentation so much that we continue to plan future events together that we know will benefit our employees in better self care today and beyond.”
Melanie Kozlow, Extendicare National Quality Conrference Organizer

“I truly enjoyed the seminar this afternoon! We should have things like that more often! I love how the seminar was focused on the positive end of the stick.”
Manager at Bell Aliant

“After listening to Jonathan Zinck, I realized that I was not living a healthy lifestyle and I chose to follow his advice. I made healthy lifestyle choices with food, exercise and sleep. After one year I had lost approximately 75 pounds of fat and felt physically and emotionally much stronger.”
Judie Martin, Real Estate Salesperson

“Jonathan is a dynamic and engaging speaker whose topics relate to all audiences. The Timmins YJC volunteers look forward to and even request his seminars every year as a means of personal and professional growth.”
Chantal Girard,
Youth Justice Committee Coordinator

“Gave great advice on self-care, not to wear the large “S”. The overflowing pitcher, planning a “beautiful day”. All great suggestions so as not to burn out. Appreciated the light-hearted atmosphere!
“Awesome presenter – useful info presented in a clear concise manner. Good opportunity for group discussion.”
“What a great, informative speaker!”
VCARS Volunteers

“Jon was an engaging, charismatic and energetic presenter. Great listener too!”
“Very inspiring. You can tell he’s speaking from the heart.”
“I’m impressed with the knowledge, energy and humor put into this presentation.”
Katimavik Leaders

Partial Client list

The Ministry of the Attorney General

GoodLife Fitness

Wrigley Canada

Kraft Canada Inc.

Electronic Arts

DeBeers Canada

Detour Gold Corporation


Bell Aliant

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation


Island Health

MICS Group of Health Services

Human Resources Professionals Association

Heart and Stroke Foundation

Canadian Mental Health Association

Canadian Cancer Society

United Church of Canada

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies

Ontario Disability Support Program

Northern Lights College

Selkirk College

Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology

Confederation College

The Workplace Safety Insurance Board






Morneau Shepell

Rotary Club

EXPERTECH Network Installation Inc.

Rehab Plus

Northeastern Ontario Child and Family Services

East End Family Health Team

Dumas Mine Contracting

The Literacy Network Northeast



Community Care Access Centre

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, Retention & Productivity Training
Bruce Lee, Retention & Productivity Training

Retention & Productivity Training


BRUCE LEE is an international event speaker, coach, MC and author. His passion is working with individuals and organizations by offering real solutions to their current challenges through high-value “what to do” content-rich information, an engaging style and real life situations that all audiences can relate to. The objective is to enhance leadership performance and individual productivity in order to improve bottom line results, increase market share and vital employee and customer loyalty and retention. This will create the culture you need where customers and staff do not want to leave.

As a former business owner and with extensive experience gained through involvement in four businesses from a good cross section of industry; banking, credit, oil and gas, executive recruiting and a retail business, prior to becoming a professional speaker, Bruce brings a hands-on approach to measuring and maintaining employee satisfaction. Each presentation includes a variety of additional resources and tools designed to support the training and increase the skills which are important to everyone.


Doing the right activities at the right time with the correct resources. This starts at the strategic planning phase and goes through to time management and implementation of new ideas, strategies and deliverables.
The effective education, motivation and buy in by management and employees to the organizations mission that ensures customer / patient / resident / members / vendors satisfaction and retention.
Providing systems and check points and the communication tools to ensure the work gets done on time, every time.


Bruce Lee has a highly entertaining and effective delivery on an impressive variety of keynotes and workshops on productivity, customer service and leadership by combining humor and the latest business concepts and realities. All education sessions are focused on the actual implementation of the ideas and strategies – otherwise, why provide the training?

In the business world, Bruce gained valuable management. marketing and sales experience as manager for the VISA credit card operation of a major bank, and in the oil and gas industry as a marketing representative for a fully integrated oil company. He was an executive recruitment consultant in charge of setting up their international operations, prior to launching a retail grocery and gas convenience store business. Joining Custom Learning Systems in 1990, now Canada’s largest training and implementation company, as President and Director of Marketing, helped grow it into an international operation with 14 staff and a team of 10 speakers in the United States and Canada, with sales in the mid 7 figure range. On a personal note, Bruce gets things done with a passion both outdoors and for his community. He is a semi-professional and published photographer, avid mountain hiker, road biker, scuba diving enthusiast, downhill skier, a regular blood donor with 420 donations to date, is active on several Boards, and volunteers teaching business courses on behalf of Junior Achievement in school programs.

Keynote and Breakout Topics

Retention & Productivity Training

1. The Seven Attributes of Personal and Professional Success = OUTCOMES

Action, Power, Passion, Results! An inspired look at how to put the power of attitude and excellence to work for you in order to accelerate your company, your professional career and your personal life. It will touch on exactly what it is that separates the average performer from the superstar

2. The Power of Trust in the Workplace or

The Power of Trust For The Healthcare Professional (healthcare version)

This keynote addresses how to grow, sustain and maintain trust – an attribute that can make the difference between being successful, or not. Trust in the workplace and with your workforce is a must for the customer (patient/resident) and prospects as your reputation depends on it. Learn who can be trusted, those who can’t and how to build trust in your employees.

3. The Magic of Engagement (healthcare keynote)

An engaged workforce is not an option these days. This keynote will show you how to effectively engage and motivate employees that will be measureable by improved survey scores and retention levels by your patient, customer, resident and employees.

4. How To Get Control of Your Day, Life and Career – Time Management

Tackle your #1 problem – lack of enough time! This combines the best of time management with the most critical templates along with the best attributes of leadership that focus on creating results. The bottom line – moving careers ahead by doing the right things at the right time.

5. Working With The Generation Y Employee

This session will explain how to get all four generations working together. Understand why Generation Y is called the “Echo Generation” and how to bring out their intense loyalty and enthusiasm. Technology is key!

6. Coaching and Retaining Your Talent

Most new employees in today’s companies are not job ready, and often times they have yet to develop the entrepreneurial skills appropriate to the company’s environment. Learn how to identify, develop and grow employees present and potential strengths. Turn good employees into great employees by high achievement through high expectations, trust and being constantly challenged .

7. Memory Techniques and Tips

How to remember everything, anytime, anywhere, forever! This includes the all-important skill of name retention and current and future ‘To-Do’ lists. For a short video on how to remember names, check out this interview of Bruce on Breakfast Television:



“Amazing, not just good, but amazing. Attitude, what you do matters, clarity of instructions.”  
                Maggie Adamuv, Manager
“Thank you very much for the information. I believe your workshop content has the potential and ability to be life altering – if participants do the extra follow up.”
Kirk Morrison, P.Eng. Transportation / Works Eng., City of Lloydminster, AB 
“Fantastic. The content was helpful and clearly presented. Finding, scheduling and using Prime time. I look forward to applying this information.”
Gina Dobie, Event & Tour Coordinator, Fort McMurray Tourism, AB
“Engaging and entertaining. How to be a better leader – and that when you say ‘good enough’ you know it is not good enough.”
Erin Doucette, QC Manager, Aspenware, Inc., Vernon, BC
“Excellent – I’d love more time, full day would not be enough.” 
Avis Gagne, Program Assistant, Government of Alberta, 
First Nation Liaison Unit Northwest, Alberta Children’s Services
“I am thankful to Bruce Lee for this outstanding presentation. I will no doubt use and share this information. Just do it.” 
Patty Martin, Owner, Twin Springs Ranch, Cochrane, AB
Great, important. Directly applicable to me as a manager and supervisor.”
Chris Ketchum, Pres., Staff Engineer, Enhanced Engineering (E2) Consulting Ltd.
“Bruce was excellent and the content very specific and useful.” 
Brian Stevenson, Staff Engineer, BAR Engineering, Lloydminster, AB
“This is a fantastic topic and it is something everyone can relate to. Great evaluation tools.”   
Don Day, Director of Nursing ,
 Scottsdale Healthcare, Scottsdale, AZ
A partial list of clients and their industries is available upon request.
“Excellent, inspirational and great ideas. Longer. Continuous improvements and the 1%  improvement idea.”
Brian Garnier, BG Management Accounting, Canmore, AB
“Amazing, energetic and engaging. Very personable. Entire session was great.”
Michelle Miller, Therapudic Recreationist, JCI Great Lakes Region V.P., Brantford, ON
“Of great importance. This will help me do my job more efficiently and me more productive throughout the organization.”
Tom Moore, Administrative Services Coordinator, Town of Slave Lake, AB
“Very good, how to be a better leader. Lots of meat and potatoes that I can use and share – even a few eye openers.”
Susan Hodges, Editor, Vermilion Standard, Vermilion, AB


Dr. Jeffrey Magee

Performance Based Business Guru

Dr. Jeff Magee
Dr. Jeff Magee, Performance Based Business Guru

Fee Range: $7,501 – $10,000
Traveling From: Nevada


Jeff is a Performance Based Business Guru and has been called one of today’s leading “Leadership & Marketing Strategists.” Jeff is the Author of more than 20 books, two college text books, four best sellers, and is the Publisher of PERFORMANCE/P360 Magazine , former Co-Host of the national business entrepreneur program on Catalyst Business Radio, and Human Capital Developer for more than twenty years.

Raised on a farm, Jeff started his first business at age 15 and sold it before going to college. By age 24, he was recognized by American Home Products a Fortune 500 company as its top salesman in the nation, while at the same time becoming the youngest certified sales instructor for the Dale Carnegie Sales Course. After experiencing downsizing in 1987, he went on to work as a sales associate for the nation’s largest educational and youth advertising/marketing firm, Target Marketing, and was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Chief Operating Officer within two years.

Magee’s credentials are significant. He is a Certified Speaking Professional, a Certified Management Consultant, and a Certified Professional Direct Marketer. He has been recognized as one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Americans” (TOYA) by the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce, and twice selected to represent the United States at the World Congress as a Leadership Speaker (Cannes, France and Vienna, Austria). A three-term President of the Oklahoma Speakers Association and twice awarded their Professional Speaker Member of the Year, today, the Chapter’s outstanding member of the year is awarded the “Jeff Magee Member of the Year Award.” Jeff served for four years as an appointed Civil Service Commissioner (Judge) for the City/County of Tulsa Oklahoma, before relocating to Montana.

Today, Magee is the author of the nationally syndicated “Leadership” column that you may have seen in your local business newspaper and serves as the publisher of Professional Performance Magazine/PERFORMANCE360. Jeff is the author of more than 20 leadership, performance, and sells books that have been transcribed into multiple languages including four best-sellers. In fact, his text, Yield Management (also known as The Managerial-Leadership Bible) has been a #1 selling graduate management school textbook, while The Sales Training Handbook by McGraw-Hill was an instant best seller and has been transcribed into more than 20 languages. While his newest books it!, Performance Execution and THE LINE: Your Trajectory Code are currently best-sellers as well.

Many of the Fortune 100 firms today use Jeff for Performance Execution® in the areas of managerial-leadership effectiveness, human capital performance, and sales training and coaching. He also been invited to keynote at many major associations in America and speak at West Point Military Academy on leadership.

Magee was commissioned to design, train, and present a new series of national leadership and sales recruitment programs for more than the 5,000 professional sales recruiters and sales managers with the U.S. Army National Guard. For this he has subsequently received the prestigious Commander’s Coin of Excellence.

In 2010 while merging his business JEFF MAGEE INTERNATIONAL (Tulsa, OK) of 20 years with WesternCPE (Bozeman, MT) he simultaneously was recognized as The U.S. Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA) 2010 Best of Business Award in the Lecture bureau category. The SBCA Best of Business Award Program recognizes the best of small businesses throughout the country. Using consumer feedback and other research, the SBCA identifies companies that we believe have demonstrated what makes small businesses a vital part of the American economy. The selection committee chooses the award winners from nominees based off information taken from monthly surveys administered by the SBCA, a review of consumer rankings, and other consumer reports. Award winners are a valuable asset to their community and exemplify what makes small businesses great.

In 2011 Magee un-merged from WesternCPE to continue with his own firm JeffreyMagee.com (Leadership Training & Technology/What You Need To Succeed!), and has been a regular content provider to AICPA, WesternCPE, Boomer Consulting, iShade, CPELink, and many of the Fortune 500 Firms and Government Agencies, as well as appearing regularly at major conventions and conferences around the World. Twice invited to Keynote at the World Congress (Cannes, France and Vienna, Austria), Jeff is known to many as the “thought leaders, thought leader”!”!

The London Business Gazette has hailed Jeff as “An American Business Guru.” Recipient of the prestigious United States Junior Chamber of Commerce’s “Ten Outstanding Young Americans” (TOYA) Award, former President George Bush and the U.S. Army National Guard recognized him with the high honor of the “Total Team Victory & Freedom Award.” However, more important than Magee’s credentials and accomplishments, he is here today to deliver ideas you can use immediately to improve your own personal performance.

Jeffrey Magee’s Sales Bio

Our speaker today has been called one of leading “Leadership & Marketing Strategists” today … he started his first business at age 15 and sold it before going to college. By age 24 he was recognized by a Fortune 500 company as their top salesman in the nation, while at the same time becoming the youngest certified Sales Instructor in the world for the Dale Carnegie Sales Course. After experiencing downsizing in 1987 he went on to work as a sales associate for the nations largest educational and youth advertising/marketing firm Target Marketing, and was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Chief Operating Officer within two years!

… has been called one of today’s leading “Leadership & Marketing Strategists.” Jeff is the Author of more than 20 books, two college text books, four best sellers, and is the Publisher of PERFORMANCE/P360 Magazine, former Co-Host of the national business entrepreneur program on Catalyst Business Radio, and Human Capital Developer for more than twenty years.

Jeff started his first business at age 15 and sold it before going to college. By age 24, he was recognized by American Home Products a Fortune 500 company as its top salesman in the nation, while at the same time becoming the youngest certified sales instructor for the Dale Carnegie Sales Course. After experiencing downsizing in 1987, he went on to work as a sales associate for the nation’s largest educational and youth advertising/marketing firm, Target Marketing, and was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Chief Operating Officer within two years.

Magee’s credentials are significant. He is a Certified Speaking Professional, a Certified Management Consultant, and a Certified Professional Direct Marketer. He has been recognized as one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Americans” (TOYA) by the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce, and twice selected to represent the United States at the World Congress as a Leadership Speaker (Cannes, France and Vienna, Austria). A three-term President of the Oklahoma Speakers Association and twice awarded their Professional Speaker Member of the Year, today, the Chapter’s outstanding member of the year is awarded the “Jeff Magee Member of the Year Award.” Jeff served for four years as an appointed Civil Service Commissioner (Judge) for the City/County of Tulsa Oklahoma, before relocating to Montana.

Today, Magee is the author of the nationally syndicated “Leadership” column that you may have seen in your local business newspaper and serves as the publisher of Professional Performance Magazine/PERFORMANCE360. Jeff is the author of more than 20 leadership, performance, and sells books that have been transcribed into multiple languages including four best-sellers. In fact, his text, Yield Management (also known as The Managerial-Leadership Bible) has been a #1 selling graduate management school textbook.

SELLING Centric – Today, Magee is the writer of a weekly syndicated on-line sells newsletter, Performance Driven Selling©, and is the author of the McGraw-Hill best-selling institutional and collegiate text book, THE SALES TRAINING HANDBOOK© with 52-weekly selling self mini seminars, transcribed into multiple languages. Other selling specific centric works by Magee include the wildly successful book it! How To Find It, Get It, Keep It & Grow IT©, a book of more than 400 immediate applicable selling strategies and techniques address the360-degrees of selling, the it! How To Find It, Get It, Keep It & Grow IT© CD Series of the same name with more than 100 power Podcasts, and his best-selling DVD Series Performance Driven Selling©!

Magee was commissioned to design, train, and present a new series of national leadership and sales recruitment programs for more than the 5,000 professional sales recruiters and sales managers with the U.S. Army National Guard. For this he has subsequently received the prestigious Commander’s Coin of Excellence.

And today he still delivers train-the-trainer courseware and customized sells centric Keynotes and Training to sales management and front line selling professionals with more Clients attesting to record successes with his aid than not!

Many of the Fortune 100 firms today use Jeff for Performance Execution® in the areas of managerial-leadership effectiveness, human capital performance, and sales training and coaching. He also been invited to keynote at many major associations in America and speak at West Point Military Academy on leadership.

In 2010 while merging his business JEFF MAGEE INTERNATIONAL (Tulsa, OK) of 20 years with WesternCPE (Bozeman, MT) he simultaneously was recognized as The U.S. Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA) 2010 Best of Business Award in the Lecture bureau category. The SBCA Best of Business Award Program recognizes the best of small businesses throughout the country. Using consumer feedback and other research, the SBCA identifies companies that we believe have demonstrated what makes small businesses a vital part of the American economy. The selection committee chooses the award winners from nominees based off information taken from monthly surveys administered by the SBCA, a review of consumer rankings, and other consumer reports. Award winners are a valuable asset to their community and exemplify what makes small businesses great.

In 2011 Magee un-merged from WesternCPE to continue with his own firm JeffreyMagee.com (Leadership Training & Technology/What You Need To Succeed!), and has been a regular content provider to AICPA, WesternCPE, Boomer Consulting, iShade, CPELink, and many of the Fortune 500 Firms and Government Agencies, as well as appearing regularly at major conventions and conferences around the World. Twice invited to Keynote at the World Congress (Cannes, France and Vienna, Austria), Jeff is known to many as the “thought leaders, thought leader”!

The London Business Gazette has hailed Jeff as “An American Business Guru.” Recipient of the prestigious United States Junior Chamber of Commerce’s “Ten Outstanding Young Americans” (TOYA) Award, former President George Bush and the U.S. Army National Guard recognized him with the high honor of the “Total Team Victory & Freedom Award.” However, more important than Magee’s credentials and accomplishments, he is here today to deliver ideas you can use immediately to improve your own personal performance.

Topics – Performance Based Business Guru

PERFORMANCE EXECUTION™: For The Success Minded Individual!

Performance Driven & Value Added Selling – Leveraging The “it!” Principles For Your Business Success Today and Tomorrow!©

Leadership Academy of Excellence

Leadership Survivor Institute Leadership Survivor Academy


Bryan Dodge

Teamwork, Sales, Leadership, Peak Performance

Bryan Dodge
Bryan Dodge
Peak Performance


Every appearance and product by Bryan Dodge is fueled by his passion for sharing with others what he has gained in over 20 years as a lifelong, avid student of success habits and leadership principles — knowledge he used first to transform his own life.

A native of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Bryan Dodge began his career in agricultural sales after graduating from the University of Nebraska. His desire to excel led him to become an avid student of success habits and leadership principles. After an award-winning career in sales, this same avid study, now a lifelong passion, changed his life and eventually launched his speaking career.

Early on, he started a company Results that promoted sales seminars throughout the United States and Canada. His company grew to more than 60 employees. Relocating to Dallas, he expanded his business, filling stadiums in major cities with events featuring the most sought-after national motivational personalities, with whom Bryan shared the speaking platform.

After 12 years, he sold this successful business to focus on sharing his own knowledge and experiences with audiences directly. He is now one of America’s most sought-after speakers, making over 250 appearances in the U.S. and Canada last year.

His relationships with top CEOs and other nationally known trainers have given him a wealth of knowledge that he readily shares through his keynotes, workshops, products and radio program. Through the years, he has inspired audiences within thousands of major corporations, professional associations, and other organizations.

At all of his events, he stresses the importance of keeping professional life and personal life in balance. Bryan practices what he teaches when he says that he goes home to his most important job: being an involved and dedicated father and husband. He and his wife, Margaret, have three children. He has been very active in coaching soccer and football and working with kids in YMCA programs. Outside of his love for reading, Bryan’s hobbies are mostly outdoor activities such as hunting and skiing.

Topics, Peak Performance

Boost your team to peak performance with these workshops.  Move your business or organization to the next level by building on your team’s skills. Workshops with Bryan Dodge unleash the energy and hidden potential in every group.

Every workshop is loaded with inspiration, ideas, and simple, practical methods to put those ideas into action right away! And each one is tailored to your goals and audience. Learn how

Workshops range in length from 45 minutes to a full day. Every workshop includes Bryan Dodge workbooks customized for your organization and the right to capture audio and video of your program for later reuse.

How to Beat Your Best Year Ever!

Professional speaker, author, and radio show personality Bryan Dodge will open your mind and heart to help you focus on the most essential aspects of life. Most importantly, he will inspire you to reach your full potential with your family and career. To accomplish this goal, Bryan teaches a stair-step method on how top producers and effective leaders keep on the cutting edge and achieve excellence. Bryan’s message on professional growth and personal development will reveal the keys to have your best year ever both at work and at home. He will coach you on how to create consistent upward growth in your life. Throughout his presentation, he will energize you with life-changing humorous stories that will move you to take charge of your own personal growth. Bryan touches his audiences through his own gift of inspiration and encouragement that helps give a clearer vision to make right choices. The best part of his message is that his delivery style makes learning fun and memorable!

Here are some of the take-ways your attendees will carry with them throughout their professional and personal lives. They will:

• Fall back in love with their jobs as if it were the first day they started.

• Create upward consistent results in their efforts each day.

• Apply the E-A-T Philosophy which will set them apart.

• Utilize Goal Setting in a way they have never heard before.

• Maintain balance between work and home.

• Apply the Three Laws of Leadership that give companies a competitive edge today.

• Focus energy and creativity for greater results.

• Take charge and achieve superior results in every area of their lives.

• Implement strategies that teach the importance of setting goals to make their dreams a reality.

• Present a quick solution to life’s daily challenges.

Building a Team that Works Without You

Keynote speaker, author, and radio personality Bryan Dodge will open your mind and heart to unleash your full potential in business and at home by teaching you the new skills in how to lead today’s generation. People do not want to be managed; they want to be coached and mentored in these ever-changing times. The goal of this training is to give you the tools to create a culture that stands strong during tough times. You will form the chemistry of a winning team by learning effective communication and team-building skills. Bryan’s program is refreshing and entertaining, yet informative and educational. His vibrant and spirited delivery style keeps his audiences in tune to every word.

Attendees will walk away with many take-a-ways including but not limited to

Be skilled at creating chemistry
The power in coaching up instead of managing down
Coaching is about redefining the possible
The key is to help people go somewhere specific
The key to hiring the right people
Transparency is the key to true leadership
Changing a toxic culture
How to lead today’s generation
How to earn and maintain trust with your team
How to handle conflict and confrontation
Creating a culture that stands strong during tough times
Bryan also makes the connection between time management and goal-setting, teaching strategies to move from just getting the bare minimum done day-to-day to making your dreams a reality.

How to Take Ownership of Leadership

This one-of-a-kind workshop alters how people view their individual responsibility and elevates every participant to higher levels of leadership. Bryan challenges leaders to take team performance to the next level by conquering their fears and helping their people overcome their inhibitions. Participants learn:

The three laws of leadership and how they affect every area of life – from the boardroom to the soccer field
What truly motivates people
How to find and keep a good team
Skills that improve team communication
The intangible quality that enables leaders to reach new levels of performance
How to Build a Complete Salesperson 

In this workshop, Bryan Dodge coaches and encourages salespeople — whether veteran sales professionals or those brand new to the field — to master new levels of professionalism. In this workshop, Bryan teaches participants:

How to develop the characteristics of a professional salesperson
Questions that all top producers answer the same way
How to master seven tools of the sales profession
Practical do’s and don’ts of establishing a good first impression

We all know the value of setting goals, but many of us never do it or do it ineffectively. Bryan Dodge teaches a powerful, step-by-step program for goal-setting: The Truth of Diminishing Intent (the 48 Hour Rule). By emphasizing the life-changing difference that goal-setting can make, teaching people a simple method for doing it, and motivating them to begin applying this method immediately, Bryan’s program has been the turning point in thousands of lives.

Negotiation Skills Book Bryan Now!
Negotiation is primarily an exchange of satisfactions. But how do you develop a climate and attitude of “win-win” while negotiating? In this workshop, Bryan Dodge teaches these keys to successful negotiation:

Communication skills that lead to increased understanding
Areas of negotiation – price, control, power, position, recognition, etc.
Values vary – priorities, importance, and moral issues
Issues – have the real concerns been uncovered?
What is said non-verbally – observing actions, body language, attitudes, and sincerity
Questioning – in-depth probing that can lead to a win/win outcome
Information – the party with the most information has the advantage
Patience – don’t let the other party rush you; control emotions on both sides
Planning – detailed planning gives a negotiator options and the ability to predict offers.
Foresighted planning protects against making concessions.
Communication Skills Book Bryan Now!
In this high-impact session, master communicator Bryan Dodge provides the inspiration, insights and need-to-know information that help participants gain new communication skills and refresh old ones. Participants evaluate their own communication skills and learn the steps needed to become more productive and professional communicators. Bryan also emphasizes key communication practices that energize and sustain winning teams.

Time Management & Work/Home Balance

In this fast-paced workshop, Bryan Dodge coaches participants to improve the quality of their time at work and balance the quantity of their time at home. Participants learn:

The four cornerstones of organization
A simple method for prioritizing tasks
Nine time-saving techniques that can double productivity
How to plan and manage complex tasks from conception to completion
How to identify time-wasters
Quick solutions to life’s daily challenges
Bryan also makes the connection between time management and goal-setting, teaching strategies to move from just getting the bare minimum done day-to-day to making your dreams a reality.


“Bryan brings energy, insight and inspiration to every encounter. The time he has spent with our people has made a lasting impact personally and professionally.”

Dean Hefta
Water Street Solutions

“Of all the inspirational and motivational voices in the world today, Bryan Dodge is, perhaps, among the most noted. His energy, enthusiasm and intense desire for humanity in business has taken him to the top of his game. You will learn about life, relationships, commerce…all the while being entertained in a unique and wonderful way.”

Holly Wesche
Wesche Jewelers


What did some of the attendees at ICED 2014 have to say about Bryan Dodge

AWESOME, I wanted to see more of Bryan says G. Irwin
Great Speaker. I learned that people want to know that you care – D. Scott
Excellent and Motivating. Be alive says M. Jones
The most captivating speaker I have ever seen at ICED and maybe ever in my life. I truly enjoyed his presentation. I will review his content regularly. He touches on issues that I deal with in business and personally. – C. Brewster
Was there anyone in the room who didn’t rate this a 5 out of 5? My money is on No says D. Obald
Powerful message and inspirational. Lots of points to keep in mind to live by and conduct business by on a daily basis. – T. Saint
AWESOME – J. Scott
Very Dynamic Speaker – J. Hays

“I truly enjoy Bryan Dodge. I have heard many speakers over time and Bryan Dodge is by far my favorite. ”

L. Janeen Miller, MS, LIMHP, LPC
LinkedIn September 2014

You can’t get any better than Bryan Dodge when it comes to Personal Development. He lives the life he presents in his programs.
Tom Finley
June 23, 2014


Bryan, – Your presentation was more impactful than you know. Thank you for being so real, funny, and most of all passionate about helping myself and others get motivated to create the life we want. It really got me thinking. In fact it got me thinking so much I could hardly sleep Thursday night, well that and I missed my family terribly. 🙂

Committed to your SUCCESS!

Advocare No Limits


Good Day Bryan! – First off, I would like to THANK, THANK, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for speaking with us at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks. I know you touched many of us at Black Gold Farms as a co-worker and I had a little chat Thursday evening about how you have impacted our lives greatly. I can honestly state that you are BY FAR the BEST speaker that I have EVER heard… At several points throughout your speech, I was tearing up. I know exactly what you mean about being able to tell if a person is really hearing you by the look in their eyes as I’m sure mine had quite the story.

Again, I want to thank you Bryan for speaking to our Black Gold Farms family!!! I am extremely grateful to be part of such a great work family and I am so happy that I was able to listen to you as I know that my life has now been changed for the better. 🙂

Brianna S
Black Gold Farms


This past week, I had the opportunity to hear Bryan for the first time at the West Virginia Funeral Directors convention. His presentation was outstanding as he challenged me to become the best me possible.

Prior to owning my business, I worked in sales for Hillenbrand Industries – Batesville Casket Company where I was exposed to numerous speakers throughout my tenure, Byran excels far above all those corporate speakers and “motivational” speakers.

I own a funeral home Henson & Kitchen Mortuary, www.hensonmortuary.com and we are in a good position of gradually growing in a business.

I too have hosted a radio show called Planning For Tomorrow – www.pftradio.com as well as doing some regional public speaking. Bryan was an inspiration to me and let me understand that I was pursuing the right paths but needed to pursue with more vigor and excitemnt.

I really enjoyed his presentations!

Thanks and God Bless!

Fred Kitchen
Huntington, West Virginia

Mr. Dodge,

You made me glad I attended the MBA Convention. I could go on about how incredible your presentations were.

Buck V. H.
Account Executive
KTTS 94.7


Mr. Dodge,

I must say that after 30 years of attending conferences, your two sessions were refreshing and eye opening. I know most people leave conferences and within 24 hours they go back to their old habits. You really touched me and I have made some real changes in my personal and professional life. The real comment you made that stuck was Go Home-Be Home.

Helen Agnew
Senior Account Executive Regional/Local


You were amazing. I loved your energy and contagious personality. You made me feel like you were just talking to me. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I learned a lot.

Thanks again. Awesome presentation!
Kathy & Steve H.



I heard you speak at our EO Nebraska event a while back, purchased your book and just had the opportunity to read it and finish it. I’ve been in EO for 9 years and have experienced a lot of different speakers preaching related messages, however after hearing you speak and then following up with the book it had a big impact.

Thanks again for the inspiration!
J. Hollinger
Simply Homes



I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your presentation got a lot from what you had to say today. You are very passionate about what you do.

S. Kelly
Regional Manager
Cash Canada



I was so blessed to be able to attend your session on Friday at Cabela’s in Buda. You spoke to my heart. I could tell that you were truly using the gift God gave you for your life.

Thank you for speaking from the heart and sharing your knowledge with others.

S. Fees
City Engineer
City of Buda


Mr. Dodge,

You did amazing on Friday. Everyone was engaged and received inspiring information. I want to personally thank you for spending time with both groups this month. I understand your schedule is busy, so we are grateful for this opportunity. If you ever need anything from me, like a recommendation to other cities; I will be happy to help.

Again, thank you very much for your time.

Thank you,
K. Williams
City of Buda


Dear Mr Bryan Dodge,
I wanted to take a quick moment to THANK YOU sincerely for your amazing presentation last Thurs in Las Vegas. You are an amazing communicator and your seminar was the highlight of event for me because you were touching on the real universal keys to success that transcend an industry. Also, thank you and your family for the sacrifices you all make with traveling for work. I and my wife have both done it and it is challenging.
God’s Speed,

D. Turner


Thank you for your presentation on Monday Bryan. It was great! I thought that everyone could take something from it. Whether you applied it to your work or your personal life. I would love to see high schools and colleges and political parties hear you speak.
Jen R
Lasker Jewelers


Our staff enjoyed Bryan immensely. We had great feedback and many who wished he could have spoken in the afternoon as well. He would be happy to know that based on the survey we sent out after our day of training, more than 50% had implemented the 48 hour rule already!!! I personally have gotten up ½ hour earlier every morning to get 15 minutes of reading in and started an exercise program I had been saying “ I was GOING to start” for over 2 years now!! But I think my biggest take a way was that every conversation I have is a seed planted…am I planting food seed or bad seed? Knew the principle well but was a great reminder!!

Have a great day and pass along our thanks to Bryan as I believe it made a tremendous impact in many of our lives!

Becky D
Administrative Assistant, HR
Choice One Bank


Thanks so much for the great presentation today! You did a fantastic job! Our people were blown away! I know you stayed over to help Jennifer out and it is appreciated! I believe your message was heard and received. After 40 years in this business I find myself getting jaded and have “been there” and “done that”. However, today, I sat and watched you and listened to every word. I wished we had all day as I was left with wanting more!
Brad H
LaBelle Management


“Just wanted to say – “You Rock Bryan Dodge”. The seminar was amazing to say the least. My colleauges and I enjoyed the presentation immensely.”

John da Graca
RE/MAX In Action


“I found his session to be super high energy, but not hokey or over the top. He delivered an upbeat, positive message that made you think. The humor that he injects into his presentation was also refreshing.”

Jared Merritt
Vice President
Camden National Corporation


“I thought Bryan gave an amazing presentation. There was a group of us talking about it at the networking event – which was the next night. It was still fresh in everyone’s mind and he was our favorite presenter!!”

Jan Sharma
Senior Financial Analyst
Fox Communities Credit Union


Dear Mr Dodge,

My name is Maria. I attended your WONDERFUL presentation this morning at DPISD and wanted to share with you a few things. I have blessed to be a special education teacher since 1981. I have worked both in the private and public school sector, and have NEVER attending a more moving, inspirational presentation!!! Your thoughts and ideas reaffirmed many of my own, with such style! I enjoyed EVERY bit of my morning, so for this I THANK YOU! I will also be finding your radio program so I can continue listening to your words.

M. Boyle, M.Ed.
Deepwater Jr. High
Special Education


Thank you so much for coming to DPISD today! I don’t think I would have ever taken the time to write out my goals and realize how important this is, if I wouldn’t have heard what you had said today.

Thank you and God bless,
T. Grounds



I really enjoyed your session at Desert Mountain yesterday. You are one of my all-time favorite speakers with CMAA. Your passion and commitment to changing people’s lives is evident. Thanks for being an inspiration and a friend.

J. Critcher
Rio Verde Country Club
Chapter President


(Meeting Review)

Hi Bryan, Thank you for your presentation yesterday. Once again I am blessed to witness you and your message touch lives. You were even better than 5 years ago.

Hope to see you again,


(Meeting Review)

Thanks so much for your presentation at CAPPA yesterday. Your passion and message was a real inspiration to me.

C. Brewer, PHR
Director of Business and Financial Services
The University of Texas at Austin


(Meeting Review)

What an amazing inspiring presentation that you did for Advocare No Limits on Saturday! I can no even begin to tell you how much of my mind you opened up and also how many topic we already connected on. I love the positive thinking involved in your presentation and how you delivered it so EVERYONE could understand!

H. Chumbley II
Independent Advocare Distributor

(Meeting Review)

Hello Bryan,

Hi Bryan! We are Advocare distributors and had the pleasure of hearing you speak this past weekend at No Limits. You are Awesome Sir!
Thanks for all you do and the influence you’ve already had on us.

C. & L. Parks
Advocare International


(Book Review)

THE GOOD LIFE RULES; 8 Keys to being your best at work and at play.

3 stars out of 5Review from GoodReads
Posted July 07, 2010 by Angela, Saline, MI
Bryan Dodge gives a very straightforward, easy to use template for one to be able to live the life they want. Each chapter ends with points you should implement within the next 48 hours, to insure greater chances of success. He doesn’t just tell you what you should be doing, he offers his own personal stories, as well as stories of others, to really show how our lives and what we do and say impact others.

If you’re feeling a bit lost and want to read something to give yourself a bit of direction, I recommend Bryan’s book. Yes, a lot of it is common sense, but sometimes you really just need to have someone else tell it to you in order for you to be able to make that change.


(Book Review)

THE GOOD LIFE RULES; 8 Keys to being your best at work and at play.

4 stars out of 5
Review from GoodReads
Posted May 09, 2012 by Shanemcgraw, The United States
Bryan Dodge is one of those guys who, when you first meet him, might seem like he’s putting on an act and nothing more. “Big deal. Another motivational speaker.” But he’s the real deal. The guy wears his heart on his sleeve and lives to help others. I’m convinced of that.
This book is a repository of Bryan’s top pieces of advice on becoming your best. Having met Bryan on a number of occasions and listened to him speak at least three times, I can tell you that a lot of this information comes out in his presentations. However, even if you have attended one of his seminars or if you are a listener of his “Build a Better You” radio show, I think you will still find value in this wonderful book–perhaps even *because* of that.


(Meeting Review)

Good morning Bryan:

“As usual, your contribution to our meeting was meaningful, applicable and greatly appreciated . . . great job!! I love you sharing your wisdom.”

“Thank you for everything Bryan. You are an amazing inspiration and friend.”

“You are a gift.”

Angela D. Knapp
Executive Associate


Alan Bell

Countering Terrorism, Strengthening Security, Global Risk

Alan Bell, Countering Terrorism, Strengthening Security
Alan Bell,
Countering Terrorism, Strengthening Security

Travels From: Ontario, Canada
Fee Range: $5000 – $7500


Alan W. Bell is the president of a private international security consulting company and is an expert in international counter

His distinguished career includes more than twenty-two years of UK Special Forces military experience related to global terrorist and security issues. Mr. Bell has trained close protection (bodyguard) teams for two kings, two presidents, and has been involved in countering terrorism operations and training throughout the world.

As president Mr. Bell is responsible for developing and directing the firm’s crisis management, corporate security consulting and specialized training services. He specializes in integrating security programs and training, to prevent, minimize, and pro-actively prepare individuals and companies for security-related risks.

Client Testimonial

“Combining practical experience learned with the SAS, the World’s most elite military force; and an avuncular style honed from over a decade of media commentary, training and teaching; Alan Bell is one of the most authoritative and informative speakers in crisis management I have ever encountered.”

The Mackenzie Institute

 In The News

Canada AM: Canadian airstrikes hit ISIS grips Alan Bell, president of Globe Risk International says the coalition is killing a couple of ISIS guys, but so what? It has not stopped them.

Canada AM: Taliban attacks in Pakistan Security expert Alan Bell says it’s the Pakistani government has allowed the Taliban to get away with murder and it will only get worse.

Marlene Leun CTVNews.ca Published Monday, June 9, 2014 9:04AM EDT
Last Updated Monday, June 9, 2014 3:27PM EDT
While the hunt for three Quebec prison escapees stretches into its second day, the province’s deputy premier has confirmed that security measures were loosened just one day before a helicopter plucked them from the grounds of the detention centre.

CTV National News: Red flags indicate terrorism?
Security expert Alan Bell weighs in on why Malaysia
is vulnerable to acts of terrorism.
Monday, Mar. 10, 2014

Canada AM:
Historic spy sentencing, Security expert Alan Bell says the case is unprecedented,
as it’s shocking the navy spy was able to get away with what he did for so long.
Terrorism expert Alan Bell explains how Canada has joined several countries in Europe
in urging its citizens to get out of Benghazi.

 Countering Terrorism, Global Risk

The need to secure the employees, assets and facilities of corporations pursuing business opportunities in high risk areas of the world.

High risk can be defined as:

• Unstable ethnic, religious, military conflicts or dangers of terrorism which threaten foreigners
• Climatic extremes which impact the health and safety of non-resident travelers
• Topographical extremes which effect secure logistics and transport of people and equipment

Sir Richard Branson



Travel From: England
Fee: $400,000 + US

Sir Richard Branson
Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson first stepping into entrepreneurship at the age of 17 by establishing a national magazine and student advisory centre, Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin brand are now some of the best known names in international media, travel, finance, music and leisure.  Virgin encompasses more than 200 countries worldwide and employs approximately 50,000 people in 29 countries.

Virgin was founded in 1970, and was originally a mail-order record retailer.  Shortly after, the first of the Virgin music stores was opened, and Branson began recording music when Mike Oldfield recorded Tubular Bells.  This first album went on to sell more than 5 million copies, and Virgin Music Group’s success was firmly established.

In 1984, Branson formed Virgin Atlantic Airways, which is now the second-largest British long-haul international airline.

Since 1985, Sir Richard has been involved in a number of world record attempts, both on water and in the air, and his Virgin Atlantic Flyer was the largest hot air balloon ever flown.  Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial space tourism business, was launched in 2004.

Sir Richard is a strong believer that all businesses involved in transportation, energy and fossil fuels should be at the forefront of developing environmentally-friendly business strategies.  To that end, in 2008, Virgin Atlantic became the first commercial airline to fly a 747 on biofuel.  He is also focussed on Virgin Unite, an arm of the Virgin Group that looks into entrepreneurial approaches to social and environmental issues.

Sir Richard collaborated with Nelson Mandela, Graca Machel and Desmond Tutu to announce Elders, a group of leaders who contribute their wisdom, independent leadership and integrity to tackle some of the toughest issues in the world.  He set up War Room in Africa to help coordinate health efforts, advise on best practices and monitor and alert the world to new diseases.

Andrew Haley

Motivational Speaker, Three Time World Champion, Paralympic Champion, Cancer Survivor

Motivational Speaker, Three Time World Champion, Paralympic Champion, Cancer Survivor PARALYMPIC & WORLD CHAMPION
Andrew Haley
  • Inducted into “Swimming Canada’s Circle of Excellence”
  • Being inducted into the “The Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame” in 2015
Andrew Haley


Travels from: Toronto
Fee Range: $5000+






Just like all of us, peak performance expert Andrew Haley has had his share of ups and downs. As a child Andrew had cancer twice and each time was given a 35% chance to survive. Even though he lost part of his right leg, Andrew never let it dictate his life.

Andrew is a living reminder that no matter what negative things may happen in your life, you can always try and turn it into something positive. Take control of your life and always try to learn and be better next time. We each have the power to be AMAZING. The only question is, are you ready to take it to the next level? To control your own destiny?

Andrew’s real and inspiring views cover three decades of real-life in-the-trenches sport and personal experience. He appreciates and shares with his audience that being a champion and turning pressure into performance is a moment-to-moment choice and is able to relate and inspire each listener that success is more than title, tenure or position. Excellence is for everyone, everyday. It’s how we should live our life. In his talk, Andrew’s fusion of real-life stories and his conversational techniques connect with his audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.

Andrew is a former world class World Record setting Paralympic swimmer having won, among other competitions, gold medals at the 1998 World Championships and the 2000 Paralympic games. He has served as his swim team’s captain and is a recognized leader in Paralympic sport. He is also a successful businessman who works for the Toronto Blue Jays. He continues to work with the best and brightest in the performance excellence field.

Andrew also finds time to give back to his community. He is involved with the charity RIGHT TO PLAY and also visits schools in Ontario and his native Nova Scotia. In addition he volunteers his time working with AthletesCAN, a national group that supports athletes. He looks forward to partnering with you in the future.

Some companies that have partnered with Andrew include: HSBC, Re/Max, Manulife, Teva Pharmaceuticals, National Bank, Sun Life, Ontario Ministry of Energy, Childhood Cancer Society, Xerox Canada, Four Seasons Hotel.


1.  PEAK PERFORMANCE – Turning Pressure into Performance

Pressure can get to the best of us at times when performance is on the line. How we deal with pressure can often mean the difference between success and failure. In business, knowledge and experience are our most valuable assets, but sometimes we can get stuck in 2nd gear, always trying to get ahead. During Andrew’s swimming career and now with the Blue Jays, he had the same issues but found a way to turn it into amazing success. How can we always put ourselves in a position for success? Hear unbelievable stories from Andrew’s near death fight with cancer to his rise to being a Paralympic and World Champion. He will share his 7-step process for success he has used in both his swimming career and personal life. In the end you will be better equipped to overcome that pressure to be the best ever.

  • Focus on what you can control
  • Learn techniques to overcome the pressure
  • Realize the feeling of not doing well is worse than not doing it at all.
  • Rely on training and experience and “own” your moment.
  • Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together (always stay positive)


Andrew has been part of many great and effective teams. In fact, as a swimmer, he developed the ability to work in both individual and teamwork settings and truly understands the importance of building towards an effective and solid team. During his talks, Andrew shares TEAM as being (T)ogether (E)veryone (A)chieves (M)ore.

A team building success is when your team can accomplish something much bigger and work more effectively than a group of the same individuals working on their own. Mesh the goals of the group from an individual level to make everyone work towards a common one. A better understanding of team work can make you a more effective employee and give you an extra edge in your corporate office.

Take your team to a higher goal and lead from within. In real life, teamwork success rarely happens by itself. It requires a focused team building efforts and activities. There is simply too much space for problems. In Andrew’s case at the 2000 Paralympic Games, four athletes with different disabilities (hence, different physical levels and limitations) came together on a relay with the common goal of winning the gold medal for Canada. The end result was a World Record and the Gold Medal. Learn how you can help your team achieve a “gold medal” performance!


During this presentation, Andrew first talks about the emotional low point in his life, losing his leg due to childhood cancer, then gradually moves into talking about the pinnacle of his athletic success, becoming a Paralympic and World Champion. How he was able make the most of his life when the odds were down to eventually accomplish greatness. Andrew will capture your attention right from the start and his humour and energy will be on display for the whole talk. Andrew will show audiences his 100 metre freestyle Commonwealth Games Gold Medal swim that put him on the top of the podium and to be crowned a Champion. Andrew has experienced many ups and downs in his career, we all have, but it is his mental

toughness, leadership and sheer determination to be the best that has made him a champion. Andrew believes we can each achieve greatness. Your attendees will take away concrete tools to assist them to “W1N” and become the best they can be in both their professional and personal life. Organizations benefit from his success strategies from the high performance world of sport and his 7-step process for success he used in both his swimming career and personal life. Andrew looks forward to sharing his story with your group. After you hear him speak you will realize that anything is possible.


Thank you again for your extraordinary delivery. I really appreciate the effort you took to ensure it was relevant, and the value you provided to us. You have a real talent, and an amazing story. (sent from the main contact that hired me). She is also willing to chat on phone to provide a personal reference if needed. Angie Specic Director, Marketing Communications Allstream

I was very fortunate to see Andrew speak recently. I run a telecom sales team and found that Andrew’s story of both hardship and success was a lesson for all of us. The overwhelming feedback I heard from my team was that Andrew made them really think about how they approach the daily challenges they face and were inspired to set aside any of the typical excuses we use as a barrier to success. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us, Andrew! Joseph Quaresima, Allstream

I heard Andrew Speak at Allstreams’s annual sales kickoff. Andrew is a very personable speaker with a big inspiring story to tell. He delivers his highly inspirational message in a way that that we can all relate to and see how we ourselves can focus on what we want to achieve in our lives: so that we “Normal People” can also do great things ourselves. I have let go of a limiting belief I didn’t even know I had around competitiveness, and am more focused with clarity on what’s important to me, and feel better as a human being. Robert Sinkus Owner, RSC Telecom Solutions Inc.


Michael Schultz

Protest, civility and heckling in sports, entertainment and politics

Michael Schultz,

Travels From: Acton, Ontario Canada
Fee Range:  $2500 – $4000



Mr. Schultz’s career spans five decades of commitment and involvement in the Canadian educational marketplace.

Michael spent ten successful years in the Canadian publishing business. During the 1970-80s, he traveled throughout Canada and the United States, producing and selling learning resources.

He also spent approximately another 25 years in the educational field at the secondary level teaching a variety of subjects in the Peel District School Board. During that time Mike authored a number of learning resources himself in fields like Career Management, International Business and Entrepreneurship.

During the late 1990s, he was a renowned spokesperson for the field of Youth Entrepreneurship, a topic then enjoying considerable growth. His weekly column, ‘Young Entrepreneurs’, was featured in the Toronto Star’s Business Section.

He then shifted gears in the early 2000s and became an authority on International Business as global emphasis dominated new curriculum.

To that end, Michael has authored learning materials in many Business subjects including International Business and Entrepreneurship. He has taught and traveled widely as an educator in countries such as Japan, Korea, England and the United States.

More recently, Mr. Schultz has been operating his own business focusing on educational writing and on-line teaching with Queens University’s Faculty of Education. He also presents to groups on personality preferences and temperaments.

His latest work focuses on heckling – in sports, in entertainment and in politics. He is an informed speaker who deals with the subject matter in a humorous and entertaining fashion. Come and learn more about civility and the act of speaking out.

His recent book is called HECKLE: NOTES FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY (2013) and it focuses on the increased activity in heckling worldwide.

Michael will inform your group in a positive and authoritative manner.


HECKLE has arrived!  Have Michael bring this knowledge to you first hand.  If you have ever been heckled on stage you will immediately see the benefit of this program!

We have all experienced heckling at one time or another.

HECKLE: NOTES FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY is the first authoritative, comprehensive book on the art of heckling. HECKLE covers the history of heckling – the act of speaking out in disagreement – and takes the reader through its influences on sports, politics, and entertainment.

Written with humour, this lively eBook is for those of us in the public eye or those interested in audience behaviour. HECKLE will appeal to athletes, politicians, performers, and anyone who is a fan. Those in occupations like teaching and business will also learn from the many lessons found in HECKLE.

Anyone facing an audience should read HECKLE.

You’ll learn:

  • Why people heckle and how to handle heckles from a crowd, audience or classroom
  • Learn how humans have engaged in the art of heckling through the ages
  • Read about the origins and influences of heckling
  • Understand why heckling is integral to free speech, democracy, and having your say
  • Discover how heckling has impacted our collective self-control and language
  • See how heckling – like everything else – has gone global

HECKLE will make you laugh. You’ll also discover that heckling doesn’t just happen at your local comedy club. It’s much bigger than that.

Heckling happens everywhere.

Read HECKLE and learn how to appreciate and handle the good heckle and reject the bad.

HECKLE: NOTES FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY is a $9.95 eBook, Approx. $20.00 paperback and  available from the following on-line retailers:

Apple iBookstore


Barnes & Noble NOOKbook Store

Sony Reader Store

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh, future trends & emerging markets
Mike Walsh, future trends & emerging markets

Growing Your Business / Consumer Behavior / Future Trends in the Workplace / Futurist / Organizational Development / Growing Your People / Change / Human Resources


Travels: Flat Rate in Canada & USA
Fee Range: $25,000 – $30,000 USD


Founder and CEO of Tomorrow, a consumer innovation research lab, Mike Walsh advises some of the world’s leading brands and corporations on what’s coming next in their industry. Author of the best seller FUTURETAINMENT, he is a leading authority on the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer behavior and fast growth markets. Constantly traveling the world for the best ideas, he distils the most relevant insights into tailored keynotes that allow any audience to not only understand, but also start to influence the future direction of their industry. Rather than focusing on the distant future, Mike focuses on the next five years – scanning the near horizon for disruptive technologies and consumer innovations on the verge of hitting critical mass – then translating these into usable business strategies.

Publisher of the ‘Disruptive Future’ blog read by thousands of professionals in the media and entertainment space, Mike’s unique insights and operating experience in emerging markets re breakthrough innovation and business transformation, makes him an expert on the growing influence of consumers in BRIC countries. His views have appeared in a wide range of international publications including Business Week, Forbes and Wallpaper Magazine.

Corporate Experience

Mike has been a pioneer in the digital space since the 1990s, running both successful start-up ventures as well as holding senior leadership positions in established media organizations. With a background in corporate law and management consulting, he began his career at XT3, a spin out from McKinsey and one of the first digital consulting firms created to help major companies embrace the embroynic Web. During the first dotcom boom, Mike launched the technology publishing group internet.com in Australia, which went on to become the leading local technology news and events platform in the country. He also founded and ran Jupiter Research in the Asia Pacific, one of the first research agencies to track the early adoption of e-commerce and digital business models by online consumers. During this period, he was recognized as one of Australia’s “Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30.”

After his experiences in the Web space, Mike spent five years in senior strategy roles at News Corporation where he helped shape the digital strategy for both their Australian newspaper and Asian TV divisions. Directly engaged by the CEO of Star TV to provide the company with a digital roadmap for their operations, he began his in-depth research into the fast growth markets of Asia.

While in Hong Kong and inspired by the dramatic changes taking place in China and India, Mike founded his latest venture, Tomorrow – an innovation research lab focused on emerging technology and disruptive consumer behavior. Always in demand for his fresh insights and practical future-focused strategies, Mike has advised the CEOs and senior management teams at multinational companies including: the BBC, Fujifilm, Richemont, MSN, Star TV, Televisa, Philips, and HSBC.

In addition to his corporate profile, Mike is a published photographer and supporter of the Arts. His photographic images from his travels around the world helped his book, FUTURETAINMENT, win an Art Director’s Club award in NYC. He has also served on the Director’s Circle at the Australian Museum of Contemporary Art.

As a global nomad and consumer trend scout, Mike does live research, in the trenches, with big corporations and entrepreneurs all over the world bringing a truly global perspective to every event.

Mike’s personal manifesto: “Everything is changing. How we live, how we work and how we play. But to understand the future you need to focus on anthropology (the study of human beings) not technology. After all, as interesting as it is when things change, the real magic happens when people do.”

Mike Walsh KeynotesMike Walsh helps prepare business leaders for what’s next. With an engaging blend of first hand stories, global case studies and cutting edge research into consumer and technology trends, Mike brings the future to life for you and your audience with these four core programs:

  • The Big Data Revolution
  • FUTURETAINMENT – what’s next for your customers?
  • FLEX – what’s next for your enterprise?
  • WORLD NEXT – what’s next for the world?

You can experience these topics as either a high impact 50 minute keynote or a half day workshop with interactive exercises and facilitated discussion.

Supported by a global network of analysts and researchers, Mike takes the time to work with you and your team to tailor his presentations to directly address the issues directly relevant to your company and industry.

The BIG DATA Revolution

There is a new war coming – over the future’s most valuable asset. Big Data, once just the domain of technology professionals, will soon be the number one issue for all business leaders. Consumers are producing more of it, marketers are starting to leverage it, and governments are seeking to control it – and most importantly, business leaders will be asked to make decisions based on it.

The real Big Data revolution is not just about the amount of data that has to be processed, but a mindset change about how data gets used in the enterprise.
With original research, practical evaluations of disruptive strategies and case studies from some of the world’s most innovative firms, Mike Walsh will give you the roadmap you need to set your Big Data strategy in place for 2014. He offers cutting-edge information that each type of audience member needs to hear.

For IT Leaders:

  • The new mindset required to integrate third party Cloud platforms and experiment with exotic Big Data technology platforms
  • Meeting the challenge of engaging business decision makers to commit to Big Data investments

For Marketing Leaders:

  • How to rethink your marketing based on real time data and emergent patterns in consumer behaviour
  • The convergent trends of mobilization, consumerization and Big Data and what they will mean to how you approach and personalize your customer experiences

For Senior Decision Makers:

  • Incorporating data into strategic decision making
  • Innovative approaches to data visualization as a tool for communicating trends and patterns
  • Relevant case studies of the “winners circle” of companies who, today, are making the big bets on tomorrow’s Big Data platforms

FUTURETAINMENT – Yesterday The World Changed – Now Its Your Turn

Based on Mike Walsh’s best selling book, FUTURETAINMENT is a fast paced tour of the latest technologies, global trends, and case studies that will forever change the way you think about your relationship with your customers.

In this session Mike shares:

  • The most disruptive trends specifically researched for your industry
  • Products and promotions that will engage the next generation of consumers
  • Consumer innovations from fast growth emerging markets
  • The value of big data, compelling content and next generation behavioral analytics
  • Global best practices in mobile applications and platforms
  • Original video interviews with the scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs whose ideas will drive the future of your business


FLEX – Business Re-Imagined

What does it take to lead a 21st century company? New technology is not only an opportunity to improve productivity, it invites us to ask a much bigger question – can we re-imagine the way we do business?

In this session Mike shares:

  • The new digital platforms and enterprise tools that can change the relationship you have with your customers and competitors
  • The worldview of your next generation of staff and the new management styles necessary to lead them through disruptive times
  • The new models of innovation suitable for the current, fast paced, uncertain global environment
  • How consumerization, enterprise mobility and the Cloud will change the way your teams colloborate and act on information
  • Relevant case studies of the ‘winners circle’ of companies who have survived disruptive change
  • A roadmap for your company’s future and identify the capabilities you will need to take it there


WORLD NEXT – Your Roadmap To The Global Future

Social unrest, economic turmoil, rapid technological change – we live in a world seemingly dominated by crisis. And yet if you look more closely, you may also see a different set of patterns giving rise to new markets, new consumers and new ways to do business.

The future is already here, you just need to know where to look. Disruptive mobile technology from China to India’s low cost business models, next generation mobile banking in Africa and social consumerism in South America – innovation is shifting to a new geography.

How we interact, transact and entertain ourselves in the future will be shaped by a billion new consumers from emerging markets. WORLD NEXT is your roadmap to understanding and accessing the growth potential of tomorrow’s world.

In this session Mike shares:

  • How the Web of tomorrow will be different from the one we use today
  • New markets, consumers and technology trends that will be essential for the global growth of your business
  • Case studies of international companies who have successfully leveraged cultural forces for local market success
  • The disruptive innovation models of your emerging market competitors
  • The new management styles necessary for leadership in fluid, hyper-competitive and uncertain global markets
  • The winners and losers in the new digital world order and your company’s readiness to survive or thrive

Mike Walsh’s Technical Requirements

Mike’s presentation uses a heavy amount of images and video, all embedded into his Keynote deck that he runs from his current generation Macbook Pro. Due to the custom nature of his presentation, it is not possible to run the slides from another machine or provide them prior to the presentation. He recommends allowing at least 30 minutes testing time prior to the event.
Our requirements are as follows:
• A digital data projector with either a VGA or DVI connection. Mike will supply the connecting dongle for his laptop. • 3.5mm sound lead to play audio from the laptop. • Mike will supply his own Logitech remote, but if the AV desk is far from the stage, we recommend you make available a USB range extender that provides line of sight coverage to the stage. • Mike’s presentation is anamorphic, and can display in either 4:3 or 16:9. If your display is widescreen, we recommend that the source image be stretched to fit. • A fold back screen (a monitor so Mike can see which slides are onscreen from anywhere on stage). • Mike doesn’t require a lectern, and we recommend you keep the stage as clear as possible for him to move around. • A wireless lapel or headset microphone (preferred). • A bottle of water on stage, and prior to the performance warm water/tea with honey and lemon. • Mike will bring an ATOMOS Ninja field recording device to take a copy of the live video feed of the presentation. He can connect to your vision desk via HDMI or HDSDI (assuming there is embedded audio).



Steve Wozniak

“The Woz”, Co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc.; Chief Scientist of Fusion-io;

Steve Wozniak, Co-founder Apple Computers
Steve Wozniak, Co-founder Apple Computers

Best Selling Author of iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon

Travels From: California
Fee Range: USD $90,000 US inclusive of Air Fare



A Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist for the past three decades, Steve Wozniak revolutionized the personal computer industry as co-founder of Apple Computer.  With its first line of Apple products—Macintosh, Apple I and Apple II—Wozniak and Steve Jobs brought computers to the hands of the mass market.  Wozniak’s leadership and creativity cultivated significant disruptive technologies such as the iPod (2001), the iPhone (2007) and the iPad (2010), while also helping to build the largest company in the US stock market with a net worth of half a trillion dollars.

For his achievements at Apple Computer, Wozniak was awarded the National Medal of Technology by the President of the United States, which is the highest honor bestowed on America’s leading innovators.  He is also an inductee to the National Inventors Hall of Fame.  Through the years, Wozniak has been involved in various business and philanthropic ventures; he currently serves as Chief Scientist for Fusion-io and is a published author of a New York Times best-selling autobiography, iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon.  A talented business speaker, Wozniak shares a once-in-a-lifetime success story with audiences globally by teaching the lessons of Apple to show that evolution is achieved from the ground up.

  • The Founding of Apple Computer
  • Fostering Creativity & Innovation in a Technical Environment
  • Breeding an Entrepreneurial Mindset in a Corporate Culture
  • iWoz, His Autobiography
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Education

A Customized Keynote Tailored to the Audience and Event — No Two Speeches Are Alike

He takes a very customized approach to each presentation he delivers and speaks directly with the event host to ensure a topical focus that is unique, conversational and an excellent tie-in with the overall event.  The result is a highly personalized, unforgettable talk delivered by one of the most influential pioneers of the technology industry.

Jas Hawker

Red Arrows over Niagra Falls Canada
Red Arrows over Niagra Falls Canada

British Red Arrows National display team


The pursuit of excellence, Leadership, High-Performance Teams, Teamwork in High Risk Environments, 
Delivering Operational Change, The art of effective debriefing

Travels From: London, England
Fees: £7000 – £8000

 British Red Arrows National display team. 

Jas Hawker has first-hand experience of high-performance teams, of delivering cross-functional projects in large complex organisations and of balancing the tension between performance outcomes and resources.  As former leader of the British Red Arrows National display team and distinguished Royal Air Force fighter pilot combined with experience of consulting to a range of corporate, public sector and professional sports clients he is able to inform, engage and inspire delegates and leave them with messages that will have impact far beyond the event itself.

Jas Hawker, Red Arrows Pilot
Jas Hawker, Red Arrows Pilot

His personal experience of leading the Red Arrows and as a senior military officer will challenge preconceptions on what it takes for constantly evolving teams and organisations to deliver consistent      outstanding results. Years of operating at the cutting edge of leadership, team work, high performance and risk management enable Jas to offer a fascinating insight into the pursuit of excellence, high performance teams, leadership and delivering world-class results in a highly dynamic and competitive environment.

Red Arrows over the Statue of Liberty
Red Arrows over the Statue of Liberty

He was the youngest ever pilot to fly the Tornado fighter aircraft on the front-line and went on to be able to lead any scale of combat mission in any part of the world.  Jas has also undertaken a number of high-level appointments within the Ministry of Defence, advising Ministers on strategic and operational matters; specifically developing national contingency and crisis plans.

He has practical experience of operational level campaign planning having deployed to Afghanistan as a Senior Air Advisor. He has led the Red Arrows across 4 continents (including North America) delivering over 500 public displays to tens of millions of spectators; this enables him to describe the inner-workings of the world’s premier formation aerobatic team. The Red Arrows are recognised as being world-class, yet they have to deliver this consistent output under continual change – each year the most experienced 3 pilots leave; there is a 33% turnover of key personnel. Consistent results are a function of culture, behaviour, process and leadership rather than individual stars.


Jas also offers the opportunity to deliver exciting ½ day seminars tailored to, and aligned with your corporate objectives, which involve a unique and highly engaging insight into high-performance organisations. Through a powerful blend of dramatic in-cockpit video footage, interactive group exercises and real-life case studies, the team development seminar is an execution-focused interactive event, which gives delegates a completely fresh perspective on team and organisational performance, based on the behaviours and processes used by fighter pilots when working in complex cross-functional teams. The aim of the event is to motivate and inspire delegates via a high-impact intervention, to concentrate their minds on your major execution issues from a unique perspective, introduce some tangible tools which can be applied the next day and act as a genuine catalyst for performance improvement.


Bob Geldof

Sir Bob Geldof
Sir Bob Geldof

US $120,000 +


Sir Bob Geldof

is prolific and successful, a tireless charity campaigner who uses his worldwide fame to great effect when it comes to raising awareness of a wide range of issues and causes, including African famines and aid organisations, as well as politics, global communications and business.

During his music career, which started in 1975 with The Boomtown Rats, he has written and recorded a number of albums and hit singles, both as part of a band and as a solo artist, and this continues to be one of his passions. In 1984, he turned his attention to the famine that plagued Ethiopia, resulting in the formation of Band Aid and the massive charity fundraising event, Live Aid. He was knighted for his charity work in 1986.

Sir Bob established himself as an astute businessman with the co-ownership of television production company Planet 24, which was responsible for launching The Big Breakfast in 1992. In the late 90s, he founded online travel agent Deckchair.com, which was sold in June 2003.

Having sold Planet 24, Sir Bob and Alex Connock founded Ten Alps Communications in 1999, which produced documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky, among others. As part of his TV and charity work, he completed a TV series for BBC – Geldof In Africa – in which he travelled through West Africa, Central Africa and East Africa. He has also written a number of articles for eminent publications such as Time magazine.

In July 2005, Sir Bob was at the forefront of the Live 8 concerts which, as with Live Aid 20 years previously, were intended as a global fundraising event. He continues to be a tireless charity campaigner, and has received a number of awards in recognition of his work, including the Nobel Man of Peace Award, several Honorary Doctorates and several nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Since 2010, Sir Bob has been working on a private equity investment fund for Africa called The 8 Mile Fund, which is part of his overall plan to support the continent and bring it in line with other growing economies such as China and India.

An influential and inspiring speaker, he uses his experiences and insight to talk in an informative and entertaining way on a range of topics. He is highly provocative, uplifting, inspiring and motivating, using his own experiences as a basis for his talks.


Carl Duivenvoorden

Carl Duivenvoorden

Environmental issues, Energy efficiency, Effective presentations, Parliamentary procedure, Motivation

Travels From: Upper Kingsclear, NB
Fee Range: $2500 – $3500



THE ENVIRONMENT is a complicated, multi-faceted and ever-changing subject.  Most people want to do the right thing, but aren’t really sure what that ‘right thing’ is.  And amid the daily flood of new – and sometimes contradictory – information, it can be hard to sort fact from fiction.

Carl Duivenvoorden can help – with insightful, entertaining keynotes, workshops and seminars designed to help audiences learn how they can save money, energy and the environment.

Carl clarifies, educates and motivates.  A longstanding member of Toastmasters International, he specializes in presenting complicated issues in a clear and easy-to-understand way.  He presents on subjects as diverse as corporate sustainability and how to influence behaviours to renewable energy and the coming smart grid to everyday solutions at home, at work and on the trip between – because all factor into a healthy planet.  He brings passion, eloquence and fun to every speech he delivers.

Carl was raised on a dairy farm in northern New Brunswick.  His diverse early agricultural career took him to over 25 countries, from New Zealand to Vietnam to Brazil.  But from his early days in the village of Belledune, Carl always had an uneasy concern about human impacts on our global environment.  In 2006, he read “An Inconvenient Truth”, the book that catapulted climate change onto the global agenda.  In April 2007, he became one of the first Canadians to be personally trained by former US Vice President Al Gore to present live versions of his Academy Award-winning slideshow.

Since then, Carl has presented to over 300 audiences, in English and French.  In September 2011, he was one of 23 presenters chosen worldwide to join Al Gore in “24 Hours of Reality”, a climate change awareness event livestreamed to a global audience of millions; he spoke from Ilulissat, Greenland.

Carl’s newspaper column, Green Ideas, is published regularly in a half dozen New Brunswick papers.


On a Green Theme: 

Opening Keynotes
Customized, thought-provoking messages about environmental challenges, science and solutions, to set the stage and tone for your event.  Backed by striking images and powerful graphics, Carl’s presentations are clear, entertaining and solution-oriented.

Your GREEN filter
A fun but eye-opening look at how our everyday decisions impact the world around us, with a lasting message that will have you thinking – and seeing – green!

Treading lightly: 15 sure-fire ways to reduce your carbon footprint
A checklist of simple but critical actions for anyone who wants to do the right thing but isn’t sure exactly what that ‘right thing’ is

Start saving energy today
Where does all that energy we pay for go? A lighthearted, hands-on look at home and office power consumption, with ideas on how to start saving today

Idling 101
An overview of light and heavy vehicle idling and emissions, with simple, clear, sensible guidelines to help your organization start saving money, fuel and the environment instantly

GREEN Lingo: 10 new expressions you need to know
Puzzled by some of that new eco-vocabulary?  Get ready to learn about Affluenza, Locavores, Peak Oil, Greenwashing and more!

Motivation, Leadership and Speaking:

Laughing through the motions: parliamentary procedure for beginners
A fun and informative look at motions, amendments and debate for anyone who’s ever had to chair a meeting

Make Your Point: How to speak with purpose, authority and effect
Dynamic tips and techniques you can use to grab, hold and WOW your next audience

From Citizen to Leader: Discovering and channelling the talents that will help YOU change the world
Reconnect with your passions, inventory your strengths and find the combination that will help you make a positive difference in the world around you.


“Carl’s presentation was informative and thought-provoking.  We saw changed behaviours the very next day – we’re saving money and becoming a more environmentally friendly company.”  Paul MacDonald, Director of HR& Safety, Dexter Construction, Halifax, NS 

“Just a quick thank you for… the last two days.  You’ve changed my life, I drive differently, I wash my hands differently and I am beginning to think differently. Most of all I can see opportunities for Rodd Hotels and Resorts to do our part to save the planet and help us in our operational costs.” Jim Gertridge, Director of Operations, Rodd Hotels and Resorts, Charlottetown, PE 

“Outstanding presentation – you are an impressive speaker who inspired us and motivated us to take action.” Mark Joseph, CEO, Veolia Transportation, Silver Spring, MD

 “Carl was a wonderful choice for the keynote speaker.” Audience comment, Build Green Atlantic 

“I wondered if Carl would be able to engage, captivate and hold on to his audience for the duration – he did. It was educational, informative and well executed.” Brad Woodside, Mayor, City of Fredericton

 “You should be cloned so more of you can get the message out!”  Audience comment, ACASE, Charlottetown, PE

“10+ – more than what I was hoping for!” Nancy Kilfoil, Conference Coordinator, NB Operating Room Nurses

 “Carl is an amazing speaker!” “Should be (mandatory) for everybody.” “Every bit as interesting as the last time I saw you.” Anonymous comments, National Public Service Week Presentation, Moncton, NB

 “This changed my life and I will try to be environmentally conscious.” Anonymous student comment, Carleton North High School, Florenceville-Bristol, NB

 “Best presentation I’ve seen.”  “Best Q and A person I ever met.” Conservation Corps of NL Youth Green Teams training, Corner Brook, NL

 “Great presenter and presenter energy – can we bottle that J ?” Anonymous comment, St. Anthony, NL



Jon Wuebben, SEO

Marketing, Networking, Social Media, Online Marketing, SEO Content StrategistJon Wubben

Travels From: California
Fee Range: $3500 – $5000


Jon Wuebben is a veteran copywriter for SEO, speaker, entrepreneur and online marketing leader.

Seeing the exploding need for high quality, keyword rich web content, he founded the SEO copywriting house, Custom Copywriting in 2003. Rising quickly as one of the fastest growing content providers in the industry, they have written copy for the Fortune 100, small startups, and hundreds of mid-sized organizations. They have since gone on to bring on some of the best writers in the country, all qualified to write for a number of different industries.

Leading the revolution, Custom Copywriting was positioned to be the number one provider of content for small and medium sized businesses by offering the highest quality content, with the fastest turnaround and most affordable rates. They also included keyword research as part of every project they engaged. Almost five years later, they still offer this compelling value. No one else in the industry provides the same.

Jon has written content for hundreds of companies, in most every major industry, around the world. His articles on online marketing, SEO copywriting and other topics can be found on thousands of sites across the web.

He speaks for business groups and others across the country on the topics of SEO copywriting, online marketing and starting profitable businesses. See a sample from one of his seminars.

He understands the power that web content can have on a growing business and how it can transform unknown brands into industry-leaders.

Jon has also founded Encore Publishing and Heartflicks Video Memory Productions. All companies are under Telegent Media, LLC.

Prior to his entrepreneurial activities, Jon worked in key marketing positions for Ford Motor Company, Kia Motors America and Harman International. He also worked for Senator John McCain of Arizona, Vice President Dan Quayle and the Republican National Convention in 1996.

Jon has an MBA in International Marketing from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management and a BS in Management from California State University.

Jon wrote Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth to help businesses of all sizes write their own content and to learn all the tips and tricks of SEO copywriting and how it relates to online marketing. Recognizing there was no book available that gave a comprehensive view of online business writing, he wanted to communicate the message and help businesses around the world improve their marketing efforts.

Jon lives in San Diego county with his wife Karen.


  • SEO Content Rich Online Marketing Summit
  • Social Media: Redefining Business, Revolutionizing the World
  • The 39 Virtues of Small Business Success
  • Corporate Escape – Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur


Andrew B. Busch

Andrew B. Busch
Andrew B. Busch, Economy, Political, Finance, Agriculture, Media

Economy, Political, Finance, Agriculture, Media

Travels From: Chicago, Illinois
Fee Range: $12,500 – $15,000



Andrew Busch electrifies audiences globally, speaking on the core of economics, politics, culture and the media. His upbeat and humorous style has been crafted over five years of weekly appearances talking politics with Maria Bartiromo on CNBC and two years as an analyst on CNBC’s Money in Motion. Andy breaks down complex economic issues and makes them relevant to people’s lives, families, and careers.

While appearing on CNBC, Andy held the role of Global Currency and Public Policy Strategist for Bank of Montreal, one of Canada’s leading investment banks. His radio show, “Engage with Andy Busch” brings top minds together for lively discussions on economics, politics and culture including Congressman Peter Roskam, CFTC Commissioner Christopher Giancarlo, and JPM’s chief economist Jim Glassman.

He is an author (World Event Trading), financial journalist (Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine) and newspaper market analyst (Globe and Mail). Before going into analysis, he was the top currency trader for Northern Trust and Harris Bank in Chicago. As a financial expert, he testified on Capitol Hill on the effectiveness of the 2009 Obama Administration fiscal stimulus plan.

Andy earned an MBA in international finance from the University of Chicago and was Phi Beta Kappa at Ohio Wesleyan University. He brings a world of experience, from Main Street to Wall Street, when discussing the US and global economy, world events, and politics. His innovative, thought-provoking commentary will resonate with your audience and help them understand the forces impacting their world.

Speaking Topics:

1.  The Economy: Stay Positive!

While this recovery has been the weakest since WWII, the US economy keeps rolling at a steady pace. As a Bank of Montreal policy strategist and currency trader, Andy analyzed and traded in real time the events of the 1997 Asia Crisis, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and the 2008-09 global financial meltdown. In this session, you will hear his down-to-earth explanation of how we got into the Great Recession, how we got out, and what implications the recovery roadmap may hold for client’s businesses and portfolios.

2.  2016 Presidential Election: What lies ahead for business and investors

With over twenty candidates running in the 2016 US Presidential election, the race is wide open with a wide range of possibilities. At the same time, there are trends in place for policy changes that will happen regardless of the outcome of the election. He’s been an outside economic advisor to the Bush administration and to Congress He regularly meets with staffs of key committees like House Way’s and Means and Senate Finance as well as key regulatory bodies like the CFTC. In this session, Andy shares his insights for your audience on key areas like health care, energy and tax reform.

3.  Global Economy: a murder mystery

The global economy continues to teeter on the edge of deflation and recession while the US powers ahead. How is this possible and what are the clues we should look for to see if this would change? Who are the suspect countries likely to cause the “death” of the US recovery? What methods did the perpetrators use to commit the crime: interest rates, taxes, regulations, or simply international political mismanagement? Most importantly, how will this impact your business? Follow your chief economic inspector, Andy Busch, as he takes you through the possible perps and gives you their MO (modus operandi). In a fun and entertaining way, let Andy guide you through the global economy to ensure your audience not only understands the forces at play, but also enjoys the discovery process.

4.  The Fed and the US Economy: risks and rewards

At the end of the US economic recovery from the Great Recession continued in 2015, but how long will it last? The Yellen-led Federal Reserve is faced with the ultimate dilemma: unemployment below 5.3%, GDP above2.5%, and low inflation. The question on everyone’s mind is when will the Fed feel confident on the economy to act and raise interest rates? In this special presentation, economic and financial market expert Andy Busch shares his insights on what to expect from the US central bank, what scenarios create problems for the economy, and how this will impact your portfolio and business.


Comedy Vegas
Jeff Civillico

Arts/Culture/Music, Attitude, Celebrity, Comedy, MC, Entertainment,
Motivation, Team Building

Travels from: Las Vegas
Fee Range: $7500 – $10,000

•”Jeff was great. He gave an entertaining performance and was also a great emcee for the awards portion of the evening. The video production company that we work with to provide video of the awards stated that Jeff was the best emcee we have had in the last 4 years that they have been doing video.” — Association Executive


Jeff Civillico is a Vegas-based headline entertainer who blends his perfected art of juggling with friendly audience interaction and insane
amounts of energy.  Jeff is thrilled to perform daily on the Las Vegas strip with his own afternoon show at the brand-new Quad Resort & Casino.

Jeff Civillico’s decade-long career is a powerful testament to a singular path– a path which pairs the happiness of following one’s dream – in this case, live entertainment – with the success of transforming such a passion into a successful career.

In show business, you are judged not only by the quality, but also by the frequency of your work.  It’s one thing to be a comedian or juggler or magician.  It’s quite another thing to actually perform with such frequency and caliber of gig to take that love and make it work to support you and fuel you.  At only 27, Jeff has worked. A lot.  He has performed on the world’s most luxurious cruise liners from the Disney Magic to the Queen Mary II; he has performed at The White House, The Kennedy Center, The Ronald Reagan Building, etc.  Recently named a finalist at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, Jeff appears regularly in Las Vegas in shows such as V: The Ultimate Variety Show, The Improv at Harrah’s and in Nathan Burton: Comedy Magic.

His exuberant brand of comedy combined with his sheer athletic ability produces an unbelievable audience experience Jeff dubs “Comedy in Action.”  Among his many honors, he is President of the Georgetown Club of Las Vegas, Director of Marketing for the National Speaker’s Association Las Vegas Chapter, and a gold medal winner in his division at the International Jugglers’ Association World Championships. With this multi-faceted background, Jeff Civillico created his “Branding Your Passion” keynote and has begun work on his flagship book espousing his “5 Ps of Success” – Passion, Personal Brand, Power Team, Plan, and Perform.

Such accomplishments are all the more remarkable given that Jeff began his career in a most unassuming manner. He wasn’t born into an entertainment family. He didn’t attend a performance school to learn his skills.  He simply pursued a passion… a passion for being in front of a live audience that can be traced back to age 11 when Jeff was chosen as a volunteer in a street performer’s show.  The rush of the crowd, the heat of the spotlight… Jeff was hooked!

Jeff has come a long way since his first paying gig— a Cub Scout banquet show at the age of 13 where he received $80 for his performance.  At age 15, he was a regular summer performer at the Baltimore Inner Harbor Amphitheater… learning very quickly to work and control a crowd.  Jeff’s older brother, John, drove him from their home in Philly each day, and each night they split the pot.  Next came two exciting summers entertaining at the theme park, Busch Gardens WilliamsburgAfter performing six shows a day, six days a week there, Jeff was starting to learn what it taeks to keep an audience entertained.

After graduating from Georgetown University with honors in 2005, Jeff continued to hone his craft and develop his on stage persona, and arguably as important, his off stage brand.  His performance style today can be described as a fusion of the physicality of Jim Carrey, the wit of Steve Martin, and the likability of Brian Regan—all of whom Jeff views as role models.

Today, Jeff crisscrosses the world as emcee, keynote speaker, and performer for a host of Fortune 500 companies including: Wachovia, CoreStates, Teva Pharmaceuticals, OSHA, VeriSign, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, International Special Events Society, Anheuser-Busch, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Grainger, Verizon, Toyota, Honda, Harley-Davidson, and the American Heart Association.  His philanthropic endeavors include countless shows for charity organizations including “Make a Wish,” “Small and Mighty: Kids with Cancer,” and “Don Guanella Village,” and marathon “joggling” – jogging while juggling – as a member of “Athletes for Special Kids.”  As well, Jeff is member of the entrepreneurial Thrillionaires, The International Jugglers’ Association, The Georgetown Chimes, The National Speakers Association, and Toastmasters – Powerhouse Pros.

Most Requested Programs:

  • Branding Your Passion – Today, the professional paradigm for most people bears little resemblance to the experience of previous generations. Platforms of business have changed. Traditional industries have soured, a typical employee may look more like an independent contractor, and the social media revolution has completely changed the way we communicate. Yet in this extreme climate of change, there lives unparalleled access and opportunity. Branding Your Passion seeks to illuminate that opportunity. By employing his 5 simple “P’s” of Success – Passion, Personal Brand, Power Team, Plan and Perform – and using the interactive physical comedy routines that have made his Comedy in Action show a hit on college campuses nationwide, Jeff simply and effectively illustrates the keys to Branding Your Passion to create the career, and lifestyle, of your dreams!
  • Comedy in Action The Show – Jeff has developed his own unique brand of entertainment he calls Comedy in Action. This exuberant performance style blends comedy, juggling, balancing, athleticism and audience participation to produce an unforgettable experience. Jeff has quickly become known for his ability to connect with his crowd, establishing a remarkable rapport with audiences all over the nation. Jeff’s show is perfect for banquets, fundraisers and corporate conferences.The Workshop – Jeff designed and leads an interactive juggling workshop tailored specifically to the corporate market. A cum laude graduate of Georgetown University, Jeff transforms the process of learning how to juggle into a metaphor for tackling any new task. Jeff deconstructs the art of juggling into a systematic process that can be learned by anyone who is willing to break outside his or her comfort zone and focus every step of the way. Customized juggling balls with company logo can be distributed as souvenirs upon request!The MC – Jeff’s confident, spontaneous nature makes him an ideal master of ceremonies. Corporate events require an emcee who is polished, professional and able to adapt to on-site changes. With Jeff as your emcee, rest assured your event will be a smooth success from start to finish. Jeff has hosted countless functions of all types–The Washington, D.C. A Cappella Festival, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Date Auction, The International Magic Festival Tournament Show in Malaysia–the list goes on and on.

Peter Austen

Everest Experience® TEAM BUILDING, LEADERSHIP Peter AustenPeter Austen
Dr. Peter Austen is a mountaineer, mountain guide, business consultant, author, educator,
adventure company operator.

Travels From: Garibaldi Highlands, British Columbia
Fee Range: $5000 – $10,000


Dr. Peter Austen is a mountaineer, mountain guide, business consultant, author, educator, and adventure company operator. He speaks five languages and has academic degrees from England, Canada, and the U.S.A. He has lived in six countries and explored in 74 more over the past 40 years, returning intact from many famous peaks, including Everest in Tibet, Mount Communism in Russia, Mont Blanc in France, Mount Robson in Canada, and Alpamayo in Peru.

Peter led Canada’s first truly national Everest expedition, the “Climb for Hope”, which had Sir Edmund Hillary as patron. Peter arranged for the climb to be filmed, and the resulting acclaimed documentary, narrated by Leslie Nielsen, has been shown frequently on television networks. Everest Canada, The Climb for Hope, Peter’s first book, was an account of that expedition.

Peter’s articles and photographs have appeared in BC Outdoors, and in North American alpine and trade journals, tourist magazines and guidebooks, web sites (including the BC Adventure site), and newspapers. He gives keynotes, leadership and team-building seminars to diverse groups throughout Canada and the U.S., using his EVEREST EXPERIENCE ® method.

A true adventurer at heart, he has climbed mountains and mountain walls on five continents and lead groups all over the world. He continues to guide mountain expeditions and exotic adventures worldwide.


Everest Experience

Highly appropriate and great fun. Decco Ltd.

A great seminar, a great teaching and learning experience. Business Development Bank

Truly uplifting and inspirational. We now know the value in business of in depth improvement of relationships. Superb value and learning. Purchasing Management Association

A fantastic approach. Most challenging and enjoyable.I would love to do it again. Coast Mountain Sports

Learned much valuable situational analysis. Great for team building and cooperation Penticton Teachers

Peter’s leadership of British Columbia’s first Everest Expedition added a dimension of reality to the game and much interest to the day. Peter creates an atmosphere where discussion of management problems was easy and highly constructive. Canadian Tire

A novel and wonderful method of experiential “doing” -highlighting leadership and problem solving. Very different from the normal styles of lecturing and sitting about. The day flew by. Excellent! Fort St John teachers

We are sales people but The Everest Experience is applicable to all organizations. Everyone can benefit and learn from it. AMJ Campbell Vanlines

An amazing and futuristic keynote address covering the essence of leadership. Everest changed the lives of Peter’s team for ever. FMC Canada




Peter  describes his journey through 4 types of horror and how he came out of a black tunnel to live and tell the tale. He attained a Ph.D,  and led British Columbia’s first Mt Everest expedition . He has   conducted   the Everest Experience(R)  Executive Game for many  years. After a near fatal whitewater boating accident he  lost 40% of his hearing and got resultant extreme tinnitus . After 7 years of living on the edge of suicide, trying to find a cure for this dreadful and debilitating disorder  and helping hundreds of people and army veterans to cope , he became the President of the Tinnitus Association of Canada.  Then, from nowhere his  advanced stage prostate cancer was diagnosed. It was touch and go after the removal operation and 6 weeks radiation but he pulled through.  Then 3 months later he was gob smacked with colon cancer. Again from the depths of despair he survived thru sheer willpower. His  family, many friends, many mountaineering experiences on 5 continents and living on the edge  helped tremendously.  Hormone therapy has kept him fairly stable  since.

 Peter`s   message of hope here is clear:  anyone in the deep troughs of sickness and depression can pull through and live a quality life again. He has published 6  books to date on his worldwide adventures. A new one is in progress.

Jonathan Edison

Performance, Motivation, Sales, Leadership, Change, Life Balance

Traveling From: Michigan
Fee Range: $5,001-$7,500

Topics    Testimonials

“Success Strategist” Jonathan Edison is one of the most compelling thought leaders and Motivational Business Speakers today. As an expert in human development he delivers strategies, methods and tools filled with insight and humor that consistently move people and organizations to their highest potential.

His personal Motto is ” Results don’t Lie, people do!” Growing up in an environment that was a prescription for failure, young John John—his grandmother’s affectionate nickname for him—faced many hardships. After exposing him to drugs and violence, his mother was removed from the household by the Department of Social Services when he was five years old. Two years later Jonathan’s father left to start a new family on another side of town. Then, his grandmother Cloraine that took on the challenge of raising him died of cancer when he was 14.

Now homeless, Jonathan was forced to take up residence in his aunt’s basement. To afford the $50.00 a month in rent and his portion of the electric bill, he worked a full-time job as a dishwasher/bus boy at Chili’s Grill and Bar in the evenings and on weekends. He graduated from high school with a 1.63 grade point average and completed his first year of college with a 0.62 GPA before dropping out completely.

Instead of becoming another statistic, Jonathan found the courage he needed within himself to rise above adversity. He enrolled in remedial classes at Wayne County Community College. In 1993, Jonathan graduated with an associate’s degree as a part of the Urban Teacher Program. In 1995 Jonathan continued his education at Wayne State University, earning a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in only. During college, Jonathan worked as a bus attendant, waiter, gas station attendant and often slept in his car so that he could hold down his jobs and attend classes.

After teaching for four years, at age 27 Jonathan became the youngest assistant principal in the history of Detroit Public Schools. In 2002, he was named Wayne County Spokesman for Success. Then, along with hundreds of other dedicated educators, Jonathan was fired. With no savings, clients or plan, in 2004 he launched Edison Speaks International, a motivational and training development company. Since then Jonathan has shared his “Strategies for Success” with over 500,000 people, authored four books and has spoken in over 40 States. Jonathan’s Fortune 500 clients include: CVS Pharmacy, Daimler Chrysler, FBI, Folgers Coffee, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, McDonald’s and State Farm Insurance.


Make Your Own Magic
Designed to motivate individuals, employees, leaders and managers.
Magicians don’t wait for magic – they create it. The same is true for successful people. Success is something that must be cultivated and created and that is exactly what business motivational speaker Jonathan Edison shares in this powerful, inspirational and much-requested keynote. Jonathan teaches audiences about the power of thought and the seven elements of internal energy—Belief, Imagination, Enthusiasm, Passion, Resourcefulness, Intuition and Service. The results? Improved achievement and performance throughout your company or organization. Now that is MAGIC.!

How To Stay Motivated in Challenging Times
How to Stay Motivated in Challenging Times…..
If you feel like you’ve run out of ways to stay positive in these tough economic times, this presentation is for you. Business motivational speaker Jonathan Edison will inspire you to make your own motivational magic and reinvent yourself to overcome any challenge. On a personal level, Jonathan will demonstrate how to leverage your personal strengths, creativity and resilience to successfully cope with change. On a professional level, he will show how techniques used in the workplace to manage the consequences of organizational decisions can be improved to help individuals remain motivated and connected.

Fueling Sales Success
Designed to skyrocket sales, productivity and profitability.
Sales in today’s ever-changing market culture can be frustrating – but where there is adversity – there is ALWAYS equal or greater OPPORTUNITY. Sales speaker and coach Jonathan Edison shares the tools, techniques and success strategies for finding and leveraging every opportunity to create REAL results, empowered productivity, engaged customers and increased company bottom line.

Legacy Empowered Leadership
Designed to develop inspired, creative, compelling leaders.
The leadership strategies of old are over. Today’s leaders, managers and top brass need fresh insights, empowered solutions and extraordinary communication skills to create the kind of cohesive, connected and emboldened teams necessary to compete in ever-shifting markets. Leadership speaker Jonathan Edison shares the tools, techniques and mindsets you need to create new leadership legacies, a culture of creativity and collaboration and bottom-line productivity that generates results from the person that answers your phone to the top corner office and everyone in between.

Leveraging CHANGE in Lightning-Paced World
How to Manage Change With Humor, Ease and Effective Communication
Let’s face it. In today’s mile-a-minute world – CHANGE is not only normal – it’s NECESSARY. How we manage that change, leverage it for all it’s worth and use it to create OPPORTUNITY where others see ADVERSITY can mean all the difference between success and failure both personally and professionally. Change management expert Jonathan Edison shares the secrets of effectively adapting to change without losing sight of your vision, integrity or connectivity with those around you.

Walking the Life and Business Tightrope
How to Find Life Balance in a Whirlwind World
Honestly? Balance in today’s world is more elusive than ever. With smart phones and tech tools keeping us connected 24/7 – finding the ways to effectively manage peace of mind, family fun, personal obligations with often over-demanding work schedules is almost impossible. ALMOST. Life balance expert and motivational speaker Jonathan Edison shares the powerful (and empowering) secrets top producers use to avoid burnout, produce at a higher level and still maintain a happy, healthy personal and family life.

Customize Your OWN Topic
Don’t see what you’re looking for? No Problem!
It’s sometimes hard to decide which Keynote topic to choose from especially when and you and your committee have already made the decision on a conference theme. No worries. As an experienced speaker and master of ceremonies, Jonathan Edison is thrilled to take your message of choice and fuel it with powerful content, energy, enthusiasm, skills and the kind of solutions you’re looking for from your next keynote speaker. With humor, honesty, excitement and the ability to connect with every member of your audience – you’ll know you chose the RIGHT speaker from the moment you get on the phone and share your vision with him. He’ll craft the on-point message that will not only inspire and motivate – but more importantly, give your group the how-to tools they need to succeed both in the now as well as long-term.


“Jonathan, you are one of the most electrifying speakers that I’ve seen in over 25 years. We are so looking forward to launching a National Public Broadcasting Special with you in 2014 that will be viewed by over 10 Million people”. Diane Bliss Vice President of Fundraising, PBS

“Jonathan, you we’re absolutely amazing!! Not only were we motivated, but your message on Diversity was intense and passionate. We are definitely going to have you speak to all of our resource groups across the country”. Tom Hempfield, VP, Federal Sales, Hewlett Packard

“Jonathan, the one word that continues to show up on your review is WOW!!. Our group is always so motivated and charged up after you leave we find it hard to let you go. Were looking forward to having you back again and again…..because we are as you say “UNSTOPPABLE”. Michelle McCrary, Community Affairs, Blue Cross Blue Shield

“On behalf of ORGPRO we would like to thank you again for speaking, we received an overwhelming positive response to your presentation. You provided a valuable contribution to our success. Our attendees agreed that you were highly energetic, humorous and informative. We look forward to definitely having you back!” Geralyn L. Root, Dir. of Prof. Development, Michigan Society of Association Executives

“Jonathan you were absolutely incredible. The way that you were able to connect with my managers using your own personal story was spell-binding. We’re looking forward to having you back again next year. Steven Wing, President of Governmental Affairs, CVS Corporation

Gina Roitman


Daughter of Holocaust Survivors, Inspirational,
“My Mother, the Nazi Midwife and Me”

Travels From: St-Colomban, Quebec
Fee Range: $2000 – $3000


Gina’s story, the factual and the fiction, is as challenging as it is inspiring: the gruesome Nazi brutality and hatred to the indomitable spirit of a Jewish mother and her daughter.  Coming up on the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII this is a story that we all should hear regardless of place, time or religion.  It is moving and infuriating, it will make you feel helpless and by the end inspired and determined.

Gina Roitman is a writer and poet, author of “Tell Me a Story, Tell Me the Truth.”  As a child of survivors, her parents’ lives and stories paved the road she walks today.  It’s a circumstance that she shares with many people around the world.  She believes that they – the second generation – have a responsibility to recount these stories and ensure that truths are told before they are buried by time.


Tell Me a Story, Tell Me the Truth
Holocaust Survivors

“That’s how we lived, surrounded by ghosts. They sat at the table while we ate our Sunday meal. They lay beside us in the bed as we slept…”

In Tell Me a Story, Tell Me the Truth, author Gina Roitman has captured her own experience as the daughter of Holocaust survivors in the character of Leah Smilovitz. Leah lives in a world trapped between two solitudes. An outsider, she belongs neither to her parents’ painful generation nor to her own, freshly minted in the freedoms and contradictions of Montréal in the 1950s and 60s.

Growing up in a community of immigrants forever bound to the past, Leah tests the boundaries of her independence. This poignant and often funny collection of linked stories takes us through her rebellions, loves found and lost, and the pain of being helpless in the face of irreparable circumstances. Coming of age in a generation looking for its own identity, Leah struggles against old world fears and taboos to move into a more hopeful future.

Did my mother save my life or was her story the paranoid anxiety of a Holocaust survivor?

My journey began as research for a novel, a work of fiction.  It quickly grew into a documentary,  when at almost every turn I uncovered accounts that are not only relevant to me as an individual, but to history.

My Mother, the Nazi Midwife and Me is a compelling, award-winning documentary that unearths a chilling story about the systematic murder of Jewish infants in a DP camp after the end of World War II.



Upon birth, I believe we are handed a suitcase that someone else has packed. It is baggage we will carry all our lives and yet, if we were passing through customs with it, what would we answer when asked: who packed it?

This suitcase that we lug everywhere is filled with the hurts and happiness, triumphs and disasters, traumas and terrors that our parents have gifted us and often includes leftovers from what their parents handed to them. The burden is passed along without conscious intention; it’s inexorable.

Some suitcases are no bigger than tote bags while others, often those handed to children of survivors who struggled to stay alive through one war or another, weigh the most.

Being accustomed from birth to shouldering the weight, most of us accept the burden as if it is an integral component of our make-up – an intrinsic part of who we are. Of course, as we grow older, we will acquire a new and empty suitcase, and start filling it with our own things. It is only around middle age, when exhaustion and aching backs start setting in do we think to stop in order to examine the contents.

If our parents are still with us, we might tentatively begin asking questions. Many of us don’t, however, either because we’re afraid to learn that we are more like our parents than we thought or because we fear that we will be forced to question what we believe (the notions we are most comfortable with) and who we truly are.

If death robs us of our parents at an early age, that is, before exhaustion can set in, we have forever lost the option – the luxury – of asking for an explanation. We are left to our own devices to decode the DNA of our history.

That is my story.

By the time I realized that I was carrying someone else’s bag, I was 45 years old and had been an orphan since 30. Compelled to explore the contents, all I found were fragments of memories and puzzle pieces that failed to make a complete picture. I struggled like an apprentice shaman, trying to divine a narrative from bones and shrouds, shreds of stories. When you wait too long, the runes do not give up their mystery easily, if at all.

And so I was forced to learn how to pull apart the shreds and spin a story. I now take these stories and send them out as cautionary tales.

“Stop,” I say. “Put down that suitcase. Open it.”

Until that time you have examined the contents, you will be lugging two suitcases through your life. You need to empty one to make room for understanding your own story. With any luck, the load will grow lighter after that.



5500 Mackle Road, Apt.201, Montreal (Cote St. Luc), QC, Canada HAW 1V4
Tel: 514-484-0100, Tel: 514-735-4739, Fax: 514-484-7306
A Member of the lnternationol Association of lewish Genealogical Societies

October 27,2014

Dear Gina,

On behalf of the JGS of Montreal, I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent
presentation on Monday, October 20th.

The introduction of your theme, Unpacking Your Suitcase, and the PPT presentation in
advance of screening your documentary prepared the ground well for your fascinating film,
“My Mother, The Nazi Midwife and Me”.

The audience was spellbound, rendered speechless by what was shown on the screen. At the
film’s end, the questions flew. In fact even a week later, when I bump into people who
attended, they are still telling me how impressed they were with it.

I hope you were happy with the brisk DVD sales of this most impressive film, with its hair raising

Thank you again for providing us with a superb program.

Merle Kastner,
VP & Programming
A Member of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies


Dear Gina,
You had a group of 70 women totally mesmerized. No sound could be heard in the room. Your movie was so well edited, and your story was so well told punctuated with wonderful historical archival footage as well as very interesting interviews. Your personal presence was captivating.

Afterwards, the women could not stop talking about how great the program was. Seventy people in attendance is a testimonial to that.

Thank you very much for bringing yourself and your labor of love, your film ,to The Circle Of Friends.
Frances Block, Circle of Friends, Cummings Centre


I felt some relief on opening Gina Roitman’s “Tell Me a Story, Tell Me the Truth”, for Roitman brings some vigour to the language and unsentimentality to the subject (of the Holocaust). These stories trace the Montreal childhood and adult years of Leah, the daughter of a survivor mother who is anxious, pushy and guilt- inducing…Amazingly, Roitman manages to avoid cliché and make her characters real.
Cary Fagan, The Montreal Gazette

This heartfelt and humorous collection of stories about Leah Smilovitz, daughter of Holocaust survivors, is loosely based on Roitman’s own experiences growing up in Montreal. Roitman cuts to the chase with great wit and one-liners like the time Leah disappoints her mother, who then quips, “I survived Hitler for this?!”. “Tell Me a Story…” is storytelling at its best.

Bugs Burnett, Hour

“Mr. Greene and the Studebaker” is one of the best stories, with never a false note… Gina Roitman is a poet. This book, filled with strong writing, absorbing characters, believable events, and complicated relationships, reads like poetry, restrained and full of emotion.
Rita Berman Frischer, Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter

This is basic storytelling at its best, relying on strong writing and interesting characters to drive the action forward. Roitman’s writing is evocative and poignant, capable of turning phrases that will open your emotions like a key in a lock…Roitman’s ability to capture enormity with just the right measure of words and accuracy is also remarkable.           Adriana Palanca, Montreal Review of Books (mRb)

Although the stories that Roitman explores have a flavour of familiarity to them, she manages to infuse her prose with enough twists that it makes for an interesting and surprising read.
R. Brian Hastie, The (Concordia) Link


Gary Summers

Stress, Awareness, Life Balance, Effective Communication, Goals, Change,
Team Building, Customer Service, Media Training, 
Magic, Hypnosis

Travels From: St. John’s, NL Canada

Fee Range: $2500 – $6000


neuro linguistic programming
Gary Summers neuro linguistic programming

Gary Summers is a professional speaker, Magician, Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist with a Masters Degree in Physiology and certifications in hypnotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. He conducts workshops on STRESS and WORKLIFE BALANCE as well as hypnosis seminars on stop smoking and weight loss. He is owner of training4success a company specializing in corporate training and employee evaluations. He has written a book called MIND BODY SOUL.

“When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.”

Gary’s presentation style is laid back and sincere. There is no RA RA RA, in your face motivation because as Gary says, “motivation comes from within”. Gary offers a number of ideas and suggestions that can truly change your life, if you let them. Gary’s philosophy is that anything is possible and shows people how to achieve incredible results by helping them understand the power of the human mind. It has been said that you only use 5% of your brain because that is the conscious mind. We actually use 100% of our brain yet many of us talk ourselves out of things instead of talking ourselves into things because of the other part of our mind. To truly change, it is important to work on the other area of your brain that accounts for 95% of your brain power – your subconscious mind. Focusing there gives you the biggest impact.

This is the essence of Gary’s message and how he helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary results because as he says “I am no one special, I have no magic powers, I just managed to figure out how life works and if it worked for me, it can work for you”.

As a certified hypnotherapist and cognitive behavior therapist, I understand how stress causes problems in both the workplace and at home. Everyday, I talk to people who are emotionally and physically drained due to the pressures that life brings.

Emotions like fear, anxiety, anger and resentment account for 80% of all stress. In fact, studies have shown that problems fall into three categories:

1.   TOXIC THINKING: A poor or negative attitude and chronic complaining cause anger and  frustration which in turn leads to a toxic work environment and increased stress.

2.  PERSONAL & BUSINESS PRESSURES: Deadlines, personal crises, time and money       problems cause anxiety and depression which in turn leads to increased mistakes,       absenteeism and ultimately stress.

3.  POOR COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS: Not listening and improper handling of employee situations cause resentment, anger, employee apathy, disgruntlement and yes, even more stress.

In my practice, I help people to cope with stress in the following ways: 1) showing them a different way to think about life including how to recognize and correct irrational thoughts; 2) providing them with the tools to set and achieve realistic goals; and 3) creating an atmosphere of well being by balancing their personal and business lives.

My presentations focus on the individual and how to create a well balanced life so you don’t end up at the bottom of a black hole now knowing how you got there or even how to get back out. They empower people with the tools and skills to create a wonderful and fulfilling life. You will leave revitalized and ready to tackle anything life throws your way.

The following presentations range from one to two hours or half and full day workshops and address the root of life’s problems. Each seminar can stand alone or combine with others depending on the time available and your individual goals for the session. The most requested and most popular sessions all deal with stress and life balance and include the first five. All of these can be customizable to fit your particular objectives.


The most requested and most popular sessions all deal with stress and life balance and include the first six. All of these can be customizable to fit your particular objectives. Here are the available seminars:


It has been known for a long time now that there is a connection between the mind and the body. Studies have shown that stress is a major cause of chronic illness. We have also heard about the fight flight syndrome and our innate ability to handle stress by either facing it head on or running from it. Although this response served us from the beginning of time it is no longer a valuable tool. Gary takes a deep look at the common causes of everyday stress and provides suggestions and strategies on how to cope. You will learn how to:

* Identify the various types of stress. * Become aware of problematic perceptions. * Identify your stress triggers. * Understand and reduce anxiety. * Respond effectively to stress. * Constructively express emotions.

2)   CONSCIOUS AWARENESS – (CHANGE YOUR THINKING – CHANGE YOUR LIFE) Ever had an A-HA moment. You know, when that little voice in your head says…WOW, I never thought about life like that. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it can change your life. From creating more happiness to eliminating problems, from understanding how our brains work to achieving our life goals, Gary takes his audience on an incredible journey of self discovery by examining the conscious mind and provides strategies that can make our lives better. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it. Gary’s message is about creating awareness of our thoughts as this is where it all begins. He says: “When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.” You will also discover:

* The most important question you could ever ask yourself. * The one question to avoid asking because it gets you an answer you do not want to hear. * The one question to ask yourself so you NEVER make an assumption ever again. * The greatest gift you can give yourself.

3) RATIONAL LIVING – (ELIMINATING DISTORTED THINKING) Ever found  yourself depressed or  anxious and  did not know  how you got there. This seminar takes the concepts in Conscious Awareness and builds on them by uncovering the most common mental mistakes we all make and then provides strategies to deal with them. You will also discover:

* The biggest mental mistake we all make. * How to change the way you feel about anything. * How we sabotage our success and end procrastination.

4)  SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING – (THE POWER WITHIN) Ever wonder why we sometimes manage to talk ourselves out of things. We don’t trust our judgment and therefore either procrastinate or ask for advice. We get five different opinions and we are confused and don’t know what to do so we do nothing. Our lives are a reflection of our beliefs. These beliefs, usually subconscious, are the cumulative effects of life-long “programming.” As a result of this past negative programming, we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways. This causes a conflict between our conscious desires and our subconscious beliefs. Imagine being able to change the beliefs that limit you into beliefs that support you quickly and easily. Learn how to reprogram the software of your mind so you can change the printout of your life. This presentation helps us understand and recognize conscious pushback and provides strategies that help us turn procrastination into action. You will also discover:

* The best time to create subconscious change. * How to harness the power of your subconscious mind. * The two most powerful words to use. * How to talk so your subconscious mind will listen.

5) WORK LIFE BALANCE (LIVING IN HARMONY) Living  in harmony  is  something we all  wish to achieve. Yet  sometimes  life can  throw  us  something unexpected and  we feel  out of  balance. Time  seems to stand  still and  problems become  insurmountable. Learn strategies that help you deal with the six areas of life balance (work, family, time, money, yourself and your community). Apply the six steps to life balance and create harmony in all areas of your life. Here are the benefits:

* Learn the difference between being effective and being efficient. * Achieve happiness and inner peace. * Create stronger relationships. * Get perspective, set priorities and take control. * Feel better and have more energy.

6)  YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU SAY (EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS) The ability to communicate at home or in the workplace is  a key  ingredient  for personal  and professional growth. EQ or Emotional Quotient has been shown to be more important than IQ or Intelligent Quotient. Having the ability to effectively deal with people is critical to individual success. Understand the most common types of communication mistakes and learn strategies to help you become a great communicator and team player. You will also discover:

* How we communicate non-verbally. * The one sure-fire way to diffuse an argument. * How to recognize deceit.

7) HEALTHY LIVING (ADDING YEARS ONTO YOUR LIFE) When Ponce de Leon set out to discover the “Fountain of Youth” he actually believed one existed. Today we know better yet most of us do not understand how to live healthy. We take better care of our cars and homes than we do our bodies. There are no miracle cures yet many people invest their money in products that just don’t work. There are a number of things we can do to create a healthier life style. This seminar provides strategies and suggestions about diet and exercise that can add years onto your life.

You will also discover:

* How to read labels. * What portions of food to eat from each food group. * What are the most popular myths about diet and exercise. * What foods are the most harmful and should be avoided. * What supplements to consider. * What blood test can save your life.

8) ACHIEVING YOUR LIFE GOALS (DEVELOPING A LIFE PLAN) Most people plan their vacations better than their lives. They know where they will stay, what attractions they will visit and have a good idea of how much money they will spend. These same people would also like to retire at age 55 but have no idea of how they will do it. They would like to be mortgage free but have no plan to achieve it. This seminar looks at a simple six (6) step approach to life and how some simple adjustments can pay big dividends. You will also discover:

* My six immutable laws of life. * How to prioritize. * How to write a life plan. * The greatest gift you can give yourself. * How to stop procrastination.

9) LET’S CHANGE, NOW YOU GO FIRST (EFFECTIVELY DEALING WITH CHANGE) Change can be a very scary thing. Stepping outside your comfort zone and walking into the unknown. As the old cliché goes – The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know. The good news is that it does not have to be that way. Change will make life different but that does not mean it has to be bad or terrible.  It is all about getting used to your “New Normal.” It is not “change” that creates the issue but how you handle the transition period. You will discover:

* How to recognize the danger signals. * The 3 main elements of the change process. * How to empower yourself to move forward. * Simple strategies that will keep you on track. * How to plan your new future.


NLP is  a communications  protocol that allows you to  use your  brain and your 5 senses  to get you more from life. It builds on the concepts discovered in Effective Communications. It is powerful and very effective to help in many situations. NLP  can turn around  your life and  can provide  techniques for  total personal  transformation. These tools allow all of us to create the life we have always wanted. Here is what you can expect:

* Set the proper atmosphere for any communications. * Re-program your life to be more positive. * Understand how people process information differently. * Instantly develop rapport with people. * Create a high level of performance. * Quickly resolve conflicts.

11) MEDIA TRAINING Dealing with the Media can be a very trying and difficult experience but it does not have to be. There are many things to consider including: what to wear, how to prepare and how to deal with aggressive reporters. This session focuses on communications and the media and helps those who are regularly in front of the camera or microphone. Here are some things you will discover:

* How to formulate your message. * How to manage expectations. * The biggest mistakes made * What to avoid.

12) TEAM BUILDING  (CREATING THE IDEAL WORKING ENVIRONMENT) The single biggest asset organizations have is their people and their ability to be effective. Understand the key components of teamwork through team building exercises that engage people and help them to understand the important elements of good teamwork. Through a series of well crafted games and puzzles everyone becomes engaged to create a total team effort. Learn how to: * Manage expectations. * Recognize individual efforts. * Create synergy among everyone. * Maximize individual strengths. * Become an effective listener. * Draw on individual strengths.

This presentation works well with groups having an off-site and wanting to develop more camaraderie within their organization. Using time tested group exercises participants learn insight into their co-workers personalities and gain valuable knowledge that helps them become better team players.

13) CUSTOMERS ARE YOUR LIFELINE Good customer relations are critical to any successful business. Gary has applied his strategies and ideas from his other programs to create 2 dynamic presentations. If you are in the people business, you can benefit from these seminars because Gary says, “People never remember what you said or did but they will always remember how you made them feel.” This is his core message delivered in 2 dynamic keynotes.

A) KEEP THEM COMING BACK (Excellent Customer Service) Good customer service is the lifeblood of any organization. With today’s competitive landscape it is more important than ever to keep customers coming back. To do that, they have to leave your store happy. Learn how to: * Set your company apart. * The biggest reasons why customers go elsewhere. * Develop good customer relationships. * Effectively handle complaints. * Go that extra mile and then some. * Solve customer problems so everyone wins.

B) SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SELL (Insider secrets to winning in sales) With 30 years experience in sales, sales training and marketing Gary delivers a powerful presentation on strategies for sales excellence. With a blend of humorous anecdotes and solid selling principles, Gary introduces a number of creative concepts such as:

* The power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in sales and it is a very powerful influencer. (I use it in my hypnotherapy practice.) * Most popular sales myths (there are lots) * What they don’t teach you in sales training (because they don’t know) * The hands down best price objection ever created ( wow this is gold) * Strategies to handle every existing objection (and I mean everything) * Biggest sales mistakes (yes we all make them)

From Keynote to ½ and full day workshops, Gary can inspire and provide you with the tools and ideas to help you reshape your life and get you started on a new road to success and happiness.


Dick Rutan

Pilot • Entrepreneur • Adventurer

Travels From: Mojave, CA USA
Fee Range: $5000 – $ 10,000



Voyager aircraft’s non-stop and unrefueled flight around the world in December of 1986 placed Mojave proudly on the map and placed Dick Rutan in the history books.


In December of 2005, Dick set another world record. This record was set in the EZ-Rocket for the longest distance in a ground launched rocket powered aircraft. He flew from the Mojave Spaceport to the California City Airport. Touted as the “shortest long distance flight,” this record is recognized by the National Aeronautics Association (NAA), and is in the record books. On board that flight, Dick carried mail to be delivered to California City, as well as American flag patches and flight covers that will be sold to raise money for The Dick Rutan Scholarship Fund, a fund that awards multiple scholarships each year. In April of 2006, Dick was awarded the NAA “Most Memorable Flight of 2005” award in Washington, DC for the flight from the Mojave Spaceport to the California City Airport. Also, for that record setting flight, Dick was awarded the Louis Bleriot Medal in November of 2006. This prestigious medal was established in 1936 in memory of Louis Bleriot, a great aviation pioneer.

In 2003, Dick Rutan was elected as a director of the East Kern Airport District (EKAD). With the launches and successes of Burt Rutan’s (Dick’s brother) SpaceShipOne, the EKAD has attained status of Spaceport as well. Dick is proud to be a governing member of this newly emerging space tourism industry. In June of 2003, Dick Rutan became an Eagle at the Gathering of Eagles in Montgomery, Alabama. This prestigious honor was his in 1988, two years after the Voyager flight, and they brought him back for a second induction to honor his service in the Air Force. He will join the ranks with aviation and space greats including Buzz Aldrin, Gene Cernan, Neil Armstrong, Pete Conrad, and other flyers that include Pappy Boyington, Joe Engle, and many others. In July of 2002, Dick Rutan was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, Ohio. This esteemed enshrinement honored Dick and three other Americans “whose heroism helped define 20th Century America.” In 2001, Dick Rutan became the chief test pilot for XCOR and has been flying the first-ever rocket powered experimental Long EZ (pronounced Long Easy). Named the EZRocket, this air vehicle has not only set a world record, but the proof of concept is also setting the future for rocket travel and the intensifying sport of rocket powered aircraft racing. In May of 2000, Dick Rutan was a last minute addition to a sightseeing airplane trek to the North Pole. The biplane, a Russian AN-2 Antonov, landed beautifully on the glass-like ice, but within seconds, the joyride was headed for disaster. Unseasonably thin, the ice quickly began to stress and crack under the weight of the plane. A quick power-up to ‘go-around’ and locate a thicker spot on the ice resulted in the aircraft suddenly dipping nose first through the ice, sinking toward the freezing ocean, and certain death. The wings of the AN-2 suspended the aircraft so the crew could retrieve their survival equipment that was packed in the rear of the sinking plane. For more than a dozen hours, the crew was stranded at the top of the world. In the distance, they heard a faint engine and soon would see the Twin Otter from First Air that would rescue them and return them to their families.
Dick obtained his balloon pilot’s license in 1995 (Commercial free air balloon; helium and hot air). In 1998, Dick Rutan attempted to make the first ever flight around the world in a balloon in the Global Hilton. That attempt ended three hours after takeoff. The balloon’s helium cell ruptured (due to a manufacturer’s defect) while the team floated at 30,000 feet. When the crew was at a safer 6,000 foot altitude, the crew dramatically bailed from the crippled craft. The capsule landed unmanned in Texas and burst into flames. Within minutes of landing on terra firma, Dick pledged to try again, and built a second capsule called World Quest. This, with a new constrained volume helium lifting system (super pressure style) held promise Dick would indeed succeed in balloon world flight. The World Quest Project ceased when a rival team captured the milestone in March of 1999.

From April 4th to June 24th of 1997, Dick completed The Spirit of EAA Friendship World Tour, along with flight lead, Mike Melvill. This “Around The World In 80 Nights” flight was completed in two small experimental Long-EZ aircraft that Dick and Mike built side by side two decades ago. Since Voyager’s world flight, Dick has been traveling the world on the lecture circuit, telling his tale of the magnificent Voyager project and flight and of the North Pole adventure. The Voyager story is one of tremendous courage, of vision, and of adventure and is often referred to as ‘aviation’s last first.’ Dick received both his solo pilot’s license and driver’s license on his sixteenth birthday. At the age of nineteen, Dick joined the Air Force Aviation Cadet Program, was commission Lieutenant and later received a Bachelor of Science Degree at the American Technological University through the Air Force Professional Education “Boot Strap” Program. As a Tactical Air Command fighter pilot during most of his two decades in the Air Force, Rutan flew 325 combat missions in Vietnam, 105 of them as a member of a high-risk classified operation commonly known as the “MISTY’s.” While on his last strike reconnaissance mission over North Vietnam in September of 1968, he was hit by enemy ground fire, and forced to eject from his burning F-100. Dick evaded enemy capture and was later rescued by the Air Force’s “Jolly Green Giant” helicopter team. Before retiring from the Air Force in 1978, Lt. Col. Rutan had been awarded the Silver Star, five Distinguished Flying Crosses, 16 Air Medals and the Purple Heart.

After retirement, Dick joined his brother, Burt, as Production Manager and Chief Test Pilot for Rutan Aircraft Factory. Dick Rutan flew the test flight development program of many military and civilian experimental aircraft and set numerous world speed and distance records in his Long-EZ, a popular Rutan designed home-built airplane. Dick was awarded the Louis Bleriot Medal by the prestigious Federation Aeronautique Internationale during a ceremony in Brussels, Belgium in recognition of these record-setting flights. In early 1981, Dick Rutan resigned from his brother’s company and founded Voyager Aircraft, Inc., and prepared to complete the first-ever around the world, non-stop, non-refueled flight. On the morning of December 14, 1986, a fuel laden Voyager took off on the history making flight. Nine days, three minutes and forty four seconds later, Dick set the storm-battered Voyager down on the dry lakebed at Edwards Air Force Base in California, successfully completing the six-year quest. The Voyager is now proudly suspended in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum’s “Milestones of Flight” gallery in our nation’s capitol. Four days following the historic flight of the Voyager, President Ronald Reagan awarded Dick the Presidential Citizen’s Medal of Honor at a special ceremony. The medal has been presented only sixteen times in the history of the United States. Dick’s wife, Kris, is a kindergarten teacher. Together, they have four daughters and nine grandchildren.

Presentations available:

Around And Out Of This World (60-90 minutes with multimedia)

Dick remembers his very first aviation adventure vividly. He was six-years-old when he and his mother went to an old farm field for a true barnstorming ride. Mom Rutan was armed with a fist full of hard-earned dollar bills. The duo climbed into the old plane and Dick begged his mother to allow him to stand so he could see out of the window. The little plane hopped and skipped down an old bumpy dirt road and suddenly was airborne. As Dick saw the earth beneath him, his view of how he wanted to see the world was changed forever.   Dick’s narration about his career in the Air Force, Voyager’s flight around the world, a second world flight in a homebuilt, record setting in a rocket powered airplane, being stranded on the North Pole, and many other adventures will keep your audience on the edge of their seats!

This program is best at 90 minutes, but can be abbreviated to fit your schedule.

Dream, Believe, Accomplish (60-90 minutes with multimedia)

Dick shares his experience with believing in one’s self and one’s team. His view of setting goals and sub goals and reaching toward the impossible are irresistible messages for everyone — from youth to executive, from laborer to professional, his message will spark the creative genius within! Your audience will be empowered to begin their own journey of setting and reaching goals they never believed possible. A master story-teller, Dick Rutan’s recall of his many dramatic adventures will prove that, “You are limited only by what you can dream.”

An Arctic Adventure (60 minutes with multimedia)

In May of 2000, Dick Rutan was a last minute addition to a sightseeing airplane trek to the North Pole. The biplane, a Russian AN-2 Antonov, landed beautifully on the glass-like ice, but within seconds, the joyride was headed for disaster. Unseasonably thin, the ice quickly began to stress and crack under the weight of the plane. A quick power-up to ‘go-around’ and locate a thicker spot on the ice resulted in the aircraft suddenly dipping nose first through the ice, sinking toward the freezing ocean, and certain death. The wings of the AN-2 suspended the aircraft so the crew could retrieve their survival equipment that was packed in the rear of the sinking plane. For more than a dozen hours, the crew was stranded at the top of the world. In the distance, they heard a faint engine and soon would see the Twin Otter from First Air that would rescue them and return them to their families. Learn and laugh at Dick’s disappointment that the rescue came so soon!

Keynote Address (20-40 minutes — lecture only, no multimedia)

For meeting and conference kick-offs or wrap ups to leadership or management groups, Dick Rutan is at the ready to inspire and excite the members of your audience!   Lecture tailored to your group, Dick can parallel the theme and messages from your company through his entertaining and motivating address. • Meet And Greet • Grand Openings • Graduation Address • Museums • Colleges and Universities